Practice English Speaking&Listening with: THE SOLUS PROJECT Gameplay ? The Sunken One & The Pit [Part 44]

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I've been in the caves.

Ohhhh my god.

Greetings Aliens and Earthlings and welcome to Riddikore.

Let's continue our journey through The Solus Project.

And we are outside activating all of these towers with their fancy green lasers.

They should be careful where they are pointing the lasers.

They could put an eye out.

And now we are exploring at night time.

The trecherous, trecherous terrain.

And climate.

But we've slept and recovered

a lot of our health.

Is that the other side of the wall?

Did we do a full loop around?

It's the main gates.

I think that's the main gates. The front entrance, perhaps?

Final one.

Yep. If we look in the distance there --

If we look in the distance there, they are all connected.

But what did we activate?

Look at that!

Is that some sort of aquatic mammal


Wait a minute.

I don't think I've been over this way.

Looks like a relic of nourishment.

Or Relic of Aqua.

Of course, it has a lid on it.

Well then

let's head up these stairs

and see what awaits us.

Will they be welcoming?

Or are they setting off their pyrotechnics to scare me?

Forward vector complete.

Enter the gate!

Well hello, Spot of Forbidden Steps three.

And it is awfully




Are you going to chase me?

I mean, I've been down there.

You mean even further below?

I've been in the caves.

Ohhhh my god.

OK, I thought that was going to aim right towards me.

Where --

Where are you shooting?

Oh, oh I know.

This music says I'm about to get messed up.

Ohhh. OK. Hello aliens.

Let me -- let me come over here.

Let me come over here and see what you're looking at.

Are you going to shoot them down?

That thing had space to land over there?

Cannon Records, one of eight.

Detected 14124 Galactic West 20 from



that base.

Active state. Complex object. Velocity C 200.

Oh I know because I'm standing in damn lava pits.

I'm holding a damn freaking cold device.

Friendly vessel indentified. Intercept canceled.

You mean, like an alien spacecraft?

I'm going to die standing out here. I got to --

Let me get into some sort of shade.

Look at the shadow moving on the wall as the sun passes.

That is awesome.

Perhaps I shall wait till night fall

before continuing to explore.

Whoa look at that cross up on top there!

I don't know -- it doesn't look like anybody is attached to it.

Oh I guess I could stand right here, too, to cool off.

I forgot these -- That's why these things are giving off coolness.

I was walking around

and I s-found ... s-found.

Saw and found.

That's the way I came from, I believe.

The last tower we activated.

But as I was walking back -- where was it? Where was it? There it is!

I see with my little eye

a secret door.


that's what the mechanism that we found on that pier

went to.

But where

is it going to take me? And do I want to know

exactly what's down here? Just food?


Another mechanism.

One mechanism leads to another.

But here is our Relic of Nourishment. Without the lid on it.

But what does that go to?

We are back at night time. And I have my cold object

to help keep me cool while I'm around this lava.

Let's take a look at what we've got

in the Cannon Records.

Another successful intercept.

No entry? Well I'm already here.

Oh wait!

Complex object identified as a Race D9.

What is that?

If I'm a Race D9

I wonder if they will ... DENY ...

me the chance to stay here on this planet.

It is awfully dark.

What, what?

After this point

you will not return for some time.

Ensure you are prepared.

This must be the thrilling conclusion.

But guess what?

We have some unfinished business.

Oh my god, that scared me!

I thought somebody was looking right at me.

Due to another faulty save I had to come back and

relight all of these towers again.

But perhaps it was for a good reason because

on my way back around checking all of the combinations

I noticed

this big structure has arisen

from below.

That wasn't here before.

And so I can only assume that came

from me hitting that mechanism that was under the walkway.

As you see, we have a new day

about to begin.

Play the music

as I walk up

and discover


is beyond this wall.


Is that --

Are those teeth?

I'm sure that's not a toothy grin.

Where am I walking?

Is that the beast that was making all this noise?

Shortage of sleep? Uhhh

I'm not sleeping right here.

Dude, if I get bit in half and die right here...

Can I

feed you?


Nice fishy.

This must be The Sunken One.

That's still alive.

Right, then.

I've got three pieces of food.

Three full bottles of water.

If we're not coming back anytime soon

I hope I am fully prepared.

This is where the spaceship came and landed.

The palace has been explored.

But it looks like

we are going

into the pit!

And it's a good thing I walked around the pit.

Because we do have a supply of food.

I'm just going to top up. Just to be safe.

All right, then.

Let us travel into the pit of


Wow that's a long way down. I just heard it hit the bottom.

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