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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Siblings Play Fear Pong (Joy vs. Raft) | Fear Pong | Cut

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- Hey, ma, what you doing?

- Who did you leave your life insurance to?

- Oh, you did?


We gotta go.

This is so stupid!


Hey, we're done!


(upbeat music)

- My name is Joy.

- I'm Raft, and we're brother and sister.


Joy works at a marijuana farm,

and I own the marijuana farm.

- (laughing) He thinks he's my boss.

- Go 'head.

- Ready?

Got 'em!

This is how we do it! ♪

- Let your sibling wax off one of your eyebrows, what?

(laughing loudly)

- Okay, I've never done this before.

Hold your skin taut, grasp tabs, bone, pull.

Okay, let's do it.

Just relax.

(deep exhale)

- You're acting like a little bitch.

K, ready?

- No wait, no I'm not ready.

- Okay.


Stop being a punk, come on.

- What am I doing?

All right, go 'head.

- One, two, three, oops, sorry!

I'm so sorry!

I'm so sorry, I didn't catch it.

I'm so sorry, I love you.

One, two, three.

(raspberry blowing)

(chair crashing)

- Fuck! (laughing)

- You look okay.


- This is so gross.

Looks like some Klingon shit.

Oh my god!

Let your sibling draw whatever they want

on your face with a permanent marker.


You'll be cool?

- Yeah, I'll draw something --

- Let's do it.

- Mm, give you a nice arc.

- Do suck it up, please.

- Okay, I am.

- It's like raw on my face.

Please, please, c'mon dawg.

- No, this is --

- I feel a fucking soul patch.

- I know, but this is perfect.

Okay, that's why.

- No!

Joy, that's enough, don't fall for this peer pressure.

Were you a bully in high school?

Stop, why don't you stop?

- [Joy] What do you think, Raft?

- Yeah, oh my god, I look like I work

at a Disney fucking' hotel.

- Well, make a shot!

- Fuck!


- No, she already made that one!

- Yeah, I did.

- Oh okay, that's fine.


Thank you!


- Snort milk out of your nose.

Drink if you can't do it.

- Yeah, do that.

- No no no, Raft listen, I don't like milk.

- So snort it out your nose.

(chokes and sputters)

- I'm so sorry.

- This is disgusting.

Don't, don't try.

- I'm gonna try.

- Have some dignity.


- I'm so sorry.

- [Raft] Shit!

- Raft was fat when he was little.


- Shoot the fucking ping-pong ball!

- Raft, you need to calm down,

don't talk to me like that!

- I don't care.

- 'Cause I can't take you seriously with one eyebrow.


- Pretend you are using a hula hoop for 60 seconds.

If you stop, or if we can

imagine the hula hoop dropping, drink.

- Don't let it drop.

- Alright, alright.

It's on the ground, okay?

You ready?

Joy, watch this, no hands!

Okay watch.


- There ya go. Oh, it's around, the shoulders.

- Haha, look at that!

- Uh-oh, the hips. Uh-oh, uh-oh, round the neck again.



That was good, Raft.

- C'mon, man!

- You're not following through.

- Shut the fuck up.

- Call your parents and ask them

who their favorite child is,

I can do that all day.

Gimme my phone!

- Hey ma, what you doing?

Alright, I just called to ask a question, you ready?

Who is your favorite child between me and Joy?

Who's your favorite child?


(line disconnects)


- Call her again --

- That ain't gonna work!

- I need to hear her say my name.

- She laughed at me and hung up.

Hi, ma.

- It's okay, Mom, I'm here too, so it's Raft and I.

Who did you leave your life insurance to?

- Oh, you did?


We gotta go.

This is so stupid!


Hey, we're done!

- Raft, c'mon, rematch! (laughs)

Mom loves you just as much as she loves me.

- Alright, why don't you shoot a ball.

- It's your turn.

- Oh, it's my turn?

- Balance a cup on your head for the rest

of the game, refill it every time it falls.

- Meanwhile, I get a fucking eyebrow.


- Ugh, my whole jumper is just whack.

I feel like J. R. Smith.

- Oh!

C'mon, hurry up.

- Could you shut up?

- When Joy told me this yesterday,

I was at work.

I had orders to go out today.

- That shows how much you love your sister.

- Yeah, so remember that, next time

you ask me to do something that I don't wanna do.

Like get a cup off her head.

Oh yeah, what!

Gimme some of that!

Fuck yeah, I'm filthy.

Wear your pants down by your

ankles for the rest of the game.

- If you do that, you're an idiot.

Don't do that.

- Yes!

That's a dare.

- Tell your sibling which one of

their friends you most wanted to sleep with.

Call them to ask them out.


- My sister's gay.

- Why are you outing me on camera?

- Nobody's outing you.

- Yeah, you did.

- It's a secret, my bad.

- Ugh.

- Yes!


- List ten ways in which your sibling is

better than you in two minutes.

Take a shot if you fail.

- You're doing that.

- Okay, I got it!

Has a penis.

- Why am I better than you with a penis?

- Penis is everything, you can stand up

while you pee, look, those are

gonna be my top five.

Raft has a penis, Raft has a penis, Raft has a penis.

Raft is over six feet tall.

Raft is Mom's favorite.

- We just got off the phone!

- Raft is good at math.

Raft has a dimple.

Raft has Tyson, I like Tyson.

- That's my daughter, that's my daughter.

- Yay!

- I accept, I accept that.

I got five penises.

- Michael Jordan in Utah.

Yeah, look at me right there, Utah Jazz,

Karl Malone, John Stockton.


Bam, what'd I tell you?

What did I tell you?

I just, I feel so bad, I am so sorry.

- Apologize to sibling for the worst

thing you ever did to them.

Drink if they don't forgive you.

What's the worst thing I ever did to you?

- It was when you were little,

and you know what you did.

- Yeah, I don't wanna do that.

- You look so sloppy right now.


- Yes!

(air horn blasts)

- Get the fuck off me, Raft!

- It was terrible.

If they call you and ask you

to do this, don't do this.

And respect yourself, and show some dignity.


If you like being embarrassed

in front of your peers, pick up Fear Pong!

- You're breathing on my neck, dawg, come on.

- I had fun, low-key, for real, I had fun.

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