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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: BIG TEXAN 72oz STEAK CHALLENGE!!

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Hey everybody this is Randy Santel

"Atlas" with Atlas & Zeus Promotions and

proud owner of! Very

very extra extra so excited tonight! I've

been waiting to do this challenge for

ever! I'm going for overall win number

583 I am in Amarillo, Texas on that the

Big Texan Steak Ranch and Brewery I'm

taking on their very famous 72-ounce

Steak Challenge! Over 60,000 people have

tried this thing, over 9,000 people have

won and that is about how many times

I've been asked whether or not I've

taken this challenge! Tonight I'll

finally be able to tell those people, yes!

I've got one hour to finish the 72-ounce

steak along with a side salad, roll,

a baked potato, and then there are three

fried or cocktail shrimp I've got one


It was $72 but if I win I will get the

$72 steak meal for free, I'll get a sweet

t-shirt, and I'll be part of the elite

group founded up on the wall of fame!

Cannot wait to dominate this thing let's

get this challenge started!

All right now there is no way to get the

record on this thing it's basically

impossible! My friend Molly Schuyler she

has like the top three or four times!

Her number one record I think is 4

minutes and 18 seconds for finishing all

this! I'm of course not going to do that,

we've got one hour let's dominate this

thing a ton of my friends have beaten

this let's get on the list,

they've got the time here let's see

1, 2, 3. . . Boom!

Alright my time has begun! let's get cutting!

Twelve minutes in almost there!

Let's do the healthy side salad!

I came in at 19 minutes and 47 seconds

for the 72-ounce Steak Challenge here at

the Big Texan Steak Ranch and Brewery

here at Amarillo, Texas! That was

perfectly cooked! I asked for it

medium-rare and

it was exactly that! So compliments to

the chef, I'm going to get the $72 steak

meal for free, I'll get a sweet t-shirt

to add to my collection, and I'll be one of

the many elite people hanging up on the

wall of fame, but to commemorate this

awesome occasion it is overall win

number 583, and they're also a brewery

here so this is a they make it here a

red amber ale. Thank you guys for


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