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'Greetings to you all.'

'There are nine planets in the solar system.'

'But we don't care about the rest.'

'We'll talk about our Earth.'

'Look at how it rotates.'

'This story is about a Punjabi man.'

'Hey! Don't enter Canada.'

'Some Punjabis live in Punjab too.'

'Let me give you the address.'

'Don't get confused.'

'Landran near Mohali, pin code..'

'You don't want to send them letters, do you?'

'Focus on the story.'

I am Lalu Prasad Yadav.

Village, Phulba, district, Dhanbad.

I iron well, I focus on work.

And I'm not a drug addict.

This is the story of that house.

He is the main character of the story. Mr. Sunil Sharma.

Mr. Sunil Sharma is an officer at the post office.

He's very punctual.

He wakes up on time, eats on time, goes to the toilet on time

The clock could slow down for a second.

But Mr. Sunil follows his timetable to the T.

Good morning, Mr. Sunil.

Don't look at me.

Go towards the main character.

Go, go. He rides his cycle really fast.

'When God makes men, some men turn out to be such'

'that even God gets surprised and amazed.'

'That's it, Mr. Sunil Sharma falls in that category.'

'I forgot to tell you something.'

'Mr. Sunil got married around two weeks ago.'

'The wedding happened..'

'On not a very grand scale.'

'Mr. Sunil is against wasting money.'

'Mr. Sunil went alone on his cycle.'

'He married the girl and brought her home.'

But his wife is amazing.

'After marriage, Mr. Sunil thought of carrying his lineage forward.'

'He became stubborn like the others'

'that he wants a boy.'

'Someone ask him what he gained as a boy.'

'What's that boy going to do?'

'Now watch what made him think that way.'

In the olden times, when a girl was born

they'd lock her in a pot.

They were right in doing that.

It's difficult to raise girls.

It'll become even more difficult in the times to come.

'This man hasn't said this just today.'

'This man says things like that every day.'

'And our Mr. Sunil is naive. He took it seriously.'

'Time runs at full speed.'

'But Mr. Sunil is running faster today.'

'Because today is result day.

They're going to have a baby.'

'Let's see if it's a boy or a girl.'

It's a girl, dear.

'Last time, he was blessed with a girl.'

'Three years later, Mr. Sunil tried again.'

'Let's see what happens this time.'

It's a girl, dear.

'One must never give up hope.'

'Mr. Sunil took this a bit too seriously.'

'This time, I'm tense too. I wonder what will happen.'

'Mr. Sunil was upset about Mamta's death.'

'But he was more upset because he can't have a son now.'

'The baby-making machine was now gone.'


For Mr. Sunil, Mamta was a baby-making machine.'

'Dear Lord! I'm getting emotional.'

'Mr. Sunil didn't marry again out of fear'

'that he might have six girls.'

Hey, boys! Get out of here!

What's going on here!

Come on! You're all grown up, and you play with boys!

If you play with boys again, I'll slap you!

Come here, you idiots!

You all will get thrashed by me!

Come on! I'll slap you! Come on in!

If I see you playing with boys again

I'll hang you upside down.

Stupid girls!

The man in the office said something.

That girls would be locked in the pot.

This house was also like a pot for these girls.

Mr. Sunil controlled them fully.

You know what?

The one who has to get out will get out from a sealed pot too.

Look at that.

The girls have begun getting out of the pot.

Hail Goddess Lakshmi. Bless me.

Happy new year.

This is the beginning of the new year.

This is my son, Pappu Yadav.

He's out of school.

Now he'll sit here and listen to the story.

But Mr. Sunil fulfilled his duty as a father well.

He enrolled his girls in a school.

A girls' school.

He'd go to drop them and then pick them up.

Good morning, sir.

This man will never wish me a good morning.

And what are you staring at?

If you had studied, you wouldn't be sitting here.

If you mess up again, I'll send you to your mother in the village.

Why were you going out of class every time?

I like the girl in the frock.

All the girls here are pretty.

One better than the other.

I've even written 'I love you' in the bathroom.

Did she say something?

What nonsense!

What's the matter, sir?

Who do you love?

Bloody lovers!

Hold on, you..

What happened, Dad? - Nothing, dear.

Come, Sandy. Come.

Sit down, dear. Sit.

Did you sit?

"No ifs or buts. Girls are no less."

Girls are no less."

"People speak, but they shut them up."

"But the father won't change. He's always scared."

"When the girl is in her youth, her father is tense."

"When the girl is in her youth, her father is tense."

"When the girl is in her youth, her father is tense."

"When the girl is in her youth, her father is tense."

"He convinces himself that the times are bad."

"The chances of being spoilt are too many."

"The tantrums of kids these days are intolerable."

"Girls are boys are spoilt, their parents are worried."

"It kills them."

"When the girl is in her youth, her father is tense."

"When the girl is in her youth, her father is tense."

"When the girl is in her youth, her father is tense."

"When the girl is in her youth, her father is tense."

Good morning. How are you?

Who am I? Don't you know?

Don't you?

Let me tell you,

my name is Pappu Yadav.

Lalu's only son.

Mr. Lalu can't narrate the story.

He died of Corona.

This is his mask.

If dad had worn it, he'd be alive today.

Anyway, let me tell you the remaining story.

You're here?

Park it on the side.

Mr. Pappu, are we late?

You're not late. The show is just about to start.

Sit down. Park your motorcycle here.

Okay, let it be here. The show is about to start.

Give me the money. Stop taking off your clothes.

How many times should I tell you to give me your clothes first?

It should seem like you're here to get your clothes ironed.

Now sit down,

and focus on the terrace.

'This is Sandy Sharma'

'the youngest of Mr. Sunil's production.'

'Looking at the way she dresses, she doesn't seem shy at all.'

'She's in college.'

'She hasn't been to college for the past seven weeks'

'because of Corona, but she never misses her practise.'

'Even if she misses it for a day,'

'the boys of the locality miss her.'

'Lady Vijender Singh.

Look, she's amazing.'

Good morning, Dad.

Good morning, Dad.

Hold on.

I've told you to wear decent clothes for practise.

What are you wearing?

Get lost.

I made a mistake, a big one.

Fine, go.

No, no.

I made a mistake by wishing you a good morning.

You wish someone a good morning in order to have a good morning

not to listen to someone's taunts.

You always spoil my mood, Dad.

I am in a good mood today.

Don't ruin it.

Someone's coming for Dimple's alliance today.

Go get ready.

'Hey, hold on. Stop it.'

'You're all understanding.

It's not her alliance.'

'She's married.

She's quite short-tempered.'

'She's upset with her in-laws and has come back.'

'I don't know the details,'

'but this is what actually happened.'

You are so lucky.

Your daughter-in-law is beautiful.

Yes, all she has is beauty. She didn't bring anything.

She's poor.

Her father is extremely poor.

Really? - What should we even demand from a poor man?

We didn't take a penny from the poor man.

He has three daughters. He's the only earning member.

Will he feed his daughters or give dowry?

It's a very poor family.

You could assume that we've done a kind deed

by accepting the daughter of that poor family.

You've done a great thing.

Who are you calling poor?

As if you own palaces!

You don't even have an inverter.

We couldn't even eat dinner last night.

There were so many mosquitoes.


You call me poor?

Who do you think you are?

You'd always say that

those who give away their daughters give everything.

What's happened to you now?

I might end up abusing you.

What's the matter, Kriti?

To heck with your mother.

Is it new? - Dimple.

Show me. - Coming, Dad.

You haven't gone yet?

I'm going! - Don't go in an angry mood.

If you mess with the boy again, I won't spare you.

Go and get ready.

Oh, my! "Look at you, beautiful!"

"Tell me who you spent last night with."


Think before you speak. Don't talk nonsense.


Marriage so soon?

I'm still studying.

'This is Dimple. A fair face wearing black glasses.'

'She's a decent girl who's also a very bright student.'

'She topped the whole of Punjab in school.'

'The Chief Minister honoured her.'

Now you watch the story ahead.

You see, I have to give some ladies their clothes.

I'll come again if needed. Thank you.

Mr. Sharma is a highly respectable man.

You could say that the daughters are just like their father.

My job was to make you meet, and I've done that.

Now you take things further.

I've told you about the boy already.

He's a single child.

They own a showroom of readymade garments.

I told dad that we should buy a franchise of a big brand.

Zara or Puma.

Sir, choose a brand.

No, dear, I wear stitched clothes only.

Stitched clothes? - Yes.

Sir, who gets clothes stitched these days?

Use brands, sir.

My dad loves brands too.

Right, Dad?

Sister, is he here to meet the girl or sell clothes?

Be quiet.

Never mind.

When you become relatives you can wear whatever you want.

Dear, do you want to talk to the girl?

Dad, should we take the shy guy to the terrace for a while?

Dear, talk over here only.

It's okay, Dad, I don't mind.

Come on, show me the terrace.

Our terrace is right here.

If you expect to see the Burj Khalifa, you won't find it here.

Well, what's your qualification?

Yes. - The matchmaker didn't tell us.


How does it matter?

The showroom is doing well. We also get online orders now.

Shy guy, don't start promoting your clothes here.

A joke. - Yes.

I like it. - Yes.

Anyway, aren't you married? - Yes.

Your husband didn't come?

I left him. - Why?

Just like that. I didn't like him. - Oh!

Won't you say anything?

What should I say? - Anything.


I stood second in Punjab in 12th grade.

Oh, wow! - Yes.

What's this doing in a house full of girls?

I don't see a man that would use this here. - Come on.

Shy guy, do you know boxing? - I know?

I've trained many people. - Come on.

Okay, let's see it.

Who will I compete with?

With me. - With you?


You might get hurt.

Never mind.

Please. Please, sir. - Okay.


It looks like sir is

worried about his girls.

The boy has gone alone with the girls.

No, I'm worried about your son, not my daughters. - What?

Can we leave, Dad?

What happened, dear?

They thrashed me.

Come quickly, Mom. - Listen to me, ma'am.

I don't want to marry her. - Hear me out.

They're crazy. - It was a mistake.

This is an insult.

Matchmaker, hear me out. - Let it be, sir.

This is an insult.

Ma'am, listen. - Let it be.

Have tea at least. - Spare us, Mr. Sharma. Go.

Dear, I hope you aren't very hurt.

Let's go, dear. - It was a mistake..

I won't spare them today.

What the heck was that!

Dad, he said he was a boxing champion.

But he couldn't block a single punch. - Shut up!

You tell me, Dimple.

I thought you were a wise girl.

Have you also become like these idiots?

Dad, he was not worthy of Dimple.

At least let Dimple study and achieve something in life.

What does she want to do in life anyway?

You keep your mouth shut, you witch!

You've been living with me for three years now!

And you don't want her to marry either!

Be thankful that they wouldn't let us detect the gender then

or I'd have gotten you three aborted!

Dad, don't get angry.

Your blood pressure will shoot up.

I have children like you. My pressure can never be normal.

He was a nice boy. He owned a business.

What kind of prince are you looking for?

I'm not like the other fathers.

When I become like one, you'll learn a lesson.

You're acting smart because I give you everything.

Dad, BP!

To heck with the BP!

I have girls like you. My BP is bound to shoot up.

And BP doesn't demand dowry.

I had to leave my 'Samosa' because of you.

We saved you today.

I bought 'Samosas' worth Rs. 600.

But the alliance didn't work out. It's my loss!

"My friends, this is me."

"This is a country of brave soldiers. Of martyrs and patriots."

"My friends, this is me."

Don't you think we're being unfair with dad?

If he insists, I'll marry.

I have to marry someday.

Shut up. Just study and be what you want.

Or else, after marriage, all you'll do is do the dishes

and cook food.

She wants to marry!

Be quiet now. Let me eat the 'Samosa'.

Dad has spent Rs. 600.

You know I care about dad.

Your daughters are going out of hand, Mr. Sharma.

Where's S?

Control them.

Everything is on the internet these days.

You press one wrong button

and things get escalated.

Then no matter how much you try to erase things

they never get back to normal.

There's a lot of control, Janak.

But I'm helpless too. I pity them.

I don't understand this.

They always do what I forbid them from doing.

But I trust them.

My daughters will never do anything to dishonour me.

Master Tarachand also had a lot of faith.

Who's that?

My neighbour.

His daughter didn't want to marry.

She'd make excuses.

'I want to play. I want to study.'

She looked like an innocent girl.

But the reality was something else.

She eloped with a guy.

While the master was teaching at school

the boy got inside his house.

It's been 10 days. She hasn't returned.

Janak. - Yes.

Take care of the work. - Yes.

I'll be right back.

You say such amazing things.

To heck with you! - You're right.

Dad! Dad! - Father-in-law!

Bittu, it's you?

I thought it was a boy.

I am a boy, Father-in-law.

I'll have to make tea again.

What do you mean?

Didn't you ask her to make tea?

She's upset, Father-in-law.

So, I made the tea.

Don't say anything now.

I saved you.

Brother-in-law! - Sandy!

How are you? - Great.

What's the matter? Does your throat leak?


I'm sorry, Dad.

It's okay, Father-in-law. Sisters-in-law crack such jokes.

So, tell me, how are you?

Tell me why you're here.

I'm here to take you.

I'm not going.

First ask your mother to come and apologise to me.

I won't leave unless she apologises.

I apologise on her behalf, Kriti. - Really?

You should have told your mother the same

that you'd apologise on my behalf.


Kriti, pack your bags and go with him. - Yes.

I don't want to go, Dad.

If you had to stay here after married

then why did you make me spend 3.33 lakhs?

I'd have fixed it in the bank. It'd have doubled by now.

Kriti, you should listen to your dad.

Come on, pack your bags.

Get ready. - I'm not going!

And that's final.

What should I do here then? Should I go home?

Yes, go.


No, dear, this is your home. You can stay.

Okay, Father-in-law.

If you insist, I'll stay.

Kriti, wash this t-shirt.

To heck with you!


Dear, put it in the machine. It'll be washed.

You think you can impress me by doing all this?

Why? Can't I?

Girls get married and work all day long in their husbands' homes.

She still can't win the man's heart.

You think you can win my heart by cleaning a scooter?

And there's nothing to impress.

Tell your mother to apologise to me and I'll come back.

She won't agree.

She says you're no one to make her apologise.

I'm suffering because of you two.

My mother wanted to get me remarried, but I didn't agree.

Remarry? Put that down! Put it down!

Get out of here! Get lost.

Go get married right now.

Why do people get their girls married to people like you?

Our father is getting rid of his daughters just like that.

What the heck do you have?

Your mother called me poor?

Yesterday, for the first time, your shirt was washed in the machine.

Your shirt must have been happy.

What's wrong with you?

What's the chaos all about? Stop fighting like kids.

You go in.

She talks too much.

Did you hear her nonsense, Father-in-law?

She has no regret at all.

Dear, the mudguard is still dirty. Clean it.

Greetings, sir.

Mr. Sharma. - Yes.

Do you have a minute? - Tell me.

You know, Sodhi's daughter eloped from the last lane?

I'll leave.

We're humiliated in the locality.

We can't face anyone anymore.

We have to sell our house now.

Tell me if there's a customer.

It's five floors. It's worth 35 lakhs.

We'll come down to 31. What else?

Never mind, Mr. Sodhi. Don't be disheartened.

Okay, tell me something.

What would Rimpy talk about a few days before she fled?

Couldn't you decipher from her talks that she was about to flee?

No, sir.

She's talk just as she always would.

This was unexpected of her.

Moreover, you never know what's on a person's mind.

Make some tea for Mr. Sharma.

Yes, I'll get it. - No, ma'am, I just had tea.

Okay. - How did Rimpy flee? And who was the boy?

The boy would take tuitions along with Rimpy.

He came at night and took her along.

Our house is east facing.

If there is a buyer, we can negotiate.

Make some tea.

I'll get it in two minutes.

No, ma'am, I don't want it. You sit.

Have faith. - Okay.

Mr. Sodhi, get some rest.

How can I rest?

My daughter has eloped.

I think that you mustn't educate girls too much.

Get them married as soon as they turn 18.

And those who have daughters should have higher walls in the house.

"Rinky's father is giggling." "Rinky's father is.."

Good morning, sir.

Sir replied!

To heck with that. Tell me, can you jump this wall?

Why, sir?

You can't?

Why not, sir?

Let me keep my clothes.

By God's grace..

Hail Lord Bhairav.

I jumped, sir!

Tell me, sir. I've jumped.

This is nothing. I can even cross the Great Wall of China, sir.

Can you come out now?

From here? - Yes.

Right away. Here goes..

Hail Lord Bhairav.

Tell me, sir. What else do I have to do?

This is nothing.

Leave. - No, sir, tell me. I'm warmed up. Tell me.

Just go! Iron clothes!

Strange man. He wishes good morning and makes me jump walls.

I'm confused.

Darshan, make sure it's long.

Till there? - Yes.

Don't worry.

Do it properly. - I will. - Yes, make it thick.

Look. - Don't worry.

What's this?

A lot of thefts have been taking place.

So I thought of doing this, for security purposes.

A lot of thefts have been taking place.

Dad, I think we should increase it by 10 feet.

Stop your nonsense!

He scolds me for no reason.

You blabber too much.

Stop talking.

Okay, dear. - Bless you.

Bye, Brother-in-law. - Bye, Sandy.

Come on, Kriti, hope on.

I'm not going.

Father-in-law, please tell her.

Dear, I don't have the strength to argue.

You tackle this.

What's going on?

Go on.

Get lost.


Dimple, dear.

Yes, Dad?

The three of you come out.

Coming, Dad.

Come, sit.



your mother was a nice woman.

Your mother's father

didn't let her leave the house for 20 years.

And after marriage, I never took her out either.

That day, the first and last time she had an outing

was when I took her on my cycle from her house to mine.

But Dad, this is wrong.

It might sound wrong, dear.

But your grandfather was a girl's father.

He found it right.

I am the father of three girls.

Building a wall outside the house

visiting home from office every time..

You might wonder why your father is so weird.

No, Dad.

But dear,

I'm the father of girls, that's why.

Why do you think of us as girls, Dad?

Think of us as your sons.

Yes, Dad.


Girls are girls, boys are boys.

Now don't think

that I don't trust you.

I trust you completely.

If your mother was alive things would have been different.

I'm alone, that's why I can't handle everything on my own.

Now go and sleep.

Or I might start crying.

You want to take out the alchol from under the table to drink?

Be quiet.

Go away, silly girls.

Hold on. Sit.


This is your pocket money.

Go eat something. Okay? - Thank you, Dad.

Thank you. - Dad, when you're drunk

you become generous. - Go away.

Go eat something. - Good night, Dad. - Good night.

Mr. Verma.

Mr. Verma.

My kids live abroad.

My wife went to America six months back.

You tell me, what will I do living alone here?

That's okay, Mr. Verma.

But why are you letting out your house?

Should I take my house along then?

No, I meant, if you have to let it out, let girls stay.

Mr. Sharma, you too?

Mr. Verma, don't misunderstand me.

I meant, I have three daughters.

If the boys misbehave, then who'll be responsible?

That's why I'm letting it out to boys.

If girls were living here, boys would visit them.

Mr. Verma, you're my neighbour.

I'm sure you can cooperate for my sake.

I respect your decision.

I can't deny you.

The boys will pay me Rs. 30,000 a month.

You pay me Rs. 25,000.

I won't let out the house.

The neighbouring house on rent for boys.

This is difficult.

A place where boys live on rent

people can't generally live with their sisters and daughters.

You're in trouble again.

The boys are there, and sir is here.

There's going to be trouble now.

What's the matter, sir? You seem worried.


I understand his worries.

I was just taunting him.

'A place where boys live on rent'

'people can't generally live with their sisters and daughters.'

'You're in trouble again.'

'The boys will pay me Rs. 30,000 a month.'

'You pay me Rs. 25,000.'

'I won't let out the house.'

Pay me. Give me the money. Now sit.

The show is about to start. Sit.

Bunty, you owe me from last time.

Do pay me. Now sit and enjoy live fashion TV.

What's this? What's he doing on the terrace instead of the girls?

Get out of here. Hurry up?

What happened? - Don't look there.

Get out.

If he sees you, he'll mix poison

in my food and yours. - Money?

I'll give you later. Just leave for now. Get lost.

Go on.

What are you doing?

Is this okay?

A little more.

This much?

A little more.

Is this okay?

A little more.

Mr. Sharma, do you want to build a wall or another house?

For security purposes.

Please, Dad. Stop it now.

I'll tell you what. Put fences around the house.

Yes, we'll stay inside the house.

Let's go, Sister.

This is too much. - Yes.

How much would it cost?

Well, we'd need 400 bricks, mud and cement too.

It'll cost around 6000.

When should we start?

We'll do it when I get my salary. I just needed an estimate.


Get your girls married and finish it off.

How much longer will you guard them?

They don't listen to me.

I got the elder one married but she came back home.

The second son says she wants to do something in life.

And let's not talk about the youngest.

She's my father, not daughter.

That's it then.

When they don't listen to you, why do you care?

How can I not care?

I'm a father of girls.

I don't have two sons like you.

Yes, that's true.

Look at her.

Mobile phones have ruined kids.

In the olden times, people would inquire the neighbours about boys and girls.

They'd match horoscopes.

But now, once you see the phone,

you know the entire history.

All you need to do is check the phone.

'She'd secretly talk over the phone.'

'The child was deceiving her parents.'

'It's obvious that all secrets were hidden in the phone.'

'This phone was a headache for him.'

'Rajeev Sachdeva wanted to grab this phone at any cost.'

'Whenever the girls got a call, they'd go out and talk.'

'Rajeev clearly asked him who was calling them every time.'

Who was it? - Nothing important, Dad.

'Riya's eyes proved that she was lying.'

'Will Rajeev Sachdeva be able to find out the truth?'

'To find out, stay tuned. You're watching 'Savdhaan Bharat'.'

Dad, you won't be able to unlock it.

Well, you took the phone outside to talk. So, I got suspicious.

Seriously, Dad?

Then why don't you show me your phones?

You've locked your phones as if this is America's nuclear bomb.

Come on, girls. Take your phones,

unlock them and give them to dad.

Take this, Dad.

Take this, Dad. Check the phone all night if you want.

But please don't disturb our sleep.

Let's go, Sister.

This is too much.

Kids these days delete the data immediately.

They are very smart.

And those boys who live on rent?

Did they do something?

No, they didn't do anything.

They will. They will do something soon.

'They're playing loud music.'

'They might do something.'

'Never mind, we'll see.'

Is it good, Sister?

You're back, Dad.

Dad, you're so late?


Don't you have a test the day after?

You should study, dear.

How can I study, Dad? They're playing loud music.

I can't focus on my studies.

I told you that we should go to them.

They'll turn off their music in no time.

But they don't listen. - Be quiet.

No, you won't go anywhere.

Close the door tightly, and ignore all this.

Should I bring you dinner, Dad?

Dad, dinner. - Yes, get it.

"Alcohol is for drinking."

"Drink it and have fun."

"Let's drink, my friends, and have a good time."

"Forget the world.."

"Forget the world when you drink, my friends."

"Forget the world when you drink, my friends."

"Forget the world.."

"Leave everything but not this."

"Get intoxicated."

Stop this! What are you doing?

What are you staring at me for?

Stop spreading this smoke.

Will you speak up?

What was the need to fight with boys?

What if something bad had happened? - Dad, you too went there.

I am a man. I can go.

I could have handled myself.

Dad, we saw how you handled.

But someone people have to be explained like this.

Really? Whom will you explain?

He raised hands on my father.

I felt like chopping his hand, and

Yes, even if someone points a finger at our dad

we will chop it.

If anyone even stares at you

we will gorge out his eyes.

It's going to be a problem.

Let me at least save my head.

It looks bad.

Hello, uncle.


Please forgive us for the last night's incident.

It was a mistake.

I have a small request.

Please let bygones be bygones.

If people find out girls thrashed us we will lose face.

I hope you won't tell anyone.

No. - Okay. Bye. - Okay.


Let's go.

Good morning, uncle.

Now he won't say good morning to his wife only.

There are some moments

when a man is proud of his children.

The way my father was.

When a child thrashes someone bigger

then the father do yell, but he feels proud as well.

Uncle Sunil is in the same state today.

Let it be.

This is how they get spoilt.

Don't be so happy. You should be tense.

Today they fight here

tomorrow they will fight in in- laws house.

The elder daughter has already fought with in- laws.

Even the younger ones will do the same. Mark my words.

"The damsel sways."

"Our beloved!"

"She is remarkable."

"Our beloved!"

We got others to be quiet.

It doesn't mean you can play the music loudly.

Dad, it's a joyous occasion.

What? Is she ready to go back to her husband.

No. I won't.

We are dancing because

she has come in top 50, all over India.

Really? - Yes.

Then, I will also dance.

"She creates a commotion."

"She is like a speeding train."

"Our beloved!"

"She is enticing."

I am proud of you, dear. - Thank you, dad.

What gift do you want?

Nothing. - Why?

Ask for something.

Didn't you want to go to mountains tour?


Then listen, get the car ready

and go for outing alone.

That's fine. But first tell me, are you drunk?

Don't you believe me? - No.


Because you don't send us to aunt's house

so how can you send us to mountains?

I was a father of daughters

but today I am the father of a topper.

"Our beloved!" - Come on, let's pack bags.

Let's go.

"Our beloved!"

Dad, it won't start.

I wonder why.

Last time it was working fine.

That last time was one and a half year ago

when we went to Nainadevi.

Dad, I think she too forgot how to start. - Yes.

What will happen now?

Dear, talking won't help

we have to push it.

Dad. - Push harder. - Oh!

Push harder. Push harder.

Yes, it started. - Dad, stop.


Come on.


Now take care. And put the seat belt on.

Don't worry.

Okay. - Bye, dad. - Okay.

Take care. - Bye.

Bye, dad. - Close the window.

"Fun and frolic."

"Have fun and frolic."

"Forget everyone's existence."

"Fun and frolic."

"Have fun and frolic."

"Live life on your terms."

"Overcome all your difficulties."

"Live life on your terms."

"Overcome all your difficulties."

"Happiness aren't cheap."

"Fun and frolic."

"Have fun and frolic."

"There is no peace without love."

"Life is a blessing."

"There is no peace without love."

"Life is a blessing."

"This is an abode of love."

"Fun and frolic."

"Have fun and frolic."

"Fun and frolic."

"Have fun and frolic."

"Let the birds fly high."

"What's the point of being strict?"

"Let the birds fly high."

"What's the point of being strict?"

"We all will return to dust."

"Fun and frolic."

"Have fun and frolic."

"Fun and frolic."

"Have fun and frolic."

Sandy, sit. I will ride the scooty now.

Sister, this isn't a toy. You sit back.

I am not a kid. I topped the exam.

I can ride this.

Dimple, there is a difference between exam and scooty.

Come on, get back. - After failing exams, one goes home.

If brake fails here, they go in the gorge.


Don't know. I want to ride the scooty.

Dimple. Be quiet.

Sit behind me.

Don't talk too much. And wear the helmet.

Come on. Hurry.

Be careful there also.

Don't fly away.


Ms. Gopi, don't use my brush.

Ms. Gopi.

Ms. Gopi.

Ms. Gopi.

Ms. Gopi.

Sister, wake up. I wonder where Ms. Gopi.

She must be around.

I checked everywhere. She isn't here. Wake up.

Check the washroom.

I even checked the buckets in washroom. Wake up now.


Where is she? - That's why I ask you to wake up.

Hurry up.

At least now stop this fashion.

Be quiet.

Come, let's check outside. - Okay.

Oh, Ms. Gopi.

Don't worry.

She must have gone for morning walk.

Ms. Gopi on morning walk?

Where did she go?

Sir, excuse me.

Did you see a girl in spectacles? - No.

She looks aloof. - No.

Let's check the reception.

Is the phone connected?

It's not reachable.

Did it connect?

It's not reachable.

Did you see Ms. Gopi?

Ms. Gopi? - Shall I ask?

Sorry, sir. A girl had come with us.

Have you seen her?

This is her.

This silly looking girl in spectacles.

No, ma'am. Sorry. - It's okay, sir. Thank you.

Thank you. - Come.

Where do we look for her?

Is she kidnapped?

Don't talk nonsense. Be quiet and let me think.

Think fast.

Sandy. - Huh?



Sister, where is the other scooty?

I am very scared.

Try her phone again. - Okay.

Is it ringing?

No, this one is ringing. - What do you mean?

It's dad's phone call. - Oh my God!

Answer it.

Sister, talk to him. - I don't want to. - Listen.

Talk to him, but don't mention Dimple.

Hello. - Hello.

How are you? Are you touring?

Yes, dad. We are fine. We are touring.

What is the matter? Is everything fine?

Yes, dad. Everything is fine.

Where is my topper, the lion?

The lion is in the forest. - Have you lost your mind?

What do you mean? - Nothing, dad.

Dimple is eating burger.

Her mouth is full of burger.

Bring a burger for me also.

Dad, we will talk to you later.

Let us eat first.

Okay. Enjoy.

Okay, dad.

Silly girls.

I am turning off the phone.

Let's find Ms. Gopi.

If she isn't find, let me stay here.

I won't go home. - Have courage. Don't worry.

She is standing there.

The phone isn't connecting.

I will teach a lesson today.

Sister, where were you?

I thought you were lost.

Not us, you were lost. Where were you all day?

I took the scooty.

Then I rode far.

On the way, the scooty broke down.

I had to push the scooty all the way here.

Have you lost your mind?

You should have informed us.

Couldn't you have phoned?

I did

but your phone is off.

Had I informed you earlier

you wouldn't have let me go.

I thought you would praise me.

Praise? I will slap you.

You do stupidity, and expect praises.

We are exhausted looking for you all day.

Praise, my foot!

Hold on. Be quiet.

Dad is calling. - Answer it.

Hello. - Hello.

Yes, dad.

Why was your phone off?

No, dad.

Why is Dimple crying?

No, dad.

Yes, dad. Hello.

Dad, I can't hear you.

I can hear you clearly.

You tell me, why is she crying? - Let me talk to her.

Dad, I went to ride the scooty.

But sister and Sandy mocked me.

Dad, I had a narrow escape today.

Never mind. Don't cry.

Dad, I want to learn to ride scooty.

I want to learn to drive car also.

You can learn to drive whatever you want. Even helicopter.

Let me talk to them. I will tell them.

Okay, dad.

Hmm. - I don't want to.

Why don't you talk?

Dad, I have put you on speaker. You can talk.

Listen to me. Don't say anything to my darling daughter.

Or you will see the worst of me.


Yes, dad. - Know, fine. Rest now. And return tomorrow.

Okay, dad.

Okay, dad. - Okay.

You are the worst, Ms. Gopi.

Because of you, we didn't eat breakfast.

On top of that, you complained to dad about us.

Look, sister.

Dimple, you did the wrong thing.

What if something bad had happened to you?

What if a wild animal had eaten you?

We would have identified you by your spectacles.

Why are you crying now?

I am hungry.

And my legs are also paining.

The way you are behaving with me

I won't give you any gift, from my first salary.

Oh, my sweet sister. Come.

Come. Let us buy you breakfast.

Come on, dear!


You are back. - Dad.

Hi, dad. - Daughter, it was fun. - Really?

A lot. - It was an amazing place.

Look. We did so much shopping.

I got all the messages for payments.

Mountains and valleys everywhere.

But sister drove very well. - Yes.

Dear, I will teach driving to you also.

Now rest.

We will talk tomorrow about the mountains. - Okay, dad. - Okay?

Okay, bye.

Rest. Don't just keep chatting. - Yes.

Today there is smile on your face too.

Your darling daughters returned from outing.

They went alone.

They spent 21,000 in two days.

I am not complaining.

I couldn't take you out.

You saw mountains only in calendars.

At least your daughters went there.

Mamta, you should have been here today.

I could have gone with them, but I didn't.

I had to sent them alone.

You must be wondering,

why am I talking like this?

Today I am high.

High because of our children.

When they thrashed those boys, I felt

how could I have wished for sons.

My heart is really delighted.

But you gave birth to strong children.

I am proud of you.

You too rest.


Yes, dad.

Do you want to learn driving?

Yes, dad.

Be ready at 10. Driving master is coming.


Thank you. Thank you, dad.

Go, dear.

Thank you.

Don't be so unconcerned.

The girls just thrashed 4 boys

you think you are Aamir Khan of the film Dangal.

Don't you worry?

You sent the girls alone to the mountains.

What if something goes wrong?



I will be there.

Come with me. - What happened? - First come along.

Be quiet. - Sister. - He is on the way.

Dad is on the way.

Dad is here. Come. - He is here.

What happened, dear? - Your daughter is fine

but I incurred a loss.

First she hit there, and then here. The car broke down. - Mister.

Tell me clearly, what had happened?

What had to happen?

For the 2 hours, I have been explaining.

Ma'am, this is clutch

this is brake, and this is the accelerator.

Instead of brake, she presses clutch, and vice- versa.

I don't like such worthless!

You would be worthless!

My sister has topped in India.

You don't know how to teach driving. - Sir, check her papers.

You check your license.

Be quiet.

Sir, your daughter rants a lot.

Be quiet. - I beg of you.

I can't teach her.

Who will pay for this loss?

I incurred heavy loss.

Never mind. I will pay for it.

You get it repaired.

Daughters, take rickshaw and go home.

I will be there. - Okay, dad.

Hello, brother Dhanvir. The car is in shambles.

You are so odd. You won't reform.

I am tired trying to reason with you.

But this guy...

Come on now.


Stop crying now. It's enough.

Dad, sorry.

Will sorry fix it? - Yes.

Dimple, I think you should rest.

Eat food, and go rest.

Oh no!

You are already meek hearted.

Sandy, you too eat. - Sorry.

You too eat it. Will you make us starve?


Be quiet.

My sister, stop now.

You are crying more than Neha Kakkar.

I won't why it happens to me.

Whenever something like this happens, I get scared.

It happens. It often happens.

Sandy, do you remember

once in our childhood, a dog chased us.

We came home.

But she kept crying for 3 days for that.


O God! It means, she will shed tears for 3 days.

Hold on. Quiet.

Hello. - Hello.

It's Dipi. - Yes, Dipi.

Sorry, I forgot to inform you.

It's my birthday. I have thrown a party in the club.

Huh? Today?

Yes, today.

You have to come. All my friends are coming.

Okay, I will call you back.

What happened?

It's time to wipe your tears, and change your mood.

What do you mean? - Sister, it's Dipi's birthday

and she has thrown a party at night club.

We will go. Okay?

No. - Club.

Will dad allow it?

Never mind. Dad sent us to tour alone. - Right, sister?

Sandy, listen to me.

Tour was different, and night club is different.

We shouldn't bite more than we can chew.

We already have too much freedom. - It's enough. No. - Sister.

No. Nobody will go to night club.

Go to sleep. It's enough.

By the way, I never saw night club.

"O all the boys stare you. Keep a sandal ready."

"O all the boys stare you. Keep a sandal ready."

"Your charm is alluring."

"When you dance"

"the heart skips a beat."

"If you dance, the night will come to a standstill."

"If you dance, the heart skips a beat."

"Tell me which song do you like?"

"I will play that beat."

"Tell me which song do you like?"

"I will play that beat."

"Looking at your beauty, the stars fall down."

"When you dance."

"The heart skips a beat."

"If you dance, the night will come to a standstill."

"If you dance, the heart skips a beat."

"Nobody is as beautiful as you."

"There is no one like you in this club."

"Nobody is as beautiful as you."

"There is no one like you in this club."

"All the eyes are on you."

"Just look around."

"When you dance"

"the heart skips a beat."

"If you dance, the night will come to a standstill."

"If you dance, the heart skips a beat."

Good morning, uncle.

Pappu. - Yes, uncle.

Why is everyone staring me today?

Who else will they stare? You are the celebrity.

What do you mean? - Don't you know?

No. - I think they have watched the video.

What video?

Didn't you watch it? - No.

Sit. I will keep the iron there.

Sit comfortably.

Sit down, uncle.

Watch the video. It's a bit personal.

Look. I had kept it on the top.


What are these sisters doing?

I think someone was mixed in their drinks.

Or else, sisters can't do this.

No. They can never do this.

That's why they are staring you.

They all have watch the video.

I got it last night.

I was going to forward it to you.

But I thought of talking to you personally.

Dad, no!

No, please.


Dad. No.

Dad, no!

Get lost!

No, dad. Please.

I was never a strict dad.

Now I will show you.

You have made a mockery of me.

I am defamed.


I will teach you a lesson.

You have ruined my life.


No more freedom. Go inside.

If you come out, consequence will be severe. - Come on. Get up.

Come on. Get in.


Don't come out.


it's good you are no more.

Or else, today you would have died in shame.

Do you know

while mourning your departure

I drowned myself in booze.

I was always proud

that my children follows the right path.

But today they shattered my pride, Mamta.

They shattered my pride.

I have been disgraced.

People taunt me.

Now tell me, what do I do? I am fed up.

Mamta, today I have realized

if you had given a birth to a son

at least he would have been my support.

He has come to incite.


Hmm! That's why you didn't come to office.

You know I was so concerned.

But I didn't know this was the reason.

Come to the office in the morning. - I don't want to.

How long will you stay inside?

You have so many responsibilities.

Tell Bittu's family to take her along.

You will get rid of one burden.

I had come on lunch time. Bye.

The boy has a job in IT firm.

His salary is 45,000 rupees.

And his father has a tent house.

We want a homely girl.

I have to work alone in the house.

We find many working women.

But we don't need it.

By the way,

the girl has cleared her test.

Now it's up to you.

Uncle, we don't want her to do a job.

Whether she has passed the test or not, it doesn't matter.

There is no need for her to do a job.

We just want a daughter-in-law.

We want the lady luck to stay in the house, not go out.

If you want to do a job

tell us in advance.

There is no point in wasting time.

No, aunt.

I will do as you say.

Then it's settled.

Fix the date, and start the wedding preparation.

Okay. - Okay.

Sister, you shouldn't have consented for marriage.

Dimple, you could have refused.

There is still time. Come with me. We will talk to dad.

No, sister. Not any more.

I had seen concern for us in dad's eyes.

But he never punished us.

Even if he punished

but he never stopped talking.

But it's been 3 days

dad has not even talked to us.

Sister, by the way, isn't it odd?

My wedding is on 12th.

And my interview is fixed on 12th.

After all, this is also a job.

Job without salary.

It's very good. Your some burden will get alleviated.

God always does everything for the best.

Hello, dad. Hello, uncle.

Son, are you alright? - Yes.

Are the tents ready?

Let's go and check. - Okay.

Do it properly. - Bittu, you too come.

Okay. - Come.

Put cover on all the chairs.

You should put a top canvas here too. - Yes.

Son, where are you parents?

They will directly come on the wedding day.

Tell them not to be so angry.

And take your wife along.

I am ready

but what if Kriti changes her mind.

But - Bittu.

I am ready.

After Dimple gets married

you can take me along.

Mother-in-law doesn't have to apologize to me.

I will apologize to mother-in-law.

Congratulations, Sharma.

Both the daughters will go to in- laws house at the same time.

God is great.

That's true. Come.

God's ways are miraculous. Look.

So finally, you are going to be an ideal daughter-in-law.


But daughter-in-law can't become an officer.

Sister, today I miss mom a lot.

Had mom been here, she would have found a way.

What could have happened?

Instead of three, four would be crying.

She didn't even get to cook food of her choice.

I never saw mom.

How was she?

She was very kind.

I still remember a little.

When she was pregnant with you

she kept Dharmendra's photo in her room.

She would say, father wants a strong son

but you were born.

But even your nature is like Dharmendra.


You look beautiful.


Uncle, it's going to take time to do Dimple's make-up.

You can go for your errands.

No problem. I will stand here.

Did you eat something?

I didn't know how much time it would take

so I didn't eat.

Had it been your brother, it would have been different.

But what can I say to you?

I will stand here. Help her get ready.

You would try snacks from that shop.

They are very delicious. Really.

No. I will eat at home.

You help Dimple get ready.

Okay, fine.

But uncle, he really makes delicious snacks.

You should try it once.


It's all clear. - Yes. - Okay.

What's going on?

Brother-in-law. What is he doing here?

You have no idea how I managed to get this scooter here.

Oh brother-in-law. Thank you.

Kriti, saw? I can do anything for you.

A boy who promised me stars and moon

is boasting today on getting a scooter?

Hello, love birds. - This isn't time for your romance, but action.

Get aside, brother-in-law. Move. - Hello.

Move. Dimple, come on. Sit.

Sit quietly. - Hello. - Dimple, sit.

Where are we going?

Come on. - I will tell you on the way.


Where? Where are you taking me?

Where do I go?


Where are you taking me? Will you tell me.

My hair is getting messed up.

You don't care about your life getting messed up.

Sister, talk to her. - We are going for the interview.

Understood? Now sit quietly.

Listen to me.

What should we listen to?

We have been waiting since morning. - Wait.

Please talk to him, ma'am. - What can I say?

I won't appear for interview.

Today is my wedding.

Oh my God! - You can marry later, sister.

First go and give interview. Then get married.

I won't give interview. Help! - Quiet!

Why are you shouting? Am I molesting you?

They will be back in 10 minutes.

Then we will start the wedding ritual.

Wedding ritual?

She would have performed the wedding ritual with someone else.

Didn't you still understand? Your daughter has eloped.

No, son. Dimple can't do this.

That's what she has done. She insulted my darling son.

How will we face our relatives now?

He has brought defame to the whole neighbourhood.

Sent them to Shimla.

This had to happen.

The other two are also not home.

They also must be busy with someone.

They used to go to exercise in short clothes.

It had to happen.

Pick up the call.

Brother-in-law is there.


Stop. - Why weren't you answering the phone?

Come on, hurry up.

We will be doomed. Hurry up.

Uncle, stop. - Mister, get back.

You should have told all this earlier.

What is the matter?

I think your boyfriend didn't show up.

Girls, where did you go making me stand there?

What are you saying, uncle?

She had to meet her old boyfriend for the last time.

If you say a word more, I will punch you so hard

that you won't even think of getting married.

Don't you work in IT company?

What's your salary? 45,000.

My sister has become CEO of the IT company.

She has got package of 25 Lakh rupees.

Do you know many zeroes are in 25 Lakhs?

Dad. Please don't listen to them.

We were neither wrong earlier

even today we aren't wrong.

Please don't be quiet.

Yes, dad. We can endure everything

but not your silence.

Dad, before the interview

I remembered your and mom's faces.

I answered all the questions, quickly.

Dad, you can beat us if you want.

You can scold us.

But please

don't turn away.

Yes, dad. Please.

Dad, if everything is because of my job

then I don't want this job.


I am sorry, dear.

I misunderstood you.

But today I am proud.

Very well. God has fixed everything.

Our Vikram is lucky to come to your house.

The girl got a job. Can we start the wedding rituals?

Of course, mom.


do you want Dimple or 25 Lakhs package?

Now they will get married when they want to.

They will do what they want.

After that, we will think of marriage.

Sandy. - Yes, dad.

You want to join academy.

Go and join it.

You mean we have to leave.

Look, sir. If you want to get more humiliated, you can stay.


Let's go.

Come, son.

Come on.

Thank you, dad.

Mom, everyone is showing maturity.

So you too act maturely.


Oh. Coax your upset daughter-in-law.

Is she upset? - Of course.

Kriti. - Mother-in-law.

Are you upset? - No.

Who told you?

You aren't upset? - No.

The time it took to coax you, I would have dug up a well.

Kriti, let's go home, dear.

For that day...

No, mother-in-law.

You don't have to apologize.

I should apologize.

I am ready to come with you.


Janak. - Yes, Mr. Sharma.

Didn't you say times will be hard for girls?

What do you want to say now? - I just want to say

that the time belongs to girls.

Congratulations, Sharma. - Thank you.

Come on. Take out the clothes.

Get the clothes. Get the money.

And instead of ten, we will take 20 rupees.

Inflation is high. Sit down.

Wait. Who is coming?

It's mother's call from village. Be quiet.

Hello. Yes, mother. Greetings.

Hello, son.

A girl is born to you.

Not one, but two daughters. Twins.

Hello. Hello.

What happened, son? Have you fainted?

Mother, I will talk to you later. - Okay.

Bunty. - Yes.

Give me a stick.

Give it. - Here.

This one.

You flirts! You come to ogle girls.

How dare you tease girls?


"7 years of love vanished in 7 minutes."

"My souvenir was replaced by diamond ring."


"7 years of love vanished in 7 minutes."

"My souvenir was replaced by diamond ring."

"In the times of 4G, she is like a pole of telephone."

I am not so.

"The Jatt goes to a bar, while you descend from the salon."

"The Jatt goes to a bar, while you descend from the salon."

"While you descend from the salon."

"I cooked 5 kilos of chicken."

"I vented out your anger on booze."

"I cooked 5 kilos of chicken."

"I vented out your anger on booze."

"When you said, we will only be friends."

"You gave me a card to prick my wounds." -Liar!

"The Jatt goes to a bar, while you descend from the salon."


"The Jatt goes to a bar, while you descend from the salon."

"I cried for 4 days, then was lost in silence."

"I found peace after breaking your ring."

"I found console, after breaking your promise."

"I found console, after breaking your promise."

"I thank God, and laugh in solitude."

"I got rid of you."

"The Jatt goes to a bar, while you descend from the salon."

"The Jatt goes to a bar, while you descend from the salon."

"The Jatt goes to a bar, while you descend from the salon."

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