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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Literary Theory 5 Post Modernism, Absurd Theatre, Existentialism, Surrealism UGC NET/JRF, MA, BA

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the channel today we are going to the

images were lost and attractive

say they tried to experiment with some

new things I really paradox and many

other internal features Falls writing

but they feel they cannot because

modernity the top those wrote the basis

have played with them and further into

smaller pieces

that means the moderns cried over metal

toys the broken toy and play had fun

enjoy so the models like James Joyce

with TS Eliot

Ezra Pound replaced by Emily Hamilton

Ellis Hartley and many post-modernism

flourish for human existence is clueless

purposes meaningless the world wars have

left the man sawed open gate that

lifeless man has no clue what that's why

seven Becky's work

is that none has literally nothing to do

the subtitle is also the same nothing to

be the characters in the play they faced

away they in doing literally nothing we

rebuke each other the slap each other

they discuss topics which are not at all

covenant therefore the present life also

resembles in the same manner we do not

have anything to do we we have so

important to the events of nature that

most modern thought of expressing in the

same manner the pure gold should be

expressed in the existence of man was in

quest so Albert Camus in his work death

of Sisyphus in 1942 questioned the

existence of man again nobody knows

where the man comes from the spirit is

there any spirit in him which is each

other the actions were headed this

verbal irony there was dismissal of

realism he was hiding most warrant text

was against any endorsement with Jean

Genet pianist Co and many other German

and French writers came up with

completely absurd writing based on the

existence of man there was a German

writer Frank Kafka he did not write for

an office gives an account of a man that

he works one morning to find himself to

be changed into very

insect a dimension he talks to there he

has the dialogue he is unable to express

himself he doesn't he cannot open the

door because he's changed into a kind of

an insect and the people outside of

having some conversation and he's trying

to reply but he cannot and all the

things are going on and there's another

table which is full trial a man who is

totally innocent is taken in under a

crying and is executed saddam's

the world is full of such things where

there is no justice there is no more


there was another French philosopher

jean-paul Sartre he refused through

death and he was born for socialists he

gave some positive image to the

existence another frenchman gene autry

line talked about simulations and these

simulations were inverted images abused

conventions and absurd paradoxes and the

skiing Salman Rushdie's Midnight's

Children render graphs the children and

Gabriel Russia bar is one hundred years

of solitude

another theory related to post-modernism

is sunless which was first given by

Henry proton in Paris in 1924 it is a

theory it is a new concept literature he

was a French to take a tractor and he

talked about that the world should be

represented as real surreal

Kuta Watterson should be there whatever

comes in the mind should be charted down

without any man

nothing should be added or subtracted

the words as they come should be written

down as the psychic as the thinking as

whatever processes in the brain should

be written down there should be nothing

artificial for postmoderns no taste

wasn't like 30 tons when can say no man

was a pilot man was interconnected with

other men in the world he could not

exist alone so he was not an island myth

he was not isolated lonely and same way

you cannot say the texts were also I

know we had interactivity between

different texts and that is denoted by L

agree by symbols by benefice by

illusions by so many other things you

have text context sometimes you got from

other texts and write it down

julia kristeva in 1966 talked about

interact equality she pointed out two

things there are two relations of if

against the relation between the author

and the reader and the relation between

text to the other texts the reader and

the writer they communicate with the the

thoughts they have for each other

one of the major characteristic of most

modern practice was metafiction they

made the reader aware that he was

reading the fool on fiction not

something on reality in the past the

writers were making them worked as near

as real near to reality by suspension of

disbelief here it was totally opposite

to it and they said that whatever the

bleeding was totally different from

whatever they did so and my mortal is

there he trying to retell the old

because nothing in this world is new so

like a jean dress in book wipe the glass

you see she made a prequel to Charlotte

brontë's Jane Eyre she talked about

Bertha the mad woman in the Attic

so similarly Jesus JM Coetzee in his

word for pre told Daniel Defoe's

Robinson Crusoe the cost of a story so

these writers and many other writers

they based their fictional work on the

works of the past vitals the postmodern

dollars verbal finally after cusp for

example you could see in this book

catch-22 by Joseph Heller

this became promised so many licenses

they're so beautiful I just cannot read

in this 10-minute video what they are

just beautiful you find behind me and

you we can conclude by saying that this

world is multi-language nothing is

breached the images appear again any and

they are all he need copies of coffee so

we cannot imagine something new coming

out of this world

nothing can implement in solid and

therefore the existence has become


so play on with whatever you are left

with not to Clement for the images just

pick them up paradise look with your

verbal I have fun so we finished up our

discussion before the next video we

would be discussing on structuralism and


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The Description of Literary Theory 5 Post Modernism, Absurd Theatre, Existentialism, Surrealism UGC NET/JRF, MA, BA