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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: (ENG)토이스토리4 Toystory4 보핍 램프 만들기(+다이소 아이템) /Making Bopeep lamp

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Hello, I'm Crayshu.

This is the print I worked on.

You've all seen Toy Story movies before?

I'm going to make something special today.

I thought I wanted to have it while watching the movie.

In this video, I'm going to make a Toy Story Bo Peep Lamp.

Now,I am making lamp covers using plastic cups.

In this video I will show how to make a lamp using DISO items.

Diso is a Korea household goods store

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Mona Lisa?

To save time, I worked on the face of Bo Peep in advance.

I'll put on the rest of the eyeliner and eyebrows.

I'm using a translator Please understand even if the translation is a little different.

I'm putting on makeup on Bopeep's cheek.

You know hairstyle is important, right?

I'll put on Bo Peep's hair as soon as possible.

The importance of hairstyle?

It was important to have bangs.

I'm presenting her a hat.

Bo Peep's face is complete.

Next, I will make clothes for her.

Sponge used in the kitchen?

Yes, it's Sponge used in the kitchen.

This part is made of lace.

I've been looking for something similar for a long time at the Daiso store,

and I really like it.

Let's make the rest.

I'm also adding a side line race.

Connect the completed face of Bo Peep to the upper body.

Daiso Item Appears!!

There are so many things in the Daiso store.

It's good to find a lot of ingredients.

This time, let's make the leg part.

I will make her pretty shoes, too.

I'm making her skirt.

Her arms were also made.

Bopeep complete!

Well.. it looks like an egg.

To Bo Peep, a shepherd girl, they cannot be left out.

These guys have names, too.

(Billy, Goat, Gruff)

Next, let's make a face.

I'm putting hair on him

and making patterns.

You will focus on this video.

I'm attaching his finished eyes.

Maybe this is an ear, right?

Its hair style is similar to that of wearing a hat resembling a sheep in a Korean sauna.

Right... This was a sheep.

I'm drawing his nose.

Who is Billy?

Now connect the sheep's torso and face.

lastly, I'm attaching the sheep's legs.

Billy, Gott, Gruff complete!

Daiso Item Appears!!

I'm going to make the bottom.

Spread as thin as possible.

I put flowers on it.

Let's look at the finished lamp.

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I'll turn off the light.

Thank you for watching the video.

The Description of (ENG)토이스토리4 Toystory4 보핍 램프 만들기(+다이소 아이템) /Making Bopeep lamp