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and yeah just jump into the video and enjoy!

The song of Theodor chapter 44 special edition though voice over by lambimation

What are we fighting for

For survival

For pride

For defeating the enemy

For protecting the homeland Aw~ it's like a small

a young version of them it's so cute it brings back my memory of chapter 1 and 2

This boring

Just know how to negotiate! Barely go out and play with me!

This place has such a nice view~

Sienna Theodor eight years old I should pick some flowers for big brother and mother

An arrow shoot huh

This is so he like look at the tiny version of him it's so different from now


You you you dont come here! If you hurt me my brother wont let you go!

and he takes out the knife

Ahhhhh! Help!!

Ching! Sienna! Dont be afraid!

That voice is!!

Alas big brother!

Ching! Ching!

I remember there was like a scene that said

when Latio was young he can kill a lion so I think Latio is better I don't know



Your sword is broken you should leave

Nod and leave

Big brother why did you let him go! That Saga assassin used Arrow to shoot me!

If his knife isnt broken, I would be dead yeah that was that was what I

said because I remember when he's young he can kill lions so brother Alas isn't in a

in a good position not to mention...look at that

What? Snack!!

he didn't want to kill you he wants you instead Oooo~the bond

start from when they are younger Saga camp

Hahahaha, the son of the god of war returned empty-handed from


Bolu, Your son needs to practice more if he wants to go to the battlefield

Dad...sorry Omg his dad

looked like him like when he's young I mean when he's older

Latio, do you want to go to the battlefield?

Yes! I want to become a warrior like dad!

to become a warrior is not to prove you're powerful it's not to destroy

But fight for the land in front of you to be peaceful and beautiful forever

Peace worths everything we do

Aw I hope I hope they have a good ending you know

The negotiation between the two country failed

after three years of fighting Southern Theodor Empire and the Saga Empire signed a peace treaty

Latio and Alas served as hostage in the peace treaty Omg this actually makes sense it tells

the whole story why did Latio happened to be in her country and become friends and

everything after that and Omg this is bringing me back chapter one or two memories because


I hope they have good ending you know

I know the brother is dead but the main characters have good endings thank you

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