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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: My Everyday Makeup Routine

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I keep burping because I hit myself in the throat with the beauty blender so forcefully.

Hello friends, and welcome to another video.

Today we're going to do something that's been requested a lot so today I'm going to be a doing an Everyday Makeup Routine.

Now before we get started with the video I just want to say, Thank you guys so so much for all your love and support over the last couple of weeks.

You guys make me so emo

I know that some people find heart hands to be cringey, but...


So this everyday make up routine is kind of like the routine that I do during the week when I have time to do my make up

and also when I'm shooting a lot of my videos.

A lot of my videos you'll see this as kind of my standard make up look

because this is what I can accomplish in a reasonable amount of time.

Just a disclaimer before we get started with the make ups

I am not a makeup artist, I have never been trained in make up, really, in any way

All I know about make up is just through trial and error

and me hopelessly trying to recreate online beauty tutorials.

But I really like make up, I like expressing myself through make up, and I just, I like collecting lipsticks.

You guys know, I'm crazy about lipstick.

A second disclaimer, this is the first time I've ever filmed a like really, close up beauty routine type video

So just know that you're about to get close, up in my face,

You're gonna be in my grill

But I'm inviting you into my grill

But just know that you might see some nose hairs

But that's when you know we're really close, the nose hairs

They just, they bring the intimacy level up another notch

Alright, here we go, let's get into it.

Punch in, NOW

So the first thing I like to do is to put a hair wrap

That failed.

Put a hair wrap on.

This thing simultaneously makes me feel like Galleria from the Cheetah Girls

and also Sharpay from High School Musical

Now that this is on, lets begin.

I'm gonna put primer on

This is the "Too Faced Hangover RX Replenishing Face Primer"

I bought it because it said it has coconut water in it.

and I love coconuts.

Oh man...


Next what I like to do is, have a drink of a beverage.

If you're wondering, am I drinking Capri Sun? The answer is, YES

Pacific Cooler is the best flavor by ALOT


Alright, once you're done with yo primer

I like to start with my eyebrows

So I use this "Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer"

This is the kind of easier pencil, I think, that kind of comes out in like a little, triangle form

I think this is a lot easier to use than the pencil itself, I think the pencil, you kind of just have to be more artistic with it.

Where as with this one you can just be like *mreh**mrah*

I pretty much like to just fill in the sparseness

And then I like to kind of like fill in the top as well

And create a little bit more of like a

what would you call this? an arch.

My saga with my eyebrows is lifelong

When I was young I had like a

cue to wispy unibrow

And then when puberty hit it became a full fledged like

Ed, Ed and Eddy unibrow

I wasn't really allowed to do hair removal until

I sort of went rouge at age 13 I plucked my brows into tadpoles

And I really just depleted the little hairs that grow that grow under here

Like I was pluck them without mercy like every single day

I'm just gonna do this really quick

Yeah I need to look at this straight on otherwise

my brows are just gonna become Maleficents

Another thing I like about doing my brows first

is that if I mess up I can kind of just smear it off

without messing up any of the rest of my makeup

Pretty much my entire makeup routine is just structured to try and like

maximize the opportunity for fixing things

So the next thing that I do is find something

that I dont know where my shit is

So the next thing I usually do is put some eyeshadow primer on

I use the "Urban Decay Primer Potion". I like it a lot

I just put a little bit on my fingers and then just go in

to my lids with my fingers like this

I dont wear a ton of eyeshadow on a daily basis this more just like

kind of just to make my eye look better in general

I also find that this helps keep my eyeliner on

After the eyeshadow primer I go in with my color correcting and concealer stuff

This is the "Nyx DARK CIRCLE CONCEALER" corrector

I just use my finger. Just wash your hands you know?

As long as you wash your hands after you pee

Now I'm gonna put on my face makeup

I use the "Nyx BB Cream" in the color Golden

On other days I use more full coverage foundation

but on a daily basis I use this guy.

I really actually do like it.

I have combo skin and I feel like at the very end of a long day

this does definitely get a little shiny

but i like it so much that I don't mind?

I just like keep a little powder compact on hand.

So I just squirt a little bit

out in my hand.

I know everyone has their own method of putting their foundation on their face

but i find beauty blenders to be the most calming

you're getting hit in the face by a tiny pillow over and over again

raindrops keep falling on my face

Okay. So once you're almost finished dabbing

what I do next is I go in with my concealer

for my little pimples. My little pimps

This is the "NYX HD Studio Photogenic" Concealer

And I use the color, beige.

I'm usually beige

Like an envelope

So I'm just going to use a little bit of concealer over those pimples that have been popping up

I'm just gonna dab my concealer under my eyes as well

Just any little place where I'm like, "Hmm, seems like I could use a little help over there,"

and then I'm gonna take my beauty blender once again

and continue to dab

I find that with the bb cream you can be pretty gentle in your beating of your own face

but with a concealer I feel like you've just really got to hit yourself a little bit

I know I make a ton of weird faces when I'm doing my makeup

Specifically this like "fish-gapey" one, I'm always like *makes face*

One time, I was like, "Oh my god, what a great makeup Youtube challenge...

...try and do your makeup without making any faces at all,"

and then I realized it would just be footage of everyone just being like, *makes blank face*

Completed the challenge.

I'm just gonna get around my neck area as well

Just to kind of, you know, not have that weird line

So I'm just gonna dab a little bit around my neck

ooooooh ah ah ah ah ahhhhh


Ooooh, that got serious

Oh hitting myself in the esophagus with the beauty blender just made me burp!

The next thing I do is start setting up my eyeliner

This is like my only makeup hack

And I don't know if it's a hack because I feel like it's something

a lot of people do

So I'll take my concealer and I'll take this little brush

This is the real techniques by Sam and Nick

I love these brushes by the way

And this is the accent brush

I think this came in like the eye packet

so I will basically -I'll try and show you guys

what I do is I take a little bit of concealer

and I draw a really faint line

from the edge of eye to the end of my eyebrow

my eyebrows grow longer on the sides

so I have to make sure that like in between getting my brows done

I have to kind of maintain this brow length

otherwise my cat eyes get like kind of like lower

and lower and lower

so now that, that line is down and we got

some template for the future

the next thing I do is bake

how I bake is basically I take the "Laura Mercier Loose setting powder"

and my damp beauty blender

and I shake it up a little bit so we got some -y'know powder in the top part

and I like dab it in

and you make a snowstorm

but basically I have enough powder on here

and then I like go

a lot of powder under my eye

on my forehead, my nose, and my chin


that's good

the thing about this is I wear a lot of dark colors

so using a lot of light powder

it just creates some like dandruff looking situation

I-I kind of have mild dandruff too

But y'know this just creates even more of that like snowstorm effect

so I just sort of like to clean myself up afterwards with a make-up wipe

or a lint brush or something

the theory behind baking is that you just put a lot of powder on your face

so your make-up kind of gets trapped

and it will 'bake' like with the heat of your body

and set even more

so this is a way to like sort of eliminate as much shine as possible

and kind of like make your make-up as long lasting as possible

as I'm talking I'm seeing like little snowflakes like fall in front of my eyes

and i'm like mhm nailing it

so the next thing I do is actually go in and do my eyeliner

while the rest of my face is ubaken

so I use the "Lancome artliner" I've been told that I don't

pronounce 'Lancome' correctly and I'm very sorry I

do not know how to pronounce it.

I got this in a holiday gift set and I tried it, and pretty

much from like first use, I was like 'I'm probably gonna keep using this'

I've already repurchased this one time

I just did that without telling you what I was doing

so basically what I do is I take my eyeliner, and I draw

a wing along the lines of concealer

and that's how I try and make my eyeliner as even as possible.

When I'm drawing in like the rest of my eyeliner, I kind of like to do it half way

through the wing and then kind of drag it across

and then I'll like go in and fill in the rest of the cat-eye.

Is that even?


It's kind of even.

I feel like I have a hard time talking while also doing my eyeliner.

I feel like for everything else I can kinda be like chatting, and hanging out.

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