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Sorry !

It's my fault

Mr Carstens!

I'd like to make you an offer for the hospital

As you know, I am the owner of the "Samba Sauba"

and I would like to take care of the laundry in the hospital.

How many kilos of laundry do you think there are in this hospital every day?

Or just the laundry for the staff's clothes?

Dr. Tolkotter's office also brings his laundry to us

For hospital linen, there are special provisions

Yes of course


Leave me a proposal

I will do it

I can't promise you anything but I will look

Thank you

thanks too




What do allergy tests say?

I am allergic to this laundry substance

And now?

I have to change laundry, at home too

You look tired

This news has exhausted me

Come on, I'll take you home

Thank you but it was a little too much for me today

I think I'd rather be alone

ok, I understand






I wanted to explain something to you

I don't want to harm Mr. Flickenschild

but I have to win the presidency of the old listed hotels

On principle or what?

No, it's nothing more or less than a matter of survival

Look, I grew up in a favela in Rio

I know what we need to survive

My family's hotel is on the verge of ruin

What can Mr. Flickenschild do about it?

Nothing, absolutely nothing

But our competitor Mr Schrader has advertised to our customers and is taking them away from us

But if I win the presidency

I could arrange for him to be excluded

It's really a bad trick

To save our family, I have to become president

And Flickenschild is unfortunately on the way

But it's not up to your crap

Everything is fine, I have everything under control

At least look at me if you're lying to me

Why should I lie to you?

You still don't know that Flickenschild changed the statutes


He initiated a vote

and now he can and will be a candidate again

I wonder how he could have found out

Well, he must have read the statutes anyway

Oh just like that, it fell from the sky!

Why not, he wants to be a candidate, he's interested in every detail

I don't have to explain to you what will happen

if Flickenschild receives the presidency

Tell that to our staff

because of you, we will go bankrupt

But what are you really asking me for?

Winkler say hello

Do you remember

when you played hide and seek with him in our suite

when you were still a kid

Yes mom, what should I do then?

You have to get rid of Flickenschild

Mom, this man is honest

Then you can send his letter of resignation directly to Winkler

My God

this man was working for us while you were still playing in the sandbox



This is about our family

You must discredit Flickenschild to prevent his election

I have to go to Pilatis



Pff .. Pilatis!

Yes enter, it's open

Uh Mr Carstens

Mrs. da Silva come in

I wanted to apologize to you

About what?

I heard you had a problem with the smell of laundry

No more now I have a new suite

Mr Carstens, I think the smell comes from laundry

This suite will feel the same way

Why are you telling me that?

I didn't notice it and now I feel like I still feel it

By tomorrow, you will have a good smell of sheets and handkerchiefs


Thank you


Everything is fine?

why it doesn't happen to me?

Dear Mr Bloomberg

a little attention of the house

in thanking you for your support

Mr Flickenschild is grateful as always

Bloomberg is a member of the former listed Hotels

in which Flickenschild wants to be president

but you don't think that Mr Flickenschild ...

I can't imagine he's bribing someone to get the presidency

But maybe someone's trying to lower him down

Mr Carstens

Can you keep this for yourself?

I think I have an idea

OK, I keep the money until you contact me again

Thank you


I think my shoe is relaxing a little bit

Then you should have invested your 1000 euros in another pair of shoes

I just got back from Mr Carstens's Suite 219

and there too an envelope was slipped under the door just like in that suite.

But the envelope wasn'tfor Volker

You want to bribe Mr Flickenschild because of this stupid post?

It's not just a stupid post

it's much more, it's....

I'm going to tell Mr. Flickenschild what you and your mother were up to

No Please!

Let me go, please!

Sorry, please

please don't report me

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