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Rob: Hello. This is 6 Minute English,

and I'm Rob.

Sam: I'm Sam. Hello!

Rob: Now, Sam, were going to be talking

about tattoos. Are you a fan?

Sam: Of tattoos? Well, I dont have one,

but they can be quite impressive

works of art.

Rob: Well, Im not that keen on tattoos

I mean, who wants things

drawn on their body?!

Sam: It sounds like you need

some convincing, Rob!

Maybe our discussion today

will change your mind.

Rob: Maybe. But as youre a fan of them,

heres a question for you

to answer. According

to the Guinness World Records, the record

for the most tattooed person in the world

goes to Lucky Diamond Rich from

New Zealand. Do you know how much

of his body is covered

by tattoos? Is ita) 80%, b) 90%,

or c)100%?

What do you think, Sam?

Sam: Well, its got to be 100% if he is

the most tattooed man, surely?

Rob: Not necessarily, but, well see if

youre right at the end of the programme.

Now lets talk more about tattoos. I know

many people have them. Sometimes its a

picture of an animal, like a small gecko,

sometimes its words likeI love you

or the name of a loved one. And then

there are the huge designs spread

across someones back, chest or

arm - like footballer David Beckham has.

Sam: Well, hes no stranger to a tattoo

parlour. A parlour is the name of the shop

where a tattoo artist draws

a tattoo on you with ink and a needle.

Rob: Needles! Ouch!

Sam: OK, you need some convincing, so

let's hear from Lucie Parfitt, YouTuber

and tattoo fan. Here she is

speaking on the BBCs Smart

Consumer podcast

Lucie Parfitt: Im quite a creative person

and ever since I first discovered tattoos,

I thought it was a really

cool way of expressing yourself.

Im quite a visual person as well,

so for me it really, like, just looked really

cool and it made me think more

about my own, like, personality and

how I could express

that in creative ways.

Rob: Right, so, Lucie describes herself as

a creative person. When youre creative

you imaginative and like

to experiment with new ideas.

Sam: Yes, Rob. And tattoos are a good

way to be creativetrying out different

designs and colours - its

a good way to express yourself.

Here, to express yourself means

'to show how you feel in a particular way'.

Rob:OK, so some people express

themselves through singing

or wearing particular clothing,

but here shes expressing herself through

the images on her skin. But what happens

if you want change

what you want to express?

Sam: Well, then its time for a new tattoo!

Rob: OK, well I know that the

tattoo industry is big business

nowwhich means it's

'popular and making lots of money'.

Ive heard that one in five people

now have a tattoo.

Sam: Not you yet, Rob! But it has certainly

become a trend in recent years and its

something tattoo artist Lee Clements

has noticed. Also speaking on the

BBCs Smart Consumer podcast,

he explains why he thinks that is….

Lee Clements: The thing for me

that has obviously changed massively

over the last, possibly, ten years is you

see a lot of celebrities

getting tattooed.

With that comes the fact that youre going

to get people who want

to copy them or it becomes almost

like a fashion thing, so we do

see certain tattoos, sort of, becoming

a trend andyeah, so I guess it kind

of dilutes that value a little bit, yeah.

Rob: Ah so its celebritiesfamous,

well-known people from TV, film

and fashionthat have possibly

driven the trend. People want to copy

themor its what he says isa fashion

thing’, so you have a tattoo

because its fashionable, which means its

'popular at a particular time'.

Sam: And one of the down sidesthe

negative thingsabout just having

one to be fashionable

is it dilutes the individuality of having

one. Dilute means to 'make something

less strong or less valuable'.

Rob: Well, Im not going to

get one anytime soon - except

maybe a big six on my arm to remind me

that we only have 6 minutes for

this programme so Id better reveal the

answer to the question I asked you earlier.

According to Guinness World Records,

the record for the most tattooed person

in the world goes to

Lucky Diamond Rich from New Zealand.

Did you know how much of his body is

covered by tattoos?

Sam: And I said 100%.

Rob: Well done, Sam. That is correct.

He has held the certified record

since 2006 of being

100% tattooed. This includes

tattoos inside his eyelids,

mouth and ears.

Sam: Wow! I wonder who gets

to see those!

Rob: OK well, now its time to recap the

vocabulary weve discussed

today starting with a parlour.

Sam: Thats the name for a shop or room

where certain businesses carry out

their tradesuch as a tattoo parlour,

a massage parlour

or an ice cream parlour.

Rob: A creative person is someone

who uses imagination and

experiments with new ideas.

Sam: And when you express yourself,

it means you 'show outwardly

how you feel and what youre thinking'.

Rob: If something is big business it is

an activity that is currently popular

and making lots of money.

Sam: And something that is fashionable

is popular. And when something becomes

popular it can dilute its value

or uniquenessso

it becomes less strong or less valuable.

Rob: OK, thank you, Sam. Thats all for

now but theres plenty more on our

website at

If you cant remember the address,

why not tattoo it on your arm?!

You can also find us on social

media and on our app. Goodbye for now!

Sam: Bye!

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