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And what we're going to talk about now, is what equipment do I need to

take with me and what is provided when Icome kayaking with Oceanwide Expeditions?

Hi everybody. Welcome to The Expedition Guide: the ultimate guide to expedition cruising in the polarregions.

My name is Adam Turner and I'm the FieldOperations Manager for Oceanwide Expeditions.

Now, as well as taking our guests to some of the most beautiful places in the world, one of the

favorite parts of my job is being able to get involved in some of the activities we offer our

guests when they travel with us. And one of those is the kayaking program. A question we frequently

get asked is what do Oceanwide give me if I come kayaking and what do I need to bring? So the

aim of this short video is just to answer those questions for you, and we start off at ground level.

The first thing we'll provide you will be a pair of neoprene booties. We have lots

of different sizes of these on board, as well as different sizes of the other clothing we give you.

Now, if you take an unusual size, please contact your agent or our office to make sure we have

the right size on board for you. Inside your boot I'd recommend wearing something like a Merino wool

sock, which will still keep your feet nice and warm, even if they do get a bit wet. On your legs I'd

advise wearing something like leggings or a pair of thermal underwear. And the reason for this is it

gives you an extra degree of comfort, but also for hygiene reasons. It gives us another layer

in between your skin and the wetsuit.

And weprovide you with a sleeveless wetsuit, which you'll keep for the duration

of your kayaking tripwith us.

Up to waist level we have the spray deck.

This - if needed - will go around your waist and it secures around the edge of the cockpit to - again-

provide an extra level of dryness and warmth while you're doing the paddling. On your body, personally

if I'm paddling in the polar regions I wear a thin fleece shirt and I find that works quite well, but

this is an individual choice, something comfortable. Would advise against wearing cotton, because once

it gets wet, there's no insulating properties. But on the outer layer we give you a waterproof kag.

Over the keg we'll give you a buoyancy aid,

and you'll see on the buoyancy aid we have some pockets and some different attachment points.

Now, this is ideal for placing your action camera, or if you have a waterproof case with a lanyard on it,

your mobile phone to get these quick images. Maybe of the wildlife that's swimming next to you or

something else where you need your camera handy to capture the moment.

On the very top a nice warm hatjust to keep you comfortable while you'repaddling.

One of the other questions we get a lot on board as well is

what do I wear onmy hands to keep them warm while I'm kayaking?

Now, we provide you with these neoprene pogies, which attach onto the paddle for kayaking, and they

give an extra level of warmth and dryness as well. But what you can consider doing, is maybe going to

your local watersports outlet or even some dive shops and buying a thin pair of neoprene gloves,

which once wet will also help insulate and keep you comfortable. You need nothing else to bring

with you to enjoy this amazing time you'll get paddling with us in the Arctic or in the Antarctic.

I hope this video has been of use to you. For more information please visit our website or

leave a comment in the comments box below. Thank you for watching this and let's go exploring!

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