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[operatically] ♪ I must score, you're in my way! ♪

♪ "That's too bad," is what I say! ♪

Kicking a ball and singing like opera stars?

-What aria doing? -[chuckles]

See, an aria is an opera solo--


We're playing opera soccer! It's the same as regular soccer...

-♪ But when you play you have to sing ♪ -[crunch]

[muffled cries]

What a strange idea for a game.

Yeah, me and Angela invented it to celebrate our genius plan.

See, Angela wanted to go to the opera next week and I wanted... go to the soccer game that's on the same day.

So, we compromised and got tickets to both.

That's not a compromise. A compromise is when both people give something up.

Great couples compromise. We are a great couple. It's a compromise.

Guys, a little help here?

Tom, you and Angela really work as a couple.

I knew you'd make it to this major relationship moment.

Thank you, Hank. Wait, what major relationship moment?

-Your anniversary, of course! -Yup!

It's here on my calendar! I can't wait to see the amazing gift you give Angela!

Lucky girl.

Oh, no. This is bad.

I forgot our anniversary!


[crowd cheering]


I don't know what to get Angela for our anniversary.

But if it's not great, she's gonna be really mad!

If you want great, get a prank call kit from my favorite podcast!

-[farts] -Ginger, my relationship is on the line.

I think she might get me this really cool one-of-a-kind soccer jersey.

So, I have to get her something just as good.

Do you think she'd like six heart-shaped potato sculptures?

No. Tom, you've got to think, okay?

Is there any subtle hints that she may have dropped?

Any clues at all about what she might want?

I wish I had these limited edition opera glasses.

Check out these limited edition opera glasses.

I like that billboard, because it's for limited edition opera glasses.

Which is something I want.

I think she mentioned some opera glasses once?


[gasps] That's them! The perfect gift!

Oh, no. They're sold out online?

Hey, look! It says there's one pair left in town. Oh, you got this, Tom.


Hey, it's not like people are gonna be lining up to get opera glasses!



We have got to find a way through this crowd.

A good gift for my girlfriend depends on it.

Hey, look! The saleswoman!

-[crowd roars] -Hi, hey, over here!

Calm down, people!

The last pair of rare opera glasses will be here soon.

So, please stay calm.

[yells] Stay calm!

The delivery truck, I see it!

Out of the way, everybody! I need them glasses!

-[crowd yelling] -Stop! I need them glasses more!

-Get 'em, Tom! Get 'em! -Those glasses are as good as mi--

Please form an orderly line!

Don't let him get away!

[screaming, yelling]

[all groan]

Hahaha! Got 'em! Yes!

-I... Oh, no. -[creaking]


[chuckling] Got them!

[Landlord laughing]

-[weary groan] -[knocks on door]

What do you want? If the kitchen is flooding, I fix it next week.

Please, Landlord, I really need those glasses.

I see.

You mean these glasses?

Haha! Yes!

So stylish! So classy! So fun!

This is an anniversary emergency. I'll pay you!

I don't need your money. I overcharge you as it is.

Hmm, say now. Are these tickets to the sold-out soccer game?

My lady love is a soccer fanatic.

You make her happy, perhaps I could trade you.

[harp plays, birds sing]

I wish I had those limited edition opera glasses.


Welcome to your anniversary dinner!

Something that's been planned for a while,

and certainly wasn't thrown together at the last minute.

Agh! I said wasn't!

You know, Angela, I heard this place has an award-winning chef.

Two awards! One for perfect attendance and one for, hm, free throws.

[laughs] Very impressive!

-Happy anniversary, Tom. Here. -[gasps]

For one super awesome year together.

Wow, thanks. And for you.

[screams] These are the glasses I wanted!

And this is the jersey I wanted! You're the best.

Oh, I'm so glad you like it!

You know, it's funny. I almost forgot our anniversary.

So, I ended up having to race all over town to find that jersey.

Wha-- Me too! With the glasses!

And then there was only one left and Ms. Vanthrax bought it first.

So, I had to make a trade.

Me too! With the Landlord!

I gave up my opera tickets so I could give you that jersey!

Me too with the soccer tickets!

Huh. Wait. You gave up the opera tickets?

Well, I... I got you those glasses so you could go to the opera.

Um, and I got you that jersey so you could wear it to the soccer game.

Tom, what did you do?

Compromised! For us!

But you traded the one thing that made my gift good, so why didn't you tell me?

Because I didn't think you'd give away your tickets like a bozo

and ruin everything!



[both growling]

Aw, it sounds like you guys care so much about each other,

you both gave up something you loved so the other could be happy.

-Ooh, so romantic. -Shut up, Hank!

-We have to get those tickets back. -[Angela grunts]

[both gasp]

[♪ spaghetti western theme]

No, no trade backs.

Me and my lovely lady have a whole day of fun and romance planned

and it'll be so much better than a shirt and eyewear. Sorry, losers!

Oh, well, Tom. Maybe we won't totally ruin our next anniversary.

-If there is a next anniversary. -Woah, woah, woah. Angela, come on.

We can fix this, this is... [sighs]


Tom, I don't like to get involved with this kissy nonsense,

-but seeing you sad makes me wanna barf. -What are you talking about?

Just watch this.

This w-w-w-w-w-weekend, we're gonna be at the park

to give away tickets to the soccer game

or the opera gala!

All you need to do is win our pasta-eating contest!

Wow, that's great! I can still get the opera tickets for Angela

and prove that I'm a good boyfriend!



This is it. The opera is today.

So, I'm going to eat like there is no tomorrow.

All right, pasta munchers!

Whoever eats the most before time runs out wins!

Ready, set, slurp!



[applause, cheering]

-We got a pasta-man champion! -[crowd cheers]

-Of his table. -[crowd groans]

Now he's gotta defeat the champion of table two!

What? There's another table? Oh!

-[cheering, applause] -Yeah!

-No way! -It's you?

Huh. I felt bad about our last fight,

and I decided to take this last chance to win your tickets back.

That's exactly why I'm here, but for your tickets.

I don't believe it. Once again, we came up with the exact same plan.

-We really are a bad couple. -Wait, this is good.

Now we can compromise, and get the opera tickets for you.

I've got a better idea.

How about we compromise and get the soccer tickets for you?

Ah, gah! I want you to be happy!

Too bad, because I want you to be happy!

MC, start that clock.

I've got to beat my boyfriend so I can sacrifice my happiness for his!

Typical Angela. You are going down.

[both growling]

[MC] We got ourselves a chew-ha-ha!

Let's do this thing!

Dating is weird.

-Incredible! It's a tie, y'all! -[crowd cheers]

That means there's two winners!

So, you get the tickets to the soccer game and the opera!

[retching, groaning]

-I never want to see pasta again. -[door opens]

So, since you don't seem to be able to move,

if you're not using the opera tickets, maybe we could--

Take them!

Tom, those soccer tickets could help a small boy fulfil all his dreams.

-They're yours. -Yeah!


-I guess we're staying home. -It's the best compromise of all.

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