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we are because friends are really I had

the Filipino woman he known French to

our French also 38 women women kill this

year this year oh my boyfriend oh I see

so this is the demonstration all about

all right rest in peace oh okay okay

thank you

hello everyone welcome to my livestream

so yes guys so I am here now here I

think you know these plays this is

actually a in Verdun and there are a lot

of people here they actually go on

strike is to strike everyone this is

against women's violence hello shiny man


yes shiny man

so this demonstration or strike this is

actually against women's violence

because I very and at the beginning of

this live streaming maybe you heard I

actually asked some students to explain

about it and they said 130 something

women were killed by their husband and

also this year so yeah so this strike is

all about that

so I'm not sure if they have started

because they said is going to start at 3

p.m. so I think it has started I don't


shiny men are you everyone

hello ailee's adventure so yeah I really

don't know what they are waiting for but

I think they are waiting for something

so young and I'm on my way home but I

just saw them there are some policeman

and yeah a lot of people I thought it

was a school it was only from one school

but I asked some people and they said no

different people are there

I think they're there start taking now


stop violence we 138 women


to eat women you can see that

yes the i-team this is actually a strike

so there's a strike here and this strike

is for is against violence

I mean women's violence so as you can

see the sign over there no see amoeba


so good Rob I make a little Margaret

canopy and that's it

Pulido senior sister no follicle no soon

video tech oh yeah

so yes guys they are here so they have

started actually

hello Wendy Epsilon so yes guys they

have started their demonstration and

there are some policeman over there

there those are policemen and a lot of

women are here see ya and they are here

at the monument of the dome monument so

that's the monument here and down there

that's where the demonstration is so you

can see


when the epsilen and everyone there's

actually a strike here or demonstration

happening yeah they're they're having a

strike this is about stop

as you can see that sign there are a

long live violence yes it means to say

stop violence yeah stop violence ah this

is a violence against women because they

mentioned there as you can see 138 women

were killed this year yeah this year 138

women were killed so this is all about

this is what's all about this is what it

is all about I don't know how to speak

anymore against violence yes too

yes audience I venture it's only for

this year the men were killed by them



so that's it guys so I think it's

finished now what was your name again -




so that's it guys you know yeah the show

is going to end now because I'm gonna go


thank you so much everyone for for

dropping by


have a great day everyone my mind