Practice English Speaking&Listening with: The Two of Clubs/Vacation Daze

Difficulty: 0

- I'm in the big city with my big familia

Every day here is my favorite da

One big house and our family store

Food and laughter y mucho amor

Tos, abuelos, all of my primos

A dog, a parrot, amigos

We're one big family now

Sundays and Mondays

They're all fun days when you're with the...

all: Casagrandes! - Mucha vida

all: Casagrandes! - Bienvenida

all: Casagrandes! - Mucha risa

all: Casagrandes! We're all familia!

- Tan-tan!

[train dinging]

[door ding dongs]

- Oh, Sid, watch out for the--

- Gum? Saw it.

[upbeat music]


- Banana. I was gonna say banana.

[man yelps]

Hey, today's the day we have to pick an after school activity.

Did you figure out which one you're gonna sign up for?

- Not yet.

I had a little problem with the booklet.

My mom brought home a baby alligator from the zoo.

- It's okay. I've got mine.

It only has Lalo's slobber on it.

- Ugh.

- We should totally pick an activity

that we can do together.

I don't want anything cutting down on our hang time.

- Me neither.

Do you realize if we don't do something together,

we're gonna lose out on two hours of hang time a day?

That's ten hours a week and 40 hours a month

of not hanging out!

- Well, that isn't going to happen.

Let's see-- Chess Club, Gardening,

Introduction to Model Trains.

- Oh, definitely model trains. both: Huh?

- Hey, girls! Just overheard your convo.

Go with trains. They're literally tons of fun.

Choo, choo! Chugga, chugga, chugga, chugga.

All aboard! - Thanks, Dad.

We'll take it into consideration.

- What about gymnastics?

It's a great activity, and you can do it anywhere.


- Thanks for the suggestion, Mrs. Kernicky.

Is there anybody we don't know on this train?

- [squawks] Yeah, tell me about it.

[quirky musical flourish]

- Hmm...

Intro to Balloon Animals, Arc Welding...

No way! Lucha Libre? What do you think?

Could that be our after school activity?

- Yes! I mean,

whenever I've watched it with you, it looks pretty cool.

Let's do it! - Uh, a little help?


[chuckles, whimpers]

[upbeat music]

[bell rings]

[rock music]

- This looks awesome!

Here, let's be green.

That way, we can be on the same team.

- Sweet!

Now, what are our characters' back stories?

Ooh, how about this?

Since we're green, we can be radioactive booger people.

- [laughs] - You guys wanna wrestle?

Me and Becky against you two?

- Sure! What are the rules?

both: [giggle]

[laugh maniacally]

- There are no rules.

both: [scream] - [grunts]

- [grunts]

So what's your character's back story?

Are you both Aztec warriors lost in time?

Or oranges who escaped from the juice factory?

- Less talking, more wrestling!

- Okay. Ooh!

You know what I like? Thumb wrestling!

[both yelping]

- [whimpers] - [laughs, grunts]

- All right, here's the plan.

You lure them over here,

and I'll jump off the ropes and pin them.

- But won't that make them mad?

- Don't worry about it. We can take them.

Just channel your aggression.

- [grunting]

- Come on, you can do it.

What makes you angry? Tap into your tough side.

- [grunting]

Ooh, a butterfly! [giggles]

- Sid, wait! [gasps]


- [giggling]

- Sid, look out! - Aww!

- Huh-yah!

- [screams] - [screams]

- [grunts, screams]

- [gasps] - [whimpers]

- Sid, where are you?

- [whimpering]

- You're not having fun, are you?

- No, no, this is what radioactive booger people do.

They hide!

- It's okay, Sid. Maybe Lucha isn't your thing.

- I'm sorry. I know how much you like it.

- Don't worry.

We'll find another club we can do together--

one that we both love.

- Thanks, buddy.

- See you guys in Algebra!

[mellow music]

Let's see.

Drama, jewelry, robotics, woodshop--

- Whoa, wait!

Robotics? We have to!

I'm not taking no for an answer.

Can we, Ronnie Anne? Can we? Please?

- Sounds like fun! Let's check it out.

- Hey, Ronnie Anne,

can I borrow your book if you're done?

Archery club was definitely not for me.

- Sure, Laird.

- If you're thinking of trying Lucha Libre,

watch out for Becky.

This breakfast bot is gonna cook everything--

eggs, bacon, toast, pancakes.

How's your robot coming?

- Good.

I finally figured out that this piece

attaches to this piece.


- I have a great idea.

Why don't you help me with my breakfast bot?

- Yeah, let's do that. I'm starving anyway.

- I'm almost done.

Can you connect the eye sensor to the servo motor?

- You know it!

Okay, all set!

- All right, who's ready for breakfast?

[robot blipping]

- Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

- How about we start with some hash browns?

[robot blipping]

- Are you sure you connected that right?

- I'm, like, 80% sure.

Or maybe 60. [laughs sheepishly]

- Hm, maybe you better turn it off so I can check it out.

[device beeps] [robot blares]

- Time for breakfast.

- [gasps] - Time for breakfast.

Time for breakfast. - [screams]

- Time for breakfast. Time for breakfast.

Time for breakfast. Time for breakfast.

Time for breakfast. Time for breakfast.

[all scream] Time for breakfast.

Time for breakfast. Time for breakfast.

Time for breakfast. Time for breakfast.

[whirring down] Time for breakfast.

- Psst, is everyone mad at me?

[all growling]

- No!

But robotics might not be your thing.

- No, I can make this work.

How about I just watch from under here

and never touch any of the robots?

- Or we could just find another club.

- But you love robotics.

- Yeah, but I'd rather find another activity

than lose ten hours a week of quality hang time!

- Oh, definitely. We cannot lose hang time.

Okay, there's lots of other clubs we could try.

The most important thing right now

is that we leave immediately.

[both panting]

[overlapping angry shouting]

- Pottery's kinda awesome.

I'm going to make a new dog dish for Lalo.

- Hm, I think I'm gonna love it too.

If I could just find the on button for this thing...

- You have to step on the foot pedal.

[wheel whirring]

- [screams]

- [yelps] Oh, okay.

- Sorry, Laird.

- [muffled] It's okay.

- Maybe this club isn't for us.

[upbeat music]

- This is so much better than pottery!

- Yes, so much better.


- [yelps] - [screams]


- Let's try another club.

Today's recipe is preparing calamari.

Step one, pick out your squid.

- Here's a whopper! - Whoa!

- Ah, squid ink! Bleh!

[grunts, screams]

[both grunting] I got him!

- [yelps] Oh.


I miss being homeschooled.

[upbeat musical flourish]

- Well, we tried every club the school has to offer.

- Even Model Train Club?

- It was cancelled due to lack of interest, Dad.

- What?

[train tires screech] [both yelp]

Attention, everyone. This train is out of service.

Your conductor needs to walk this off.

Chugga, chugga, choo, choo.

[overlapping grumbling] - Come on!


- Can he do that?

- Oh, yeah. It's not the first time.

- Listen, Sid, I know we really wanted to do our after school

activity together, but we're out of time.

We have to pick by tomorrow.

- I know.

I don't wanna say it, but maybe you should go back

to where you were happy-- the Lucha Libre Club.

- You mean, without you? - What other choice do we have?

- Yeah, maybe you're right.

And maybe you should just do the thing

that made you happy-- Robotics Club.

Aww, buddy, are you crying?

- No, that's just from the squid ink.

But I am sad.

- I know. Me too.

[mellow music] [dog barking]


- [laughs]

[upbeat music]

[bell rings]

All right, you goons!

It's time for a rematch!

- Oh, hey! I thought you guys quit.

- Well, you thought wrong, my orange friend.

Wh--Where's Ronnie Anne?

- She's not here, but let me go get Becky.

- [grunts, screams] Help me!

- [laughs manically] - [screams]

- [laughs sheepishly] That's okay.

I have to go.

Tell Becky I said hi!

- Hey, guys. [laughs sheepishly]

Look who's back.

all: [panicked chattering]

- Mother, you came back.


- What do you want?

- Just looking for Sid.

- She's not here, remember? You guys quit.

- Uh, sorry. I thought Sid would be here.


- Wait! You haven't had breakfast.

[determined music]


Sid? - Yes?

both: I wanna join your club!

- I really don't care what we do,

as long as we do it together.

- Me too.

[gentle acoustic chord]

- So let's go to Robotics Club.

I'm totally gonna try harder.

- Nope. I've already got the mask.

Let's go back to Lucha Libre.

- No way. We're doing Robotics.

- Toast is ready.


[both laugh]

- Oh, wow.

Are you guys starting some sort of

Lucha-Libre-Robotics club?

- What? - No.

- I mean, yes!

Yes, we are starting a Lucha-Libre-Robotics Club.

- And we're totally gonna do it together!

[upbeat musical flourish]

[device blipping, beeps]

- Okay, Laird. You can start the match.

- All right, bots!

I want a good, clean battle!

No hitting below the fan belt.

[rock music]

- Whoo-hoo! Let's do this!

I'm gonna take you down, Sid.

- Come at me, bro!

- Come on, yeah!

[kids shouting excitedly]

- Hey!

Can I join this club? - Yeah.

- Of course.

- [screams]

[metallic crashing] [Becky grunting]

- [screams, grunts]

My money's on Becky.

[both laugh]

[rhythmic chiptune music]

- [squawks] Rise and shine!

- One step ahead of you, Sergio!

It's my mom's one day off all month,

and we made plans to spend it together.

- [squawks] You go, girl!

- [hums pleasantly]

[yelps] - Morning, Mom.

I made you a breakfast burrito and a coffee for the road.

- The road? - Yeah.

I planned a few activities for our big day together.

- Oh, right. Fantastic.

- Now, here. Eat this.

We only have eight hours until you have to be back at work.

- [squawks] Seven hours and 58 minutes.

- Hurry up and get dressed. I'll meet you in the kitchen.

- [yawns]

- Maria, I heard you come in late last night.

What are you doing up so early?

- I promised Ronnie Anne that I would spend the day with her.

- I'm worried about you, mija.

You need your rest or you're going to wear yourself out!

- Don't worry. I feel fine.

- Mom!

Okay, so I thought we could catch a movie.

"Chupacabra 4!"

- Ooh, I wonder how they'll top "Chupacabra 3."

- Then lunch at the make-your-own pizza place,

then the arcade, and then the museu--

[cell phone trills]

- Oh, it's the new nurse.

I should really answer. Just a sec.

Hey, Linda. - [indistinct chatter]

- No, we can't treat pigeons,

even if it has insurance.

Happy to help. [line beeps]

Sorry about that. Where were we?

- Okay, so-- - Mom!

I was unpacking a crate of salsa verde,

and I got a splinter!

- What's the big deal? Just take it out.

- [whimpering] Ah, the pain!

- Jeez, Bobby, why are you being so dramatic?

Here, let me-- - [screams]

It hurts to touch! - I didn't even touch it!

- Hang tight, sweetie. I'll go get my tweezers.

- There you are!

I heard it was your day off,

and I need you to pose for a portrait.

- Sorry, Ta Frida. She's booked.

- But Maria's the only one in the family I haven't captured

and I need to get this piece to the gallery.

- [whimpers] But what about my boo boo?

- [squawks] Tick tock, tick tock!

- Okay, fine.

But how about she does both at the same time?

[acoustic guitar chord]

- Ah, I can't look.

[screams] I looked!

- Maria, stay still or else you'll come out

looking like Picasso.

- So you almost done, 'cause it looks good to me, Ta Frida!

- What are you talking about?

Maria doesn't even have a face yet!

I'm waiting for the right expression.

[quirky musical flourish]

Oh! [dramatic musical chord]

- [sheepish chuckle] - Now I have to start over.

- [gasps] But we only have seven hours left.

- [squawks] Six hours, 40 minutes, and counting.

- Got it! - [sighs] Thanks, Mom.

I better get back to the mercado.

[door closes] - Freeze!

That's the look!

- Wait, really? This look?

- [laughing] Yep. Now just hold it.

- Ugh! [shutter clicks]

Here, you can use this instead. [goat bleats]

- [gasps] That's an even better angle!

- So you're all set? - Come on, Mom.

Let's go before someone else needs--

- Ta Maria! - Aww, come on!

- I found you three great guys on this dating app,

"Middle Aged Match."

- Gee, thanks.

- This one looks just like Raul from "Adios, Anna, Adios!"

- [squawks] But older!

- [squeals] They're waiting in the hall!

- Seriously?

- I know, right?

Ta's playing the field.

- Gah!

Ooh, guys, instead of having three long boring dates,

how about speed dating?

- Oh, my gosh, yes!

[upbeat music]

- Maria, your name--

es como musica...

- [giggles] Right.

- Oh, it's so romantic.

- Shh, I can't hear.

- For the love of--Sergio, can you help speed this up?

- [squawks] For the right price.

[biscuits shuffling]

[squawks] Time's up, pal!

- Gah! [awkward giggle]

- All right, I guess it's my turn.

- [squawks] Guess again!

- Well, hello there. I--It's nice to meet--

- [squawks] It's not you, it's her!

- Well, okay then.

Have a good one.

- Mom!

Mom, I got hot sauce where my splinter was.

It burns. It burns!

[screams, whimpers]

- Ta Maria, help!

I glued my model caboose to my caboose.

And then I got an itch.

[model train hoots]

[cell phone trills]

- Yes, Linda? - [indistinct chatter]

- Well, that's what the gloves are for.

Just a second. I'm getting another call.

Hey, Arturo. Everything okay?

- Hola, Maria! Great.

The clinic is thriving.

But can you tell me what this rash is?

- It hurts so bad!

- How am I gonna go to the bathroom?

- What about this guy? He's cute.

- [screams] Mom, the pain! - Caboose on my caboose!

- Mom! - Middle-aged guy!

- Caboose!

- [growls]

Stop! Listen up.

- Oh, hey, Ronnie Anne. Didn't see you there, mija.

- Hey, Dad.

Everyone, I know you all need my mom,

but this was supposed to be my day with her,

and now the day is half over!

- Aww, she misses her mama!

[shutter clicks] It's so sweet.

- I'm sorry, mija. You're right.

I promise, no more interruptions.

It'll just be you and me for the rest of the afternoon.

- Thanks, Mom. And thanks, everyone.

- But what about my rash? It's spreading--

[line beeps]

- Come on, Mom! Hurry!

- Okay, I got my coffee and I'm good to go!

What's first?

- If we hurry, we can still make the movie.

[cell phone trills] - I'd better take that.

I know you're too nice not to answer.

How am I not your background photo?

[shutter clicks] Come on, Mom.

On the way to the movie theater,

I'll show you the sneaker store

that Sid and I are obsessed with.

- That's... [yawns] Great.

- And there's amazing street art

on the way to the pizza place.

[train dinging, whooshes]

And after that, we can stop at the churro donut truck.

- Sounds delish.

- [laughs sheepishly] Mom?

You here?

[train rattles]

- [snoring]

[tires screech] [doors ding dong]

- No big. I'll just call her.

[keypad blipping] [cell phone trilling]

Dang it, I took her phone!

Okay, don't panic. She's smart.

She's probably waiting for me at the last stop.

- [snoring]

- [squawks] - [gasps]

Ronnie Anne? Oh, no--my phone!

[couple screaming]

[inhales, exhales] Okay.

Don't panic. She's smart.

She's probably waiting for me at the next stop.

- [squawks]

[train dinging]

- Mom?

[door ding dongs] - Ronnie Anne?

- Nope. Name's Joe.

- Maybe she made her way here.

[dramatic music playing]

Mom? - Amelie?

- Elio? - Harry?

- No, it's Ronnie Anne.

- Well, Ronnie Anne, you're ruining the movie!

Boo! [angry chatter]

- There's only one way to stop this chupacabra and that is--

- Ronnie Anne? - Boo!

Now we'll never know! [angry chatter]

- Okay.

Where's another place we were supposed to meet?

The pizza place!

[rhythmic chiptune music]

[sips] Ah.

- [coos, sips]

- [squawks]

[people screaming]

- [gasps]

- [grunts]

- [sheepish laugh]

- Same thing happened to me earlier.

- [sighs]

Well, so much for quality time.

[somber guitar music]

[sighs heavily]

[cell phone trills] - Hello?

- Ronnie Anne? - Mom?

- I'm calling from the landline.

I was so worried!

Please come home, mija.

I'll explain everything.

- [buzzing]


[cars honking]

- Ronnie Anne! There you are.

Hey, sweetie.

- Mom, what happened?

This was supposed to be our special day.

- I know. I feel terrible.

Honestly, I was so tired,

I fell asleep in the train station.

Then I looked everywhere for you,

but my brain was so foggy,

I couldn't remember where we were going first.

I'm so sorry I ruined our day.

- I'm the one who should be sorry.

I had no idea you were so exhausted.

I feel like a huge jerk.

- It's not your fault. I thought I could do it.

Hey, there's still a little time left.

We could hit the arcade. - Ta Maria!

I found a new match for you.

He's between jobs, but he's super handsome.

- Ow! Mom.

I dropped a pineapple on my foot

and then I spilled hot sauce on it.

The pain. The burn!

[dramatic music]

- I have a better idea.

Quick, come to my room!

- Ta Maria, I need you!

The glue situation has gotten worse.

- You can't hide from love, Ta Maria!

- Oh, I need to show her my masterpiece.

- [yelps] That was my good foot!

- Sorry, guys.

Whatever you need, it'll have to wait.

Mom's busy right now.

- I guess we're going now?

- [whimpering]

[mellow music]

- [squawks] It's a living.

- [snores]

- Hey, Ronnie Anne. - [yawns]

- I feel much better.

Thank you so much, sweetie.

That was really thoughtful of you.

- No problem, Mom. You deserve it.

- I promise my next day off is all yours.

Well, better go-- my shift's starting,

and Linda just called to tell me

that some genius swallowed a wrench.

- Really?

Man, your job is so cool.

- Would you wanna come with me?

- Could I? - Sure.

I mean, we'd be together. - Can I take the wrench out?

- [laughs] [firmly] No.

[upbeat music]

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