Practice English Speaking&Listening with: [DPMV] - Bunkermon (Pokémon Theme Song cover)

Difficulty: 0

I had made a great empire

Conquered most of Europe

But the tides have turned in the gunfire

And now push comes to shove

The Soviet Union, they start the attack

Our army's a scarcity

And one fucker stabs me in the back

The worst perfidy

Fegelein! (Gotta kill 'em all!)

An enemy amongst us! (Gotta kill 'em all!)

His antics drive me wholly nuts!


We'll fight 'till the end

Though it's impossible to defend

Fegelein! (Gotta kill 'em all)

You are a coward! (Gotta kill 'em all!)

A betrayer and a prowler!

You have no honour!

And you have no respect!




(Gotta kill 'em all!)

Gotta kill 'em all!


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