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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 小妹赶海抓到新鲜好货,乡亲获知后纷纷赶来围观,一下就被抢完了【阿渔妹】

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Hello,everyone.I'm Sister Yu.

Now it's time to get the cage up.

There is little moss now.

Maybe it's not the time.

There are many crabs.

Wow,there are lots of white fish.

Many shrimps,too.

First, classify the shrimps.

Yo,it is ferocious.

The spoon is filled with shrimps.

Very even.The size is very even.

There are also loaches. Look, the loach with long tail.

They are very fat.

Because it has a long tail,we call it loach with long tail.

It is a type of loaches.

The best way to cook the white fish is to make soup.But...

This one is not fresh.

We can find bigger one.

This is middle size.We can also use it.

But it is not fresh,so let it go.

Today, we've also got many small soles.

They can also be called as soles.

But they can't grow up.

So we call it small soles,the same as small shrimps.

Small shrimps can't grow up,either.

Eh...I want to dry these in the sun.

I can cook a soup with the dried small soles.

We don't need these Scylla crabs.

And we don't catch them now.

Because of the different time.

Sometimes we catch,sometimes we don't.

We will let them go if we don't need.

The last one.

Oh ,almost fall down .

Wow,what a coarse one.Eels again.

Oh my god.

I'm filthy rich!

What a fortune!


Put it here.I'm so excited.

Wait a moment. Lightly. Or it will get out.

It is valuable.

It will get out.

Wow,it weighs at least 1 kilo.

Coarse and long.

Come on .

Be ready to catch the eel,the coarse one.

We need to wear a pair of gloves,or it will runs away.

In order to avoid skidding,we need to wear the fabric gloves.

Hold it tightly.Come.Let me show you.

Lol, is it coarse?

Put it down.Ah,eh~


Throw this out.

There are many white fishes today.

And the Scylla crabs.

Put the Scylla crabs into one bucket altogether.

Many shrimps.

There are also many loaches today.Look.

Let this bucket of crabs go.


My cat.

It is threatened by two dogs that my brother brought.

It is scared.

It dare not go home and eat dinner.

Meow~It has home but dare not go back.


Why are you so dirty?

We should be thankful that Hei has been taken to Zhuhai.

If Hei is at home,I can't believe what will happen.

My dad is going to walk it.

Walk it.

Move the bowls everywhere.


To walk around.Go~

Let's go.Go!Go!Go!


Don't care about it,cat.

My cat is still afraid.Look.

Cats are also fierce.

Come back,cat.

Don't shit anywhere.Do you know?

Take the rope away.

Someone has ordered the shrimps.

I need to send it to the guest.

Send it to the guest.

Let me weigh them first.

Fresh seafoods.

Do you need fresh one?Loaches.

There are fresh ones again. Hhh.

Oh ,mom.What big Chinese cabbages.

Yes,so they are.


Pay attention to the car.




Dinner time!

These are for guests.

Ok. Take it slow.

1 kilo.

The shrimps are even, so are today's loaches.

1 kilo.

Choose some loaches with long tails.

Loaches with long tails.OK.

Do you like loaches with long tails?

I'll buy.

How about eels?It is good for you to nourish the blood.

No.Too vigorous.

There are almost 2 kilos of white fished left.

We can walk around after selling them out.

Buy it all.In case that I need to walk around.

Yes,we've finished.Let's dry soles in the sun.

Take advantage of the good weather today.

Pave them.They are still fresh.

When the soles are dried.By the way, they are small soles.

They can't grow up.

Maybe someone will attack me in word. LOL.

The soup with dried soles is delicious and sweet.

Look.They can still jump up and down now.

They are thin and can't grow up.

So they can only be cooked in the soup.

Today's video is over now.

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