Practice English Speaking&Listening with: CNUSD Reads: Howie & Kendra - Garretson ES

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Hi, I'm Kendra and I'm Howie and we're in third grade at Garretson Elementary,

And we're in Dual Immersion and as you can see, we're twins.

We're going to be reading you "Maria Had A Little Lamb", "Maria Tenia una Llamita."

And it's by Angela Dominguez.

We chose this book because we thought that it's a little cute when we read it before we did on here.

So that's why we chose it. So here we go.

Maria had a little llama. Maria tenía una llamita.

Whose fleece was white as snow. Cuya lana era tan blanca come la nieve.

And everywhere that Maria went, the llama was sure to go.

Y a donde Maria iba, la llama la seguia.

She followed Maria to school one day.

Un dia siguio a Maria a la escuela.

That was against the rules.

Eso iba contra las reglas.

It made the children laugh and play to see a llama at school.

Los ninos rieron y jagaron al ver una llama en la escuela.

The teacher had to send her out.

La maestra tuvo que mandarla afuera.

But still she lingered near and waited patiently about...

Pero ella se quedo cerca esperando pacientemente...

...For Maria to appear.

A que apareciera Maria!

"Why does the llama love Maria so?" the eager children cried.

"Maria loves the llama, you know," the teacher did reply.

"Por que la llama quiere tanto a Maria?" preguntaron ansiosamente los ninos.

"Porque Maria quiere mucho a la llama" la maestra respondio.

The End. Fin.

Thank you for listening us read this book. Bye. We'll see you next week.

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