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what's up guys IFBB Pro Patrick Moore here and today we're gonna go over

what's my current breakfast right now

today I'm gonna do some egg whites as mommy'll pretty basic a lot of you guys

are really familiar with that combination normally sometimes I would

have a whey protein shake but being that it's getting closer to the show I'm

getting more benefits out of solid foods so I'm gonna opt out today to have some

egg whites instead of the whey protein I normally I have about 75 grams away I'm

gonna kind of get close to that when I weigh out these egg whites we need about

350 grams yeah yeah so this way I know exactly how much protein I'm getting so

I told you guys about food getting costly so this is a fool carton and it's

already down here and this is like 5 bucks so you do the math you know if

you're doing this to twice a day you're gonna spend at least $70 in egg whites

per week that's just one meal so

we're doing more protein today and medium level carbs so the fats are

generally always low that's it for a second it's beneficial this is a really

quick breakfast I mean it doesn't take much time to prepare the carb source is

gonna be oatmeal normally I'd have a cup and a half to 2 cups

that's an off season but they're a prep it could be as low as half a cup and so

I just get a little half cup scooper brush off the top so you're not like

going over you know exactly what you're getting

yeah it's a headache it's annoying sometimes but you got to do it so this

way as your body starts to change you know exactly why it's changing and why

it looks the way it looks because then you just go back and your document what

what you had that day so say you have a crazy workout and you have a great pump

and everything's firing and you're just feeling good energy is good well you're

gonna want to know what you had to eat that day that cause that effect

I crave a ton of foods when I want prep because I love food

my biggest weakness so you guys made maybe for me you probably have seen this

company on social media fucking nuts so this company is owned by my buddy

Brandon the macros on this stuff is crazy so this if I just had a crazy

craving because I love sugar sweets on my weakness I can have one scoop of this

and as you can see the numbers on its very low 12 grams of fat 2 grams of

saturated fat 20 grams of sodium 9 grams of carbs

my biggest weakness a lot of people that already follow me you know Reese's yeah

obviously their clothes so they sit in their mana

that's how disciplined I am I can have that in there and not touch it because

once again it's for a purpose and I have to ask myself oh well you want to have

recess or do you want to win first place and obviously the goal is to win so

cheating my diet for some candy you know it's it's just pointless because if you

don't get the food that you want okay you need rather they are going to get

the results and that's highly frustrating

little pepper real basic little salt that's it

and the oatmeal just do cinnamon and Splenda sometimes I'll have blueberries

and bananas if that's on my meal plan this is not not a lot at all I mean my

weights around 250 pounds right now so this won't go very far but it's

enough to get the workout done and that's all that matters is you're only

feeding enough to get the workouts done

all right guys so that's it for meal 1 that's my breakfast thank you guys for

watching be sure to subscribe and like below

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