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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: DIY Harbor Freight lithium aircraft battery for my Kitfox. And some River Bush flying with a Rans S7

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welcome guys to another episode this video I show you how to hack a jump

start battery to be used as your main vehicle battery whether it's in an

airplane car truck snowmobile ATV motorcycle I think it would work in any

of those applications with that being said I show this video with to my dad

and he pretty much as sugar said like you you can't share that information

it's unsafe and he is right what I do with this battery is not using it for

its purpose that it was made for so I suggest you take the information and not

do anything with it just enjoy this video for whatever reason you decide to

hack a lithium jumpstart battery I suggest you put it in a fireproof

container it does so happen to catch on fire it is contained yeah that's

basically it sorry this isn't my regular style video of me going out and flying

even though I do at the end go out and fly so if you're into that just go to

the end of the video I have been working on an intro front of the videos so let

me know what you guys think of that

this is the piece of crap helicopter have a bigger one though yeah it's back

there should I fly it I don't really want to

fly it in here

house it's really scary these are your natural normal batteries that you'd put

in your airplane the new style lithium batteries pack-a-punch super expensive

but they're light and they're they're sweet they're really cool the only

problem is is when you leave your master switch on they're dead

they're gone they're into the grade might be able to bring him back which I

have you just punch them full a lot of juice for a short period of time

and then you put them on the charge mode and they sometimes come back to life I

can resurrect these things but most time you can't so I was a strolling around

Harbor Freight like you know usual just like kind of cool tools they got in here

and I came across this the Viking power pack so Lizzie and battery just like

these and I was like whoa why I wonder I mean it starts it starts trucks why

couldn't it start my airplane so yeah and it did start my airplane the only

problem is is that then goes into like safe mode and it shuts off that way to

then start your airplane again yeah so you'd have to climb pull your cowling

off hit the button and then jump back in and start it so you have to do a hack

and that's what I'm going to show you guys how to hack this thing it's open

this up and get to it turns on has a flashlight if you want to rave you can

rave with it start your engine you hit this button but we want to make sure

this light stays on and you can't do that you got it like solder around it so

that's what I'm going to show you guys today let's dig into it

alright so first find the screws right here there's one and get the other one

and then it's a lipo it's definitely 2900 milliamp it's not a 12,000 so that

is a lie but it still works now that we got it

open you want to take this out right here is the circuitry that we have

to buy

Clee what we're going to do is take this wire and solder across these two leads

like so I like that now let's put her back together there's one last step and

that is to cut the leads that come with the battery and make them like this it

comes with these these are not gonna work for your plane you're gonna have to

cut this off I'm not sure what this is so if one of you guys do let us know

I think you'd want to put your bolt on this side of it because I believe it

prevents it from charging the battery as my guest I don't know maybe it does

something else let us know if you know what I did is I took two bolts and I saw

them on to the ends and put some heat shrink and then those will connect to my

ends on my kit box all right guys back to the kit Fox next

day nice weather I'm gonna show you this thing does actually turn this thing over

and then if it starts it amaz will go fly so that's the plan

I'm gonna get this installed and then go do some flying I would recommend doing

this first that way it's not connected to the battery

see it starts

all right moment of truth does the harbor freight battery start the gift

box well si

it works I know where because well this is the battery I used all last summer

but now you guys know it works so as you saw the Harbor Freight battery it's

working so far I don't see any smoke so that's a good sign

awesome evening so we're gonna go fly I think Joel actually might be flying too

so yeah could be pretty to be pretty fun Joel is out playing - we're just gonna

go cruise around right zip to my house I got a bird problem in my pod so I got

the HEPA set up some spinny things so we're told me that helps keep the

geese away from my place so I got a lot of crap I have video for house I hurt my

seatbelt which they're totally right okay I was wearing it wrong so we got it

justice right now okay I make your left turn outlet you want to switch over when

we get in there

see if we get some shots of Jill are you gonna think the river flying with my

knees super safe

looks like Joel might be coming in he might land I'm not sure but I got a burr

problem a goose problem they're probably hiding

around here somewhere I guess these Finny things and shiny

they don't like it so I'm sticking them all around my pond because they're

stinking it up I tried to find those little pinwheels but nobody had them so

this is all I could find there they are

get out of here yeah are we gonna put you we're gonna put you right here I

gotta show you guys what it's like up at the top of this pole that I put in here

oh it's a little scary don't want to fall

who pretty sweet hey Jack we're gonna go fly to MacDonald Ville that's what they

call it that's what we call it short little strip sell in the desert see if

we make it for a sunset might be able to you know see if the Harbor Freight

battery starts hurry up come on baby come on

oh yeah telling you this Harbor Freight battery the bees bees man 64 bucks


through the little water stand

I feel a little water here

oh you guys can't see it but oh here we go

this will be a good one

Oh baby is caught in the freeway I just do a little waterskiing

now mr. McDonald we got some ducks on us Oh Oh duck because the Ducks the fellas

are fat they don't know where to go hmm that was good McDonald feel it is a

short little strip that actually is a car see strip it's a little search and

you'll answer for what I think you're gonna get flaps on it's a pretty short

strip I think it's like 400 feet

maybe maybe a little more maybe 500

Oh bounty

you're lining up a short it's coming in so this Ran's s7 is a really good plane

look at that


that's how you do it folks look how much shorter he landed in me

I got a practice so this is R and s 7 with Rotax Hun horse Jules got a tuned

exhaust to ripping sweet

my turn thinking in the vlog here guys take off and yeah we'll see you guys on

the next one make sure you hit that like hit to subscribe thanks for watching


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