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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Top 10 Scary Alien Superheroes

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Greetings nerdy list afficionados and its time for aliens!

At the time of this recording theres a bit of an areas 51 craze on so why not take

a look at some scary alien superheroes.

Now theres going to be various types of fear on this list from just powerful entities,

to the horrible villains they cause to descend upon to earth to what ifs.

Im Sasha and were going to be taking a look at the Top 10 Scary Alien Superheroes

Im sure youll be able to guess some of these but hopefully Ill have some surprises

for you.

Lets get started.

Number 10 - Superboy Prime so whats scarier than superboy prime is the effect he has had

on the multiverse alongside the unchecked power of a bitter jaded superman.

So this character first appeared in DC Comics Presents #87 (November 1985).

This character was from a world in the multiverse known as Earth prime hence the prime at the

end of his name this world was much like ours as there superheroes were fictional characters

and the clark kent here is just a regular boy.

Sharing the same name as superman.

All of this changes when haleys comet flies overhead on his 15th Halloween activating

kryptonian powers.

However shortly after all this Superboys home Earth is destroyed in crisis on infinite

earths superboy survives along with a couple of other castoffs from various now defunct

earths in the paradise dimension.

However it is here he slowly goes insane using the resources available which are crystals

making up their adrift home to replay events from his prime earth over and over until one

day he snaps.

Trapped without a planet and with no potential to be the hero he was intended to become he

begins punching the walls which are actually the walls of reality which was used to retcon

some dc events they wanted to undo.

This is why Jason Todd came back to life and it also tweaked some origins or combined them.

After this he became a villain bent on finding purpose in some way.

He is angry, bitter, self absorbed and with all the powers of Superman.

He sometimes comes across as lame in how hes written but the core concept definitely scary.

Number 9 Miss Martianis a recent hero she first debuted in Teen Titans #37 (August

2006) and was a key part of the young justice animated series.

She was created because Geoff Johns who was writing the series was informed he couldnt

use supergirl.

Miss Martian is a white Martian there are two types of Martians in the dc universe and

there was a civil war.

Now her white Martian status if often a cause of conflict for her and is part of her quest

for acceptance for herself.

However, thats not where the fear comes from, this is the whole what if she goes rogue

the martians are so powerful let me go down a list of abilities get ready.

Super strength, durability, flight, superspeed, stamina, regeneration, shapeshifting, phasing

abiltiies, telepathy, psionic blasts and shields.

Telekenisis sonic scream and x-ray vision.

Also in her young justice incarnation she was initially shown to not have many moral

qualms about quite aggressively using her powers on foes and eventually friends.

Telepathy is a tricky beast.

I dunno people are always going on about fighting an evil version of superman I dont want

to have to fight an evil version of miss martian.

Number 8Starfire.

Starfire first debuted in DC Comics Presents #26 (October 1980) and was a staple member

of the new teen titans.

A princess from the planet tamaran koriandr was betrayed by her own sister blackfire well

actually their whole planet was.

Selling them out to their enemy the citadel and part of that agreement was for her to

able to enslave stafire.

There was a whole horrifying backstory on top of that but ultimately Starfire escaped

and came to earth she kissed robin to learn our language the whole nine yards.

So where is the fear well while Starfire is powerful as she is constantly absorbing ultraviolet

radiation, can fly can generate starbolts as a result of experiments performed on her

and is stronger than average what is really scary is her attitude.

The tamaranians are a warrior race though and through and as a royal Starfire has a

particularly vicious streak.

She has come into conflict with the titans on occasion because of her lack of compassion

and willingness to kill.

Really shes just kind of going along with our morality she operates by a different code

ask deathstrokes wife oh wait you cant starfire mercy killed her.

Number 7Omni Man Oh invincible what a ride.

The Omni Man is a slight superman deconstruction who first debuted in Invincible #1 (January


This series was helmed by Robert Kirkman who more people will know for his walking dead

comic series.

The Omni Man is the father of the main character the hero invincible and one of the premier

heroes of earth some would say the most mighty.

He is a member of the Viltrumite race and claimed to have come to help better mankind

as was the creed of his species.

He possessed super human strength, speed, flight and immortality.

However, heres the thing it was a lie he was on a mission of conquest.

He was sent to lure the populace into a false sense of security and breed to produce and

heir to help him in his conquest.

The betrayal its the betrayal that is scary of his family, of the planet.

I just realized that for most the planet should have come first but Im sticking with my


When he reveals himself he kills a lot of the worlds superheroes its a close call

driving him off world and it changes the landscape of how that earth views heroes and aliens


Number 6Goku I feel so scandalous sneaking him in here, in my dreamworld wed talk

about a lot more anime.

Son Goku deserves to be on here tho as do most Saiyans.

So Goku.

Raised on earth Goku is another one who was deposited so that he could conquer the planet

for the Saiyans and he was supposed to do this as a child.

He used to transform into a giant ape back when he had a tail but they cut it off so

it was fine.

Goku has been on a lifelong quest to get as strong as possible, now while Goku is pretty

nice if absentminded person and terrible husband whats scary about him is the amount of

villains he attracts to the planet.

Now this is a bit of the batman argument of if he wasnt there would there be as many


I mean some are just coming to conquer earth as you do but others are drawn there by his

power level or stories about the other people hes fought.

Collateral damage is scary people dont let man of steel fool you.

Although I mean Goku makes the effort to fight away from other people unlike Snyder verse


More anime give a like and we can make it happen.

Number 5Silver Surfer try and forget about Kellys hate for the fantastic four

film for a moment and embrace all that is the comic book character of Norrin Radd.

The silver surfer first debuted in The Fantastic Four #48 (March 1966)and initially he was

a villain herald to galactus eater of worlds and he has a surf board because Jack Kirby

was tired of drawing space ships.

Now the silver surfer wields the power cosmic so hes extremely powerful cause he can

absorb and manipulate the universes ambient energy.

He can navigate through space and time.

The silver surfer is scary not only because of the immense amount of power he has at his

disposal and how threatening it is when it is unleashed against the earth.

But again because the events hes involved in are unfolding on such a massive scale that

when he fails the events are catastrophic.

You know who didnt prevent thanos from gathering all the infinity gems the silver


Thanks a lot Norrin.

Of course he helped fix all that, mostly hes a wanderer who does his best to help out.

Well intentioned but sometimes it just all goes awry.

Number 4Captain MarvellThe first one but in my heart still notthe real

captain marvel I dont care how many lawsuits he lost itll always be Billy Batson for


So Captain Marvel is well Mar -Vell an undercover kree operative he first debuted in Marvel

Super-Heroes #12 (December 1967) and he actually has that name cause Marvel was trying to cash

in on Fawcett comics lapsed trademark and their bankruptcy at the hands of DC over their

Captain Marvel vs Superman lawsuit.

Lawsuits lawsuits everywhere.

So Captian Marvel was swayed to the side of the earh by our incredible charm and magnetism

and because Yon Rogg his superior was a jerk.

Marvel ends up being found guilty of treason and its a whole thing the fear lies more

in the what could have happened category.

We need a what if oh wait we have one This tale comes to us from what if volume 1 #17

entitled what if ghost rider spider-woman and captain marvel had remained villains.

Just kinda roles off the tongue doesnt it.

In this tale Yon Rogg botches his attempt to mess with mar vell and is arrested so Mar

vell is promoted to colonel and goes ahead full force with the humans are no threat lets

just turn their planet into a warzone.

See its a good thing Yon Rogg was a jerk he saved us all.

Number 3Maxima oh Maxima lets take a trip down awkward story arc memory lane

Maxima first debuted in Action Comics #645 she was a princess from the planet almanac

who came to earth and took up a role as a superhero so that she could meet super powered


Specifically superman.

Her species was all about selective breeding and creating the finest specimens Maxima tells

clark and I quote she could "give him what no Earth woman could - children" This was

during the whole no woman could wistand his potency time period.

Theres an elseworlds story where Loiss baby kills her from the womb and then superman

marries maxima.

Sidenote the killing from the womb thing is a big plot point from the boys which Im

so excited for.

Me and the boys!!

So when superman wont sleep with her she joins the superman revenge squad cause he

humiliated her.

The new 52 did not help retconning her to be a young lady wrestling with her latent

homosexuality and falling in love with supergirl only to flee cause it was her duty to produce


It sounds better but it wasnt trust me.

Then rebirth she was a person pretending to be the real maxima with her pre new 52 origin

but had stolen her identity from the new 52 one.

Just some characters dont need to come back.

Whats scary here is the pettiness.

Just super powered beings turning on a whim especially ones with psionic abilities like


Heres the thing unpopular opinion time and I have many Maxima like original maxima

could have been a good character thirstiness and all.

This could have been done well it just would have taken some more nuanced writing than

ultimately happened and she would have had to have an arc where she either just embraced

she was thirsty or she dealt with her low self esteem and decided to step out of her

peoples shadow.

Number 2SupermanOf course you knew Superman would be on this list.

The concept of the man of steel turning against his adopted home and people are rampant.

The evil superman storyline is a classic and played out in so many ways.

Hes an overlord and always has been, he was raised somewhere else and twisted to different

values, or just the plain old Lex approach he stunts our growth as a species by existing.

Now personally I prefer a beacon of hope superman but these dark tales can be intriguing and

bring up elements of fear in layers.

All of these evil superman stories speak to twisting a trope but also to humansinnate

belief that nothing could be truly good that latent fear that if something is too good

to be true it probably is.

On top of that theres your standard fears his massive amount of power being turned around

to subjugate or just the betrayal of trust that is possible a concept played with earlier

in this list by omni man.

For some the very concept of superman is scary in general whether he is good or not, just

the no man should have that much power, he needs to be controlled or at least be able

to be neutralized so the Batman approach look up in the sky a ticking time bomb.

I think most of you are just like hes not number 1 what is happening well thats because

in at number 1 Martian manhunter.

The Martian Manhunter first debuted in Detective Comics #225 (Nov. 1955) but theres a lot

about his first origin that would be retconned such as how he got to earth what has remained

is him adopting the name jonn jonzz and living among us in secret.

Sotheyre already here thats the fear here aliens living among us and then lets

add the immense amounts of power to that list I already listed them for Miss Martian Im

not doing it again.

John jones is an interesting character even more so after the 1988 mini series that established

a bunch more backstory for him, his natural form, his dead family, his language.

Hes evolved a lot over time, but being a good character doesnt make you any less

of a scary one.

The ties connecting John to Earth had best not break cause if so theres nothing to

stop him from turning on all of us or just flat out leaving.

I mean thatll probably never happen but I sure hope not I mean he links all the heroes

minds together during missions.

He provides cookies.

I feel like Im channeling my inner lex with this number one only with none of the

resources sadly.

So those were some scary alien superheroes do they scare you fear is very subjected and

can be taken in a variety of directions.

Leave your favourite alien superhero down below.

And while youre down there like and share and subscribe hit that bell notification.

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