Practice English Speaking&Listening with: [Weekly Idol] 있지의 신곡 <WANNABE> 무대♬ l EP.450

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In fact, I'm also really curious about which song would come out

after and

Please introduce this new song which would make a great hit

Yes, our 2nd mini album's title song WANNABE

is a song containing a message that 'I'm most perfect when I'm myself' in ITZY's own color

and we can't leave out our performance, right


We've also come back with another unique performance

this time as well

Wait a sec

Then, I'd get to see the new song performance right here?

Of course, you'd get to see it in the first row

Urgh, I feel such a good energy here


(the new song released for the first time in broadcast is right here in Weekly Idol)

We're so thankful

I would have such a delighted time today

I get to have a delighted time as well

The new song performance our MIDZYs are looking forward to

It's right here in our Weekly Idol

Please give us the music

(I'm perfect when I'm myself ITZY )

(the full version video will be released on NAVER and Youtube channel)

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