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so here we go again these weeks and Wednesdays are flying by welcome to the

last late and live English for July 2018 coming up on tonight's live stream have

you ever been scammed by someone what is a scam we will be talking about that a

little bit later on also have you ever been abroad and if you have visited

somewhere overseas where did you go and what sort of experience did you have mr.

Steve will be here as well talking about lots of things including something very

dramatic that happened to me last Sunday yes something very dramatic occurred

whilst filming mr. Steve in the garden last Sunday evening I will tell you all

about that later on and of course you are more than welcome to join me on the

live chat after all it's just after 10 o'clock here in the UK it's a Wednesday

night and this is late and live English

I am late before anyone says anything yes

I know I am a little bit late tonight for various reasons one I had my dinner

very late and two I felt so tired tonight I don't know why I felt so

shattered I think that's a great word shattered hi everybody this is mr.

Duncan in England how are you today are you okay I hope so are you happy

happy I really really hope so I am late I apologise but lots of things going on

here setting so many things up arranging all of the equipment all of the things

needed to get my live stream on the air and just me sometimes doing this is very

very stressful and maybe one day I will I will drop dead whilst preparing my

live stream and on my death certificate it will say cause of death YouTube I

think so so here we go it is Wednesday Wednesday

the 25th of July 2018 and this is the last late and live English stream for

July so August is arriving next week and of course August is a special month for

two reasons first of all it's my birthday in August and the second thing

is today mr. Steve and myself we have decided that we need a holiday we need a

break because really we haven't had a proper break for quite some time I've

been so busy doing my live streams and mr. Steve has been busy with his show

and all sorts of other things so he's been very busy as well and we've both

decided that we are going to have a break we are going away we are having a

little holiday and that will be happening during the first few days of

August more about that on Sunday because I will be here on Sunday for those

wondering still I get lots of people asking mr. Duncan when are you on

when can we catch you live my live English lessons are every Sunday 2:00

p.m. UK time every Wednesday 10:00 p.m. UK time as you can see now because now

it is coming up to 20 minutes past 10:00 once again apologies for being slightly

late I think I'm losing my voice because I've been so busy today and I have been

out and about I've been walking around because it's been so hot here today and

apparently tomorrow I don't know how true this is

but apparently tomorrow we are going to have the hottest day ever in the history

of planet Earth here in the UK tomorrow we are going to have the hottest day

ever apparently and needless to say if you have been watching the news many

countries at the moment suffering from the heat some some terrible images

coming out of Greece yesterday and also in Japan there is a heat wave taking

place there across the United States also and here in the UK as I just

mentioned tomorrow we are supposed to be having the hottest day ever

not not 20 years ago or 50 years ago not even a thousand years ago tomorrow we're

going to have the hottest day in the street of this country Wow apparently

it's going to get as high is possibly this is not official by the way a lot of

people are talking about this tonight it is supposed to get as high as 36 degrees

tomorrow the highest ever in history of this mossy Rock it's true so here we go

it is Wednesday and of course we can't have Wednesday without well I was going

to look out the window but here is the view outside you can't see anything

because it's gone dark the days are already getting shorter can you believe

it so already it is getting dark earlier I

can't believe it I always feel as if when Wimbledon ends

as soon as Wimbledon the tennis is finished I always feel as if summer has

ended I don't know why so I always judge how fast the year is going by depending

on when Wimbledon finishes so as soon as Wimbledon starts I think okay that

summer nearly over and then as soon as Wimbledon ends I'm pretty sure that

that's it because after Wimbledon the Knights start to get earlier and the

days become shorter I don't like that at all to be honest I've had some spicy

food tonight with garlic so I do apologize if I have stinky breath

tonight but I did put rather a lot of garlic on my baked beans tonight so that

might cause one or two problems later especially for mr. Steve yes mr. Steve

will be here very soon of course you are also here on the live chat

and there it is Oh hello to the live chatters hello to you all at the weekend

something rather dramatic happened to me we'll be talking about that a little bit

later on also have you ever been scammed what is a scam have you ever traveled to

another country or have you ever wanted to travel to another country I know a

lot of people say mr. Duncan we want to come to England can we come to England

we would love to come to your country one day Mina is here and also Julie

Julie you are first tonight on the live chat well done Seneca Orser neck is here

also francisco roo sim hello soo rim sorry i got your name wrong soo rim

hello to you belarus CEO is here did you have a good birthday party last week

was it good I hope so I hope you had a super-duper birthday party last week it

seemed as if your birthday was going on for a very long time a lot of people

were wondering why why your birthday was going on for so long I hope you got lots

of nice presents as well Pedro is here I was waiting hmm I'm

sorry I was a little bit late tonight I had my my dinner very late I was a

little bit tired because I've been walking today I was walking around doing

something very special for over four hours today in the hot sunshine so I was

feeling that feeling a little bit tired pal Mira says hello to all the heat wave

is continuing yes it is including here apparently tomorrow we're going to have

the hottest day ever in the history of this country I'm feeling a bit under the

weather today I'm sorry to hear that Belarus here I

think I've caught a cold yesterday morning I've been doing some shopping

and it was one degree that's very cold I must admit I would love to feel the

coolness of one degree because it's boiling Hough here tonight it's very hot

why mr. Duncan what is the reason for your tiredness as I just explained I've

been out walking today in the hot sunshine I've been doing some filming

around the place in which I live Kunal says I missed your Sunday lesson because

it was my birthday Colonel it was your birthday as well oh

I hope you had a good time and a big super happy birthday to you lemon tree

says hello teachers and everyone I am watching you in my bedroom it is nearly

11:30 at night very late well it's 25 Qwest 10 here in the UK it is also late

here and I feel so tired tonight don't be too surprised if I fall asleep during

tonight's livestream do not be surprised Youssef hi my friends hello to you as

well also goal kal Chiyo hello to you hello mr. Duncan great work for me you

are the best teacher you are the best teacher of English by the way I added

best you can see that he didn't say best but but I did I said it hello Frederika

is here as well Wow hi everyone it's a pleasure to be

with you and to attend mr. Duncan's late and live streaming yes thank you very

much Hasan Joseph --ax is also here I had a wonderful birthday thank you very

much mr. Duncan 37 people were at your birthday party

that's incredible you are very popular you had lots of relatives and friends

and we ate pizza and cake and also biscuits and we danced to the music well

if ever there is an excuse for having a dance then your birthday is a pretty

good one I think hi sir how are you hi Abdullah I'm okay

thank you but very very tired I can't begin to tell you how tired I feel but

do you want to know why I feel so tired well I'm going to tell you right now

because today I was out and about filming something special I was actually

going around the place in which I live and this is something that I've edited

tonight so I was out today walking around in the hot sunshine 28 degrees

today the temperature very hot here with the hottest day ever

tomorrow I'm not kidding so here it is this is a video that I made today

something fresh something new just for you

many people ask me mr. Duncan where do you live well I thought today it'd be a

good chance for you to have a look in the place I live because it's such a

beautiful day today so here it is here is the place in which I live it's much

Wenlock in Shropshire one of the most beautiful places in England and if you

haven't been here my question is why not can you see what's over there

that is the local Undertaker they are the people responsible for arranging

funerals they help to dispose of dead people it's a rather sobering thought

that one day those people will be putting me in the ground

if there's one thing I really love about a day like this it's the gentle calming

breeze just a very gentle breeze blowing in the air helping to keep me nice and

cool the word breeze can be used in many ways of course it is the gentle wind

cooling and refreshing as it blows by a very gentle breeze just like today

really there is a lovely summer breeze in the air keeping me nice and cool

also breeze can mean to do something very easily

I passed my exam yesterday it was easy in fact it was a breeze something that

is very easy to do something that you found easy to do can be described as a

breeze to move gently maybe into a room or out of a room or in front of a group

of people to suddenly appear can be described as breeze he breathed into the

room with complete confidence

now there is a very interesting place a gate to a secret garden a place that is

unknown and never seen by anyone just like the story have you ever read that

story it's called the secret garden it's a brilliant story full of adventure

excitement mystery and of course a little bit of fantasy as well we all

like a little bit of fantasy in our lives from time to time

do you recognize this place this is where I did my famous poodle dance but

as you can see the poodle has now gone the water has disappeared it's so hot at

the moment the puddle has completely evaporated

it might sound like a strange thing to say but due to making these English

lessons for you my life changed completely and here is what happened way

back in 2012 I made a special lesson right here in Much Wenlock talking all

about the origins of the modern Olympic Games and I fell in love with this place

I loved it so much I ended up moving here and so did mr. Steve the field

behind me is where every year the Wenlock games are held and this very

place was the inspiration for the modern Olympic Games that we all know now

here is an interesting phrase that you might hear used quite often in English

the phrase is cross the line

if you cross the line it means you have gone too far you have done something

that has upset many people or one person you have crossed the line up until a

certain point what you were saying or doing was okay but you had to go too far

you had to cross the line you went from being okay to offensive you went from

being acceptable to unacceptable you crossed the line I must be honest it is

absolutely baking hot today I can't believe I've been outside for the past

four hours filming in this heat this intense heat I think it's fair to say

this we will all remember the summer of 2018 and can you see behind me look

everywhere is scorched the Sun has dried all the grass all of the trees all of

the bushes everything looks parched and tinder-dry and that is one of the

reasons why there are many wildfires breaking out at the moment including

here in the UK and more recently in Greece

if you remember earlier in the year I showed you this field I showed you all

of the yellow flowers that were blooming in this field

this is rapeseed so everything you see behind me is rapeseed and now as the

seeds come out you can see now that we have small seed pods and inside these

are the rape seeds and these will be gathered very soon and then they will be

compressed and all of the oil will be extracted and that is rapeseed oil but

as you can see once again the theme is very similar this whole field is now

very dry very arid and perhaps I'm not a hundred percent certain but perhaps this

whole crop has been ruined by the hot weather although if I just have a look

inside this pod yes you can see all of the rape seeds can you see them there

they are very tiny black seeds and that is where the rapeseed oil will come from

can you see what I've got here are lovely ice cream the only problem is

it's so hot today the ice cream is already beginning to melt however it is

very much appreciated there is nothing worse than being hot and sticky on a day

like this right now I'm in the square here in Much Wenlock in the centre of

the tower a very small cozy area in the afternoon lots of people like to come

and sit down especially today because the Sun is out and some people have

decided to come into town to enjoy the sunshine and of course sample the local

ice cream

something a little different I hope you enjoyed that

it's late and live English I was a little late as well for which I

apologize I feel so tired tonight I can't begin to tell you how tired I feel

so here he is it's mr. Steve hello by the way I hope

you enjoyed my special little video it's a little different from what I normally

do because normally I put lots of music on my video but today I thought I would

do something a little different just to create a different atmosphere I feel

absolutely shattered tonight I'm so tired Steve you've done a lot of

exercise today mr. Duncan I was out filming for over 4 hours in

the hot Sun amazing hot Sun it was baking out there when I left the house

it was cloudy and and very breezy as you saw in the video but later the the

breeze disappeared subsided its subsided it disappeared it eased off and then

suddenly the Sun broke through the clouds and that was it it was absolutely

baking when I got back here what was the first thing I did when I got back here

Steve went to the toilet no he didn't ID he'd been out for four hours in the

blazing hot Sun and he hadn't even taken a drink with him no I baited you mr.

Duncan you did you berated you you berated me you told told you off you

told me off you said you should have water but that wasn't this that wasn't

collapse that wasn't the first thing I did the first thing I did was I I took

all of my clothes off as soon as I got in the house I just threw all of my

clothes off I was so hot do you know what it's like I'm sure you do when

you've been walking and you are so hot and you you think you think the first

thing you want to do is just tear all your clothes off and get cool as quickly

as possible and that's exactly what I did although you do that although the

neighbors were a little surprised to see me do it outside the house in the dryer

I probably should have waited until I got in the house before I got naked but

there you go yeah okay mr. Duncan you've got two

cameras up and I don't know which one to look at whether let's let's see if we

can one on the left or the midline if he's come a bit further over I'm trying

something different tonight you see come a bit nearer to me say her feet by the

way we're trying something tonight look at this so we're gonna see if we can get

this to work you might need to come over a bit more okay okay see what we're

doing now look oh my goodness look we're very close now do you like that Steve I

still don't know what's happening well what's happening now is we're much

closer you see so everyone everyone out there feels much closer how I see you

mean all my floors are showing all of your wrinkles and pimples am I looking

at the camera on the left or the camera on the right just take your pick you can

look at either because they're they're both close together so it doesn't matter

you mr. Duncan you can look at either of them he's confusing me with all these

cameras okay let's go back to the other one there that's all right I would you

mean the other one which one am I looking at now you're looking at that

one oh good there Nick on yes fine it's a fact just look at that one

I'd be looking directly at your viewer it doesn't matter though because even if

you look at that one you see it still looks like you're looking on camera fire

yes because I've put the cameras in a certain position where they both are in

the same place I see so if you look at that camera or that camera it makes no

difference I'll flick between the two yes but I thought it would be nice

tonight to have a much closer view get a little closer and more personal only I

felt I've known that at I put my makeup on mr. doke I love the way you keep

disappearing though you're doing it again you're slinking off because I

don't get too close to you that's I've already noticed some interesting things

on the live chat while you were playing that video I have got garlic bread

tonight he's got garlic breath all the time

because he puts dried garlic and he sprinkles it onto everything oh I love

garlic so much she puts it into beans on toast he puts it on eggs everything

literally everything everything I eat even my cereal in the morning oh you

don't put it in your cereal in fact before I go to bed I have hot chocolate

and I put some garlic in the hot chocolate

and I drink here I'm just crazy about love II could I'm crazy about garlic

what can I say we've got somebody called lovey okay who is obviously a viewer is

currently in England oh let's not be on holiday let's have a look shall we

so and enjoying the weather here lovey aslam yes that's correct

and so yes it must have been further up there's been a comment since you were

put play oh that's it that's it and I currently in the UK and I love this

weather so where are you me aslam yes we're I we want to know are you nearby

we want to know where you are because we're very nosy and we want to know

where where you are so we can we can find out how hot it is and perhaps

tomorrow perhaps tomorrow you are going to be so hot that you won't be able to

stand it because I'm young yes tomorrow it's going to be the hottest day ever

Steve the hottest day ever in the UK apparently ever in history that's what

in the entire history which is probably 200 years of recording temperatures yes

oh excuse me mr. Duncan that's okay I've been um

oh very busy where it's in I decided to go for a run and it's my bath throat go

weird yes you were running up the hill I did actually film Steve but I I didn't

have time to put it in the computer but we'll have a look at that on Sunday

because of course we are back on Sunday and I was talking earlier about August

because this time next week it will be August the 1st next week and of course

August is a busy month for me because it's my birthday but we've

decided haven't we Steve we've decided to have a holiday we have not that we're

going to tell anyone where or when obviously the house will be empty

well no well well of course well our neighbors have offered to come round and

look after the house anyway after they so it's very kind of them our new

neighbors they're so lovely they are so lovely spoke to our new neighbor tonight

they're going away this weekend and their sister is coming to stay to look

after the house and they remember you're away they're going to look after I have

which is very nice no but when we don't have to look after

their dogs thankfully no because we don't really want to go to people's dogs

although I do like them and the neighbor down the rows got a new puppy I'm tired

I'm tired of dogs Belarusian if she's still celebrating her birthday that's

what I want to know you've already had one week of celebrations but Punisher

had lots of people for her birthday party I know we couldn't go could we no

I did say that's hopping a plane first on a play thirty-seven people or it

Belarus have one for every year the number of years you've been alive are

you 37 but I will be no you're not it was you've already told us but you

don't look a day over 37 lovely aslam I want to find out where lovely Aslam is

tell us tell us where you are Cardiff Cardiff you're not far away from us

you're in Wales where you're a beautiful part of the world hard if it's a very

modern city for Wales yes and yes I've been to Cardiff it's quite nice there's

all sorts of interesting buildings to go and see in the centre you're into that

kind of thing Cardiff there's a castle in the middle I

seem to remember there is yes we went yes I've been around the castle in

Cardiff it's very nice it's very scenic as is most of Wales we love Wales and

that is where we are going for our little break it is off to Wales no it's

not card if it's not card if it is probably only about hour-and-a-half

drive away yes it's not far from where because we're very lucky here you see

we're very near to Wales just over there is the border of Wales and we can go

there very sick privet really quickly 45 minutes we're in Wales from here hmm G

West as we say G West that means directly west west yes there we go so

yes I hope you have a lovely holiday I wonder how hot it will be I wonder how

hot it will be in Wales when we're on holiday

hopefully it's cooled down a bit I also has this reputation for very damp wet

and dreary weather oh but I don't think it's doing that at the moment I think

it's it's the opposite at the moment so the live chat is very busy as you can

see I'm feeling so tired tonight I was walking out in the hot Sun and I didn't

realize just how tired I had become sue Katz is here my husband my husband

Fernando was born on the same day as you on the 18th of July but in 1965 oh I see

Sosuke at your husband is a little just a little younger than me pow-pow Mira's

birthday is in August as well Wow so lots of people celebrating their

birthday in August yes July and August Leonardo says he needs to study more and

more still not understand well just keep listening to us and if you do know how

to put the the subtitles on that may help you mr. Duncan has explained that

before so all these people with oh look vodka man's here vodka man do we

understand the roush language no no we don't it's very difficult I don't know a

single word in Welsh I always think the Welsh language sounds like someone

clearing their throat there's a lot of tens and tens

Sims yes so it's it's very good if you speak Welsh

then I'm sure you must have a very clear throat because it always sounds as if

the Welsh people are clearing their throats when they speak because there is

a lot of sort of noises coming from from deep down in the throat there certainly

certainly are mr. Duncan yes it's no and the Welsh people have got a reputation

for being a bit anti British but not in Cardiff you're fine there no you'll be

absolutely fine that I don't think it's as bad as it used to be oh look soo rim

wants to hear mr. Duncan that's you speaking in an American accent I don't

know why why would I do that for what reason what would its chief

what would I get from from speaking with an American accent I don't know what I

can only speak in one American accent and that's the southern American accent

which apparently is what most British people tend to do because it's the

easiest American accent to do oh I see but tell me I'm quite happy to do that

you can if you want well maybe when I've feel a bit braver

after after that big build-up I thought we were going to get something well of

course I could just roll into that accent at any time I believe that's a

southern American accent that I'm doing there so what have we got on the live

Chad Mika says how Oh everyone I've done my chores so let me join in well please

join in and speak in any accent did you like it's perfectly all right below

please stop please yes please stop whatever it is well it's just my

American accent from Oklahoma down in the the south of the US of A come on

Steve we're gonna see how long you can talk with this American accent well

interestingly enough the John Paul Janka the the European Union leader or

whatever his name is has met with what do you want me to do mr. Duncan

manhandling me has met with the lighting doesn't look

right tonight I look about 10 years older there's no light mr. Duncan to

flatter me that's what I want lots of light

puffy more puffy get rid of the wrinkles Jean the Paul Young Kerr the European

president European Union president I believe has met today with President

Trump in the White House that's quite a significant meeting to discuss trade

between the USA and the European Union because we know what we know what the

President of the USA is doing he's trying to get more concessions out of

everybody that he does trades with so what it looks like a deal has been

struck so the stock markets won't be crashing tomorrow it'll be very

interesting but it looked I thought president Trump looks his usual sort of

extremely confident leader of the world stance and poor old Jean Paul Young who

looked a little under the weather mr. Duncan has disappeared and left me all

by myself because he wants me to see how long I can talk in an American accent

well I can I can do that all day because I did in fact was in a play once when I

had to talk the entire time and this accent and I've received very good

reviews mr. Duncan so oh you looking gigantic there what was the play it was

it was an American it was let me think what was it called that wasn't a play it

was a musical you can probably I always forget the name of the music as I've

been in was set now let me think

the audience do the same thing by the way now you remember mr. Dan I also try

to forget it I've just broken this pen look I've just broken the the pen the

thing off here I'm always doing that I fiddled with pens anybody else is that I

fiddled with the pens and break the little thing off that allows it to go

inside your jacket what was the name of that play that musical I was in set in

America I never remember the name I mean it's not South Pacific Southwest simple

that's the one mrs. Duncan South Pacific South Pacific and I was playing an

American and I had to talk like this all the way through but anyway that's

probably boring everybody so let's go back to the live chat and see what's

going on please you know I don't wanna close up view idiots oh it's off now oh

there we are I was looking at the preview I'm really

going to look can you see those can I wish I could show you what I've had to

do to get mr. Steve to understand the layout of this screen I've even got the

writing at the top look in big letters it says preview output and and that's

that's that's what we're looking at there's no the Lighting's all wrong

tonight mr. Duncan I can tell with the lighting no I look 10 years older I

don't like it don't want my viewers to see me looking 10 years no vendor maybe

you've just aged a lot I did care for a long run yes a night I think I exhausted

myself I think you've just aged a lot have been quite stressed with work today

WAIS two people could you get stressed at work what stresses you at work at the

moment everything stresses me at work no you're very excitable tonight well I'm

so you've got me going mr. Duncan really yes how well you asked me to do

an American accent oh you know what it's like when I get going you can't shut me

up but then what will happen is my energy will just drain away and I'll

just get quieter yes and quiet what I want you to do is to notice the moment

where mr. Steve's energy just completely disappears because it normally happens

in the last half an hour vodka so during the last half an hour so in around about

five minutes mr. Steve will suddenly lose his energy

and he will suddenly go oh now the lights all wrong there's normally more

at the front though honestly this is exactly the same light I haven't moved

the light since last time we were on I look like I've aged every wrinkle I

don't look at myself I think you've a monitor I think you've aged mr. Steven

in the week you've been off well you know if you're a star like I am oh then

you need to look your best so you need to be you know the lighting has to be

perfect the makeup has to be applied and I haven't had time tonight I didn't know

that would be this poor lighting on set it's not poor lighting I don't know what

yes you have got somebody's already seen your chocolate yes I've got my chocolate

I'm going to open it in a minute because I think I have a feeling that this

chocolate has melted in the Sun Thank You Greta Greta says I look young you

always eautiful you always look young me me yes I could do with a new pen I've

broken this one do you know what it was it was excitement I was getting so

excited I was fiddling with the pen as I fiddled with the pen I broke it

Colonel Connell asks a very good question Wow

you look so tired all the time mr. Duncan you do everything by yourself

it's true I do everything I designed the sets I build the sets I put them

together I produce the programs I film I edit I today I was walking around for

four hours in the hot baking sunshine building filming and and now I feel

absolutely shattered yes but Colonel says why don't you have

an assistant yes that's a very good question though what am I doing here

oh yes yes but all you do is turn up at 10:30 I do a lot of prep which is short

for preparation you do I think you do more preparation on Sunday

Carmelo s is new and says Carmelo s says hello

I'm new from Sicily hello to Sicily and it's night to see someone new here

Carmelo stick you are welcome no problem don't

be afraid to join in say what you like we like lots of we like lots of people

writing on the chat so that we can comment and answer questions that's it

it also keeps keeps mr. Steve awake lemon tree hello lemon tree yes lemon

tree why do you keep saying that because I haven't seen lemon tree before

obviously I think lemon trees been with us before but I haven't seen lemon tree

for a long time God command saying Donald Trump is is our something he's

our calm bright yes maybe maybe calm raid and I'm not sure

about calm bra yes because of course there is a summit wasn't there between

Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump it's not pew it's poo all right Putin Vladimir

Putin and Donald Trump and Donald Trump didn't have a bad word to say and then

he had to read and he went home to a storm of protests so I think that's what

vodka man is yes he's correct himself and said comrade yes because of course

do the Russians have some dirt on Donald Trump and is afraid to say anything bad

about them if you have dirt on someone it means you know something about a

person that they don't want others to find out about yes so maybe they know

something about Donald Trump or maybe they know something about mr. Duncan

that that mr. Duncan doesn't want anyone to find out about you see so someone

might say yeah mr. Duncan we know that you like dressing up in women's

underwear but you know and I don't want people to know that it's my secret but

and then he says well I've got the dirt on you yes I've got photographs of you

in a pair of panties and a nice frilly bra and I'll say no no don't do that

don't tell everyone please that's the last thing I want

and then that's it my secrets out so they have dirt on me well they've

certainly got dirt on Donald Trump I think but look Ellen has made a comment

and vodka man has has reiterated it reiterated reiterate is to is to repeat

and reinforce the point to repeat and reinforce to reiterate that water has

been discovered on Mars water has been discovered and also apparently

apparently there is also a clone of what's-his-name Charlie Sheen apparently

there is a clone of Charlie Sheen drinking from a lake and he's no that's

what they found haven't you heard no this is the latest news so the water was

what they found earlier but now they've discovered that there's a clone of

Charlie Sheen are on Mars so I must admit if ever there was a reason not to

go to Mars I think that's it Chris it's 6 a.m. in the Philippines oh

and it's cool there because I somebody said it was cool in the Philippines

earlier having breakfast a sausage and toast delicious and we're about to go to

bed after this British English pronunciation I haven't seen them before

hello British English pronunciation nice mr. Steve makes apparently you make them

laugh oh good well I'm here to entertain not necessarily I'm not a teacher but

I'm here to entertain to assist mr. Duncan and I hope that my pronunciate

pronunciation that wasn't very good heard the right pronunciation meets your

no doubt very high standards do you want to see what we had has got a name like

that your standards must be very high we'd like to know who you are actually

ok there's Steve maybe you descend as a link which I what you want to see

something unusual definitely look rain remember last week it rained that's not

you be the house is it no that's definitely the rain that's rain falling

last week we had a little bit of rain last week and I thought I couldn't

resist going outside to film it so just to prove

that sometimes we have rain and I think this is about five days ago it rained

and we did have quite a downpour but the rain soon disappeared so the moment it

stopped all the rain all the moisture on the ground evaporated it all went away

but there just to prove that we did have some rain last week but you would never

know because everywhere now is dry bone dry completely

lemon tree says I am on and off unfortunately which I think means that

sometimes you hear sometimes you're not which is fine we don't mind at all

it's nice to see you do do you think it might be the connection what connection

the collection what why they are off and on oh could be yes it could be yes might

be a bad connection Karen s says do you think he's gotten by the short hair hmm

you mean the short and curlies short and curlies are you do you mean pubic hair

well we don't actually say that do and say we want to know what it means yes

well the short and curlies just means you've got them in your grasp and you

won't let them go but yes that's basically what it means Steve yes that's

nice beautiful see Mohammed Abdo hello to you haven't seen you for a long time

so yes we did have some rain but tomorrow apparently it's going to be the

hottest day ever in the history of England I can't believe I'm saying that

apparently tomorrow the hottest day ever in a problem probably be somewhere

around the London area 35 36 degrees tomorrow in some places look even my

chocolate has melted I'm going to open this chocolate because I have a feeling

that it's melted let's just move over slightly and get a get a close up so I'm

going I'm gonna try and get a close-up here thank you

so here it is so it is my my lovely choc bah did you hear about KitKat today

KitKat have lost their appeal because they are trying to copyright the shape

of a KitKat but apparently the judges said no you cannot copyright a shape

interesting let's have a look I think this twirl bar is going to be very very

melted oh my goodness here we go let's have a look oh oh it's it's not as bad

as I thought it would be oh dear look at that oh my goodness I bet you're going

to eat that mr. Duncan because you own in this very bad habit recently yes of

eating things during the live English lessons which i think is very rude you

said last week that I was disgusting and I shouldn't eat during the livestream I

can barely get on there because it was a big bear it's your big head

apparently the problem was I kept opening my mouth yeah we'll keep it shut

then I kept opening my mouth when I was talking and all the food was coming out

I'm going to remove this and put it in the kitchen somewhere cool I will return


steve has just taken my chocolate away oh hi what a horrible thing to do come

back with my chocolate he's eating it now look look you can't tell me you

can't tell me not to eat chocolate and then you go off and eat it as well

that's that's wrong I couldn't resist you are hypocrite have you ever been

scammed do you know what a scam is a scam is something where a person tricks

you or fools you into doing something that will benefit them and will cause

you to have a loss quite often involving money so scam there are many scams

around especially in this country normally involving money so maybe a

person will be tricked into giving their bank password I don't know how that even

happens and and even here's something that I can't believe but it does happen

there are people that will knock on someone's door and they will say that

they are representing the police and they have to take your credit cards away

because they've been reported stolen and then they ask for the numbers the

PIN numbers of the credit cards and so the person writes them down and gives

them everything now I can't believe that there is anyone stupid enough

Oh mr. dunk to actually fall for that I I refuse to believe that there is

anyone who will hand over their credit cards with the security numbers to a

stranger at the door but apparently here in the UK it's happened

I think it's elderly people I think somebody calls at the door and says

looking like a policeman hand over your cards and because a lot of elderly

people wouldn't believe that someone would scam them how do you like I how do

you look like a policeman well I don't know maybe they're very uniform a loo

loo loo loo loo loo I was passing by your else and I noticed you had some

stolen credit cards I am a policeman you can tell by the way I'm talking that

sort of thing yeah maybe maybe but it does happen yes I've had my credit card

stolen out of a hotel room along with a pass along with my driver's license many

years ago which is why I don't carry it with me anymore although you don't have

to carry your driver's license with you in the UK when you're driving in other

countries you I think you do have to carry it with you we don't have to carry

any ID with us in the UK but yes they used this was about 10-15 years ago they

used my credit card bank card and the passport to take out a loan hmm of

several thousand pounds before I realized my card had gone

so you wouldn't I got the money back I weren't paying it off then now I got the

money back because the bank the banks do give you the money back but it was a bit

of a you know it wasn't very nice and it took time to sort out that's not really

a scam though is it not really a scam is more that's more like just theft and the

other thing that happens here now you get phone calls from people saying that

they are from Microsoft and and you need to adjust your computer had that yes

I've had that a few times and I just keep them talking on the phone I keep

them talking and I say I've got eight computers in the house which one do you

mean or I say I don't have a computer or I

say I have a computer but it's a very old one I I bought it in 1983 and then

they asked me what the model was and I say it's a BBC home computer and it has

it has three kilobytes of RAM I'm guessing that's not very much it's not

much right yes yes he keeps him talking there anybody phones up after any

information about anything and it's probably a scam you just can put the

phone down people scamming scams they try to trick

you into doing something they try to get your money from you they try to get you

to hand over or to give information that will help them to steal from you but

sometimes I can't believe that people get tricked I get caught off guard what

happens is people are busy and they get caught off guard it's when it's when

they're not expecting something like this to come along in fact some doubt

that I think something happened to me somebody came to the door the other day

knocked on the door was all very friendly and then said that they were

representing a charity haha children's charities another one that's another one

yeah children's charity because that'll make

me think all the children must help the children they normally use something

that's very emotive emotive something that will make your heart ache slightly

children children dogs children dogs cancer that's a cancer popular one

cancer or immigrants or overseas famine something like that so a lot of these

things that are designed to make you go oh oh I must I must give some money as

if I don't I'm going to you're going to think I'm a horrible person so they come

to the door and this happened two weeks ago yes

knocked on the door opened oh how are you today was that lovely weather always

so long it's a bit of a walk-up but you know they try to get you into a nice

conversation so humor you humor you trying

get on your good side and then suddenly they roll with representing a charity

for children we're trying to help disadvantaged children and far was fine

you know would you set up a monthly standing order to do this all you got to

do is fill in this form and of course this form they wanted all my bank

details on it so immediately you know I'm not stupid

I said well just leave me the form and you know I'll fill it in and send it off

later he didn't of course he said I can't

leave the form cuz I've only got one copy which is again very suspicious so

he left and you've got to be polite I was polite yes but obviously that was a

scam trying to get all my bank details and then I had money missing out of my

account yes so that so you were very wise there very wise so yeah it was when

he wanted bank detail that's it if they ever want any personal details on man

you doorstep bank account number or bank details or anything like that

or maybe they asked are you going on holiday this year can you tell us when

you are away the other thing is you're gonna have scams like business

opportunities people cannot people couldn't people can try to get you into

a business opportunity like a pyramid selling ski yes or another lot ends out

to be a scam yes well there are many pyramid schemes that are actually legal

but they really aren't very honest they are basically taking all of your money

so someone up there at the top is getting all the money and you end up

with nothing so yes always beware of anyone that

offers anything in that shape like that like a pyramid the sort of scheme where

somebody was somebody will it be usually somebody you know and there's that

because they've sort of been sort of been indoctrinated into this scam and

they'll come they'll say oh with meeting or listen to this tape or oh I'm

involved in something where you sell goods to your friends like could be

perfume or it could be anything really it's only things like household product

kitchen cleaners soap and they say something that all if you sell this to

like 10 of your friends and those 10 get another 10 P 10 people as well and then

you'll all you'll get the income from that but of course what's happening is

that the beep you make know very little income out of it and there's always

something to beware of those sorts of schemes it in fact I did get involved in

one didn't I you did yes it called for 20 years caused a lot of stress so there

it is in a nutshell there it is that's it pyramid scheme winner at the very top

loser at the very bottom and that is most of the people that are taking part

in the scheme so the guy at the top he's the winner and everyone beneath him is

the loser so the lower down the pyramid you are the lower down you are the more

likely you are to lose everything all the money and it was hot it's horrible

you don't to be selling things to your friends particularly probably useless

product yes if you get in on these schemes at the very beginning you can

make money out of them but you know you're probably ten thousands down the

line yes and getting a very small cut of it and I did do it for a period of time

in fact with this one company for about a year yes it was very stressful

it was my it was my which I think doesn't exist in this country anymore

no they sonically they do exist you can buy them on online I don't think that

strictly speaking wasn't a pyramid scheme no I wasn't I was just well he

didn't give me a chance to and finish the sentence my is just the the actual

way of selling the products the actual goods Burt I mean there was nothing

wrong with the goods the

was was the practice the practice that they were trying to sell to you was get

rich quick and there is no such thing as getting rich quick you can't you could

rob a bank that's getting rich quick yes but then you end up in prison for 25

years I'm joking yes technically well technically I think

it is a pyramid selling scheme but some people do make mine anyway some people

make money out of it but not managed anymore not many not many the the latest

one of course is Bitcoin so yes some people being dragged into buying

bitcoins also stocks shares so you shares that aren't scam well no but

there are people who offer ways in there are let's just say not entirely legal

all right yes also Ponzi schemes is well yes yes a Ponzi scheme Carrodus you are

right well done a Ponzi scheme is a scheme where you get people to back or

to invest in something and the thing doesn't even exist I feel like what's

happened oh excuse me it's nice to know we've got ninety-one people watching mr.

Duncan I'm not sure if that's is that good to know I don't know what's going

on tonight my cue my computer is really doing lots of weird things tonight

well it's carry on I will be sure to pretend that nothing's happening nothing

is happening nothing's happening nothing's been happening for the last

hour yes so I did get involved in in I mean Amway products were very good in

fact I think I think now you can buy them on buy them online so some people

are still making money out of it but it was quite difficult you had to go around

making presentations so you you sold to your friends and people you know and

then they would find 10 people to sell products to and the idea was that down

the line those 10 people would then find another 10

and then by the time all this product came back up to you you were making a

cut of it all or a small percentage the difficulty was that it's it's it's very

difficult to sell to people you know because you feel like you're using them

but I didn't what you end up doing is losing your friends and then you end up

buying the products because you've got to meet these targets you end up buying

the stuff yourself you were your best customer I was buying it all myself and

Eve was his best customer mind you they're cleaning products were very good

they were very good but no one was no one was saying that they weren't what

wasn't good was the scheme itself and how they said you can get rich quick

well if someone says you can get rich quick there is a pretty good chance that

you won't get rich they will get rich you will end up with nothing ah

vodka mom wants to sleep but is he's sticking with this to the bitter end

vodka man do you think that's a little disrespectful well because we don't know

what his real name is because we can't pronounce that that language can we

can't pronounce that Russian name I was thought it was something like Lena or

zina we don't know I don't know why we'd like

to know I will have to man or woman we will have to learn Cyrillic that's it

please can you spell your name out it's not that difficult for us so that we can

call you by an equivalent English name Belarus is yes I enjoyed

that lesson 2 lesson which lesson which lesson no I'm I'm go back I'm interested

now to find out which lesson it was which lesson is there should I go back

because the last time I did that I nearly broke everything I don't know

which lesson I don't know I wonder which lesson it was mm-hmm

sue Kat says I bought something from amway yes

later on she says was it what it is it just went off the screen okay keep going

mister there we go Oh what have you done

ah didn't clean alright so that's it you see you can't bought it off a mate from

work because that's what they do they sell it what do they know this it's the

worst it's the best way to lose your friends by the way if you want to lose

your friends very easily just just ask them to invest in in a pyramid scheme

and they would they will never speak to you again

psycho says one person in our society was famous on double sha is that a

television program do you think I'm not sure if you will bring 50,000 I will

give you double your money yes yeah there's always somebody trying to scam

you that's what you can say somebody is trying to scam me scam there are lots of

scams duniya Talib says please answer my question but what was the question

it's probably gone past and we simply missed it

oh I see mr. Duncan why don't you try a zoom session zoom I don't even know what

that is is it's probably the latest thing that all the young people are

talking on I can't keep up every time I every time I I get up to date with

something on the internet something else comes along and takes over from it and I

can never keep up with everything ask this the question again dunya it

probably went past too quickly and we couldn't see it

Belarus you said it was your last lesson about the car oh where yes on Sunday

presumably how I say which shows you're funny you're funny funny thing that your

your failures will exit oh I see oh I see okay then I had a dramatic moment on

Sunday shall we talk about my dramatic moment that I had on Sunday you were in

the garden and I will show you what mr. Steve was doing this is something we all

we will show more of on Sunday so here's mr. Steve doing some work at the back of

the house because some of the bushes were getting rather large so there is

Steve doing some some work but that isn't the story that I want to tell you

now no it isn't because whilst I was filming mr. Steve something happened to

me didn't it they did mr. Duncan it was high drama high drama I nearly had to

call out the the air ambulance I said I was gonna die

I really do that I was so sure that that was it I thought I probably have 10 or

15 minutes yet left to live and then and I thought oh well I'll just get this

hedge done yes and then I'll come and see you yeah you didn't you didn't seem

all that bothered to be honest well my life was in danger it potentially

potentially potentially may be per her maybe perhaps yes I could have been in

danger what happened is I was what happened was I was cutting the hedge you

mr. Duncan was just standing there filming me I was filming yes doing

nothing I was just filming Steve doing nothing exactly and then suddenly I'm on

my arm I felt this terrible pain what is it it was like someone giving me an

injection and I looked and there was a wasp stinging me

it had its stinger right in my arm and it really hurt it hurts a lot but not

only that it then went across my arm and tried to sting me again

so not only once but twice for the second time is when I noticed and I I

knocked it off but this is the result I have a look at this this is my my poor

arm mr. Duncan it's not that bad it is there is my wasp sting if yes t if

you've ever wondered what a wasp sting looks like there it is but I tell you

something it was it was bloody painful well you had to rush in silent

parrot on because just in case you could have had a nasty reaction to that yes so

I said go inside mr. Duncan and take an antihistamine tablets yes

brand-name piratin yes an antihistamine just in case you're you you could have

overreacted to that and and your arm could have swelled up to the size of a

an elephant's foot look I've seen that movie my girl I've seen it it's very sad

it's very sad that that girl she she's kissing and cuddling with a Macaulay

Culkin and then I think it's a bee or a wasp comes along and stings her and she

dies she drops dead and he's really sad is going oh how quickly does she died

after being stoned by the bee I don't know but I think she has some sort of

allergic reaction which is what you can have and she goes into some sort of

cardiac arrest or something and she dies so that's in the film my girl so I

always remember that and it's haunted me for years I've always thought I would

hate to get stung by a wasp or a bee and it happened less Sunday so I've never

been stung before by a wasp in your life in my life no and look look what

happened so that's what a wasp sting looks like and can I just tell you now

you don't want it to happen to you because it really does hurt and even now

it still hurts slightly in my arm is still throbbing well the reason it hurts

is because they inject acid formic acid fo r em I see formic acid why because

that's what's in their sting and it's it's acid so it's going under your skin

so it's very pain yes so any wasps or bees watching cut it out let's just stop

it so think of the number of wasps that we've saved over the years all of the

one there's the windows we let them out all the wasps that we've saved they've

saved their lives not not so much crickets

because I've been feeding them to the web we say congratula sound probably

hundreds of wasps instead of instead of just splashing them against the window

I'd let them out and that's all the thanks you get

yeah like I mean they could have told all their friends I wouldn't mind but it

tried to sting me twice yes so it stung me once and then went for another one I

think there must be a wasp's nest nearby and it was defending the nest and I was

out there cutting down this hedge with my new hedge trimmer yes because the

other one had broken yes we'll see more of that on Sunday really okay because we

are back on Sunday we are going in a minute by the way ok can you tell my

energy levels are beginning to sink I noticed that around about 5 plus T 11

mr. Steve suddenly went oh I need a boost I need a boost something to keep

me going for another two minutes while we're here so that's what a Morey

Oliviero says oxford dictionary is better to understand this I don't know

what you mean by that is that is that a compliment or a complaint I can't really

tell Carrodus says ants have formic acid yes yes like you said and oh yes answers

formulas yeah that's why they sting you as well that's right so maybe not in

wasps the obvious I think I got that wrong Oh formic acid in ants

that is correct which is an organic acid yes so yeah it's it's yes it's an ants

Formica so that's why that's so painful so I've probably got that wrong so how

is that PhD coming along I think it probably is acidic it might be so so

your PhD in what was it again nothing what I thought it was animal biology

it's not a PhD oh I see I've got a PhD mr. Duke what is it then are you a

doctor no I'm not a doctor is it dr. Steve no

no what is it then just just plain old Steve

it's a BSC BSC that isn't that mad cow disease I'm not a doctor

I'm not a professor we've noticed that anyway by the fact that you you think

that ants and bee stings are the same thing

Clemson from Brazil mr. Duncan did you know that the bees are responsible for

60% of our food yes well they are they produce lots of honey

lovely lovely honey we both like honey don't we we're not we don't want to

eradicate wasps and bees no we haven't doin we're not entering into a war we

did we saved them we saved them we've gone out of our way was just annoyed

that that particular wasp hadn't heard about all the other wasps that we saved

over the years all of the wonderful things we've done for wasp-kind you

think that when the wasps have released by us they would go and tell all their

friends in the nest that Steve and Duncan they're in much Wenlock saved me

therefore when you go near them don't sting them don't sting them that's it

why is that so difficult to understand I think this wasp is probably some kind

of some kind of renegade wasp yes some kind of mutant maybe expelled from the

nest yes and thought he would get his revenge may be a terrorist seeking

stinging mr. Duncan maybe terrorists maybe watch your live lessons and didn't

like this is it maybe I've uncovered something maybe terrorists are now

training wasps to sting people yes you see maybe saw your lesson where you were

feeding or we're talking about feeding crickets to spiders yes hopefully

hopefully the spiders will be gone this weekend but we have we have some

crickets left but can I just say that we have become attached to one of the

crickets we have have we have both fallen completely in love with one of

the crickets - it's one of the big crickets it's really big it's bigger

than all the rest but most of them now have been fed to the spiders so there

are about five left but there is a huge one and it's the only one that chirps

the only one that makes the

noise but they don't use their their legs they use their wings please do yes

these crickets yes what we've become attached we've become fond of this

cricket and we've even given it a name because it's the only one that's it's

it's it's on the top of this plastic cup yeah doing a little dance doesn't it yes

it does a little dance it does a little song it's everything make nice little

noises charity there it is would you want to see it do you want to see it

Steve's seen it already he's got very agree view screen he's salivating so

there it is there is chirpy chirpy chirpy the cricket that is our cricket

so we are now going to keep this cricket as a pet we're not going to feed it to

the spine and I will take it for walks in the morning so we will take it up the

road for little walks to the end of the driveway

and back because I don't want to tire it out and at night it will sit on my knee

and it will chirp whilst we watch television just to give the viewers an

idea of scale yes I would say that that was what about 2 centimeters long yes

it's it's quite it is a big cricket but not not as big as that 2 or 3

centimeters maybe no of course there's a photograph tick close up I think I would

say 2 centimeters because that's 2 P that's chirpy the crickets that's our

new friend and you've recorded it it's it's it's not making any noise tonight

no every night soon as the lights go down it starts making this chirping

normally at night it starts singing it was doing it while I was eating my

breakfast this is so lovely it makes this little chiew chiew chiew chiew noise with its wings so

there it is there's chirpy that is our new pet and we have both decided not to

feed chirpy to the tarantulas all the rest well yes we can feed them to the

tarantulas because we haven't become attached to them but chirpy will not be

going into any of the spiders mouths there the life of chirp we are going to

keep as our pet and I will take it out

tomorrow morning for a walk in the Morning Sun just before he gets too hot

because I don't think chirpy likes the hot weather

I would imagine chirpy will not enjoy the hottest day ever

tomorrow now they like hot weather crickets do they nothing what about the

hottest day ever well be the hottest day ever for them they probably come from

very hot countries where it's like 40 degrees oh that's okay then that's

probably why chirping so much because he likes to hot weather yes but he chirps

at night maybe the chirping this morning while I was eating my breakfast he

probably wanted some of your breakfast probably he was probably asking for some

breakfast he probably wanted a little bit so there it is our latest pet so

whilst other people are having dogs and they are so annoying because they bark

and poo everywhere and we everywhere and they scratch your furniture and they get

fleas we have chirpy the cricket well mr. Duncan is it time for us to go it's

almost time for us to go let's have one last look at the live chat shall we yes

please there it is there is the live chat how do you feel about that a lot of

people watching of course may get lots of these crickets in the wild because

whenever we've been on holiday to hot countries turkey for example Greece at

night all you can hear is the crickets in the grass chirping away and singing

away and we don't really get them we don't really get them here we do get

them but they're not not it's not very loud we get crickets and grasshoppers

but we don't you don't really hear them at night do you not really no we do we

do get them here we get little grasshoppers a Marie de Oliveira jr.

says crickets and grasshoppers are disgusting they are they are a little

bit disgusting disgusting they are a bit disgusting but the problem is I've got

so used to the sound of chirpy at night he just sings and he

sound so happy so how can you not fall in love with that lovely little natural

sound it's lovely roses as the insects want to learn English I think so yes yes

I think chirpy is in the best place chirpy will be speaking very good

English the only problem is they only live for about three or four weeks okay

I'm gonna have to give him quite a thorough course in English ingles says

there is a there is a lighter brand called cricket in Brazil

oh yes ooh Brandon I think I've heard of that before

sue cat says in Argentina it's bad luck to kill a cricket is that true oh dear

is that really true we are really in trouble we've we've been feeding

crickets to to the tarantulas like M&Ms they really do like munching into them

accents that's a good name says in Spain are called grillos grillos as it

Grillo's or Grillo's what an awesome you mean crickets Grillo's is that

because you can cook them and grill them and eat them well some countries eat eat

crickets don't yes China and China they they varied them they fry them they put

them on sticks and you can eat them I don't like the sound of that I do love

chirpy but I don't think I could eat chirpy

there is a oh yes I like how they sound yes I like the sound of crickets and

there's that other one as well though what are they called sir hammer doesn't

like the Sekar socorro is it one of those other things they make they make a

very high-pitched noise yeah we heard them in Turkey didn't we

no and they were making that all the time just a cricket I think that course

I wanted to say sicarios some of our lab is that what they called Sekar OHS

gracol says yes when my mum sees a cricket she drops his shoes obviously

does she drop her shoes on the cricket yes

I wonder how she means yeah I think so chirpy is a mr. mr. chirpy because only

the male's of that species chirp so the females don't they are silent Wow if

only that was true with human beings Mika I heard a typhoon is approaching

Japan so you live do you have some rain coming

Lambie you've been having some bad weather in Japan you've had rain you've

had a heat wave and now you've got now you've got a time a typhoon but that

wait that is one of the problems I think we've living in Japan you do get a lot

of extreme weather you've had tsunamis you found all sorts of things there what

I do do take cover mica we want to see you here on Sunday take care tell us

about it close all the windows and batten down the hatches that's what we

say crickets in Brazil that crickets barbecue yes I'm sure

yes I'm not going to mean I'm not going to eat chippy no well we haven't been

feeding him very well so I don't think he had taste very nice

yes mr. Duncan are you still taking care of the spiders yes but hopefully they

will be gone this weekend good night soo rim soo rim is going good

night and good night to Palmyra good night to all I do not want to dream

about crickets or spiders okay then I will not mention them again so you can

says it's bad luck to kill a cricket so I say the same in Argentina oh dear well

we have been let's just say we have been a dosing quite a few crickets recently

now we don't live near the coast to Belarus here we live a long way from the

coast we are landlocked yes we are a long way from the coast although having

said that during our lovely holiday that we're going to have soon we might go and

visit the coast I want to play on the beach the seaside as we say the seaside

oh I do like to be beside the seaside oh I do like to be beside the sea

oh I do like to be beside the prom-prom from where the arrest bated Leon pom-pom

su rim is going Gretl is going as well we are going as

well because it's coming up to quarter to midnight I was ten minutes late

tonight can you believe it Steve I was actually 10 minutes late I thought I

can't hear any talking going on down I was actually 10 minutes late because I

was trying to do things in here and I felt so tired I had to spend about five

minutes with my eyes closed just resting sleeping while your viewers were waiting

for you I wasn't sleeping I was trying to meditate you see sleeping I'm

learning I'm learning from you me I don't do it and I'm about to do

something important I'm learning from you can't let your viewers wait ten

minutes you kept them waiting house grace fastener says mr. Duncan your

voice is beautiful thank you very much yes

is it better than Steve's though is it better than Steve's use in the eye of

the beholder clip zoom mr. Duncan did you learn Chinese did I yes I I did

learn Chinese I had to learn Chinese so I could survive I live inland says

Meeker oh I think that's good then I think if you live inland there oh that's

Belarus he was asking meet me curb racial is not us

oh I see see we think it's all about us no no I know I know Meeker is answering

the question yes I live inland yes I know I know what the context was yeah

but Belarus thing is it we just wrote Belarus you're saying do you live near

the sea yes amiko is replying I know but we answered it from our perspective oh I

see Belarus he was asking me I say okay anyway we just thought it was oh it must

be about us just to clear things up nikka lives inland and so do we

goodbye dr. Steve and mr. Duncan better to use IKEA a professor Steve

professor dr. Steve BSC PhD BBC VD only one of those okay okay not the last one

row sir Celia you are good singers oh thank you very much

clips in from Brazil mr. Duncan and what about the idea of having a student live

with you yes why not we could he could charge we could charge

him what why did you instantly say him Oh huh it you see we have to be careful

now so he she it they can't say it Wow so yes right I I'm getting tired

mister do mr. Steve is going now is getting tired would you like to see me

on my motorbike not again because Steve was what do you be not again you shown

that before yes about about a year ago it wasn't a

year ago it was it was some time ago it was about about a month ago because I

was asked in an email if I ever drove a car but I don't drive a car but I used

to drive I used to ride a motorbike and there I am look at me on my motorbike

Steve look at me I'm like Evel Knievel well I did take the picture so I I must

have taken that picture I'd I thought you would have forgotten Oh cast leave

me where there mr. dink yes okay how slim you look at my lovely motorbike

well hopefully that exercise today well you've lost a few pounds yes that's the

back of our that's that's where we used to live in it's so small that's the

whole back of the house yes that's the complete back of the house not all that

black on the wall I don't know right it's probably where you would have a

wee-wee when you when you came home drunk not a Debbie silly mister day

I think it's time before us to goo mr. Steve is going now thank you Steve

Thank You mr. Duncan and thank you out there for watching us thanks a lot and

see you on a my here on said yes we are here on Sunday I'm here on Sunday I'm

not going anywhere so see you on Sunday with whatever we decide to do apparently

we we might be getting some rain on Sunday so I've had a look at the

forecast for Sunday and it looks like we might get some rain which means exciting

we will be able to do the puddle dance Steve

hopefully you mean probably walking in no well I just meant generally yes

generally because that's what's coming up next we're gonna have the purple

dance so you show that I should toddle off and go and clean my teeth okay then

tada bye Steve

yes we will be back on Sunday live with our live English from 2 p.m. UK time

don't forget to p.m. UK time every Sunday and every single Wednesday we

will be off soon by the way we are going to take a break in August but I will

give you more details about that next Sunday so on Sunday I will tell you what

is happening in August because there will be some slight changes because mr.

Steve and myself we have decided that we are so tired we need a break so we are

going to have a little rest I hope you don't mind

thank you very much for joining us we are going and I will see you on Sunday

thank you very much to English to dr. Hannah

Ricardo Carrodus Rosa also fredericka lemon tree Belarusia saika and also to

one more one more and then I'm going su cat bye mr. Duncan thank you very much

for your lovely messages tonight I was feeling so tired tonight I can't begin

to tell you how tired I was feeling I will see you on Sunday

what happened then? I didn't I didn't press anything then I don't know what

happened then I will see you on Sunday 2:00 p.m. UK time

this is mr. Duncan in England saying thanks for watching me and of course

until the next time we meet I'm going to have the most amazing sleep right now

you know what's coming next yes you do...

ta ta for now 8-)

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