Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Summer School at Windesheim University of Applied Sciences

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The Summerschool is a great opportunity for students from many countries in the world to come together and learn about...

a topic that is very important: circular economy.

And it's great that it's here in Zwolle.

We in the Netherlands can take a lead in this theme worldwide.

Students may either choose to sign up for the full program...

and emerge themselves in a three week journey throughout Europe.

Or sign up for just one of the weeks and experience...

so many different cultures.

Working with students from all these different cultural backgrounds.

Working on super interesting topics that are going to define...

tomorrows future as well.

I chose for one week because of time constrictions...

but I really like the fact that you can choose...

which topic you like best.

If I really didn't want to...

choose the topic ethics for example.

I could just choose circularity.

Which was a very positive thing for me.

If I had to choose again I would 100% do it again.

First of all because of the place, it's really beautiful...

people are really nice and really welcoming.

Also because I know by heart that this topic is going to be more relevant.

I really enjoyed the company visits...

because it was a practical approach to everything we had learned.

It made me really hopeful that it is working in some companies for example, G-Star.

To be honest, I never thought I was going to love it this much...

people are really nice, the place is beautiful.

Zwolle is really pretty.

You get to see all the beautiful bridges.

I never thought I would enjoy biking this much.

I really enjoyed being able to have a life beside studying at the university on this beautiful big campus.

Also being able to share with other cultures.

And see how other people have different perspectives on what is sustainable, what is circular.

It really opened my mind to see that there are many different ways to apply.

The knowledge that we have.

I never thought I was going to love...

the Netherlands and Zwolle.

I do now.

I thought it was a perfect place to stay.

Not only to study but also have some other fun.

The Description of Summer School at Windesheim University of Applied Sciences