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Hello spicy people of the internet! Spice8Rack here,

aka. The alternative to the electoral college and welcome back to the channel.

Now, Commander Legends, a set that fans of Magic: the Gatherings story from from all

over the world are excited about has just, or is just about

to drop, depending on how long it takes me to edit

this video. And in the set we have characters that we

have been waiting to see put to card for years. We have brand new characters who are all really

excited to see how they grow and... And there's something for everybody.

Now, there are over a hundred different individual and unique

legendary creatures in commander legends and unless you have an encyclopedic knowledge

of all of Magic: the Gatherings storylines, planes, characters, and events there's a good

chance that for at least some of them you have no

bloody clue who these people actually are. So what I'm going to do, is I'm going to break

down each of these characters for you

and I'm going to do it in a very accessible capacity.

So if you're brand new to Magic: the Gathering; If you don't know about the various different

Phyrexian invasions of Dominaria don't worry I'm gonna take you through that.

I'm also doing this for the benefit of my dear old mum who...

like... frankly, Joanne I'm getting a bit sick and tired of your response

to anytime I send you a video of mine being: "Connor I don't understand who any of these

characters are! What's going on? I don't get it," like...

like give a damn about my job maybe

like I'm not just I'm not just an internet clown

Oh, um, but I also wanted to say before we kick off that:

this video is sponsored by and is brought to you thanks to the support

of my lovely patrons who make it possible for me to do this as my full-time job.

And with all of that out of the way-

As well as my acknowledgement that this video obviously has been visually inspired

by Bricky's phenomenal two videos explaining Warhammer 40k's factions

please go check them out.

And with all of that out of the way let's now break down every single legendary creature

in Commander Legends... Including the ones we've seen before and the

new ones as well. Both of those things- I... that's not the

title of the vid- Start the video!

So we're going to kick off in alphabetical order.

I've got my notes here and let's just start with the very first one

which is the Abomination of Llanowar, which... in my notes the very first line is:

"Horrid Spooky B*llsh*t" so I hope you can- I hope you can ascertain

the, uh, the level of quality that, uh, this in-depth lore analysis is going to go into!

The abomination of Llanowar is what can only be described as an elf ball.

It was created out of a metastasized heart of dark magic deep in the heart of Llanowar

forest which is on the plane of Dominaria. Now this

dark magic was probably caused either by The Cabal which is this... well it's a cabal of,

like, demon worshipping clerics who live on Dominaria. Or it's leftover corruption

from one of the many Phyrexian attempts to invade and conquer Dominaria. Now Phyrexia

is this... society, I guess you could say, of creatures that lived on a plane called

Phyrexia and attempted to invade and conquer and assimilate Dominaria across many many

years. Uh, to get- to give you an idea of what

like a Phyrexian is; imagine like a copy of The Bell Curve as illustrated by H.R Geiger.

Now the abomination itself has not been seen for many years in Llanowar.

However it is constantly brought up by older elves to scare their children

into being good little elves. Effectively there was a, uh, there was a little troop

that went off to Llanowar that was like: "yo what's going on with all this dark magic?"

and they disappeared, and then a second troop went to look for the first troop,

and then they found this thing and were like; "huh that's bad" and all of them died

except for one so that's pretty much the the Abomination of Llanowar. It's an old wives

tale but probably very real.

Aesi. Aesi is some kind of massive sea monster from an unknown plane

and note how many times I say the phrase "unknown plane" because unfortunately that's going

to come up a lot in this video. Aesi is one of the greatest leviathans,

one of the largest beasts, on this plane that is apparently overflowing with water and is

ruled by deep sea monsters. So Aesi is the deep

sea monster to deep sea monsters. It's not necessarily a death sentence if you

come across Aesi because oftentimes you can appease it by granting it gifts and

tributes. But, apparently according to the lore

that is on, uh, Wizards of the Coast's official page, uh, that doesn't always work,

uh and it has sometimes been known to accept gifts and then attack you anyway. Which kind-

kind of means that all of Aesi's lore can be summed up in this clip:

Happy Birthday B*tch!

So you just gon' bring me a birthday gift of my birthday to my birthday party on my

birthday with a birthday gift?

Happy Birthday?

Akiri. Okay so Akiri we've actually recently seen Akiri on the plane of Zendikar.

Now Zendikar is this a great plane of wild magic, of floating rocks, of- of hidden caves.

Imagine Pandora from Avatar but... less blue. Bad analogy, but the one I'm going with. Akiri

is a line slinger, effectively an adrenaline junkie rock climber,

who swings through ravines and across mountain tops using hooks and grappling hooks and ropes

and all of that. But she's not just a thrill seeker she is

actually a veteran of the, uh, Zendikar-Eldrazi war.

Which is this war that happened between the denizens of Zendikar and the three Eldrazi

titans who are these kind of like Cthulhu meets Galactus

meets really bad lime scale kind of monsters. But, anyway they went through the plane they

killed a bunch of people. eventually they were defeated by a group of

planeswalkers and Akiri was not one of the casualties of

that war. She fought in it, she survived, she's a survivor, and the last

time we saw her she was actually working with another planeswalker,

a planeswalker called Nahiri to try and find the Lithomancy Core which

supposedly is this grand artifact that is going to heal all of Zendikar from

all of the Eldrazi corruption. Unfortunately towards the end of that story,

Akiri realizes that this core is less of a like a terraforming engine

and much more, uh, an ancient Kor super weapon, and so tries to stop Nahiri, Nahiri kicks

her off a mountain uh, then Nissa and Jace, two other planeswalkers,

Nissa and Jace save her before she hits the floor.

So Akiri's just swinging around she's having a grand old time she's living her best life

we love her.

Akroma okay so- actually hang on... actually Wizards of the Coast very generously sent

me uh, this "Magic: the Gathering Legends a Visual

History" book as written by Jay Annelli and it's very, very nice, very glossy. Uh,

and it's got a few of the legendary characters that we are going to be having a look at.

So I thought, for them when they appear in the book,

I'm just going to read what's here.

Because where better to learn the lore of wizards... than from Wizards...

There was a better line to do, but this is a long... Akroma!

The warrior angel Akroma is unique among the angels of the multiverse.

She was originally created by the illusionist Ixidor in the image of his dead love,

slain by the evil organization known as The Cabal. upon Ixidor's death,

Akroma founded a religion devoted to him, drawing people from across the plane to her

service. Akroma waged war against The Cabal and finally

tracked down her creator's murderer. In a bizarre confluence Akroma and the killer

were merged into a single magical being: the false god called Karona-

Karona with a K, don't demonetize me YouTube.

-who terrorized the plane Akroma had sought to protect. When the god was defeated, Akroma

did not return, although her people have memorialized her

as a symbol of righteous vengeance. Story time with Spice8Rack.

Alena and Halana. So I'm doing these two together because, uh, whilst obviously they are two

separate cards, Commander Legends has a prominent partner

mechanic and often times creatures that partner together,

are actually linked in some way in their lore!

Ooh isn't that all- isn't that a bit nice? Ooh look at me doing a little bit of ludonarrative

ooooh. Strange voices aside, Alena and Halana are

a pair of monster hunters from Innistrad which is kind of the Bram Stoker plane.

Which at some point became the H.P. Lovecraft plane when one of those Eldrazi from earlier

kind of like turned up. Uh, Nahiri was the one who bought that monster

as well. Don't trust Nahiri. Just don't. Bad for your health.

But Alena and Halana are a pair of monster hunters we met them in the Shadows over Innistrad

story when all of that Eldrazi corruption was just

beginning. They've been on a couple of pieces of flavour

texts together, and they mainly specialize in in hunting the

various ghouls and monsters that that inhabit Innistrad.

They they take on stitched together zombies, they- they slay corrupted angels and-

"Alharu-ru-ru pen pineapple shake the tree."

Alharu is a monk from an unknown plane who can hear the voices of the dead.

Now as a kid this absolutely terrified them but, as they grew up, they realised that this

was actually their calling and so now what they do is they they travel

their plane, seeking unquiet ghosts to bring them to their final rest.

Alharu is also the first human character in Magic: the Gathering who is non-binary which

is- which is really good because it's nice to

get a slight change of pace from all of the non-binary representation

we've got thus far being either: one elf or various smoke creatures. So thanks Wizards

of the Coast for for doing the bare minimum!

Amareth. Okay brand new character so I'm just going to read what Wizards of the Coast

has put on their own website. On a distant plane, when dragons age their

scales harden over time turning into a beautiful crystal.

Amareth has been around for a long time, longer than any other dragon,

and she takes immense pride in her glistening scales.

So much pride in fact that she takes no interest in hoarding boring gold.

She exclusively holds gems and crystals as lustrous as hers-

This is just Seath the Scaleless with the serial numbers filed off.

Anara. Some kind of highly respected wolf from an unknown plane.

However, I speculate that she might actually be from the same plane as a Ayula, queen among

bears. It is either that or that Jesper Ejsing simply

loves drawing animals with horns.

"Ar-ow-mi"... "Ar-ow-mi?" "Ar-ow-mi."... "Ar-oo-mi?"... "Ar-ow-mi"... "Ar-ow-mi".

Araumi is royalty of a small merfolk kingdom of an unknown plane.

Uh, but she dreamt of there being more than just her merfolk palaces and her merfolk aristocracy.

So she she ran away from home, dreaming- dreaming of the human world

and she swam she swam and she found a boat and it was full of humans

and she clambered aboard and the humans welcomed her and- and Araumi, uh, told them of of her

home and regaled them with stories of her merfolk

kingdom and that's where the similarities to little mermaid end.

Because, it turns out, that the humans that Araumi met were pirates and so they immediately

tied her up, turned the boat around sailed to her kingdom,

uh, looted it and raze it to the ground at which point Araumi's like dark inner-depths

magic sort of ignited and she drowned all of the pirates,

turning her- turning them into her undead thralls and now she sort of hangs out in the

ocean, looking for pirates to do the exact same too

which is actually kind of f*cking badass I like this character a lot.

Archelos and Kwain, uh, Archelos is this ancient turtle shaman from an unknown plane

who just sits around in his swamp trying to vibe with nature,

trying to learn about the majesty of the natural world and all of its magics.

And Kwain is this zippy b*st*rd hare who just runs around the plane taunting people and

challenging- challenging them to, like, mind duels and,

like, races and all that manner of stuff. And when these two met, oh they annoyed each

other to all hell! Effectively, Archelos is trying to sit there,

trying to meditate and- and Kwain is like: "Everyone that I meet has some kind of incredible

reaction whenever I challenge them to something or whenever I'm just in the room and this

turtle is literally not doing anything!" and so now they are destined until effectively

one of them dies to torment each other for eternity.

It's, uh, it's Tortoise and the Hare. It's Tortoise and the Hare it's...

that- that's the- that's the whole deal with these characters is it's a reference.

Ardenn. A Kor from the plane of Zendikar, again another Kor from Zendikar,

who is obsessed with exploring the farthest reaches of the sky claves, which are these

kind of distant, floating, fortress, treasure troves that have only recently begun to

descend from the sky or rise up from the depths of the ocean, uh in the aftermath of the Zendikar-Eldrazi

war. Ardenn is obsessed with reaching the the farthest

chambers and uncovering the rarest loot. He is effectively Indiana Jones if you scared

him really, really badly one time.

Armix. Armix is an experimental golem created by the Ethereum sculptor Breya on the plane

of Alara and actually- Breya is in this book so let me just find

her The hot tempered young wizard Breya was an

etherium sculptor of great skill, blending the delicate looking metal with living

flesh. Following the reunion of Alara, many mages of Breyas homeland journeyed

to wider Alara to discover the secret of this magical metal.

Not one to be left out, Breya set out on her own journey. Trusting her instincts over her

intellect, Breya journeyed deep within the dragon infested

jungles of Jund. There she discovered the legendary missing

ingredient, the key to making new etherium returning with her discovery,

Breya is the first to have created new etherium in centuries perhaps millennia.

Armed with a fortunes worth of this once rare metal, the world is Breyas for the taking.

And Armix is a golem that Breya created with this new metal who went f*cking ballistic

and started killing everything. Uh, but Breya loved it! Breya thought it was

a great success so she kept Armix around as her personal

I guess, like, robotic bodyguard and that's pretty much our Armixs lore it's- it's

a weapon. Averna. An elemental kin from an unknown plane

who was created in the aftermath of a manaquake. What's a mana quake?

I don't f*cking know. They didn't tell me. Unfortunately that's honestly kind of it for,

um, for Averna there's not really much that's given th-

We can't really discern anything from her artwork. Uh

I like her top.

Bell Borca. It's Bell Borca baby! All right, Bell Borca is a Boros Legion ghost.

Now, the Boros Legion is one of the 10 guilds of a plane called Ravnica

and Ravnica is this ecumepolis plane,- this plane that's completely covered in a city

and he is a ghost that serves the military police, effectively, of that city.

He is a character from the original, uh, story of Ravnica when Ravnica was first introduced

to us as a set in magic and he is the ghost partner of Argus* Kos

who was this washed up, deadbeat, Boros marshal who accidentally kind of saved Ravnica three

times in a row, and then died and became a ghost

and also saved Ravnica when he was a ghost as well.

Belbe. It's Belbe baybee! All of the B characters- I'm just going to be doing that.

Its so much fun to do. Belbe is the daughter of Eladamri who was

this elf warlord on the plane of Rath, this kind of artificial world created by Phyrexians

as a means of taking over Dominaria by, like, fusing the two planes of existence together.

Belbe was Eladamris daughter, uh, and was kidnapped by Phyrexians

and kind of turned into a Phyrexian cctv camera where they installed like the eye of Yawgmoth

their leader into her so that he could oversee the selection of

the next evincar, or kind of like warlord, of Rath uh and it was between

a guy called Crovax and a guy called Ertai and- boy don't you just love two party systems.

Crovax kind of couped his way to the top, and Belbe ended up being killed by her father

Eladamri. But not before falling deeply in love with


What them hands do Ertai?

I hate that. I hate that. I'm not gonna say that. I'm gonna take that out of the video.

Blim! It's Blim baybee! It's so much fun to do!

Blim is a Rakdos imp, Rakdos being one of the 10 guilds of Ravnica, who thinks of himself

as being this once in a lifetime comedic genius and boy does he slay his audiences

He's a murderer. He just murders. He's a murderer and he's not very funny.

Brago. Oh it's another one for the books! King Brago, and I'm going to read this as

an aristocrat. In life, King Brago was a sly politician and firebrand orator.

Beloved by his people, over the years he built a strong coalition on reformation

and eliminating corruption until he was elevated to the position of king. After spending his

life earning the crown

Brago decided that his reign would not be cut short by the tragedy of terminal illness

and took steps to ensure his life beyond death upon his death the once fierce defender of


The king defender of liberty alright fine.

The once fierce defender of liberty became an eternal tyrant. Brago's despotic turn left

his opponent scrambling for solutions Until one day Kaya, a ghost assassin planeswalker,

appeared in the throne room slaying the so-called eternal king.

A king who loves liberty F*ck I didn't know that he was like: Oh

I love liberty. I love liberty, I'm gonna become the king Great. Wonderful.

I love workers! I'm gonna become an employer. Sweet.

Breeches! It's Breeches BayBee!!!

[Singing] Monkey goblins, they're monkey goblins.

Monkey goblins, they're monkey goblins. Monkey goblins their monkey goblin-

One of Vraska's crew members, a gorgon planeswalker, when she was a pirate captain on Ixalan.

Ixalan being this this fun kind of: Jolly roger, meets Aztecs, meets

vampire colonialism kind of plane. He was Vraska's most talented gunner and knot

tier, which I love is a little bit of detail, and he was also- uh, he also had a brief appearance

in the War of the Spark novel right at the beginning.

Which makes him the only good thing to happen in that entire book.

Brinelin. I'm not actually that excited about Brinelin so I'm going to not baby him.

A kraken that lives in Akoum, which is a place on Zendikar, who Nissa and Sorin,-

Nissa being an elf planeswalker.

Sorin being a weeb planeswalker.

- had to get past on their way to try and reseal the Eldrazi in their eternal- so-called

eternal mountain prison. Uh Sorin sacrificed a goblin to him to try

and get past which: b*llsh*t move there Sorin, not keen on that,

and Nissa managed to persuade Brinelin to let them pass by- by informing the- the ancient

kraken of the death of one of his closest elf friends,

and the kraken was like Oh i'm really sad now,

least I can do is let you get past and let you go sort out all of this Eldrazi nonsense.

Bruse Tarl! It's Burse Tarl BAY BEE-

Woooop! Ipad!

Bruse Tarl: just a rude cattle herder. That's it. That's all of his lore.

He's a man with a moustache who f*cking hates his sheep, they won't go fast enough for him,

he keeps insulting them, he keeps calling them names. Everybody loves Bruce Tarl and

I am everybody.

Captain Vargus Wrath. Er, a captain of a pirate crew on the plane of Ixalan and part of the

brazen coalition, which is kind of this mish-mash of, uh, nautical

refugees from a continent that was taken over by vampires

who kind of joined together in this, like, democratic confederacy of pirate folk

and now they just go around the open seas, looting and pillaging and drinking rum and

having a grand old time. Vargus Wrath is a captain of a ship. But he's

also kind of a sub-captain of the- the, like, admiral I guess, uh, who is Ripley

Vance who was a pirate captain who forsook the-

or forsake? Forsake Forsook? Well go with forsook.

-who forsook the open seas of Ixalan, and instead retired to a fortress on what can

only be described as f*ck you mountain.

Colfenor! Colfenors got his own card! Yeah!

Colfenor. All right Colfenor is this super, old super wise treefolk from the plane of

Lorwyn, which is the best plane in all of Magic: the

Gathering. Because it's just- it's just the magical

wandering around Salisbury Plain kind of world. It's- it's just a grand old time.

Colfenor. We have been waiting for Colfenor to get his own card for many, many years.

Finally he has it. Colfenor's story: right, he was this wise

tree folk who, uh, foresaw that this thing called the great aurora

was going to hit Lorwyn. And what happens with the great aurora is Lorwyn gets transformed

from this from this lovely, uh it's always like a late summer's afternoon, uh it gets

transformed from that into like Edgar Allan Poe's The Raven

but dropped in a puddle. It turns into a horrible, horrible place.

Colfenor saw that was going to happen and so he- he gathered together this- this ragtag

group of different people from around the plane. You had- you had an

elf called Rhys. You had a flamekin called Ashling.

You had the Vendillion Clique. You had you had Brigid who was a, uh- a kithkin. All

sorts of people. And he set them up with this one task which

was: I'm gonna give you- gonna give you my last seed

Hmmm doesn't- He's a tree folk all right. He's a tree. I'm gonna give- I'm gonna

give you people my seed and I want you to go and plant my seed in

in a Murmuring Brosk- it's called the murmuring brosk all right.

They went and planted his seed in the Murmuring Brosk, uh, and when they came back to like

let him know that: Hey it's been planted, but the whole place

was kind of on fire not sure what happened with that.

Uh Ashling, the flamekin, kind of set Colfenor on fire and burned him to a crisp and he was

dead. But! But, when the Great Aurora hit, turns

out that seeds that they planted? Oh, Colfenor. Boy he's got a potent seed that man. He- it

popped up immediately the Sapling of Colfenor was around

and that's Sapling, that little- the little baby treefolk? Oh she was absolutely essential

to reversing the Great Aurora that hit Lorwyn and turning it into, sort

of, like a combination between Shadowmoor and Lorwyn

as sort of like a compromise between the two realms. That's Colfenors story and I'm

so- I'm- I'm a happy man! He's got a card!

Danithia Capashen. The descendant of the Dominarian hero Gerrard Capashen who is this- Oh! Hang

on. No, he's in the book! He's in the bloody book!

The noble young Gerrard Capashen joined the crew of the Skyship Weatherlight

in an effort to discover the secrets of his past. Valiant and daring, Gerrard was always

at the front lines, leading crews into battle. As the Weatherlight

discovered Phyrexias plans for Dominaria, Gerrard learned the haunting truth: He was

engineered by the planeswalker Urza to be the perfect soldier

to lead his ancient war against Phyrexia- Gerrard's, uh, a eugenics baby and- and the

story kind of paints- makes out that eugenics is

kind of a good and necessary thing in certain scenarios.

I've got- we're not going into that now- I've got a whole video on my channel about that

so When Gerrard rejected a deal from Phyrexias

dark god, Yawgmoth, he turned to the last remaining hope for his plane:

A weapon of terrible power, with a great cost. To save his world from destruction and defeat

Yawgmoth, Gerrard sacrificed himself. Centuries later he is honoured and hailed

as one of the greatest heroes his plane has ever produced.

His courage and inspiration for every generation that followed. Story time with Spice8Rack.

Anyway, Danitha is, uh, Gerrard's, like, great, great, great, great, great, great granddaughter

and one day this character called Jhoira pops over to Danitha and is like,

Hey we- we found the Weatherlight. It was just, like, in the bins out back. We put it

together do you want to jump back on it? and Danitha was like, Ah I'm kind of dealing

with The Cabal over here in Benalia. But I'll send my- my sh*t brother in my stead.

That's pretty much her story.

Dargo. Dargo is a giant with a dream the dream of being a famous pirate captain.

The issue is Dargo is- is very big. He's a very big boy. He gets on a boat it usually

sinks pretty soon after and then he swims back to the island that

he's kind of stuck on and he waits for more boats to turn up.

Uh, and that's him. That's his character. He's got a nice hat. He's- poor, poor Dargo

we- oh, we feel very sorry for the poor boy.

Derevi. Derevi is in the book! The aven savant Derevi is known as the greatest

general Alara has ever seen and for good reason. Above the battlefield, her sharp eyes and

cunning wit allow her to quickly manoeuvre her troops

or respond directly when her lines falter. Off the battlefield her keen intellect has

allowed her to negotiate her way out of being assassinated on more

than one occasion. Which I'm not sure- I'm not sure how one, like,

negotiates out of being assassinated. Like: Oh I'll give you- I'll give you the trade

deal. Better not- better not assassinate me though. You better

not do it. Don't do it. I'm a bird wizard. Don't do it. Don't do it!

This bit's gone on far too long.

Eligeth. Uh, a very smart sphinx from yet another unknown plane.

Eligeth, like, stumbled across, uh, this, like, great cosmic secret, uh, that was supposed

to be completely unknowable and that triggered something inside of them,

and now they live uh, like five minutes in the future.

I'll read what Wizards has put on their website. Uh, to put it simply if you were to speak

with Eligeth he would have already had the conversation with you

and experienced every possible permutation said conversation could take.

Therefore to you it might seem like he is completely uninterested in everything you

have to say. But, in reality, he's already heard you out

infinite times and has answered your question as thoroughly and as thoughtfully as possible.

You just exist in the wrong timeline to hear the answer.

Which, as Im reading it out, sounds like copypasta Id find in my twitter replies

when i try and talk to incels.

Esior and the general familiar cycle. Esior, Falthis, Kediss, uh, the- the horse

one. All of these, uh, familiars don't really have much lore attached to them

that doesn't really, like, go past what you can see in their art: helpful bird, mean cat,

warm lizard. Uh they're kind of just a mechanical cycle,

which is a bit disappointing. Like, even just saying, you know,

Oh this this, like, bird is Gadwick's, like, favourite messenger pigeon, or something

like that would be- Like, would have been quite nice. But unfortunately

we just don't have any lore for these folks apart from the fact that they're- they're

just helpful to- to very specific mages.

Ghen. Ghen is a, uh, like a weaver- a magic weaver wizard who can take a spell as it's

being cast and, like, turn it into something else. So,

like, you'll try and cast, like, a fire bolt and he'll take it and he'll go:

Aha it's, uh, it's a unicorn now! and everybody hates him. It's even in his lore

that like he doesn't have many friends because he keeps pulling this sh*t at parties. Uh,

that's pretty much his entire lore. The only other thing I'll say is that he's

gonna look amazing in foil. Oooooh.

The ghost of Ramirez DePietro, which I keep reading as Ramirez DePirate-O

Uh, this ghost is the ghost of an old, old Dominarian pirate. We're talking 3000 years

before the brothers war which was the original event of the actual

game Magic: the Gathering, and the brothers war itself

took place over 10,000 years before, like, the current modern event of Magic: the Gathering.

So this is an old ass pirate. I don't really know what unfinished business could have possibly

kept this folk from, like, sticking around but boy,- boy have they

not aged gracefully at all.

Gilanra. Gilanra is an elf of the Wirewood forest which is this sparsely, uh, populated

and sparsely wooded uh, forested area on the continent of Otaria,

which I've been reliably informed translates to dumbass in-

in Portuguese which is- which is just slightly below Nicol Bolas translating to Nicol Balls

in Portuguese as well. Magic: the Gathering is not a kind does

not does not do kindly when translated to Portuguese.

Anyway, Gilanra is an elf of the Wildwood- Wirewood Forest, and Otaria is a very significant

continent in Dominaria- I can see- I can see my camera op just giggling.

Theyre Portuguese and they keep smiling every time I say Otaria

Gilanra is an elf of the Wildwood Forest, uh, and Otaria is a very significant continent

on Dominaria. Because that is where the saga, involving

the Mirari takes place, which is the same saga that Akroma

from right at the start of the video, like, finds herself in. Effectively at some point

in the storyline a guy called Kamahl, who we will talk about

a little bit later, planted the Mirari in the form of a sword

deep inside the, uh, forest of Krosa, thinking that he was hiding the Mirari from all who

would want to find it. Unfortunately, the Mirari was like: Oh

I'm in the floor. I'm going to start talking to the earth.

and began corrupting the entire continent, drawing in animals, mutating them.

Krosa was one of the most affected places on the entire continent, but the Wirewood

Forest as well was similarly affected and we can actually see this in the flavour

text of, uh, Gilnara where she says that: Oh, this- there's something in the land

and it's calling us., that's the Mirari.

Glacian and Rebec. I'm gonna be really, really brief with these, uh, two.

Because, as I said before, I have an entire video about eugenics on my channel.

But it also goes into specifically Glacian, Rebbec, and Yawgmoth's, like, origin story-

their lore. So if you'd like to find out, like, a really

in-depth version of them; please go check out the video.

I'm the- the link will be on screen at some point. But suffice to say that these two were

very famous and very well renowned Thran engineers who,

during the ascension of Yawgmoth when he transformed from, like, humble cleric to death god of

Phyrexia. These two kind of unwittingly helped him in his ascension

and both died during the final explosion that sealed Phyrexia from Dominaria and also destroyed

the Thran city of Halcyon.

Gnostro I'm gonna say My neighbors are doing, um, lawn renovations.

So we'll see if we can, uh, see if we can get through this character without

having to wait for them to stop hammering on their patio!

Gnostro. A chimera of the ancient Greek inspired plain of Theros, who resides in the Katachon

mountains. Each of Gnostro's three heads does something

different to help it find and destroy prey. It's- it's owl head- it's screech can- can

project forward in time meaning Gnostro can stay ahead

of anything that is trying to fight. Its wolf's head emits blazes of flame eruptions

of lava that can char foes within seconds and it's

horse head um whinnies and snorts with the power to heal any wound.

You want to- want another go at- you want another shot at that? No? No, okay antiseptic

horse noises it is.

Gor Muldrack is just a man who f*cking loves salamanders. That's it he loves them and you

can't tell him otherwise. That's his entire lore. Moving on.

Hamza an elephant warrior from the plain of Tarkir and I'm gonna have to-

in fact, hang on. It's in the book! It's in the book!

Tarkir. The course of Tarkirs history begins on Dominaria, with the elder dragon twins

Ugin and Nicol Bolas-

Balls, in Portuguese.

-planeswalkers both, Nicol Bolas slew his brother in a rage. Ugin was reborn and restored

as the spirit dragon and found a home on the plain of Tarkir far

away from his evil brother. On Tarkir, Ugin's presence

sparked elemental storms, spawning new dragons from dragon tempests. To bring balance,

Ugin gifted the five human clans magical powers equal to the marauding dragons.

Nicol Bolas discovered his brother was still alive and plotted against him,

and so he appeared on Tarkir to kill his brother once more. Upon Ugin's death the dragon tempest

ceased and the five clans were able to slaughter

the remaining dragons. More than a thousand years later,

dragons were nothing but a memory and the clan leaders, known as khans, reigned supreme.

The extinct dragons sparked an obsession in the planeswalker Sarkhan Vol, who returned

to Tarkir with a fragment of the eye of Ugin, the magical

nexus of the Eldrazi prison on Zendikar,- you can see why I need to explain some of

this sh*t. Like, my mother doesn't understand any of this

Why don't you understand any of this mother? Approaching Ugin's bones, Sarkhan was transported

in time to mere hours before Ugin's death. This time, when Ugin fell, Sarkhan was there.

Ugin's body was encased in massive hedron to recover.

When Sarkhan returned to the future, he found that the dragon tempest had spawned out of

control during ugin's recovery and the plane was dominated by five dragon

lords in place of the khans. None but Sarkhan knew that history had been

changed. That's Tarkir. I love the Tarkir of old so,- Okay.

So when I say the Tarkir of old, I'm talking about Tarkir in the past when Ugin

and Nicol Bolas fought. When I say the new Tarkir, I'm talking

about the Dragons of Tarkir, the one ruled by the dragons.

And when I talk about, I don't know, the Good Tarkir, I'm talking about the Tarkir where

all of the dragons were extinct. F*ck dragons of Tarkir and f*ck Sarkhan Vol.

Anyway Hamza, all of this to explain an elephant. Hamza was an elephant warrior on the good

Tarkir. Hamza was an orphan both raised by the Abzan,

and turned into an orphan by the Abzan. They raided his family, they killed his family,

they- they abducted him as a child and they raised him to be an Abzan

and he now uses his vast strength to, quote, repay the clan that had taken him in

which is which is just quite f*cked frankly.

Hans Eriksson. My baby boy come back from war.

If you have been playing Magic for any amount of time you will be aware of certain memes

and tropes within the game. You know: Fblthp being lost and turning up

in different places.

Homelands being a bad set.

Uh, the fact that you can send the entire player base into a frothing rage

simply by putting the words Mox or Lotus on an otherwise mediocre card, the- the usual.

But Hans has been a- a running gag and a character that people have wanted to actually see in

the game since he was first mentioned in flavour text

back in 1995. There have been people who have wanted to

see a Hans Eriksson card, since before I was born and that's-

That's really strange and wild to think about. Hans is most well-known actually for his sister

Saffi. The haunting phrase Ach! Hans run! It's

the Lhurgoyf! is just as powerful today as it was 20 years ago.

Was it 25 years ago? 25 years ago. Jesus Christ, makes a girl think.

The fact that has his card also like draws out potentially, uh, deadly and dangerous

creatures from your deck and then they immediately attack Hans is gorgeous,

gorgeous flavour. As well as how Hans and Saffi work together as a pair

and just for future reference, when and if magic fests start up again, if you turn up

to, like a commander table with Hans and Saffi as your partner commanders:

100% I'm letting you do that because that's delightful.

Ich-Tekik is a splicer on the plane of new Phyrexia. What is new Phyrexia, you

ask? Well it's like old Phyrexia but not that

because old Phyrexia got blown up, and now New Phyrexia is, uh,

it was a plane called Mirrodin. That was this lovely artifact plane, that had the best boy

that has ever lived living on it, RIP my boy Slobad

And it got corrupted by this sort of glistening oil that, uh, this guy called Karn,

this planeswalker called Karn kind of left on- on the plane accidentally. He just sort

of walked it in. It dripped out of his like chest, or something,

and he left it in the plane and then it became new Phyrexia

and Ich is one of the Mirrans, one of the residents of Mirrodin that was corrupted during

uh during Mirrodin besieged, during this- during this mass corruption of

new Phyrexia and Ich works for one of the five praetors of new Phyrexia,

a horrible beast called Vorinclex, who is kind of what you'd get if you taped three

bears together, put them in a wood chipper and then taught

them to be social darwinists. Ich-Tekik has been given like free reign to

harvest organs, and body parts, and bits of metal and the like

to improve himself and to improve his golems for the cause of Vorinclex, and you know what?

Props to him for- for demonstrating self-care, and self-love, and self-improvement.

Ikra Shidiqi. A naga shaman of the Tarkir of old who served the Sultai, one of the,

uh, five clans that ruled Tarkir of old and who battled against the dragons. Specifically

the brood known as the Silumgar. Now Ikra Shidiqi used to serve the overlord

of the Sultai, a- a little a little boy called Tasigur.

However, she quickly switched allegiances when the tides of battle turned in the dragon's

favour and she became the right-hand naga of Silumgar,

translating his speech to his court and started a long line of naga advisers to

the dragon lord Silumgar.

Imoti. Another naga but not from Tarkir this time. You can tell, there's a slight difference,

um, in you know; The face is a little bit different. The- the

colour of the scales is slightly changed. She also has four arms. Dead giveaway.

Uh, Imoti, annoyingly, exists on some unknown plane and is kind of a mystical Brita Filter.

Effectively there was some, like, dark magic battle happening on her plane upstream from

her tribe's water source and then the entire river became polluted

and Imoti was like: Well I'm the only one who does- does, like,

water magic. So I guess I will purify the water for the town

and now every single day she goes to, like, the town's waterfall and just purifies the

water for everybody to drink. Which, I- I have to imagine gets really boring,

really quickly and can you imagine the pruning?

Ishai. The aven translator for the dragonlord Ojutai on the, uh, on the new Tarkir. The

Tarkir of today. Effectively the bird version of Ikra Shidiqi.

Uh, there's- there's not really much additional lore.

He at some point spoke to Narset who is a planeswalker who was, uh, who is- who was

born on Tarkir. But that's really as far as his lore goes.

Jared Carthalion. Okay so, uh, Tolarian Community College already did a video about Jared on

his channel when he spoiled the card.

Uh, you might have heard of Tolarian Community College. Small- smaller little indie Magic:

the Gathering channel. A couple of- couple of subscribers. I'm doing-

doing the man a big favour by shouting him out on my, uh my much- much

larger platform. Anyway, effectively go watch that video because

it's really, really well done and that's pretty much what

I'm basing my entire understanding of Jared's character on. But, long story short;

He was an orphaned boy who stole a black lotus, wasted it on summoning a Shivan Dragon,

fell in love with a planeswalker called Kristina of The Woods became a planeswalker himself

and then- and then he continued on with his life um

Sorry I've got- I've just- I've got, uh Underneath all of that I've just written babading

babadooey which I think I was supposed to say

after became a planeswalker himself. But because I put it on another line, it looks

like it's own- its own whole entire point so, it's just babading

babadooey baby!

Jeska and Kamahl. This can be a long one. Okay so Jeska and Kamahl they are a barbarian

sister and brother from the plane of Dominaria and Kamahl became obsessed with, and eventually

driven mad by, the Mirari; this powerful artifact that we've talked about a couple of times

now. But to- to sort of explain what it actually is:

It is this orb that grants wishes to anyone who wields it, but in a kind of, like,

a kind of like cursed monkey paw type deal. Right, anyway Kamahl tried to use this power

to become a local warlord. Which, first off think a little bit bigger

than that lad. Like, I don't rub a genie's lamp and go:

Oh, I'd like to be a- a local councillor for Bath and Northeast Somerset like come

on dude bigger thoughts. He also, in his like blind rage and like this

corruption that the Mirari put upon him, he killed his sister Jeska.

Uh, he was then very, sort of, guilty about that and pissed off to a forest

and a praying mantis taught him how to forgive himself or something like that. Now Jeska,

when she died, she was actually reborn through the power

of the Mirari as Phage the Untouchable, this horrible corrupted,

ultra-death monster who ended up going to fight in the arena as part of the cabal, and

that's where her and, uh, Ixidor sort of link up. Because she

was the one that killed Ixidors love, and then Ixidor created Akroma

to avenge that death. Now, when Kamahl came back from the forest, he wanted to atone for

what he did wrong. He'd heard about all the stuff that Phage

had done, and he decided to re-kill his sister, effectively.

So he turned up with the Mirari sword, tried to kill her. But then, plot twist, he struck

her at the exact same time as, like, Akroma got in the way, as well as

a lady called Zagorka who- wow it sucks to be Zagorka.

Anyway, when they were struck, the three women kind of merged together to form Karona.

Uh, and we've already talked a little bit about Karona, but when she tried to sort of,

uh, conquer Dominaria and become its new god, Kamahl turned up for

a third time to kill his sister. There was a big old scuffle she eventually

got stabbed with the Mirari sword and reverted back into Jeska,

when finally her planeswalker spark ignited. Hence why her card in this set is Jeska, Thrice

Reborn. Once as Phage, once as Karona, and once again

as Jeska. Which, frankly like, planeswalkers of today

do not know how good they've got it. Like, Gideon's like:

Oh my own hubris led to the death of all of my friends and that's what caused my planeswalker

spark to ignite, Jeska got killed three times by her own brother,

and only on the third time did she manage to become a planeswalker. Good lord.

Unfortunately Jeskas story does not end in, uh, particularly happy and they lived

happily ever after note. Years after Kamahl died, because Kamahl at

this point is still a mortal, uh, Jeska returned to Dominaria

to help heal the plane when it was going through its, sort of like, time-crisis emo-phase

where all of these, like, different time rifts and temporal ozone holes were opening up

all throughout the plane. Jeska went to Otaria and closed the great rift above the continent

that had been caused during her multiple rebirths, particularly

when she got rebirthed as a mini god, and she sacrificed herself

to close all of those holes.

Okay, Juri. Juri is the proprietor of the Rakdos Cult's most popular,

Murder-Blood-Torture-Comedy-Orgy Coliseum: The Juri Revue.

The venue itself hosts many events, but the most popular are the bloody satires which

both figuratively and literally skewer politicians and public

figures. Uh, Juri is also one of the last remaining Rakdos characters

that, uh, that story, uh, story nerds and story fans have been waiting to see from,

uh, from the Rakdos Cult for a very, very long time. We got Massacre

Girl in War of the Spark and finally we have Juri,

uh, so we're all very excited- we're very happy with how things are going for the Rakdos.

Good on- good on WOTC for that one.

Kangee. An aven commander during the final Phyrexian invasion of Dominaria fighting on

the side of the coalition. Which was, like, all the Dominarian forces,

sans a couple of, like, idiot capitulating warlords.

Um, but also on the side of The Order, which is kind of this militant religious organization

out of the continent of Otaria. Lots of stuff happens on Otaria. There's not

really much to say about Kangee himself, except for the fact that: boy he has had a

massive glow up in this set.

Karador. Okay so Karador is a ghost centaur from an unknown plane, uh, which at this point

just like say- Like, I dont know Buorghenaff

Karador is from Buorghenaff and Buorghenaff is a plane where, uh,

all the dragons are made out of mist and all the people dream sideways.

There we go you don't you don't have to visit it just give us a name please, Jesus.

Anyway Karador is a was a chieftain of his plane. But he was usurped by a neighbouring

warlord and now spends his afterlife, uh, scheming

and gathering, uh, ghost forces to one day retake his ancestral home

as kind of like King Brago but with antlers.

Karametra. The goddess of harvest on the plane of Theros and probably the most mortal friendly

god on the entire plane. Narrowly beating out

Ephara, the god of the city and the god of sh*t awful water transportation.

She gives people food, she stops them from doing stupid sh*t in the field, she's got

a big wolf pet. What is not to love? We love Karamatra.

Keskit. Uh, an erstwhile underling of Sheoldred, the Whispering One, one of the other praetors

on New Phyrexia. The white Phyrexian praetor, Elesh Norn actually

destroyed Sheoldred's, uh Sheoldreds realm.

I don't know if she actually destroyed Sheoldred herself, uh, but we don't really know what,

like Keskit's whole deal is now. Is he still loyal to Sheoldred?

Is he going to work behind the scenes to- to bring her back as one of the more powerful

praetors? Or is he now switching his allegiances, and

he's aligning with Elesh Norn? We just don't know what we do know is he's-

he's really nasty to look at.

Kodama of the East Tree. One of the many Kodama around the forests of Kamigawa

that are worshiped by the monks that live there.

And Kamigawa is this plane that is inspired by Japanese history and folklore.

Uh, some people just call it the ninja plane which you know not at all massively

reductive that. Anyway this Kodama was the spirit that monks

often prayed to for blessings of forestry fertility and abundance.

During the Kami war however, which we'll talk a little bit about later but suffice to say;

it's where the Kami and the mortals of the world, the spirits and the mortals of the

world, began to fight one another. Uh, the Kodama of the East Tree began shooting

the monks that used to worship it with spirit spores

that sucked out the monk's souls, and turned them into spirit warriors for the kami forces.

It's like, um, it's like that @Dril tweet: Yes Kodama of the east tree may kill lots

of people. But it also ensures the monks have a plentiful

apple harvest; so it's impossible to say if it's bad or not.

Krark! My baby boy Krark's got his own card! YEAH!

Okay so Krark is a very significant goblin on Mirrodin, before all of the New Phyrexia

shenanigans. He was the first goblin, and potentially the

first sentient creature, to discover that the plane itself was in fact hollow.

Now, if you know anything about the goblins on Mirrodin you can kind of assume what happened

next. Krark went back to his goblins with this cool

discovery and went: Hey look at this really interesting thing!

and then all the goblins went:Oh Execute him.

and so they did. So Krark and Slobad, both two wonderful, wonderful goblins that get

killed by other goblins for no good reason. Why did the goblins of

Mirrodin, like, produce the best characters and the worst

society? I swear to God. But Krark, unlike Slobad, kind of developed

this cult around him as time went on. In fact, an entire clan of goblins ended up

being named after him: the Krark Clan and his thumb remains as a legendary artifact

that, for some reason, was not reprinted in Commander Legends.

You had it right there. You printed Krark. Where's his thumb? Where's his thumb, Wizards?

Kraum and Ludevic. Okay so I will start with Ludevic.

Ludevic is one of the many, uh, sort of like Frankenstein parallels that exist on Innistrad.

He kind of looks a bit like if you crossed Larry David with a blobfish,

and he creates many different, like, stitched masterpieces and Kraum is, apparently his

most, uh- most incredible piece yet and neither really

had, like, that much to do in the story when they were, like, relevant

and when they were talked about, which is a bit of a shame. Although, I will say in

Shadows over Innistrad there's this entire subplot where Ludevic

and Geralf, I believe his name is, are two- like, two of the Frankenstein like allegories

of the plane. They began just, like, exchanging letters

and going and visiting each other's workshops. But it didn't end up being, like, this weird

double cross and like they betray each other or anything

like that. They just ended up being, like, really good

friends and- I don't know why, but I love that so much.

I love like these two horrible, horrible characters that are just like:

Let's be friends! Did we just become best friends? let's be pen pals! I love that.

Kydele. Okay so Kydele is a Meletisian prophet, meaning that she is a prophet

that comes from the city of Meletis on the plane of Theos, who was chosen by the god

of horizons Kruphix to understand the true scope of the world

that she lived in and beyond. And so Kydelke was like: You know what?

Lay it on me. Yell me everything, and Kruphix just went:

Okay sure. Uh, the gods didn't create the mortals, it was actually the other way around.

Uh we are not the only world that exists. There actually exists a great number of worlds

that sort of exist outside of our realms of our understanding.

However, there are people who can, just sort, of travel

between those worlds and, in fact, you remember that god we had for a little bit?

That Xenegos guy? Yeah he was one of those planeswalkers. So was the champion of the

sun that ended up killing him. Those people were

like able to just travel between worlds. But that's kind of not the only thing, because

there are these massive existential threats Like the Eldrazi and like the Phyrexians that

could just at any time turn up on our plane and completely destroy us forever and ever

and ever. Uh is that all right for you? and then Kydele was like:


Lathiel. Ah, just a unicorn. Uh there's not really much lore. We're not given a plane.

Might be from Eldraine judging by those, like, little firefly bits in front of her.

But that could just be unicorn sparkles. Um, it's just that.

It's just a unicorn unfortunately. There's not much to go on with her lore Im afraid

to say.

Liesa. Okay, so Liesa is the fourth sister of Avacyn on the plane of Innistrad and I'm

gonna grab the- where's the bloody- where's the- where's the


Liesa was the fourth sister of Avacyn on the plane of Innistrad. You had- so Avacyn was,

kind of like, the godhead of the planes religion. Uh,

the Church of Avacyn worshiped Avacyn as a god.

She was also created by Sorin Markov, uh, who you'll remember we talked about.

The guy who sacrificed the goblin earlier. Lots of people just creating angels, and angels

becoming religious icons. Seems to be a theme in Magic. Anyway Avacyn

had four sisters, uh, she had, uh Gisela who was sort of like the- the war-ish sister.

Uh, you had Bruna which is, like, the sister of, like, insight and knowledge.

Uh, you had Sigarda, who was the, sort of, sister of mortals and just good harvest and

all that good stuff. And then you had Liesa, who was the sister

of Avacyn who took like the- the concept of know thy enemy just that

one step further and began, not only sort of like,

surrounding herself with, but actively collaborating with demons and witches and cultists and-

To sort of, like uh, to get behind enemy lines to prevent, uh, prevent outbreaks before-

of like- of demons and horrible nasty dark magic before they

even happened. Uh, and when Avacyn found out that Liesa was actually doing that; Avacyn

went up to her and was like: Listen, I might not agree with your praxis.

But, I have to say that, it is producing good results

and we're all fighting on the same team here. So good on you sister, and I'm going to immortalize

you for- Just kidding, Avacyn killed her, every single

angel affiliated with her, and then banned anyone else

on the plane from ever repeating her name forevermore. Good on you Avacyn.

You were definitely 100% fine before Emrakul corrupted you.

Livio! Livio is- is kind of like- it's kind of like Fioras Batman. Fiora being the

plane of existence that uh, the ghost king Brago once presided over. Uh,

but instead of using his vast wealth to just sort of, like,

make a battle suit and go beat up like street level drug dealers. Instead Livio renounced

his titles, renounced his inherited wealth, and decided

to stick up for local merchants getting shaken down

by crown funded racketeers. So, kind of like, the exact opposite and strictly better version

of Batman.

The Maelstrom Wanderer. The very embodiment of Alara's chaotic mana conflux that, sort

of, exploded into being when the five shards of

Alara slotted in to place like- like a really satisfying trivial pursuit board.

The Maelstrom Wanderer is pretty much the embodiment of- of that sort of chaotic mana

and now it wanders- wanders Alara, specifically in like the center where all the mana is-

is converging and its all being like: Oh, oh I'm gonna-

Oh I'm gonna be- I'm gonna turn into- I'm gonna turn into a spell! I'm gonna turn

into a planeswalker, oh- oh I'm a- I'm an elemental!

The law isn't particularly clear. I'm kind of riffing on that one if I'm gonna be honest.

Malcolm. There's a Magic: the Gathering card called Malcolm.

I love that. such a fan of it. Malcolm was the navigator on Vraska's ship The Belligerent,

uh, when she was a pirate captain, so he was actually

a contemporary of Breeches, the wonderful, wonderful goblin pirate. Uh,

but he's just- he's just called Malcolm and that's

when's- when's the f*ckin, like, Chris planeswalker coming out?

When's the new Felix legendary creature droping, Wizards?

Marath. A lovely magical badger-moose-bear that lives on Dominaria and is worshiped by

many, many elves as being the very embodiment of nature's whims

and of nature's pure magic, and it's ju- you want to scratch him on the chin! You want

to scratch him on the chin. He's a boy- He's just a good boy. He's just a good boy!

Not really much lore but he's just a good boy!

Oh he's a little boy, what a lovely moose.

Okay so Meloku. Meloku is a moonfolk or Soratami which is this, uh, species of creatures

that live on Kamigawa, that live in the clouds- in, sort of, like palaces in the clouds on

that plane and Meloku is the Soratami ambassador from

Soratami down to the human realms. On top of showcasing the true extent of Soratami

drip, Meloku was also directly responsible for creating the conditions that led to the

Kami-mortal war, which is a war between the spiritual realm

of Kamigawa, and the mortal realm of Kamigawa, that was, kind of, kicked off when Takeda

Konda stole the daughter of the supreme Kami, O-Kagachi,

and turned her into a decorative wall plate that granted immortality.

Uh, Meloku also owned a dragon egg at one point, which was then stolen

by the ever charming goblin Kiki-Jiki, which is both delightful and hilarious.

Mee-ara, Me-a-ra?, Mee-ara, we'll go with Mee-ara- Miara is an elf

packmaster from the plane of Lorwyn. Now, you'll remember I said that Lorwyn is

this; lovely, delightful, wander around the- the moors

and get a nice little cozy cream tea with your granny, type plane? It is for the most


Except for the elves.

Miara is a member of the, uh, the- I think they're called, like, the perfect cast

of elves. Which are these group of elves- all of the

elves are like physically beautiful, and anything that isn't beautiful,

Uh, they try and force out of their territory and their woodland. From other elves

to literally any other species of creature. So there's a good chance that, what Miara

is about to do when we see her in her art, is go off and

kill a bunch of goblins just for being ugly. Uh, because apparently elves in Magic: the

Gathering have two settings: oppressed peoples and utter bastards.

Molimo. Molimo is a Maro-sorcerer from Llanowar. Now, what a marrow sorcerer is it's, uh,

it is a wizard that is sort of the- the- the combination of an expression of nature's will

and magic manifest in a, sort of, elemental being.

It is not a magical entity that can just summon Mark Rosewater at the drop of a hat.

Molimo fought the Phyrexians during their final invasion of Dominaria and managed to

survive the war and even exists in our current Magic timeline

and current Magic world. Because, when we returned to Dominaria in the 2018

set, Moliimo actually gave the mage Jhoira a special seed

that would re-grow the magical hull of the Weatherlight ship, once she dredged it out

of the oceans. Muldrotha. Okay, so speaking of Maro-sorcerers,

Muldrotha is the spawn of Multani who is the Maro-sorcerer

of Yavimaya. But- it may look a bit evil- may look a bit they look a, bit sus, big old

green scorpion thing. But no, Muldrotha isn't an evil person- I

mean Muldrotha isnt a person, it's- it's ostensibly a lot of slime.

Uh, but Muldrotha is actually quite- quite nice. He helped, uh, the crew of the new Weatherlight

where we returned to Dominaria, uh, to sort of navigate the, uh, the realms of Urborg

and, uh, find their way to the Cabal stronghold and defeat the Cabal once and for all,

and save the day. Which, uh, you know best slime in the game i'm just gonna say it.

Not even a slime. I'm almost certainly gonna get horrible comments about-

That's not- not even a bloody slime that is!

Nadier. Uh, Nadier is obsessively a diplomat from the elven nation of Duskenel which-

No, we have never come across before, Nadier is another character from a completely unknown

plane. Uh, Duskenel is one of the many elven nations

that exist within this unknown plane. Uh and what nadir's job is supposed to be

is he's a diplomat being sent from the Duskenel to their neighbouring wood elf neighbours

to, sort of, do a little bit of cultural exchange, do a little bit of diplomacy.

But what he's actually there for, is to slowly teach the wood elves the ways of combat and

assassination. Because humans are encroaching on the elven

territory and wood elves don't know how to fight them-

Fight back against them. So Nadiers like: Listen put down- put down the flute. Put

down the pan pipes, Frodo. I'm gonna give you a hatchet

i'm going to teach you how to throw it at a man. Let's do this.

Najeela. Okay so Najeela is a warrior from Valour's Reach or, rather,

a warrior fighting in the arena that is Valour's Reach. Now Valour's Reach is an arena

based on the plane of Kylem. The plane of Kylem is a plane that has- has progressed

past the need for great wars and horrible conquest, and now they settle

all of their disputes, in sort, of ceremonial fighting like cage matches

uh, all over the plane. And Valours Reach is the- the coolest and the biggest and the-

the most, sort of, prestigious, uh, coliseum that you can fight

in. And Najeela is there to fight for honour?

Maybe, I don't actually think we're ever told why she's fighting.

But she is there so that's Najeela.

Nekusar. Okay, so Nekusar is a lich king from yet another unknown plane,

who secretly remains the power behind the throne that he left when he died.

Sort of manipulating his old kingdom from behind the scenes and many of his- his former

enemies think that maybe being killed was actually

part of Nekusar's plan because he seems a lot more powerful

now that he's a zombie wizard than he ever was when he was a human person.

Uh Nekusar is also my housemate's go-to, uh, commander whenever we play edh

and has given me, uh, effectively a- a- a- a- a- great fear of drawing cards in multiplayer.

Nevinyrral. Okay Nevinyrral is a zombie king and failed frisbee salesman from the plane

of Dominaria. Specifically he used to be, uh, the king and

overlord of the city of Urborg back when it was a, sort of,

Horrible, horrible metropolis. But it was actually a city and not just, sort of, like

a horrid swamp. Uh, but Nevinyrral used to be the king of

there, but his- his ambitions reached past the walls of his kingdom

and he started invading neighbouring countries and continents and taking over local warlords

and stuff like that. Until, one day, one of those neighbouring

countries went: I don't want to be invaded by Nevinyrral.

I'm gonna invade Nevinyrral! and Nevinyrral was like: Okay. Fine.

and then put all of his soul into a magical object, broke it

and then detonated, uh, his entire kingdom killing literally everybody in Urborg which

is kind of a solution.

Nezahal. One of the primal dinosaurs of Ixalan which was, uh, woken up when the golden city

of Ixalan, which is kind of like uh an allegory for El

Dorado I guess, when the golden city was sort of, like, revealed to the world, all

of these elder dinosaurs these ancient uh, kind of manifestations of one of the aspects

of Ixalan woke up and began doing sort of dinosaur stuff.

Uh, Nezahal is the- as you could probably guess this- or, like the aspect of water from

Ixalan. Doesn't really have too much to do in the

story, in the lore, but it's nice to know where the dinosaur comes from.

Numa. Okay, Numa was the leader of Nissa, the planeswalker's home tribe, uh of uh, Joraga?

Yes, Joraga, uh, before she realized that she was a planeswalker. Nissa, as a child,

kept getting these visions of some horrible evil that's lurking deep

within the heart of her world of Zendikar. Uh, she didn't know it yet

but she was being visited by visions of, uh, the Eldrazi that was stored in the mountains

of Akoum and Numa was like: Listen, Nissa, I don't want to have to

do this, but you're kind of freaking everybody in the tribe out.

We're going to have to ask you to leave, and inadvertently send Nissa on her journey

to becoming a planeswalker. Which means that it's sort of Numas fault

that Nissa ended up releasing the Eldrazi, like in the first place,

which, you know, it's a bit of a self-own but we all make massive mistakes now and again.

Nymris. Okay Nymris is a faerie trickster working for Oona, queen of the Fae, uh on

the plane of Lorwyn. Oona was the main antagonist from that story.

Uh, you remember how I said Colfenor saw that the Great Aurora

was coming and was one of the few people who knew about it? Well Oona, when the Great Aurora

happened, was one of the few beings who remembered that

there existed a world before Shadowmoor. When the Great Aurora happened, everyone sort

of, like, lost their memory and just became horrible versions of themselves,

except for Oona who retained her memory completely and was like: I'm gonna- I'm just gonna

rule this world now. I'm gonna be- Why be queen of the faw, when I could be queen

of the world? and so Nymris works for Oona- worked for Oona

because I'm pretty sure Oona died at the end of that story.

Uh but Nymris's job, effectively, was just to go around frustrating mortals, like, annoying

them, playing pranks on them, getting them so frustrated

that they would fall into deep, agonizing sleeps

where Oona would then sneak up and steal all their dreams.

Obeka. Obeka is another new character that is being showcased in Commander Legends.

Uh, she is a chronologist possibly from Zendikar. It's not said in her lore online that she's

from an unknown plane. But it's not confirmed that she's from Zendikar.

However, Zendikar is the only plane that we have seen in the game thus far that

has had chronologists and also the background mountains

look very sort of Zendikar. So that, again purely speculation but, that's at least what

I'm getting the vibe of from Obeka.

Odric. Odric was a loyal holy soldier of the Lunarch Council on Innistrad.

So remember Innistrad, uh their god is Avacyn the Lunarch Council was kind of, like, sort

of like the Vatican, I guess like to extend the allegory. Um, and

when Avacyn became corrupted by Emrakul's influence,

so did the Lunarch Council. But when Avacyn got corrupted it was very- it was in a very

literal sense. When the Lunarch Council got corrupted, it

was much more in the sense of just a bunch of cultists showed up

and were like Yeah, we've always been here. What are you talking about?

We've always been- we've always worshipped, uh, the- the demons of Skirsdag.

What the f*ck are you talking about dude? and when Odric found out about both of these

corruptions, uh he actually decided: Ah, I'm good. I'm gonna leave,

Renounced all of his titles, renounced any, uh, affiliation he had to the council went

to join his mate Thalia in the final desperate bid, uh, to save Innistrad

from the at the end of the world as they saw it

in this form of- of Emrakul, this monster from beyond the stars and they won in the

end so good for Oldric.

Prava. Prava is a roman legionary cat from an unknown plane. But, uniquely almost on

this list, we actually have a little bit of information

uh that sort of explains a little bit more about this plane.

We actually have a character that we know that can-canonically is from this plane. I'll

explain more in a second. Uh, but Prava herself is from a, uh, she's

from a plane, she works with this army called the Steel Legion.

She's actually one of the most effective commanders in that army, er, having the lowest mortality

rate of any sort of section of army within the

Steel Legion. However she has a desperate and bitter rivalry

with a character called Licia who we've actually seen in a commander product before.

She was the Mardu, uh, like lone wolf vampire legionnaire. Which means that, at some point

in the future, there is a very good chance that we are going

to get a cat-roman-vampire plane which is finally going to unite the three

desperate tribes of: furries, goths, and people who f*cking love pillars.

Prossh. Big dragon. Huge. Huge dragon. Uh, Dominarian dragon, uh, mainly stays above

and around the area of Kher Keep which is the sort of subterranean mountain-

mountain fortress, uh, on dominaria that is the home of the kobolds.

Not really much else to say about Prossh. He's just a big old dragon, the kobolds sacrificed

themselves to him as a god. Uh, he enables food chain combos really effectively.

That's pretty much Prosshs whole deal.

Queen Marchesa. Queen Marchesa is in the book. Queen Marchesa is in the book,

where is Queen Marchesa in the boooooook? Marchesa DeAmity, known as the Black Rose,

learned from an early age that if she wanted power she would have to seize it for herself.

Striking out on her own, her legitimate business provided cover

as she gained connections through the criminal underworld.

But Marchesa's ambitions didn't end at just being queen of a criminal empire.

Finding someone who would assassinate the ghost king Brago wasn't easy, but Marchesa's

contacts put her in touch with the elusive ghost assassin

Kaya. The king's reign was ended, allowing Marchesa to step in and inherit the

throne through a succession decree of dubious origin.

Radiant. Okay Radiant was the de facto leader of a plane called Serra's Realm,

which used to be run by the angelic planeswalker Serra. But when Serra, I don't know,

f*cked off on her own for a bit I'm not entirely sure what happened, Radiant was, kind of,

put in charge. However, Radiant wasn't nearly as powerful

as Serra and so sort of surreptitiously, Phyrexian forces began to corrupt

uh Serra's realm, uh infiltrate it, uh, kill people, turn them into agents and all that

good stuff. Uh, one day this powerful planeswalker called

Urza, who we've talked about a little bit, we'll talk about a lot more a little bit later.

Uh, Urza turns up to this plane, saw all of the Phyrexian shenanigans going on

and was like: Radiant, listen we need to get people out of Serras Realm. It's just

going to collapse. and Radiant said, no.



So Urza, in probably the only good thing Urza has ever done,-

he actually surreptitiously ferried a bunch of refugees out of Serras realm without

her knowing about it to make sure that they wouldn't be killed

when the plane eventually collapsed because it was becoming very unstable.

Radiant found out, she did not like that, she tried to kill Urza. She ripped out his

eyes, but in doing so, his, uh, Urza's eyes were actually made out

of these two things called power stones. He had the, uh, the weak stone and the might

stone, I think uh it's one of the other. Uh when she ripped them out, uh, there was

a massive explosion which completely incinerated her

and in her final moments she realized that she had in fact been duped,

which like Magics lore is wild. An angel got blown up because she ripped someone's

eyes out. Cool.

Rakdos. Rakdos is, uh, an ancient demon. As you might be able to guess from his name,

he is the guild leader of the Rakdos Cult. But he also set up the Rakdos Cult.

He was the, uh, the original parun as, uh, I think is what they call them, of the guild

which makes him now the only remaining parun of a guild that is

simultaneously its current guild leader. Like, a little while ago, uh, Niv-Mizzet was

also one of those original paruns. Niv-Mizzet set up the Izzet league,

but Niv-Mizzet has since relinquished his rule of the Izzet to become, like,

a big shiny law dragon, and so Rakdos is now the last parun left running

his own guild. Rakdos is a big demon, he loves to party,

he loves to murder. A sexy Mediterranean man rode on him once,

make of that what you will that's pretty much Rakdos in a nutshell

and if you'd like to know more, I've got a whole blummin video about the entire Rakdos

Cult which you can- be- it'll be somewhere on the- somewhere on

the screen. Click the link.

Ramos. Ramos was a dragon engine under the command of Mishra, who was Urza's evil brother,

but even as I'm- even as I'm saying that out, I really don't think Mishra qualifies as being

Urza's evil brother. I think Urza, has done a lot more bad stuff

than Mishra if i'm being fair. But Ramos is a dragon engine, which means

he is some like combination between an aircraft carrier and a dragon.

Uh, but Urza captured Ramos during the Brothers War and reprogrammed him to not be a weapon

of war anymore, but to be a refugee ship. This plane-shifting

refugee vessel which Urza then used when he kind of

blew up half of the world in a massive magical nuclear explosion.

He put a bunch of like human and merfolk, uh, civilians who would have been caught in

the blast zone on Ramos, and Ramos then plane-shifted them

to the plane of Mercadia. Unbeknownst to Urza, Mercadia actually already

had Dominarians living on it in the form of the Thran who were the people

that, uh, Glacian and Rebbec were a part of, uh some Thran managed to escape Halcyon, the

city of the Thran before it got blown up during the final days of the Thran-Phyrexian

war and they found themselves on Mercadia as well.

Now these two groups of Dominarians, as time went on, grew and developed into their own

societies. The humans and the merfolk that Ramos brought

over eventually forgot where they came from, forgot their origin, forgot that they were

refugees from another plane entirely, and started worshiping Ramos as a god. As

a deity. Many, many years later, the crew of the Weatherlight

of which Gerrard Capashen was a member, crash landed on Mercadia and they discovered Ramos,

talked to Ramos and Ramos talked to them and said:

Oh I remember- I remember Urza! We go way back!

and so Ramos then helped the crew of the Weatherlight to defeat the Phyrexian forces that were on

Mercadia and get all- the get all the good lads back-

back home to Dominaria.

Ravos. Ravos was an oracle for Athreos, the god of passage on, Theros.

Ravos used to just like, effectively, like help Atheros around the house. However when

Ravos's love died in battle, Ravos made a deal with the god saying:

Listen I know I've been ya- I know Ive been ya boy. But what i'm gonna do, i'm gonna

help you directly shepherd souls straight to the underworld.

I'm gonna be- i'm gonna be your right-hand man,

on the condition that, once a year, I get to visit my long-lost love.

and Atheros agreed, but what he doesn't know is that Ravos is secretly plotting and scheming

a way to, uh, get his love from out of the underworld

and return them to the land of the living. Kind of a mix between like, uh, Orpheus and

Hermes, uh, if you're- if you're familiar with some, like, Greek

lore and ancient Greek sort of, uh, folklore.

Reyav. Reyav is a dwarven artificer from the plain of Kaladesh, which is sort of-

this world that is crossed between:

Junji Ito's Uzumaki,

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,

and India if that if that makes sense.

Reyav became famous on his home plane for creating this, sort of, magical power gauntlet.

Effectively that- He released all of the, uh, the schematics to, uh, to the world.

But no one could replicate his- his powerful fist as well as he could, and so he became

famous and- and that's pretty much all of his lore he's-

he's literally like: I made a big fist. Look at me go!

that's all of his deep lore unfortunately. Uh, Reyhan was the last khan of the Abzan

houses during the final days of the khans, uh sort of- In the Tarkir of the past, Sarkhan

went back, did all of his space magic dragon coma stuff with Ugin,

dragon tempests started going crazy on the plane and dragons eventually took it over.

In the final days of the struggles between the khans and the dragons, Reyhan was the

last khan of the Abzan having taken over from Daghata, I believe

his name was, who had ceded his power to, uh, the-

to dragonlord Dromoka for her to lead the Abzant= houses in a new direction for the

rest of time. Uh, uh, Reyhan decided: Nah, I'm gonna

fight back, and so she went over to, uh, like f*ckin tattoo lads house

and went Help me out! and then to tattoo lad got blown up by an ice dragon,

and Reyhan got killed by, uh, a poison dragon I think, and then Dragons of Tarkir,

the worst place in the multiverse not currently run by Phyrexians, uh, came into fruition.

Rograkh. Okay Rograkhs lore is wild. Okay Rograkh is a kobold, you remember when

I was talking about prossh from earlier? The kobolds of Kher Keep? Rograkh is one of

those kobolds. The kobolds used to sacrifice themselves to

Prossh. However Rograkh father, Ro-gann? I hope I'm getting that right, there's, like

three h's in this word- Er, decided I don't want to sacrifice myself

to Prossh In fact I, think people should sacrifice themselves to me!

and so Ro- Rohaaan so RGHN uh, then took over the Kher

Keep and became a tyrant. His son, Rograkh was like: I don't want

that. I don't want to see my people sacrifice themselves

to my father. This is wrong! I'm going to start- I'm going to start a resistance

movement! and so he did! He- he built this grand resistance, this great

grassroots movement to usurp his father Only to then replace him back with Prossh

again as the rightful thing that all of the

kobolds of Kher Keep should be sacrificing themselves to

Like y- y'all really didn't get any- any critical theory trickling its way down into care keep

did you?

No, no I thought not.

Sakashima. Skay so Sakashima is a human master of disguise on the plane of Kamigawa,

Uh, and he is the- he's this ultimate, uh, sneak. He sneaks around, he's snuck into everything,-

You're a sneaking b*tch.

Please I'm sorry.

F*ck you.

Oh- oh, he snuck everywhere but now? But now he's tired of sneaking. He's- he's snuck-

snuck all over the place. But nothing presents him with a challenge

anymore Except one place that he has yet to sneak into,

and that is the spiritual realm of the Kami themselves, which- I'm not sure how-

not sure how you sneak into there. Pretty sure they don't have, like, a lock on the

door but more power to you, it's good to have goals.

Sengir. Baron Sengir is the ancient progenitor of the Senger bloodline of vampires.

Sengir, uh, is- when we last meet him, is stuck on this dying world of Ulgrotha. But,

you might be wondering; Hang on. If Sengir is stuck on Ulgrotha,

and he's not a planeswalker, how come there are Sengir vampires on Dominaria?

Well, Baron Sengir used to be summoned by planeswalkers, and by powerful wizards, as

a sort of, like, ally. Much in the same way as you would summon Baron

Sengir by playing him from your hand, and every time he turned up to a new plane

he'd go: Oh, no vampire's on here? [HISS] and

then he'd make, er, make a Sengir vampire or, like, several dozen.

So that's how that happened. but he got stuck on Ulgrotha during one big wizards duel

and hasn't been summoned since. He built up- he's built up his, like, mini empire- mini

barony, uh, in, uh, in this plane, and we last meet him

accessing a dwarven portal in the bowels of his caves,

underneath his castle, which supposedly is going to let him, uh, walk out of this world

and into- into another. Although, we haven't seen hide

nor hair of him for many, many years. So there's a non-zero chance

that the portal just instantaneously incinerated him.

Siani. Okay, Siani is a Jeskai monk, a djinn from the, uh, old and good Tarkir, uh,

who, like, I'm gonna just read the lore that wizards has actually put for her.

Siani believed that true enlightenment could only be discovered in the stillness of battle.

Indeed, when fighting, she enters a trance-like state where she claims she can hear the voices

of the ancient dragons. Now, I know what wizard is trying to go for

there. They're trying to say that Siani, like, enters this sort of-

this serenity, and she still does all, like, you know martial arts and high kicks and all

that good stuff. But she's- she's still while she's doing it.

But, when I read that, I can't help but imagine her just turning up

and going: You want to fight? Okay.

And then just freaking out everybody. Because, it's like, Oh this monk's turned up and

she's not doing any- why is she not doing any- what magic is that?

We gotta run away! She's gonna do something crazy!

and she's just standing there. I just love that I think that's a really fun image.

Sidar Kondo. Sidar is a Jumernan, I believe I could be pronouncing that wrong, a Jumeraan

warlord from the plane of Dominaria who had two sons.

One of them was called Vuel who was a lovely a lovely boy.

Sidars, like biological son. And the other was actually Gerrard Capashen.

Sidar Kondo adopted Gerrard Capashen as a young, young boy. Unfortunately,

Sidar kind of took more of a liking to his adopted son than Vuel and Vuel became so irate,

so frustrated with his father, that he actually stepped

out of this realm of reality and when we next meet him

he had become corrupted by Phyrexia and turned into Volrath, the shapeshifter.

So good on you, Sidar Kondo for at least raising one child well. You're half a good dad.

Slin Voda. Slin Voda is a leviathan on Dominaria that holds on its back the capital city and,

like, I guess entire home realm of the Vodalian

Empire who are this, uh, this group of imperial merfolk

who are making a big, sort of, resurgence in Dominaria after getting their sh*t handed

to them by an entire species of crab people many hundreds

of years ago.


It's a slime.

It's not from- it doesn't say what plane is from. It's just a slime. What-

I work with what Im given.

Sram. Oh Srams in the book, Srams in the book! Srams in the book, we get to

read the book. Sram. The dwarf Sram is a no-nonsense master

engineer. As senior edificer, he is responsible for the complex infrastructure

that supports Kaladesh's population. His greatest achievement is the Aether Hub,

a complex structure that feeds the magical power source

across his great city. Sram cares for his people more than politics, and when the Aether

Hub was threatened by renegades, he prioritized people over property. He and

his team worked tirelessly to repair the damage done by the recent revolution.

Good on you, Sram for having your priorities straight

and also a big thank you to both uh, Jay Anelli who has done a wonderful, wonderful job on

this whole book. Love this. Gotta put this on the coffee table

in every house that Im on. Um, and also a big thank you to Wizards of

the Coast for sending this to me for free. Although I'm still perplexed as to why Wizards

continues to send me free product as I slowly radicalize my audience into believing

that corporate entities and in fact the entire capitalist mode of

production should no longer exist But thanks! It's very nice. Look at the alternative

cover, look at her go. Love that for Avacyn.

Tana. Tana is a lady who was abandoned in the woods as a child,

and was inexplicably adopted by a family of fungus things, saproling creatures, and so

now, as an adult, she rewards and repays her adopted

family; by murdering anybody who comes into the woods

and then feeding their corpses and their blood to the, uh, funguses and

I mean whoever said blood was thicker than water amirite? [Rim Shot]

Tevesh Szat. One of the nine titans which was, kind of this emergency-

I guess the closest thing I could come up with was, like, this emergency Justice League.

This emergency Avengers of different planeswalkers that the planeswalker Urza gathered together

in the final days of the Phyrexian-Dominarian war, as a sort of like last-ditch effort to

save the plane from destruction. I- included in these, uh, in these nine titans

was, of course Urza, who- you know; Brothers war,

blew up half the world, kind of let the Phyrexians come into Dominaria in the first place

when he and his brother opened up the portal underneath the ancient thran city of Halcyon

and let, uh, people like Gix, like, find their way back onto Dominaria so all of this is

his fault anyway. Uh, the planeswalker Freyalise who is an elf

from Llanowar. Uh Kristina, who you'll remember was Jared's, uh,

was the planeswalker that Jared fell in love with. Lord Windgrace from Urborg.

Bo Levar from somewhere. Daria from somewhere. Taysir of Rabiah which, I have to assume he's

from Rabiah. The absolute pog champ that is Commodore Guff,

god Im going to make a video about him someday,

and Tevesh Szat, the only mono black aligned planeswalker in the entire bunch

and can you guess which one of them turned out to be evil?

Tevesh used to be a guy called Tev loneglade and he was born on the coastline of Sarpadia

on Dominaria many, many years before the brothers war ever

took place. However he became a planeswalker as a human

and as time went on he became more and more, uh, like, corrupted and- and changed

and turned into this, uh- he looks like a demon but apparently it's, like, he's more

akin to a dragon person uh, but that's, like- he became corrupted-

he became so- like more influenced by draconic, uh,

energies and influences and this all came to a head when his sister died. That was like

the last straw, that broke the camel's back and Tev became

Tevesh Szat, uh, this sort of, like- the horrible tentacle monster

that we now know and love. He was invited to join the nine titans but,

plot twist, turned out to, like, actually be working on the side of himself

and the Phyrexians, betrayed the nine titans. Uh, he killed Daria and Kristina but, double

plot twist, Urza saw that coming and so, when Tevesh did that,

he grabbed Tevesh, put him in a box and then used all of his planeswalker and life energy

to power a massive bomb that he then dropped on Phyrexia with the

hope of destroying Yawgmoth. Would have been nice for Urza to have done

that to Tevesh before, uh, he killed two of the three women

that were part of the nine titans. But, let's be perfectly honest, this doesn't even make

it into the top 20 sh*t things that Urza's done with his

horrible life.

Thalisse. So Thalisse is a brand new character from an unknown plane and her lore isn't,

like, too descriptive. She woke up in a graveyard. She started talking

to ghosts, and now she wanders around the world

sort of, spreading their stories around. Uh, pretty much just a really hungover lead singer

of some emo band from 2004.

The Prismatic Piper. Uh, he's the magical DOOT boy. He's here when you need a DOOT and

he's gone when you DOOnt need a DOOT. That's his

whole story deal.

Thrasios. Thrasios is a merfolk from Theros who claims to have the magical blessing of

the god of the sea, Thassa herself. But nobody really fully believes him, and

this has never actually been proven. However, with a price tag like that, there

is some kind of magical b*llsh*t happening with this merfolk.

So I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Tiana. Tiana is a guardian angel from Dominaria, uh, sort of created in the lineage of the,

like, the- The remnants of the angels from Serras

Realm who made it to Dominaria before that plane collapsed.

She was a guardian angel put in charge of protecting, no joke, an irrigation system.

But somehow she even messed that up, because she turned up late

to her first appointment with the irrigation system and it was just: on fire. So now she

wanders Dominaria, looking for- looking for her purpose in life,

and then she stumbled across the Weatherlight when it was being sort of unsubmerged from

the sea, and found a kinship with the machine. And so now works as the guardian angel for

the Weatherlight, and also the Weatherlights chief engineer.


I have known about toggle for precisely two weeks, and if anything happens to him;

I will murder everybody in my subscription list, and then delete my channel.

Uh, Toggo is just a goblin on Dominaria who- who loves rocks. But, like, as a weapon.

He believes that the rock is the superior form of martial warfare. You give him a spear

he's like: Uh why have you got a long rock that? Like,

the deadly bit is on this- this end. The rock, the whole bit is a deadly bit.

You give him a crossbow he's like: Wait, hang on, so you pull this thing and

suddenly it's no longer useful? Rock always useful.

Rock can be thrown. Rock can be used as melee weapon.

You show him the destructive force that Barrin unloaded upon an entire continent on Dominaria,

just in grief of the death of his daughter, and Toggo will go:

Yeah but Like, 40 rocks could have probably done that.

Toggo is just obsessed with rocks, and he is my favorite character from this entire-

from this entire set. I had no idea he existed before now, and I'm

so glad that I now know he does exist.

Tormod. Tormod is an old magic character not as in, like, uh, like, ancient creature but

as in we first were told of Tormod's existence on

a card way back in The Dark in 1994 and, weirdly enough,

that card, Tormad's Crypt was the only time we ever got any mention of the character in

any lore on any cards in anything until literally this month and so who Tormad

is: Is, he was this petty baron of a small town, uh,

next to the city of uh Alsop, I hope I'm getting that right, uh and he- effectively he just,

like, was stealing a bunch of corpses from- from

around the city. The church caught wind they sent

a bunch of inquisitors to his little barony. Uh, they broke in, they killed Tormod.

He was sort of being guarded by loads and loads of undead, which was kind of a big giveaway

to the fact that maybe this is the guy that's been stealing

all the corpses. Uh, so they killed him, popped him in a tomb, someone else inherited

the land. But the grave robberies kept going and so everyone was, like,

really confused. Why are these grave robberies still going on? Tormods dead. They went

to Tormods crypt to look for him and then, as the card says,

they found an empty grave and Tormod- Tormod just loved stealing corpses so much;

he died and then came back as a corpse just to keep stealing corpses.

You've got to admire the dedication.

Tromokratis. Big kraken. Lives on Theros.

There's nothing else. There's nothing- there's nothing- there's nothing else.

Tymna, the Weaver. Tymna, the Weaver once was a warrior of Meletis on Theros.

There's loads and loads of Theros characters in the set, actually, now Im, like, reading

it out loud. Um, but after a chariot accident left her

blind, she renounced her ways of being a warrior and instead took up a sort of, like, a magical

apprenticeship with the fates of Theros. Which are, obviously, allegories for the three

fates are in, like, uh, ancient Greek folklore and she pretty much works as like, their clerk

or something now. It's not super clear but she's the apprentice to the fates.

Tuya Bearclaw. A trusted warrior from the new and terrible Tarkir.

Tula is, like, one of the chief hunters for the Dragonlord, uh Dromoka I believe

Yeah, Dragonlord Dromoka, who is the new leader of the, sort- like, the northern people of

Tarkir and her whole deal is: she raised a little

bear, from a little cub. to being a great massive warrior bear

and she now right into battle, to go and hunt meat to feed a big dragon.

That's -that's her and the entire of the, like, Atarka humans whole lives now and it's

so sad and it's so boring and I really, really hate Dragons of Tarkir.

Vial Smasher the Fierce, and now to, sort of, like- flip it on to the other side:

The only good thing about Dragons of Tarkir.

So, Vial Smasher used to be, uh, friends with Sarkhan, the planeswalker from Tarkir

who then changed Tarkir's timeline. However, in the Tarkir- the good Tarkir-

Vial Smasher was unfortunately dead. She'd been killed a couple of months ago in like

this horrible, horrible raid that had happened, and when Sarkhan came back

to the new and bad Tarkir and returned to his old clan,

he found that Vial Smasher was alive again and Vial Smasher was, you know, throwing vials

of dragon fire and just having a grand old time and living-

living her best life and once again, a goblin's minor appearance

near the beginning of a story is the only good thing about the narrative

of an entire magic the gathering set. Wyleth. On top of having a stupid name, Wyleth

is a swordsman from an unknown plane who, one day, stumbled across a sword that

fell from the heavens themselves, and when he picked it up, it- all like, etched

fiery tattoos on his arm. Binding him forever to this blade

and now he wanders his world searching for new warrior techniques,

determined to learn more than any other person has ever done before him.

Xenagos. All right you'll probably know who Xenagos is, uh, but just to sort of break

it down for you if you don't: Xenagos was a satyr planeswalker from the

plane of Theros, again loads of Theros characters in this set,

who went on this big sort of multiversal bender- went around all these different planes, got

drunk, had a grand old time. But came back to Theros,

completely bored. He was so bored of being a planeswalker.

He'd done everything he wanted to do and so decided to become a god.

He did this great revel, ascended into godhood, kind of influenced, uh, Elspeth, another planeswalker,

to kill her lover, Daxos, and then Elspeth in return killed Xenagos with her spear and

that is the entire of Xenagos story. Yuriko. Yuriko is a ninja assassin from Kamigawa

who spends her life going around the countryside, beating up landowners and petty lords, and

fighting in the name of ending oppression and injustice.

Thank you, comrade Yuriko, for your service and praxis.

Yurlok. Yurlok is a viashino from Jund who hunts prey, by chasing them into really dangerous

locales like, uh like, narrow ravines or entire lava

flows, and then cornering them there and killing them.

Does this put Yurlok in danger? Yes.

Do- does he get hurt? Do members of his hunting troupe die? Of course they do.

Does Yurlok care? Does this look like the face of a viashino who gives a sh*t?

Zara. Zara is a charismatic sky pirate. Not from Ixalan, but from Kaladesh. Pirates exist

on Kaladesh, and they fly around on these literal flying

ships. It's all very cool. Zara herself is a very charismatic sky pirate,

in so much that she is, like, the face of recruitment

for the sky pirates renegades, who are leading a- or who led, rather, a rebellion against

the consulate of, uh, Ghirapur which is the sort of like, uh, the- the capital

city of Kaladesh. She was so charismatic, in fact, that not

only did, sort of, unaffiliated and, sort of, people with renegade sympathies

join her cause, but also consulate members. Members of the- the protection forces also

swapped sides and joined her, just after listening to one

or two of her speeches.

Zedruu. Zedruu was born to a warrior family, but didn't really like the whole Might Makes

Right, We must, uh, we must