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As mum's dementia progressed everydayseemed different bringing a whole new

set of challenges as well as the emotional sideof things the frustration, anger, memory loss,

mood swings both the physical and the behaviouralaspects of dementia began to take more of a hold

I guess that's when we really decided we need tolook for a care provider and we chose The GoodCare Group

The Good Care Group's Admiral Nurse andOccupational Therapist both seem to have really a

more hands-on approach gently guiding us alongthe way at our own pace helping us understand

how people are affected emotionally by dementiahelping us with stressful situations and probably

better to understand and cope with differentsituations that presented themselves in fact

they even helped us adapt mum's home makinglittle changes that would affect and relieve

daily stresses and strains and generally keepingmum as independent as they possibly could in fact

I can't remember a single day growing up and mumwould refuse to present herself until she'd done

her hair and put on some lippy and that becamea really important part of their daily routine

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