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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Why I'm doing a PhD (Hint: it's for you)

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hello Julia Northbrook here from doing taking a quick break from my

daily run this is something I talked

about before on this channel but I think

a it's important enough that it warrants

once warrants a second video a second

discussion or another video another

discussion right now I am I'm putting

together my PhD thesis I mean it's

basically written we're really just

going through organizing the parts

chopping up cutting pasting rearranging

polishing all that good stuff and as a

part of this I do of course what I say

of course if you are in the world of

academia you'll know of course I have to

do a literature review for me at least

well I mean I won't say it's the most

important part when I do my own research

was like the also I won't say it's the

most interesting part because in my own

research was obviously the most

interesting part but for me at least

doing doing the literature review review

is a is a fascinating process because

I'm digging into research that has been

done in the field of second language

acquisition decades ago and although of

course our understanding of how language

works has has improved significantly

over that time and the more recent

research has become more detailed more

granular and it's more focused on things

that we now understand really well much

of what was done in the early days was

getting it right language is what we

call usage based meaning it is something

that happens develops in reaction to

usage it's not rule-based it's not

syntactically driven like we used to

think learning a second language is not

a case of studying a load of grammar

rules memorizing some words and then

somehow magically being able to combine

those into like sentences not only is

the learning process fundamentally

different to that

it's how the language that we have in

our mind actually functions and how we

actually process that and use that and I

actually construct our conversations

sentences larger stretches of discourse

there's not how nature speakers do it

and it's not how highly proficient

non-native speakers do it either we are

not using Rama rules we are not using

words we are not computing those in

memory and creating language like that

like we used to think and research is

going back decades that shows us this

that's been proposing this if doing

experiments which show this to be true

and yet yet what are we still doing in

the classroom what a schools still doing

what a teacher is still teaching their

students more grammar rules memorize

more vocabulary and the point is is

academia and real life real practical

learning application of what we know to

be highly effective for learning second

languages there's very little

communication between them teachers tend

to see academics as these up themselves

people living in their ivory tower doing

something theoretical with no real

practical application and academics for

the most part really are just looking at

teachers as the bottom tier people I'm

really although they say ah you know

doing what they do because they want to

improve what many of them are doing what

they do because they want to improve the

state of education in general because

they've reached that that other place

the the world of academia well the

conversations that they have and the

research that they do only really gets

communicated with other researchers it

kind of stays in academic circles via

the medium of academic conferences

research journals and never filters down


real education real schools real

classrooms real students people just

like you and of course there's the very

real reality that they're playing the

academic publishing game they're too

busy getting their research published in

academic journals playing the game

because it's the only way that they can

survive in academia they're too busy

with that to take what they're doing and

reapply it to the real world this is

something that I've made it my mission

to do to take one and translate it over

to the other two to bridge the gap

between the research that I'm doing and

the research that I'm exploring as a

part of the ph.d process and retranslate

that reuse that filter there through to

people like you so that you can actually

make the best of it make the best of

what we know works best practices and

become someone who is able to make use

of this rich literature bank of

knowledge that we've built over the last

several decades and do something amazing

with it well rather I should say use it

to do something amazing with your

English anyway I really should be

getting back to my run this then has me

junior Northbrook signing out from this

video it's not the loveliest of days

it's got to be sent but it's pleasant

enough that ah

writing called and I needed a nice walk

this is me Judy Northbrook signing out

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