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[Episode Recap]

Huh? Don't tell me it's her...

Hmm, East China Normal University, Seems like it's really her...

Zhu CuiHua!

What's wrong? Are you afraid to admit you know me?

Let's go.

Oh right! I forgot to mention

If by chance you do run into me in the tournament

I don't mind beating you again

This match...

I'll play!

Original Work by Penta Show Studios

Translations by: Kelvin / Hodeken

Lu's Time (Era of LOL)

Episode 10: Two Cousins Battle Syndra (Part One)

So, with the cooperation of our fellow club leaders

I believe we can change our student council for the better.

I hope that I can have your continued support in the coming year!

I promise to work even harder!

*cough* *cough* Then...

Are there any other club leaders who want to share their opinions?

The Arts club here. There's just something I'd like to verify

What's she trying to do...

She keeps running without casting any spells...

What's she trying to do...

Huh? We don't have vision... I can't keep chasing. The risks are too high

I have to fight here

Mao TianTian, are you ready to be solo killed?

Finally willing to face me head on

Come on! Let's see who gives first blood!

Damage mitigated

It's my turn!

Hehehe, how foolish Mao TianTian

When you're agitated... You're full of openings!

Damn! Zhu CuiHua, you cheater!

Didn't we agree to 1v1?

You haven't changed at all have you? Still as gullible and stupid as ever.

This recording... I think everyone will find quite interesting.

"As long as you side with me, the student budget, it'll be all ours..."

This... This recording... I've never said anything like this!

You must have tampered with the tapes! You're twisting the truth!

TianTian. What's the meaning of this?

But it's clearly your voice.

(What's going on... She's trying to embezzle student fees? Seriously?)

Ms. President. No wait, It's Ms. Mao now. (There's even a recording ofcourse it's real!)

I wonder just how much have you been stealing from the school? (Who would've thought, I had no idea!)

You... You scumbag!

(Huh, what happened? She hit someone! Why is she hitting her?)

I... I didn't hit her! Please, listen to my explanation!

The truth is...

(Liar! You fraud! Resign!)

Step down! Step down! Step down!

I didn't... (It's her. Take her picture!)

Not good, Sis is in danger

Sis, I'm coming to help!

A-Mao, don't go, it's too late!

Hehehehehe! You're dead meat!


Damn! My skills are all on CD.

Wait... First blood has to be mine.


[First Blood]

Damn! I couldn't make it in time!


Why... Why is this happening...

What was I doing... What should we do now?

Mao ZhiQiang, If you had warded earlier

Sis wouldn't have died

If I hadn't left Jiu-Ge by himself

He wouldn't have been 2v1 killed

Sis... Jiu-Ge... I...

Don't leave me alone... I can't do this by myself...

One of you... Please... Please help me!

Why can't I ever protect anyone! I was like this before... nothings changed!

Chase after him!

But he's already at his turret

I don't care!... Tower dive him!

I want to use him to stack my Mejai's

Where do you think you're going kid?

Oh no! I'm trapped!

Hahaha! It'll be over soon, we won't dismember you or anything.

Now that I take a closer look, you're Mao TianTian's kid brother.

No wonder you're blood related...

The way your face looks all scared and turtled under your turret...

Is the same one your sister had when she was standing on that stage, helpless and alone.

So you're the one who fought with my sister for control of the Student Council, Zhu CuiHua?

My sister! She's nothing like that!

You guys go juggle turret aggro and dive him

Kill this weakling!

I'm no weakling!... Here, take my ultimate!

What an idiot, you're not even level 6 yet... What ultimate?

"Yes we can!" -Obama (Lucian's name in CN)

But, I have mine!

What?! How did she get back to lane so quickly!

Who dares to mess with my brother!

Sis! I'm saved!

Careful! They're not dead yet!

Our Goddess said you must die!


They've got backup, we can't fight this anymore... Lets retreat!

You're not allowed to retreat! I order you to kill him!

Oh! If we follow the usual routine... Now is when my whole life flashes before my eyes...

[Double Kill]


Hey! Who said you could leave!

Heh! I'm not going to waste my time on the dead...

You're already dead.


That's too bad, if only they got the enemy midlaner as well. (Wow! Juicy Juicy Juicy! Our Goddess is so good! So cool!)

A 1-for-2 under turret is already quite good. Come on KYA!(She's almost full stacks!)

But it's the support with two kills... That's useless

To beat a semi-professional... It's really too much to ask

Her AP's way too high now... I can't fight her anymore

If we keep trading like this... It'll only be a matter of time until I die again.

Mao TianTian, It's 20 minutes now, feel free to surrender

[16:7] This kind of scoreline, you really think you can come back?

Stop pretending you don't realise our difference in skill

Get ready to pack your bags and go home, this game is not for you.

Just stand a little closer... A bit more... Now!

[BiQ~] The master is here!


You don't have to say anything... I like you too


You can hold off your confession until after we kill her!

[To Be Continued]

You scared me! seriously!... I'm trying to play top! you also want to play top!...

You think you can play Top?! You really can't!...

And your Jungler!... Camping this bush! Camping that bush!

That bush has a ward! Camping is useless!!!

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