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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 【空罐王】卍☆召喚禰豆子☆卐 沒有妹妹只好自己召喚一個了

Difficulty: 0

Today, we're going to teach you how to make your own little sister

Today, we're going to teach you how to make your own little sister

First we need to prepare the sacrifices

We only need a pen and paper for this

Let's get started!

First we need to draw a little sister

(Alright, already failed the first step)

(What's next)


Forgot that I had a light table that I can use

We'll put the first Nezuko on the light table

Then we'll start copying

Note that each Nezuko should have some differences

Slowly lift up her arm

We'll turn on the light for a bit

Pay attention to the sequence of her hair movement here

I didn't get it right here, so I had to fix it on the computer

And notice the changes in her expression

Nezuko's movements are more complicated this time

So I'm probably going to need 40-60 pages

But any missed frames can be added later digitally

So we only need an approximate number

Now we're gonna draw some Nezukos brushing her teeth

No idea how many Nezukos it's been...

Since a lot of them look so similar

We're gonna skip the recordings of those that are too similar

(no no... we can never have too many Nezukos)

Carefully turn bit by bit

Slowly extend the brush into her...

into her mouth obviously

(oh good, cuz I was about to call the FBI)

One by one, we're increasing the number of Nezukos

Then draw a couple of front views

Looks like Nezuko's gonna rinse her mouth now

Slowly help her shift the angle

You can't rush

Or you'll have to supplement a bunch of in-between frames later

(wait she has water in that thing?)

I think my pen's running out of ink

So we're gonna omit the pattern on her obi for now

I'm totally not being lazy because I'm tired

(puffy cheeks... uwu)

Nezuko's gonna spit out the water now

Slowly draw her head turning

Then slowly turn her head back again

How many times have I repeated this action...

Almost done... Finally...

Let's end with this expression

Ok, we're done preparing all the sacrifices

Total should be 40 pages

Adding the in-betweens gets us to 70 pages


Preparation complete

Now we're ready to summon our little sister!!!

First put all the sacrifice on the table

Then place another sheet for the magic circle

Then use your fingers to trace out the shape

A hexagram should do

Then pour in your desire for a little sister

We did it! We summoned Nezuko!!!

The remaining time will be dedicated to appreciating my sister brushing her teeth

(Tanjiro: "Am I a joke to you?")

How cute is my sister (・ω<)

You can watch it as many times as you like

Achievement Unlocked: Obtained Little Sister

Wake up dude you don't have a little sister

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