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2018 was my best year financially.

I think 4,5 million including tax.

How's it going? -I'm good.

Yeah, you give a fist bump.

How are you? -I'm good, it's nice.

Could you find it? -Damn, this village.

Village? This is... -There are 3 houses here.

Yeah, but I do have the biggest one. -Yeah, what a house, that's crazy.

For how long do you live here? -5 or 6 years I think.

For so long? Alone? -Yes.

We really went all in, the entire garden has been redone.

A side building, you name it.

Look how nice this is, was this an old farm? -Yes.

Beautiful, how many rooms do you have? -Enough.

Every day another woman? -That's the plan.

But it doesn't always work out.

I've got a pretty one inside. -Yeah?

Someone from Estonia. -Estonia?

Yeah. -What's she doing here?

What do you think? -How did you get that?

How do I get rid of it is a better question

You should let me inside. They'll run away immediately.

"Can I come?" She said. I said: "I don't think you can come."

How does it work? Do they send you a message?

On Instagram, there was match season.

And she slid right into my DMs

I thought she looked really nice.

I answered and things kept going.

She said that she couldn't doing anything because of corona. So I told her to come over.

You couldn't do anything here either. Well, I know 1 thing you could do.

Watch videos the entire day. -Netflix and Chill.

So that's how it goes? Pretty recognizable.

I had the same, they came from Switzerland.

They're crazy, they'll do it for a couple of hours. "I have to go soon." "That's okay."

They only came for a couple of hours and left.

This one's a bit harder, with girls from the Netherlands you can just say that you have to go somewhere.

She can't just fly over here and back for a couple of hours.

You can't just do that.

I got you a drink. -A drink?

Yeah, I get why you have a Monster can!

You're not allowed to, right? -No, I'm not.

Are you allowed to have this? -I can drink water.

Do you get a fine? -Yeah, I don't know the exact numbers but they're not going to like it.

This should be cut out.

You're injured, right? -No, I've got nothing right now.

You can ride again? -I can, I'm riding for a while now.

I read it wrong, sorry. -It's okay, I had a tear in my neck.

But I didn't feel anything after 2 weeks, it was a tiny tear.

But I had problems with my foot, so I had to get that fixed.

No I'm riding for a month, we'd actually be in Spain right now. But now we're at home.

The weather also sucks, you see rain and it's cold.

The season is supposed to start in April, but with the virus you don't know anything.

So you just have to wait to see if it's going to happen? -It'll happen, the question is when.

You're not touching each other, I suppose. -No, that's not our intention.

I think they're waiting for the vaccine so that there could be an audience. Because that's what it's about.

Right now the first race is planned in Oman, somewhere around Saudi Arabia.

But they're less strict over there than here.

In Dubai they're doing whatever.

With soccer in Russia, you can see an audience. It's not full, but there are a lot of people.

It's better than nothing.

In some countries it's okay. This year we had to do 3 races in 1 location, on Sunday, Wednesday and Sunday.

Because we had a break from March to August because of the virus.

So to catch up, we had to do 3 per week.

3 races? -Yeah.

We did it in Italy, it everything was easier there than here in the Netherlands.

So now it's just the preparations?

Preparations, yeah. This season starts 2 months late. Normally it starts around Februari or March.

So now everything's moved 2 months.

How many times do you train each day? -2 times a day.

Of course it depends on the day, the race is on the weekend. So if you have to come back from Russia on Sunday, then you'll be tired on Monday.

So then you just ride on your bike for an hour and you're done.

But when we're in bootcamps, when we're really preparing for the match a month in advance either in Spain or here.

But normally it's 2 or 3 times a day.

But it's not just motor crossing? -I wish it was.

A lot of condition training.

It's mostly condition training and motor crossing. I believe motor crossing 4 times a week.

Maybe 4 or 5, depends on when. This season's a bit less because we have to travel so much.

Aren't you getting sick of all the traveling?

Yeah, it's easier with soccer, if the season is in England, you go to England.

We have to travel a lot like Formula 1.

That takes a lot of time, jetlag and such.

And it's all around the world, right?

China and stuff. -Yeah, a bit less overseas, but around 20 matches as well.

You're the Messi of motocross, aren't you? -Yeah, but I'm also a bit like Arjen Robben, because I'm made out of gingerbread.

Yeah? Did you get injured a lot? -The problem is, I'm the fastest most of the time.

This years I was so far ahead, fall 1 time and get a tear in my neck.

And because it was 3 matches a week, my chance for the title was gone.

So yeah, I did get injured a lot.

Is it because of the risks you take?

There are other guys in my class whom fall on their face 10 times more than me.

And they get up as if nothing happened.

But whenever I hit the ground I'm injured. I don't know what it is.

I've also read that you think that you've become too careful?

Last year I thought to myself that I should use my head more often.

I don't think I have a brain because it still went wrong.

I had everything under control, just 1 little mistake and you're out.

You get punished hard. Everything goes so fast. So when you hit the ground at 190km per hour...

We do have protection. With a suit I just do this and I'm done.

What did I want to say? How fast does a motor go?

It depends, we never reach top speed.

Then you'd have to go on a road and drive a few kilometers to gain speed.

But I think you're going around 150 or 160km per hour.

But that's on short distance?

On long distance, I don't know about short distance.

Think the average is 60, when you reach a sharp turn you go down to 20 or 30.

I don't know for sure, but I think it's around 60.

It also depends on what track. It depends on a lot of things.

What's the best track for you to race on?

I like sand, I'm Dutch and you only have sand in the Netherlands.

That's also why I've won almost every sand race.

I can also do well on hard surfaces.

Sometimes you have 3 or 4 sand tracks out of 20 races. In France they have a very different type of ground, like clay.

A hard surface.

Do you also use different tires? -Yes.

It's not like you're racing and the ground doesn't matter

You have to change the settings of your bike completely. Well, not completely.

But you can't ride in the Netherlands and in France on the same tire. That won't go so well.

You'll have to change your setup.

Do you think people don't pay enough attention to motocross?

Because you don't see it that much.

It's more popular abroad, in America and Italy.

On one hand it's nice, my sponsors are international anyway.

But on the other hand, when Max Verstappen goes into a supermarket, everyone recognizes him because he's so much on TV.

Same for the soccer players. People here recognize me, but I can just walk around in Amsterdam.

Without someone recognizing you?

I get recognized by maybe 5 people, not that I have to stop for a photo every second.

That's pretty nice as well.

Yeah, on one hand it's nice. But on the other, it feel underappreciated.

But that's with a lot of sports. Soccer is popular, formula 1 is popular.

Those who train 3 times as much as the soccer players never get to be on TV.

It depends on how big your sport is and how much media attention it gets.

How many sponsors do you have?

That's a good one.

I really don't know, it's international. I almost can't say it, I think 8 or 10 maybe.

How much do you earn? You don't have to tell the exact numbers. But people in the Netherlands have no idea how much they earn.

Or at least you, you've become world champion 4 times now.

Are you talking about a good year? Or a bad year? Are you talking about including tax?

That plays a lot.

Just the average, you don't have to tell exactly what you earn.

I can say it, but I want to know what kind of year you want to hear. -A good year.

Are you talking about tax included? That's also changes a lot.

In the Netherlands it does.

You probably live in Monaco. -No, I live in the Netherlands, and I pay a lot of taxes.

It's a lot for me at least.

2018 was my best year financially.

I think 4,5 million including tax.

Including tax? -Yeah, I'm not counting every cent.

What I saw was 4,5 million, but you can cut off a million from that.

But still, 3,5 million in a year.

And it's also part of the company.

But it was a good year.

I won 18 out of 20 Grand Prixs.

18 out of 20, yeah.

I also became the world champion, that was one of the best years.

The last 2 years I couldn't do it, I got an injury, I missed Grand Prixs.

I didn't ride as much.

That's how it got worse.

I don't know what happens when you don't play a lot of soccer.

I don't think you'd play as well when you're injured for a year.

You do get your salary, and a lot of clubs work with a bonus.

When you play in a match, when you play for 90 minutes, when you score a goal.

You get extra money, when you go up in the Champion's League. Or when you go to the finale or semi-finals.

You miss that as well. -When you're injured you can never earn as much as when you play.

And you were 15 when you won your first Grand Prix? -Yes.

That's nuts. -I was the youngest Dutchman to win a Grand Prix.

I think I broke every Dutch record already. I've won world tournaments in every class.

I've won the highest MXGP, I've won Grand Prixs. I've won in America, in the Netherlands, I've won the Nations.

I've won basically everything.

I only don't have the amount.

Normally if you've won at least 10 Grand Prixs, you've won a World Title.

Maybe you know Stefan Everts.

He's the best motocross rider of all time.

Who's that? -Stefan Everts.

He has 101 Grand Prix victories, 10 titles.

2nd best is Caroli, 9 titles. 92 victories.

And I have 90 victories, but 4 titles.

So I don't have enough titles for the amount of times I've won.

You had Strijbos on Dutch television in the past. -Really?

Yeah, you always had motocross after soccer. They showed highlights, I always watched it.

I wanted to be a motocross rider. A lot of kids had a tiny bike to play with.

I wanted that too, I wanted to become a motocross rider.

My dad asked me what I wanted to be, a soccer player or a motocross rider.

"I don't know, I'll think about it."

And I got a helmet on my birthday.

For motocrossing.

Then I said: "Dad, I want to become a soccer player."

You take less risks afterwards. You could break your knees or your ankles.

Did you have any injuries? -Yeah, it was always my hamstrings.

Because I was always fast.

And then when you... -With everything?


My wife always complains about it. "Are you done or do you have to start?"

"I don't feel anything." -Like a bunny.

And done. "Goodnight."

I did get injured when playing soccer.

Yeah, but you mostly see knees and ankles in soccer. -Cruciate ligaments.

You also broke almost everything. -I broke a lot, tendons and muscles not so much.

I got a lot of broken bones. Normally it heals pretty fast, but my only problem now is my foot.

The doctor said that there's a lot of cartilage between the bones.

But 2 bones exploded, so that cartilage is gone now.

And you foot is supposed to be able to move like your hand like this. But mine can't.

Just like running, that...

This? -It can do this.

It can always go up.


This is not necessary.

Did she already see that it can go up?

Yeah, immediately.

Or else she'd back in Estonia right now.

She's from Estonia, right? -Yeah.

They're all the same.

So it can do this. -It can go like this, but not like this.

Not like this.

Then when your done it goes like this.

Go back home!

In the past when I brought a girl in bed, when I was done I thought: "Please go home."

Don't you have that? -Yeah, immediatley.

Unless they're really pretty.

But I never had those.

I had one with 1 eye and a tooth out.

As long as as you close your eyes. -Yeah, exactly.

That happens sometimes as well, that they want to cuddle and sleep afterwards.

Then I tell them that I have to get up early to train.

I don't actually have to do anything.

You get it.

"I'll call you, I'll text you."

I'll be up in the morning.

But your dad... -He motocrosses as well.

What did you learn from him?


How you shouldn't do it. My dad was a hard worker, but didn't have the talent.

He didn't have the talent, but he was fighting for it.

He was pretty good in the Netherlands.

But never could make the step to world class.

So he only raced in the Netherlands?

He did go around in Europe for World Championships. But never on the highest level.

Do you have other hobbies as well.

Something different than fucking.

I like Formula 1, I have a simulator upstairs.

I have one as well, let's race together.

I got the new one, it's like as if I'm in Max Verstappen's car.

What do you do with your money? Do you invest?

At first I was like: "I don't want any stress." I just wanted to lay on the couch without it costing anything.

Doesn't matter, I want to live in the Netherlands. I pay my taxes, no worries, I can go to bed just fine.

Knowing everything's paid. No thoughts going around. No headaches.

But now there's the negative interest in a lot of banks. ING, Rabobank, ABN.

But I also have to think about the future. When I might quit in 3, 5 or 10 years.

But it's getting on my nerves seeing the amount lowering.

When you have a million on your account, and they take half a percent away, that's 5.000 euro.

So now we're investing in homes.

And it's going well.

Buying houses?

It's all new construction, so I don't have to worry about replacing the roof and everything.

It's all build brand new.

My project developer and long term friend, we're seriously building right now.

How many do you have now? -The problem is, the first one's are going to be built in March.

The plan is to rent out 50 houses in one and a half year from now.

But there also needs to be supervision with building. We're not building everything in the same place.

In multiple locations, and in some places they HAVE to start building.

The the plan tells us that we'll have 60 in 2 or 3 years.

That's nice. -That's the plan.

You can always continue with that, people need homes.

People have to live.

It's a very good investment, you've heard recently on the radio the the rent is going up a few percent.

So that money is never gone.

And if you can get that rent, you could live from it.

That's a nice future.

And you're still young, 26.

It's like that, from money you can make money.

I've never been stupid, I never went out.

You also don't drink, right? -I don't drink.

I can drink anything I want, I don't have any races.

But I don't care about it, I don't give a lot of parties.

I also didn't buy expensive clothes, I never threw money away.

Cars are a thing, but I also made some good deal with that.

It didn't cost me that much.

Like that Lamborghini, I though you had a Lamborghini? -I didn't spend anything on it.

It was my best one. -That's good.

I didn't waste anything on it. So it doesn't matter.

Like I said, I never did anything crazy.

And I'm glad about it now that I'm older.

You see a lot of soccer players, earned so much money and wasted it all.

Then we they quit, they're like: "I wish I still had that money."

I've made a lot of mistakes in life, but not financially.

I had good plans, great people around, I still do.

That's important, I didn't have that. I had nothing and wasted it all.

I spent it all, 11 or 12 million.

Earned and spent? -Yeah.

You spent 11 million? -Yeah.

I'm such a dumbass. What did you spend it all on?

Cars, renting houses, buying clothing, buying Rolexs.

Lost some, Rolexs were stolen from my house.

I had a box full of them.

And it was all gone. They knew where it was.

They just took it. Ferrari got stolen.

Everything's gone. -It goes fast.

You can have a box with 500.000,- worth of Rolex, it hurts when it gets stolen.

You said that it happens a lot in the world of soccer. That they earn so much money and spend it all.

Don't name any names, but just that it happens often.

Do you know why that is? A lot of soccer players didn't have good education.

They're from families who... -They have nothing, then they get a lot of money.

Exactly, they have nothing, and all of a sudden they have a lot of money.

They didn't finish their education because they can't do much.

Then they play soccer, and earn a lot of money.

It was the same for me, parents didn't have money as well.

So you don't know what money's worth.

Then it goes wrong. -If you go right, then you'll go to my house again.

But you never got any direction?

When you earn 12 million, you could've made it into 16 or 17 million by now.

You don't need money to live. -I was stupid.

Look, that horse is going crazy because of me.

He thinks: "He's crazy, he needs a kick to the face!"

Stupid Andy.

Left, right? -No, right, and then it's just straight.

We were here when we left.

Oh, like that.

But that's good for you, that you...

There's a famous motocrosser in the Netherlands. He didn't earn what I earned.

But he screwed himself over due to being around the wrong people.

He regrets it now, but back then you were the man.

You make the wrong friends, go out, order bottes.

Champagne shower, you can't spend it all.

You don't worry because you'll get it back.

But once it goes wrong, you get injured, ge tin the wrong teams. Then it keeps getting worse.

Then... -It's done.

It's always harder to get your life back than to make it better.

You don't want to live less once you get used to it.

You're used to it, so you don't care.

Unbelievable, so dumb.

Do you regret it?

You did live life, so when you die one day, you can say that you've enjoyed it.

I did live, I do think that everything's predetermined.

You know? -You've been a good sponsor already, for Rolex.

Rolex was happy with me.

Grab a checkbook out of my pocket: "Another Rolex please."

It's nuts that it's even possible. You don't realize it at first.

But you're still a kid. You don't know what life's worth when you're 18 to 21.

Especially with what I've been through.

Oh, we're already here. -Yeah, there's the mansion.

What a mansion. So beautiful.

Where someone waiting for me upstairs.

The last nudge is for me. -After 5 minutes I'm done as well.

That's also a nice car. -Range Rover SVR.

Damn, nice.

It's pretty fast, huh? -Yeah.

You got it on your phone? -Of course.

I should have that as well. -Just place a module on it, and done.

Thank you so much, you send me a link, right?

Thank you.

Take it easy! Bye!

Yes, people. That was Jeffrey.

A real top sportsman.

It's crazy how many times he's become world champion.

Now you see the other side of the story, what they earn. And how much they have to do for it.

He wanted to give me something to give away. So I'll stay in touch.

So that you guys can get something signed. Maybe a helmet or something.

Maybe a bike.

So you can win that.

Thank you so much for watching. And we'll go on to the next one.

Yes, later.

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