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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Poetry Critical Appreciation : The Sun Rising, JOHN DONNE, UGC/NET/JRF/MA/BA

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hello and welcome to miracle

english-language in the trees Institute

I professor of a Sharma and I am doing

poetry critical appreciation these days

so today I am going to take up a very

famous poem from John Donne the Sun

rising that was born during Elizabethton

era but was very unconventional the

songs on its energies they contain

strange testament of love he made

something new out of something cold

thus exhibiting his creative impulse and

introduced the world with metaphysical

poetry and this metaphysical was first

applied by Dryden in his discourse of

satires 1693 and dr. Johnson borrowed it

and gave the complete definition a

combination of dissimilar images of

discoveries of occult resemblances in

things apparently unlike the most

heterogeneous ideas are yoked together

by violence so in his poetry you will

find the intellectual scientific

religious and artistic patterns with a

universal and compelling the maps the

Mandrake's compasses forms the

definition of love and the power of

realizing emotional states and the Sun

rising is one of Dan's best-known works

and it was written

in 1633 it has three stanzas all very

different to each other it has got a

regular meter so let's do the poem so in

the very first Hansel the poet is trying

to tap into human emotion by personified

Sun and just calling Sun busy old unruly

because he wants to say that Sun is so

rude that he enters the room of the

lovers without even knocking he's so

busy because he has to see the eastern

and the western world and he's so unruly

there's a pun here in this world

unruly the boy it means that he doesn't

have any manners he has to knock before

coming in and secondly unruly nobody can

govern son son is a heavenly body and is

stationary so you just cannot ask son to

come according to the timings given by

the lovers so then he is a rhetoric in

the next line then why was the how us

that means why do you to this drug

windows and curtains calling us that you

enter through windows and curtains that

means the sun rays they enter the room

through the windows and disturb the

lovers the person calls him bold show

for who francis par he then suggests son

to go and wake up the school boys were

getting late to school all the people

who are learning some kind of craft or

doing some kind of course or training

because they are required early to the

center's to tell the Coker's that the

same thing would be writing early to

hunt or the last one is i he talks about

the farmers who have to get up early in

order to harvest and they're called here

as country ants that means they're very

hardworking so he says that love is not

governed by seasons or climates the

division of arts days months is all done

by humans which is not applicable to

lovers so this way he is rhetorical and

colorful in the first stanza the point

now changes his tone a little bit and

there's the Sun that has rays are quite

powerful and worthy of all respects but

the poem can still a war power him by

casting a shadow on it with the closing

of one eye one wink for a moment the

poet would not do any first thing which

brings any distance between him and his

beloved suppose he closes an eye for a

second or so he would

the site of his beloved so he doesn't

want to lose her sight

even for a moment he now draws the

contrast between the eyes of his beloved

and sun rays and places the beloved's

eyes more powerful and more beautiful he

says that her eyes are capable of

blinding even the Sun he then our son to

have a complete survey of the world and

to judge that whether the world's riches

are scattered on the earth that means

the Asian countries like India and

others famous for spices and gold mines

or they are there with him on this bed

that means the beloved so all the great

kings of yesteryears are equivalent to

his lovers through this geographical

comment the poet is bringing forth the

beauty of his beloved so in the last

stanza the best metaphysical conceit

ever written by any English poet is

there she's all states and all princes

pie he then says that his beloved is

like a state and he's the prince of that

state and the other prince they do not

have such beloved's so they are just

contented with the peace of flood and

they all mimic him they all copy him but

because they do not have any beloved's

their state is all they have so he says

that oh well the owner of the world or

all the wealth if they combined together

will be less than his beloved the son

has to roam around to find happiness

from east to west and west to aids East

but then lovers world is contracted he

has all his happiness here all his

riches here on this bed

pour it further changes a stone and

addresses son and says that now the Sun

is quite old and he needs rest so he

advises him to reduce his duty by

confining himself to the lovers bedroom

only so the Sun can stop worrying about

the world and should just concentrate on

the center of the bed as the epicentre

and the walls of the room as this fear

so he should revolve around the bedroom

only and reduces duties the point who

was in the first stanza rebuking son and

was angry because son did not take their

permission to enter is now in a very

different mood he wants son for himself

for his bedroom only he wants unto

reduces duties and V for him chime for

him only see the contrast in the

beginning and the end of the poem

so in this metaphysical for him he has

this artificial 'ti of thought and

hyperbolic expressions which are

sometimes unexpected and surprising he

exacerbates the beauty of his beloved

and compares her eyes brightness to the

bright rays of the Sun if her eyes have

not blinded time then he brings in the

false Fetchit images that the son should

go in yesteryears find out that whether

the minds and spices of the Asian

countries are good on rich then the

beloved he also gives a beautiful

conceit the analogy of the beloved and

the lover by saying that she is all

states and all princess I his diction

and meter are modeled on a rough

give-and-take of actual speech that

means he uses a local space when he says

that busy old fool unruly son why does

doubt us and he even brings in his

knowledge of the scientific world when

he says all wills alchemy so as I

already told you he was not typical as

within although his language her is our

cake has got extra vowel and consonant

sounds but then he his metaphysical

style with scientific illusions and

incessantly dialectical manner does

not much with richly evocative language

and delight like of Spencer Marlowe or

Shakespeare he rejected the habitual

idolizing of women and assaulted and

ridiculed the virtues which were

respected by the Elizabethans so this

Eliot has rightly said a thought to

Dunne was an experience it molded his

Sensibility I hope you must have liked

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care bye bye


The Description of Poetry Critical Appreciation : The Sun Rising, JOHN DONNE, UGC/NET/JRF/MA/BA