Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Forgetting The Roots | a short story

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please wake-up my child, it's before dawn

let me sleep, mom

No son, you are now Baptised. You are Khalsa, you should wake-up at Amrit Vela (before dawn)

Look mom, i am awake (very happily)

very good, my child

now get up fast, take bath, then we are to go to Fatehgarh Sahib also

sure mom

heya mom, i also want to tie turban like yours

sure, my child

this turban is a priceless gift for us from Sri Gobind Singh Sahib Ji

now rush and get your favourite color turban

mom, where are these guys going?

no doubt, they are also going to Fatehgarh Sahib's Jor Mel but,

these innocent boys don't know the motive of going there

heya! what happened ? why you stopped ?

Bro! no more oil in the Tank.

O come-on bro, we are getting late

you should have checked your oil tank before leaving

i am sorry bro! i forgot to check

how could he remember, he was busy chatting with his girlfriend

you shouls sell this stupid shit (Bike), it's of no use.

it's not a shit bro, it's my darling...i love it.'s just a piece of headache. Everytime it stops in the middle way

What happened bro, be fast

bro, his oil tank is empty, that's why we have stopped here.

no worries my children, stop fighting with each other.

and if you don't mind, may i know where are you going ?

we are going at the Festival, auntie

we thought of having free food there and will have fun wandering there

By the way, it's not just a Mela, it's Jor Mel, in remembrance of Sahibzada's, who sacrificed their lives for us.

sorry auntie, we didn't know anything about this. We just thought to go and enjoy there.

Thank GOD, you have courage to speak the Truth.

auntie, is it possible for you to tell us the History of this Jor Mel.

Sure, but i request you to walk along with us.

heya mom, i also want to tie turban like yours.

Today this Holy Fair has been limited to snacks and roaming around

instead of paying our Tribute to the Martyrs.

we should not be competing with each other who looks best,

rather we should remember GOD and be thankful what he has blessed with us.

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