Practice English Speaking&Listening with: DIY Rainbow Slime Peel Off Face Mask

Difficulty: 0

Julia, there's no more.


Wait, here.

Just use this.

You're joking, right?


I'm just going to take this and make it into a face mask!

Oh my god, it's gonna look so--

Wait, I feel like it might.

Hey guys!

It's Rachel.

So I decided that I wanted to do a DIY rainbow slime

peel-off facemask, so I did it.

So just give it a thumbs up if you like it,

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Also, I made a SnapChat if you want

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Scan this thing right here.


I love you, and let's get on with the video!

Since we're doing a rainbow mask, take six bowls

and fill them each with nontoxic school glue.

Then take all the colors of the rainbow food coloring

and mix one drop into each bowl.

Put some aloe vera gel into it so

that it will be a moisturizing facemask,

and mix them all together.

Then take a spoonful of psyllium husk

and mix it into each color.

Put a tablespoon of water into each and mix it up.

Then microwave them for one minute each,

and that'll turn them into slime.



Then put them together in a rainbow formation.

Oh wow, it looks like unicorn poop.

Put them in a container.


And now just put it on your face.

You look like a melting bear.


So now what?

OK, so while we're waiting for this to dry,

which you might take awhile, do something fun.

Just Dance sent me this through the sponsorship,

so let's see how it is.

20 minutes later.

Need somebody to lean on.

Guys, this is really fun.

You have to play the demo using the motion controller

app on your phone.

You don't need a camera of anything.

You can get it for free, just download it

in the description box below.

OK, let's see if they have Let Me Love You by Justin Beiber--

oh my god, they do!

OK, they literally have all of my favorite songs.

What a life.

OK, you can play this on PS4, Xbox One, or WiiU

if you have any of those.

Let's go peel this face mask, it feels really dry.

My skin feels so soft.

And you can keep the slime.

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