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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: between among

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hello everybody I'm Nick Shepherd

welcome today we are talking about two

words which are similar but not the same

between and among okay first the easy

part she's standing between the trees

that means there are two trees but the

deer are standing among the trees and

that means there are several trees more

than two we can also use between for

time but not among the burglar entered

the house at some time during the night

between 2:00 and 4:00 a.m. okay that's

the first part

when we're making choices we use between

even if it's between several people here

are five hopeful candidates for a job I

have to choose between them in a way

it's still between two the one I choose

and the four I don't choose we're

separating one from the others when we

say that something is part of a larger

group we use among like this among the

doctors who were mostly female were a

few men look at all those sheep there

are two black sheep among them okay now

it's your turn

here are five sentences for you to think

about and decide whether to use between

or among you've got ten seconds you can

pause the video if you like

okay here they are number one where's

Jim he's sitting over there between joy

and Maggie

fifteen people got on the bus and among

them were five children I can see you

between three and four o'clock but after

four I'm busy between ourselves I think

Miriam will get the job this will be

among the most wonderful experiences

you've ever had I one final comment

English speakers don't always agree

about which one to use but between is

much more common than among okay that's

all for today hope you found it useful

bye for now

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