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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: The Banishing | Scary Short Horror Film | Screamfest

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Takes a real sick person to do something like that to a dog...sorry girls

Norman's in doggy heaven now.

Was it you?

She made me do it.

The bad lady? Jessa, there's no such thing, she's getting worse.

Wait don't you believe me?


I'll be home by eleven the latest and eat before it gets cold.

Jessa, sweetie you listen to your sister okay? And go to bed on time. Come lock up behind me.

If she seems sad there's ice cream in the fridge.

My girl always has it together.



She won't leave me alone!

[Music] What are you gonna do to Sally? Ow!

Sally is you and this is the bad lady.

Doesn't look like her.

See I think the

bad lady she tied herself to you and all we have to do is untie her like a shoelace.

But what if she doesn't want to let go?

We'll make her.


That's what she looks like.

[Music] Full of reflection stones of protection

may the reason of our harm feel the power of this charm. Powers of the

witches rise course unseen across the skies, hear me beckon hear my plea spirit

spirit I summon thee.

Pass me that candle.

Kara? Close your eyes. Demon who dwells in slivers of night and

cloak your shadows to my sight, guardians of the ancient towers grant me now my

sacred powers, let this child be set free such as my will I banish thee,

let this child be set free with all my might I banish thee.

Keep going! I banish thee I banish thee



Don't touch my sister.




She's gone.



you alright?

Yeah just glad you're home.

Tough night for both of us. You should get to bed. I'm gonna stay in here

a while. Well don't wake her.



I tried to stop her! [Music]

Mom? [Heavy breathing]

Mommy made the same sounds as Norman did.

I wonder what sounds you'll make?





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