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In the name of Allah,the most Gracious ,the Most Merciful.

Asalam u Alayikum

I extend a warm welcome to the new members of my YouTube channel.

Now let us commence part 5 of the meditation practice.

In part 4 we discussed treatment through spiritual exercise.

In part 5 we will discuss how we treat patients under the affect of magic, evil spirits, jinns through spiritual exercise

In Part 5 we discuss about that in details.

This practice is suitable for those who have been with me for one month.

The new members will need to watch my prior videos to learn the method of exercise first.

So we start our program now

How can we cure magic with this spiritual practice?

Once someone explains to you the sympypms, you need to make a diagnosis.

Listen carefully

When you want to summon the spirit, you have to perform wuzu and recite Darood Ibrahimi seven times

and blow on your hands and rub palms on the face, head and body to protect yourself.

Those practioners who want to summon spirits and submerge themselves into the supernatural world need to be very careful. Why?

Because,These evil spirits can hurt us and we need to protect ourselves.

For example if you go for a battle, you prepare yourself and take all the necessary equipment.

Likewise, when you treat a possessed patient you need preparation.

Now what is it?

Listen Carefully

People who want to do this have to abstain

First they have to refrain from eating white or red meat (meat or any animal or fish).

Abstain from uncooked onions and garlic.

This is called 'Perhaze Jamali and Jalali'.


Those who have followed my video will follow this method of abstinence.

Be careful not to start summoning spirits in patients as soon as you see the video.

This can be very dangerous.

Do not do this.

Once you have practiced refrain for ten days, then proceed.

Abstain of Tark e Jalali and Tark e Jamali

Now we talk about Tark e Jalali and Tark e Jamali.what is this?

Tarqe Jamali includes meat of any animal and also eggs.


Tarqe Jalali is milk and all diary products.

Entering the supernatural world demands sacrifice.

For more detail you can look in the description or ask in the telegram group also.

The benefit of abstinence is that your body and soul will become more active.

What can you eat?

Lentils and vegetables. You will have to become a vegetarian.

Give up meat.

I will guide you into that world and you will find me there with you.

You will have to follow my steps carefully.

Also you will have to be steadfast in the five daily prayers because Salah is our complete protection

It is like when you go into a new city, you want to go with someone familiar with the place

After abstinence in diet, you have to continue with your focus. Now how do you invoke the spirit?

First, focus on the patient's eyes.

You need deep eye contact. A possessed individual will shy away from eye contact.

you make eye contact continuously with patient.if he/she feel shy with that

Then you focus on the person's space exactly between the eye brows.

You will focus like you used to focus on the dot in the focus exercise.

Now how will you know if there is an evil spirit inside the patient or not?

When you make eye contact with the patient who is possessed with an evil jinn you will experience a foul smell.The smell will be similar to a unclean toilet.

However, if upon eye contact you smell rotten meat it means the person is not possessed but under the affect of magic.

If you smell rotten fish upon eye contact it means that the person is under the spell of Hindu shiateen.

If we are handling magic, we should have some knowledge on the types of magic.

Magic could be cast using amulets, inscription or 'sifli'.

This involves taking help from Hindu demons. Eg; Bhero, kalay Kalway, Kaali.

The magicians work very hard on this practice and Kaali is the most powerful practice which includes Masan ki Rani practice.

This is performed in places of cremation. With Masan ki Rani practice, a wound is inflicted on the indivual to be attacked

I will teach you the method of diagnosis for that also.

Sheikh Saddu practice is done very diligently by Hindu practioners

The dirtier the things, the more powerful the magic will be on the person on whom it is inflicted.

Burnt rotten fish smell signifies Hindu practice. There is the practice of Goriasatti.

There is the practice of Goriasatti.

The demon appears in one lakh twenty five thousand pigs

Hindu deities are involved and if Goriasatti practice is undertaken, then treatment can only be done through 'satti'. It's very difficult to get rid of the demons.

Mian Huzoor says his Dada Ustaad Shaikh Yaseen dealt with one such case of Goriasatti.

I am discussing this so if a situation occurs you know how to handle.

After the diagnosis is done, now treatment if done through focus.

The normal habits and body language of the patient will begin to change.

If it's a man, you hold the right hand. If it's a woman you spread a hankerchief on your palm and then hold her right hand

Now you will talk. Maintain eye contact. When you feel you are about to blink, pull your breath in through your nostrils and hold it.

Breath out through the mouth and you can shut your eyes for a while.

When you shut your eyes that jinn will become visible to you. You can talk to it and remember not to open your eyes.

You will ask questions and the jinn will answer. Everyone present in the room will hear the conversation but only you will see.

If you want others to see it will require a lot of practice.

I have explained the way to summon the jinn.

Now once you have spoken to the spirit, ask the name of the jinn, the father's name and if it is a jinn it will also tell you the tribe it belongs to. Also the name of the empire.

Allah has divided the the jinnat into seven emoires. You can write these down for memory.

They are: Abarsa, Sabarsa, Saarsa, Saeesa, Akhnoosa, Khansarsa bin, Saasa.

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