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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: bada 2.0 new features

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Hi, I am Manfred from the bada team of Samsung Mobile

I¡¯m pleased to introduce you to bada 2.0

the latest version of the Samsung bada platform

This video is a sneak preview of what to expect from bada 2.0

We will provide further, more detailed and technical videos shortly

So, keep checking our website and YouTube channel for updates

In bada 2.0, we¡¯ve added a lot of exciting new features related to different areas

Including, Application Framework, Communications, Multimedia, Web technologies

We added a couple of new and very helpful tools

And we extended the services on the bada server

which may lead to new business opportunities

In bada 2.0, we have introduced multi-tasking

So, several bada apps can run at the same time

For example, your music player can keep playing your favourite songs

while you check your email

or you could surf the web while you listen to internet radio

In addition, a bada 2.0 app can also be associated with particular content types

like pictures or music files

This association is registered by using MIME types or URIs

Communications technologies are crucial for the next generation of mobile applications

In bada 2.0 we support Near Field Communication

NFC opens up new possibilities for convenient mobile payments

To the WIFI APIs we added support for WIFI direct

Your application can now utilize an ad hoc WIFI connection

among a group of users without any access point

So, if you are a network game developer

you will love this feature

To enrich multimedia possibilities

we integrated the OpenAL library and offer APIs to provide 3D sound interfaces

With that and HTTP streaming you can build good quality Internet radio apps

or create advanced game experiences on bada

Also, Text-to-speech and Speech-to-text features have been added in bada 2.0

to further enhance user interaction possibilities

Imagine your bada device reading out your tweets

or controlling your favourite application using voice commands

We also extended the UI functionalities in bada

So, very interestingly for instance is you can now personalise the lockscreen

If you are a Web developer

you won¡¯t want to miss porting your HTML5 and web apps to bada

Version 2.0 is compatible with HTML5 and WAC 2.0 standards

We also provide a native JSON parser to make the most of javascript on bada

We¡¯ve also added some new tools which should give you a helping hand

Once you¡¯ve deployed your application on a device

you can use these tools to monitor and tune your application¡¯s performance

The profiler helps to optimise your application by identifying bottlenecks in your code

while the performance analyzer can be used to monitor

the application¡¯s use of resources such as memory

In addition to the Simulator

bada 2.0 will also provide an Emulator which creates an environment on your PC

which is equal to the target deployment environment on bada phones

We added a lot of improvements to the bada Server side as well

including, operator billing and mobile advertisements

which may lead to enhanced business opportunities

So this was a sneak preview of bada 2.0

We invite you to try it out today

Just download the new bada SDK from

Keep checking our website or follow us on Twitter for further news

Thanks for watching

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