Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 6 Things You Need To Know Before You Buy Arcwave Ion

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here are six things you need to know

about our wave ion before you hit that

buy button

let's do this number six it's a pleasure

air technology

stroker ion doesn't vibrate like a

conventional sex toy it stimulates the


the most sensitive part of the penis

with pleasure air technology the first

time this tech has appeared in a

pleasure product for penis havers

that means you're not a passenger in

this thing you're involved

striking it gently will give you the

best results number five

silence is golden but you can't put a

price on pleasure

the power of ion means that in use it's

not a whisper but a hum

just like every other high-tech plethora

product out there

and with your penis correctly positioned

over the pleasure airpad

the noise of the motors fades away

number four there's a learning curve

ion is new all the technology that makes

it amazing

is also new it's a world first in every

important respect

therefore it's probably unlike any

sensation you've ever experienced before


you have to learn it it's a piece of

precision engineering not

a lump hammer you have to treat it right

to get the best out of it

and it may take a few uses before you

get used to it that's

normal number three it's made of

cleantech silicone

not tpe tpe is sticky

floppy and hard to maintain silicone is

always firm

always resistant to bacteria and always

easy to wash and keep clean

it is soft though and a little stretchy

so be gentle with it

number two ion welcomes all comers

archwave ion should suit around ninety

percent of all penis hovers comfortably

and length is no issue

and there's a two year warranty number


every time you use arc wave ion your

bitcoin portfolio appreciates in value

that's not true number one use lube

lots and lots of lue


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