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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: T.I. Has Strong Feelings About Tiny’s Alter Ego ‘Sneak Peek’ | T.I. & Tiny: Friends & Family Hustle

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I like this gray color. This gray color is cute.

Yeah. I like it. I like it a lot. Sexy, sequence-

I've never seen Ryder on stage.

She's never been on stage. She's a newbie.

I've been in the studio, nonstop, writing

and working on new music with a new flavor

to put out for my fans.

Everybody knows I like to switch it up,

but this time I'm really trying to turn up the heat

a little bit.

Yes, indeed.

What's up, Tip.

Man, nothing going on but the going on.

What you doing with that damn net on your head?

It's trying on looks for Ryder. Trying to come up with-

For who?

Ryder. What's she talking about?

Why you act like you don't know who Ryder is?

I'm acting like ain't nobody else supposed to know.

Okay, let me tell you.

Ryder is an alter ego that Tameka created, in the bedroom.

For me.

As I remember it, it all started seven,

eight years ago with a black wig.

Can you get out of that dress?

How quick can you get me out of it?

I don't have to get you out of it.

Oh. Keep my shoes on. Okay.

That's for the world, now?

Well, not that kind of Ryder. Ryder-

What's you mean? I only know one kind.

What other kind is there?

The thought is,

that because everybody want me to do some solos-


Music. Yeah. A lot of people-

Her fans.


And I don't want to leave the girls because I still-

Don't do solo music.

That's why I'm doing it as Ryder and not as Tiny,

because it's different. Tip's only thinking these things

because he can't let go of the bedroom

Ryder. He's worried for nothing.

She's not going to be naked on stage or anything like that.

What is this? TI verus TIP?

Is that what you're doing? Is that what you're doing?

That's a good way to look at it.

Yeah, it ain't got (beep) to do with how sexy you are,

with how you look, how your hair is.

I get that. But you got to have something to go with music.

You trying to cover up and reface what people-

It's not a cover up. It's the (beep)

It's the vibe that you change up.

It's a difference between being classic and trendy.

It seems like, I'm looking at something classic

go out of its way to try to be temporary.

That's just what I'm saying. I understand Ryder.

I've never known Ryder to do nothing but ride...

Okay. Now, so, I just don't think that it's necessary.

I feel like Ryder is for me. And not for you.

That (beep) sounds stupid. I'm gone.

We need you to go. ASAP. Don't worry, you and the world

will be hearing a lot more from Ryder.

All right, honey.

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