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Holy Mary, Mother of God,

...pray for us, sinners, now and at the hour of our death, Amen.

Dear God...

Day 731 of our marriage...


Adrian still has not allowed me to fellate him...

Why won't he let me? Why?

Father, Son, and Holy Spirit... Amen.

Twenty-five, across...

Four letters...




And so... it's a pleasure...

...that he gives me... what I also give. This is about giving and receiving, right?

So, yeah... thank you for trusting me today...

this will allow me to give a new home... every Spanish living abroad.

The new Spanish Embassy will be their home...

And I will be in charge of it.


We have to pay the florist today.

Good luck today.

In a few hours, everything will be different.

You will be the wife of a diplomat.

Adrian! Champion! Adrian! Champion!

...Spanish, aren't you? You have to sign this.


Darling! What are you doing?


What were you doing?

- I was helping him. - I'd have never thought you were like that.


Hi Maria.

No, no, no, no. I need you to help me today!

I have to cook the matambre for tonight's dinner with Adrian's parents.

I'll pay you double.

Yes, I understand.

Of course. You need to be with your family.

No, no, no, I'm sorry.

Yes, I'll take care of it, I'll manage.

Do you need money?

All right. Let me know if you need anything, okay?


All right.

Take care. Bye, Maria.

These women have found joy in playing with movement

...through this new practice called naked Yoga.

They've invaded the beaches to promote the acceptance of the feminine figure,

their strength and freedom.

The most important thing of this movement...

is that participants claim to want to improve their self-esteem,

and have a deeper understanding of what it means to be a woman.

How did you get involved in this naturist movement?

Well. A few years ago, through my best friend.


And I've found real freedom as a woman.

First you must unlock yourself inside,

feel free and then you can exteriorize it.

You'll see how much better you'll feel.

You recommend this, then?

Of course.

Does it bother you at all the fact that this could upset the people around you?


I bet you're watching television.

Hello, Federica.

How are you? No, I'm not watching television.

Of course, of course. I'm sure you were reading the bible.

Have you heard from my son?


He told me he would be here just before dinner if they named him.

Of course they're going to name him, he's my son.

The thoughts you have...

By the way, tell the girl that I'm bringing white wine.

I don't want her serving the wrong drink again...

if that happens, you'll have to fire her.

Maria is not in today.

Don't worry I am making stuffed matambre. My grandmother's recipe.

Everything is under control.


I'm going to send Gloria to make dinner.

No. I can do it.

Of course you can.

Today is a special dinner and nothing can go wrong.

And I know you have that impatience.

Okay, I'll bring a pie.

And may God bless you. You'll need it. Good bye!

See you later.

Hello. I'm Luis Alcon. The painter.

Can I help you?

You bought one of my pieces at the gallery last week.

No. I'm sorry. I don't think so.

Yes, through my manager, Ariana.

No, no. I don't remember having bought anything...

- I remember I didn't... - This is it.

Why don't you come in. Come in! Yeah, yeah...

Ariana you said, right? From Aritzar Gallery...

Of course I remember.

What do you think?

Nice color contrast with the painting of Jesus, don't you think?

I was joking.

Let's see.

Careful. Where are you going? Please be careful.

Excuse me...?


No. Where's the dining room?

Is it this way?


Seriously, please.

I think buying the painting was a mistake.

It doesn't really match the style of the house.

The house belongs to my mother-in-law so...

I don't think it's appropriate. I think I better return it.

No, no, no, no, no. Look, just look at it.

- But... - It's perfect.

Yeah it makes perfect sense.

To be where you eat.

You see? Look.




Do you see it?

It's connecting with another person...

From the soul.

Most of us pass through life without noticing the people around us.


When you really look...

You can see the pain.

And when you understand that pain...

It inspires you.

Sometimes change inspires you too.

Who is she?

She is a friend.

We were together for a while.

It was very intense. Once she asked me to paint her... therapy.

A little while later we broke up.

She had many ghosts inside that didn't allow her to be herself... a beautiful woman.

I can feel that.

The cage.

The prison and...

Everything is so colorful, so loud, very in your face.

But it's as though it's all a mask to conceal the sadness behind it.

Well then...

I am happy to leave it with someone who understands it.

I think... I'd better go before...

I'm leaving... soon as you pay me.

I'm sorry, Adrian.

But Fabian is more qualified than you.

Fucking son of a bitch!

Fabian, the bootlicker! The blabbermouth! Son of a bitch!

That job was supposed to be mine! Shit!



It's just Luis the painter! Adrian, please!

What happened today, weren't you gonna get named? Adrian!

It's just a painting from Artizar Gallery.

I told you that night about the exhibition...


He's an up and coming artist. We bought one of his paintings.

- Hey! - Adrian, please talk to me.

- Ma'am! - Adrian, please.

- Adrian, look at me. - Hey, ma'am!


He's got my pants.

- Those? - Yes.

- They're right there. - Can you please ask him?

Could you please give the painter his pants back?

Adrian, look at me! It meant nothing, it's just Luis.

- He's a painter, nothing. Please. - Hey! Please, ma'am!

- Can I get my pants back? - Adrian...

- Sir! - Talk to me Adrian.

- Sir! - Say something please.

Say something.

They named Fabian.


I'm so sorry, Adrian. Do you want to talk about it?

- Can I get my pants back? - Shall we talk?

- Adrian. - Excuse me!

Adrian please.


This is Luis, the painter. This is Adrian, my husband.

Can I please get my pants back?

This is the painter I told you about, do you remember the exhibition...

I told you I had loved? Do you remember we talked that night?

Remember that night?

Of course I remember.

Another evening of blurred conversation and wine.

How many glasses have you had already?

- None, I haven't had a single glass. - None?

- Five. - Five?

Yes... Adrian, please. That has nothing to do with it.

There's a lot of tension here...

This could be a great opportunity for you to talk about your problems, definitely have things to talk about, so...

- When I get my pants and get paid... - Give the man his pants back, Eva.

We are not sexual perverts here.



Adrian, please.

All this talk has made me hungry.

What's for lunch?

- Lunch? - Yes, food. It's lunchtime.

Do you want me to prepare lunch?

All right.

And you are staying for lunch.

Really, there's no need.

Can I get paid now?

Just a...

Set the table, please.


Set the table. I don't like to repeat myself.

No Luis, no.

Start with the plates not the cutlery.

First the service plate. It's the largest plate.

Careful it's very expensive crockery!

The following one is the salad plate which is the medium-sized plate.


The medium-sized plate.

Great. Then the bread plate and you set it diagonally.

Very well, you learn quickly.

Now the cutlery.

The cutlery!

Forks to the left, knives to the right...

- Forks to the left... - That's it.

Then the salad fork. Where does it go?

- Here it goes, Luis. - The salad fork!

- Very well, very well. - Very well.

Then, where do the knives go? Here!

- Where does the fork for the cake go? - With the other forks.

No, they do not go with them, Luis.

And the glasses? Where does this glass go, Luis?

- Here! - Ouch!

- Are you guys okay? - Yeah everything is fine.

- What happened? - Nothing, it's barely a scratch.

What happened?

Nothing, just wipe it off and that's it.

I have disinfectant somewhere but come rinse it off, please.

- Don't be a pussy, please. - What? He's hurt!

You're a faggot.

Stop crying like a little girl. I challenge you to a game for men.

Or are you really a faggot?

Well, let me... I'll disinfect you...









Badminton is a game for gentlemen.

It was introduced in Europe by the British at the beginning of the nineteenth century.

It is very similar to tennis.

Three sets of 21 point each.

The best out of all three... wins.

You serve diagonally, from below the waist.


If you're ready, we can start playing now.



Here I go...

There! C'mon!

You're pretty bad.

Get that one...

- I'm winning. - You're cheating.

I'm cheating?

The light's coming from behind you. The sun is blinding me.

What sun? It's overcast.

Let's switch.

What? Okay. No problem, no problem at all.

All right, all right. Let's keep going.

Out! It's out!

Eva, please!

Out, it was out. Should I show you how to play again?

What are you doing? I told you to serve like this, from below the waist.

The sun is blinding me!

But it's overcast, isn't it?

We're tied.

Lunch is ready.

- It doesn't count. You've cheated! - What?

Interference, she was standing in the middle.

- It went in, didn't it? - Lunch is ready.

Best out of three.

Best out of three.

Lunch is ready.

- One, two, three. - One, two, three.

- Rock, paper, scissors. - Rock, paper, scissors.

- Rock, paper, scissors. - Rock, paper, scissors.

Oops, sorry.

- Rock, paper, scissors. - Rock, paper, scissors.

Oops, sorry.

- Rock, paper, scissors. - Rock, paper, scissors.

- Rock, paper, scissors. - Lunch!

- Rock, paper, scissors. - Rock, paper, scissors.

- Rock, paper, scissors! - Lunch! End it now!

Here's your lunch!


Is lunch ready?


Eva what is this mess? Where's the food?

The food flew away.

- Anyway, Luis. I have this wine... - Yes! Adrian...

Offer him your wine from Rioja, the one that was a gift.

It's very good, you'll love it, Luis.

- Seriously, there's no... - A friend of mine brought this...

...from Rioja, Serafin. You'll love it. What a color.

Do you need help?

Yes, could you hand me a bottle opener that works, please?

That's the only one we have, sorry.

Now you'll understand. Please.

The colors, the textures, how it opens up.


It's really good. Thank you.

Very good.


- Do you want some more, Luis? - No, thank you. I'm fine.

Oh! And I have these cheeses...

- To make a perfect pairing. - Of course, offer him some cheese.

Adrian is the best host. He's really good.

Please, Luis. You must try this. Eva, do you want some cheese?

No, thank you.

I kissed Luis first.

- More wine, Luis? - It's my fault.

I have more wine. Don't you wanna try another one?

Why, Eva?

Adrian, listen to your wife?

Do you wanna try more cheese? This cheese is just...

It's difficult but... tell him how you feel.

- How I feel? - How do you feel? Why did you kiss me?

It's okay. Why don't you try this, say:

My friend's cousin feels unhappy because...

My friend's cousin feels unhappy.

But why don't you tell him why?

My friend's cousin feels unhappy because she...

She likes... walk in the forest.

My friend's cousin likes walking in the forest, naked, when you can't see a thing.

She can hear the animal noises, but she is not scared.

She likes it.

She's exploring.


my friend's cousin...

feels tension...

Her husband's hand.

And she feels, immediately, that she must be scared...

That she must feel that same tension and be ashamed of being naked.

So that my friend's cousin's husband...

...can be the hero,

...the macho, the great one,

...and she stays where she belongs.

I don't know, I thought your friend's cousin was afraid of spiders, insects...

My friend's cousin is not afraid of spiders.

Your friend's cousin is afraid of insects, spiders, cockroaches, mosquitoes...

No, no, no. My friend's cousin does not fear spiders nor insects.

No! It's the husband of my friend's cousin the one who is very scared!

The one who screams whenever he sees a tiny spider.

- Do you want more wine? - Hold on! Why don't we...

Let's go to the living room to talk like civilized people. Like grown-ups.

- We change these clothes... - Yes, yes, yes.

I have clothes that would fit you perfectly...

Changing your clothes, that's the real problem here.

Eva, there's so much to clean around here.

Don't worry.

I have something here that will fit you.

This shirt.

Tailor-made by the best in Madrid. It fits like a glove.

It doesn't fit me anymore. But you can use it.

We have the little hand.

The one holding the little hand, speaks.

Careful with the little hands because each one is worth...

- ...more than your painting. - Enough!

Eva goes first. Eva has the little hand.

For the next 30 seconds you can tell him anything you want...

...and he'll take it like a man. Okay? Tell him whatever you want to say.

He can't judge you or yell at you.

He can't even talk because you have the little hand.

Well I can actually do anything I want, I'm in my home.

- I don't know... - That's how the game works.

That's how the game works, if you don't follow...

Okay, okay, okay. Please, let's start.

Let's see...

I want you to see me. I want you to see me as a woman.

- Is that it? - Yes.


What do you want, Adrian?

I want...

you to see me...

as I am...

Which is?

A man.

- He's stealing my line. - You're stealing her line.

I'm not stealing anyone's line...

- I'm a man... - You can't talk.

- I'm a man... - You can't talk!

Eva has the hand.

Okay. Let's play... role reversal.

All right? You will play Eva and you are Adrian.

Now, you will dramatize your biggest issue.

Very clear to me.

Go, now.

- Eva? - You don't listen to me.

What do I do?

What do you do, Adrian?

Eva, that's not the way you should behave.

Now is not a good time to talk.


Why don't we try something new?

Can I borrow your car? Oh, sorry...

I've been using it for two weeks without telling you.

Did you two ever get along?


- Yes. - Yes?

All right. Why don't we start with your first date?

How was your first date?

During our first date?

Adrian came to pick me up with his mom.

- With your mom? - And the chauffeur.

Okay, I'll play mom.

No, that's Mathias' place, the chauffeur.

- Okay. - My mother was in the passenger seat.

I'm the mom.

Hello, Eva. How are you?


Adrian has told me so much about you.

- I hope only good things. - My mother didn't drive.

- Right. - Okay.

Mathias is there...

Nice to meet you.

Likewise. Adrian has told me many things about you.

- Yes? - Yes.

Actually, when I got into the car, Federica knew everything about me...

and she asked about my dad even though she knew I don't have a dad...

- Okay... - That's not true.

- She didn't. - It's true.

- Shall we start again? - Okay.

Hello, Eva. Nice to meet you.

Hello, Federica it's a pleasure to meet you.

- Adrian has told me so much about you. - I hope only good things.

Yes, of course.

- How's your dad? - You have...

You have a wonderful son.

Don't I? I'm an extraordinary mother.

I assume all those beautiful qualities... he takes after you.

But of course, I've earned it.

You were not that nice to my mother.

Don't be so nice.

Hello, Eva. Nice to meet you. Adrian has told me so much about you.

- I hope only good things. - Yes of course.

How's your dad?

- Not again, please! - She didn't say that!

- Okay, okay. - Keep going.

- Okay, keep going... - Okay.

Then she asked me how long I'd been studying architecture.

- Okay... - If I was close to being done.

Because her son finished early with his studies in Diplomatic Affairs.

- Are you gonna let him talk? - He's stellar.

How's architecture going?

Why don't you play Federica?

Why don't you play my mother? Please, play my mother.

- Do I play Federica? - You will play my mother, yes.



Mom, this is Eva, we've talked a lot about her.

- Hello Federica. - Eva. How are you? How's your dad?

- Oops! Sorry, you don't have a father. - My mother doesn't do that...

- Forgive me. My mistake. - She doesn't move her shoulders like that

She didn't say that.

Well, what are your plans for the future, Eva?

Adrian is my only child...

- ...and one day... - She doesn't talk like that!

- He will be the ambassador of Spain. - You don' t have a clue, let me...

Eva, please... step away. Let me do it,

- You are doing it wrong. - Let him try.

Wait, wait, wait! Don't get your pants dirty.

Your mother wouldn't want that.

- Hello, Eva. How are you? - Nice to meet you, ma'am.

I'm delighted to meet you. Adrian has told me so much about you.

Yes, he's told me so much about you too.

Sure... Will you be getting ice cream today?


- We didn't get ice cream... - No!

But I'm sure he would have had to ask for permission if we had.

- Mother, can I take... - That's not true...

- I do not need to ask for permission. - Could I, please?

I'd love to go with Eva, alone, to get ice cream.

I did not say that, Eva. I did not say that.

Even now that he's thirty, he still asks his mom for permission to do anything.


- Yes. - That's not true.

- He cries to his mother all the time. - Really?

Eva won't make me breakfast like you do.

That is not true, Eva.

- He cries. - That's not true.

- Crying always for his mommy. - Really?

I don't cry! She's the one who cries!

I don't cry.

Yeah, you break dishes while you cry and scream like a crazy woman

- unhappy you are. - No. I have sexual fantasies at night.

You have sexual fantasies?

Okay, no wait... Go back to your seats.

Tell us about your sexual fantasy.


Sometimes, when I can't finish...

or when I'm really tense, or even sometimes when I'm home alone...

I imagine...

that I'm in a place where it is really hot...


I imagine that I'm... the middle of one of those cockfights.


there's a lot of people.

A crowd of Mexican workers on their lunch break,

...and I'm in the middle of the crowd... between all those sweaty bodies...

...and then I imagine that all of a sudden...

I am the cock.

But I'm not fighting. I'm making love.

And the workers are staring at me...

...while I'm naked...

...making love to a stranger.

And the more turned on they are the more it turns me on.

The more they yell, more, more, more...

...the more aroused I feel.

And so... sometimes...

...I picture that so I can have an orgasm.


Animals turn you on?

No, they don't turn me on.

Okay... just wanted to clarify.

So you have fantasies with sweaty Mexican workers.

It's the idea of being watched...

...without being judged.

Yes, yes...

I knew you wouldn't get it. Whatever.

My wife lusts after Mexican daytime laborers.

What have I done to deserve this?

You know, you don't listen to your wife. You don't even pretend.

Most men at least pretend.

- What's the use of pretending? - Then don't pretend!

See... What do you do to relax? To loosen your body?


Even the way you stand is closed off.

Loosen up. Present yourself to the world.

You've toiled away for far too long doing things nobody cares about,

...trying to please people who don't care about you at all.

That makes you small, it makes you closed off..

You love her, right?

Of course I do.

Then you'd be willing to do anything to keep her.

You know...

sometimes I see Eva across the table and I can't help but wonder...

if she'd be better off without me.

You know, maybe she'd be happier away from this place.

I'm gonna help you.

How exactly?

It's primal.

It's animalistic... It starts from deep inside.

It's... It's the energy we have inside.

We men believe that we must be closed off.

We are closed off most of the time but really being a man requires to open up.

Open up.

Open up.

Externalize what's inside. Let it out.

The movement, it's a like a dance. Let's see how you dance, Adrian.

I am an excellent dancer.

Let's see... Okay, loosen up a bit more, more, more. Loosen up.

Like this, like this. Like a salsa.

Like a salsa.

To dance Salsa you start with your posture.

You must have the right posture so that your partner feels comfortable.

It's as though you were a river.

You're the river flow and your partner is the water.

And then, you must look her in the eyes.

Adrian, look me in the eyes.

Adrian, you don't look people in the eye.

What color are my eyes?

- Dark brown. - No, Adrian. They're honey!

People have complimented my honey-colored eyes all my life!

Let's see.

Let's see, Adrian.

You must have fun, if you don't, you are wasting my time and Eva's.

You're right.

Listen, I know we started off on the wrong foot.

But if you help me out, I'll make sure it's worth the while.

Very nice of you.

One and a half times more.


This way.

You don't like it? Don't you wanna keep it?

I prefer to walk in my own boots.

But this costs a fortune, you could pay a whole month's rent.

All right.

Make bird sounds.

No just whistle.

- What? - Whistle.


- Eva... - Eva!

I came to make peace.

- I came to make peace. - What?

- I am willing to try it. - I am willing to try it.

- I will try to be a better spouse. - I will try to be a better husband.

And not the total idiot I've been so far.

And not the total idiot I've been so far.

I didn't hear that last bit.

And not the total imbecile I've been up until now.

And not the total imbecile I've been up until now.

C'mon, Eva.

C'mon, Eva.

Gently... gently.


C'mon, Eva.

What are you willing to try?

- Whatever it takes. - Whatever it takes.

Whatever it takes?

Yes. Adrian is willing to do whatever it takes.



- What? - Shhh.

She wants to suck your dick.


How do you guys wanna do this?

He's the man.

Shouldn't he be the one to take the first step?

No, not always.

It's okay, it's okay. I'll do it.


Eva, come here.

You can take a sit here.

- Here? - Yes.

And you turn around. Don't look.

Why do you want to do this?

Because I want to...

I want to be the one guiding you.

For you this is guiding?

Yes, because when a woman has in her mouth the man's penis

...she is 100% in control.

The most sensitive, softest and vulnerable,

non-skeletal part of the man, that measures 14 to 16 centimeters when erect

and nine when It's not erect...

unless it's considered small, in which case it's seven centimeters or less,

and it is entirely at the mercy of a mouth.

A dark, black, viscous and positively lethal cage...

...that with one single bite can end your manliness.

You depend on me.

- It's the biggest act of trust. It's okay. - Stop.

- Calm down... - Please stop.

Trust me.

Please stop. Stop.

- It's the greatest act of trust. - Please stop... Stop.

Stop, stop, stop.

What are you laughing at? What is so funny, huh?

Nothing, nothing.

You think you're better than us, don't you?

- You're fucking with me. I'm gonna... - No, no, no.

I'm sorry I got you in all this mess.

But I think it's time for you to take your painting and leave.

Fat! Loser!

Short dick!

Short dick! Faggot!

You're a fat ball of shit!

You are a shitty loser! Danish eater!

You're a pussy!

Your butt is too heavy for you! Come on! Fucking fatty!

Who is it?

May I come in?

Don't come in.


What are you doing? Didn't I ask you to leave?

I have my eyes covered.

I told you not to come in.

It's okay.

It's all right.

What do you want?

I have a sister.

My mother and I take care of her.

She had a brain hemorrhage six months ago.

Now she can't move or speak.

She's in the hospital.

My mom is old. Her hands constantly hurt because of her arthritis.

She has no money.

I have to bathe her.

I use a washcloth to clean behind her ears.

Her mouth...

Her eyes.

And every time I can, I send them money.

You are trying to get me to pity you.

So that I give you the money.

Isn't that usually the woman's game?

It's the game of someone who needs something.

And if they ask outright, the answer will always be no.

In your case, a society lady...

Yes, it is... a woman's game.

Are you saying, then, that a rich woman and a poor man are equals?

I don't know. Do you think you and I are equals?


At least neither of us are poor women.


I want to give you the money, really.

But what you are doing doesn't help.

As you probably know by now, Adrian is always in control.

Sometimes things are also up to you.

Get out of the bathtub.

I'll paint you.

I'm tired of doing this.



Just a little bit more.

Just a few more tweaks.


Go like this, like before.

For someone who understands his own art very well,

you don't get your own gender, do you?

What do you mean?

What can you do to earn the respect of a man of pride?

Yes, I'm talking about Adrian.

He looks down on everybody. But what can you do?

To make him look straight at you?

How? How did it burn so fast? How? I...

I'm sure I set it to the right temperature.

350 degrees. And I didn't change the temperature. No!

Okay, but if you didn't change the temperature and now it's changed...

- Who did it? - Something is burning, isn't it?

What's happened here?

Look at us!

Look at us, Adrian.

What have we become?

I don't care that you've burned the matambre.

There's nothing we can do. It's behind us.

Can we start again?

You and I... You and I, please.

I'm right here, I am right here.

What about you? What do you think?

Yes, I want to.

You're absolutely right in everything.


Let's start over, all right?

But, I think you made a mistake.

You think it was me who burned the matambre?

Then you didn't burn it?

Excuse me but... I was outside working out.

Then you didn't burn it?

How could I have burnt it? No I didn't burn the matambre.

Then you didn't change the temperature and burn the matambre?

I was outside working out. You know what must have happened?

You must have changed it by mistake.

It's not impossible, given your culinary skills or...

...or maybe Maria came while we were gone and she did it.

You're blaming the help?

It's okay.

It's okay.

This is what needs to happen... I will take the blame.

For me, it's not a big deal, it's not a competition.

If this helps us start over... It's okay. I will take the blame.

I burned the matambre.

But what we need now is a solution.

We need something for dinner.

The butcher's shops are closed and so is the market.

I got it.

Adrian to the rescue.

We go get the meat you threw out from the sandwiches this morning, remember?

We can use that meat.

We can grind it and make pasta or something like that.

Let's go.

Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name,

...your kingdom come, your will be done,

...on earth as in heaven.

Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners... and at the hour of our death, Amen.

Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee...

Blessed art thou among women...


Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death.

What are you doing?

What are you doing?

- A revolution... - What?



May I have this dance?

Why do you scream? I would never beat a woman.

Never beat a woman, not even with the petal of a rose.


We're going to play a game.

Hide and seek.

These are the rules...

I have the check right here.

I believe this is a lot more than you asked for, right?

I'm going to fold it. I'm going to place it here.

Behind your painting.

Then I will hunt you.

If you come back before I find you, the money is yours and you are free to go.

But if I find you first...

I will kill you.

It's all or nothing!

I'll start counting. Come on!

What are you counting up to?













Twenty-five! Twenty-six! Twenty-seven! Twenty-eight! Twenty-nine!


Wake up!

We can be free!

- Do you trust me? - Where is he?

- Who cares where he is? - Where is he?

- Where? - We can be free!

Where is he?

Adrian, listen to me!

It doesn't matter!

- Adrian! - Where is he!

- Adrian! - Where is he?

You cheater!

Me, a cheater? You're a cheater!

I'm not a cheater!

You're a cheater, a liar, and you're an embarrassment to your family.

This is a game for you, isn't it? But let me tell you something...

You laugh at me, at my wife and at my whole life,

but what you really want is to be like me.

- Like you? - Yes.

Yeah, I want to be a fucking micro-penis!

I'm not a micro-penis!

Come here!

- Micro-penis! - Don't be a coward!

- Micro-penis! - Hey!

- I'm not a micro-penis! - Crybaby!

You're a micro-penis and a crybaby and your mom is a whore!

- I'm not a micro-penis! - You're a micro-penis!

Stop running! Come here!


Come here! Come here!


Come here!

- Hey! - Come here!

Come here, I got you!

Hey! Hey!

Get up!

You want it?

I'd like to say something...

I am going to put the knife down but you are going to let me talk.

We can be free...

You and I.

Let me try something. All right?

Trust me.

Get up... come on!

Trust me.

What is the meaning of this?

What is the meaning of this!

Are you all possessed by the devil?

- No, Mother. - No, Federica.

- No... - Francisco.

Francisco. Have you ever seen something like that?

And, who are you?

I'm the painter.

What painter?

He's painted a painting that we have...

The painter paints? Francisco, Francisco!

Look what a smart man we have raised. He's a real genius.

So he paints.

And what does he paint? Can we see? And why is the house upside down?

Eva bought one of his pieces and we invited him over.

And he brought the painting that I forgot to pay for.

And I painted the piece that she forgot to pay for that I brought...

You blame your wife...

She blames the painter...

...and in the end it's nobody's fault.

Very nice.

For the love of god, Francisco! Look at them!

This is what happens with the new generations.

No one takes the responsibility for anything. No one!

No one!


Well, I think... work here is done.

And as they say in my hometown... It's time for everyone to go home.

I trust you will honor, you are honorable people,

...the arrangement we made.

And that you'll settle the amount we agreed upon.


Pay him.

I trust you will never tell anyone about this. Never.


Francisco. We will not allow this kind of behavior.

That's for sure.

Stay here with your son, try to talk some sense into him.

Eva and I will go see if there's still something that can be saved.

Do you want to play some badminton?

Don't start a revolution, Eva.

That so called glorious revolution doesn't exist.

And I understand you, because I too felt rebellious once.

Yes me. Rebellious! Can you believe?

Yes, they caught me with another man.

It was a vey similar situation.

Adrian walked in on us...

...for a ten-year-old, it wasn't that big of a deal.

Lord bless this table so it can be a place of fraternal congregation...

...a place to partake in the exchange of human affection

...of gratitude and comfort for the gifts received.

You live in our hearts.

Thank you for your infinitely blessed love.

We pray for you to nurture our bodies and souls.

And to open our hearts for more blessings...

...and more joy in our lives.

So that we may understand...

the meaning of your infinite love.

And so that our sins can be forgiven...

...we pray now in your holy name.



- Amen. - Amen.

The Description of Original Sin