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Hi guys, hope you're well. So i'm gonna show you a seven veg tomato sauce.

It is so gorgeous to use in your cooking from pasta dishes,

put it on pizzas, put it in stews, curries. You can turn it into a sauce or a soup.

So easy. Okay so let's cook it. First up let's get some nice olive oil into a pan

and then we're going to start off with garlic.

So just sprinkle that into your oil and then what I like to do

is get the basil stalks. I generally tend to finely slice these

and put them in the base because they're full of flavour and goodness.

Now, carrots i've given these a really nice little wash

and if you just slice these up about half a centimeter thick. So we'll

put some of these into the pan like that. I normally follow

it with the leek. I love leeks because they've

just got the most incredible sweetness and creaminess when you cook

them nice and slow. So in they go.

Next up, beautiful sweet pepper. Just look at that. Then just tear up these gorgeous

peppers. So give it a nice little stir up. I've got some lovely onions now

Mr courgette can go in.

So look, the butternut squash, but i'm only going to use half of this, what I tend to

do is just carefully take the end of the squash

and then very carefully stand up get the tip of your knife

in half of the squash like this, go down and

straight down like that and I twist it around go back in where the cut is

and do the half and then look inside that. So we'll remove these seeds and

also this skin is so thin that i'm not going to peel that off

because that's really sweet and tasty. But out we go with the seeds and then

just very easily just slice the squash up

into little centimeter chunks. So as you add more and more veggies

i'm going to turn the heat up a little bit. Just a little bit of seasoning

now and then i'll adjust it later, salt and pepper,

and then just give that a stir every minute until it's soft, tender and tasty.

Then i'll show you what to do next.

So if you have a look in here, all those beautiful veggies have cooked down.

You can see at the bottom of the pan, see all those sticky bits

and that is maximum flavour. So what I love to do now

is take some beautiful balsamic vinegar and just put a little bit of that

in the bottom of the pan and use it to flavour the sauce and veggies

but also to clean the pan. Then we're gonna go in

with five big old tins of lovely plum tomatoes.

Then to make it even sweeter some lovely tomato puree.

Then i'll add just a little bit of water and then simmer it for about 20-25

minutes until everything's tender, sweet and delicious.

Look at that, it smells and looks amazing. Now, i'm going to use a liquidiser

so literally just fill it up about three quarters.

I'll take a little wadge of fresh basil, get that in there too and just blend it

to the consistency that you like.

Okay, let's have a little look here. Always taste it.

It's absolutely stunning. I'm just going to put that into a pan and i'm going to

use that for lunch today but the rest of this i'll blitz up, i'll

bag up you can keep it fresh, you can put it in the freezer.

Right, let's turn this into the kids lunch.

I'm going to use some beautiful tagliolini.

In there like that. This tagliolini only takes like

four minutes to cook. So get a nice spoon of that gorgeous sauce and then get that

pasta and drag it let it drain, and in we go.

So nice, silky and the pasta just sucks it up. I like to put a little bit

of parmesan just through it and a few little leaves

of basil. And then serve it up on a plate.

Look at that. A few little basil leaves on top,

a little bit of parmesan, a little bit lovely olive oil. So there you go guys,

super simple seven veg tomato sauce with pasta.

So simple but so good. Now look you've seen the

recipe but if in the week you get caught out and

you want to get it done for you. This is exclusive in Tesco right now

with some beautiful tortellinis and ravioli.

Have a look, I think you'll love it. It will get you out of tight spots when you've

got no time. Make it, buy it, cook it, whatever just

enjoy it. Lot's of Love.

Nice? Yeah!

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