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What are you saying?

Recently Asus got in touch with me, proposing I can buy an Asus equipment myself and they will pay for it

Thats really nice of them

Well, that is nice

I'm leaving tomorrow so I'm going to install the software today

It's a chance to speak about the instalation

But first I have to finish editing one thing. FAAAAAST!!!!

What do we have here?

A memory card

I don't know what's this

I don't know what's this

This is a protection for the screen

and here is a phone

Thank you

It got late again and I got left far behind in time

Well, I have to grab my lunch now really fast and go to work, there's one more project to finish before we leave

Everything is fine, everything is fine , everything is fine

I'm not sure if I mentioned it already - in Japan they have a strong sense of a local patriotism

So they spend a lot of money promoting not obvious places like Tokyo or Kyoto

There's a strong competition between prefectures in pursue of a turist traffic

This was an important part of a business plan of our japanese company

to participate in that market

It's good for us, as our business goes well, and it's good for you all, as I'll be also making films for my youtube channels

So we are going to see more of a "not obvious" Japan, I hope

Time for a sushi!

It's a sushi restaurant with iPods, so no eye contact with anybody

You can make an order anymously

No one is going to laugh that you eat stupid things

Ugh, this place has not the best quality sushi in Japan

In fact it's one of the worst I know

But still worth to come sometime, as you can make big orders (like a pig)

Today's plan is to set a new computer for editing, secondly I have to finish a project for a japanese university

First thing - dropbox


Thank to Dropbox I already have all the assets I need for film production on this computer

As I have a few thousand of GB of my things on Dropbox

Next step is to install Adobe programs necessary for editing

It's not even an hour and I have the computer ready - see how easy it is!

You plug in, log in and you have your old computer on a new one

If you are about to learn something from this vlog's episode, I can give you an advice

- get a web storage for sending files - that what makes Kriss happy

I was doing a funny adjustment now -

it is a graduation of the university ceremony

and one of a few hundred people disclaimed a use of her image

It shows that in Japan respecting someone's rights to commercial image use is sometimes an important thing

However for me personally - I don't get it


Do you like our new computer?

Yes, so pretty

What a crass advertisment, how could you?

Anyway, it's crazy how many films have passed through my brain recently

There are the daily vlogs, many series,

also the neglected [polish] comedy channel I want to come back to, but, as you see in these vlogs,

it's hard to find the time

There are going to be deputies soon, but guys who are doing it are a little bit late

But it's going to be awesome

I have this phone, too

I have an idea what to do with it

But, about this topic, it's going to be a--

It's like golden-pink on the sides?

- No, surely white - But on the sides

Probably just this wallpaper is reflecting

No, it's the golden-pink color

Golden-pink? No it's like...

But the side is golden. You see it's a different color, don't you?

- Maybe it's reflecting the gold, we have a lot there - But I'm sure that--

We have so much gold around here


Oh god, what a heavy bag

There's no need to go to the gym

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

Heavy bag

We have overcomed the garbage

Taking out the gabbirish is in Japan a whole science,

but about it some other time

We also had to go to Shinjuku to buy the microphone

We're at the staircase of the Yodobashi Camera shop

They're playing new piano concert of Krzysztof Penderecki [polish composer] here


As we're in Shinjuku, we have stopped near the Kasia's old apartment

Here, in this area, we have met

A few years ago on exactly this parapet we've recorded the oldschool recording,

- "Drinking Game", on which we-- - So oldschool that only we know this

We're the only one who saw this because we were so drunk that it was inappropriate

But maybe these files still exist somewhere

It was that Drinking Game on which we quized each other,

I was asking Kasia questions about Poland and Kasia was asking me about USA

i.e. "who's Lewandowski" or "who's uncle Sam"

We've found it - it's the old apartment of Kasia

We've even once shooted a film on this patio

("At this moment it's summer so it's very hot, but still nicely")

And there we drifted onto another sushi today

It's place in the Yoyogi where one piece of sushi, the buri - kind of tuna, costs 10 yen, so 38 groshes [0,1$]

The egg doesn't look that good

Have in mind that everytime I say "weak sushi", then it's hard to find sushi on that level in Poland

But I would have clashed that there are places in Poland where the sushi is better than the "weak sushi" in Japan

I don't know, have to wonder deeper

We're buying socks

These are for enema, aren't they?

- What? - For enema?

I don't know, it's hot outside, that's why, am I right?

Not for enema?

What's "enema"? I don't know what are you talking about

See you later

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