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In reality, it's not someone sitting somewhere,

wearing a black hoodie

trying to hack your company.

Its mostly major botnets that do the work

of trying to break in.

Microsofts Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning

makes it possible to stop things that we people

dont stand a chance of stopping.

What one person would normally need 1 or 2 days to do

we can manage in half an hour with Microsoft.

These are the solutions that Innofactor is using.

Otherwise, we dont stand a chance.

It varies tremendously.

Is it an attack intended to do damage,

or is it to get hold of information?

Is it an attack to get access to something you have

which is specific to your business?

The first phase of a typical attack is the recognition phase.

You find out everything you can about the company or the individuals,

you dont always do anything in particular in that phase,

but then you have the delivery phase.

Probably everyone has heard of phishing.

Thats when you cast your line into a business and

see if you get any bites.

What generally happens is that people either reply to an e-mail,

or they click on content that activates,

which is not good.

In the next phase a malware is installed

on the PC, server or network.

For many hackers, the point is to get hold of rights.

To use the exploit, if possible, to get higher up,

in the system and obtain domain ownership.

If they use a crypto virus or ransomware virus, as its called,

then they will say: "Ive locked your information now,

you can get it back, but youll have to pay for it."

And often, its not one person sitting there sending out e-mails but

very often this is an automated process.

Weve chosen Microsoft because we think its the best option for our customers.

ATP is short for Advanced Threat Protection.

Microsoft ATP has three products.

They are Office 365 ATP, Azure ATP and Microsoft Defender ATP.

Microsoft Defender linked via the cloud to Microsoft

is hugely powerful.

Whats cool about Microsoft, is that they see you

as a unique user, so they are continually learning,

via their AI model, how you handle data.

If you get to work at eight oclock every day,

fetch your coffee, sit down, log on,

start working, and then go home at four oclock.

You do that day in, day out.

Then, suddenly one day you log on from Brazil.

At four oclock in the morning.

Microsoft can then say: hey, this is a little unusual.

You will then be asked to confirm your identity.

So, the AI model has learned more

about your work schedule and made you safer.

Incredibly good products, no two ways about it.

If you are just a little safer than your neighbor or competitor

it may turn out that you wont be hacked.

Theyre more likely to go after softer targets.

Its unbelievable how many businesses

in the world dont have any security.

You could say that every single layer of security

can be seen as a barrier in an obstacle course.

To get to the finish line, you have to get over the first hurdle,

if you stumble, you may just give up.

But if you clear one, you have to jump over another.

If you fall on that one, you may give up, and so on.

To go all the way, you have to clear all the hurdles,

the more hurdles there are, the more trouble it is.

Security costs, but not being secure, costs even more.

Its not that you need to do everything at once.

Its not that if you first want to have just a part of it, you have to have it all.

You use what you need.

Dont go into the cloud without being sure that

you have basic security.

Once we have set up the systems we want

the last phase that we always want to go through,

is to run workshops.

To share information with the customer: what weve done, what we do,

how do you want to handle this in the future?

We also hold courses for Microsoft

on their products, at Microsoft.

After all, Innofactor Norway won Security Partner of the Year this year.

As I usually say, IT is a product that has to be kept fresh.

Security is also a product that has to be kept fresh.

You have to always keep learning and always try to keep a step ahead.

Thats what Innofactor tries to be.

To lead the market in the cloud and security.

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