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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Dance Performance Program – George Brown College

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DEREK SANGSTER: George Brown Dances Dance Performance

program is a two-year diploma program.

It is a program that is thick in practical work.

We really concentrate on in-studio class time.

The program is well-rounded with classes in classical dance;

point for the females.

We offer pas de deux for both men and women.

It is also complimentary with heavy studies in contemporary

and jazz classes.

HANNA KIEL: In contemporary stream I teach repertoire and

composition class.

So I teach them how to be more authentic and also be able

to make a decision for themselves in their creative process

as a dancer and a choreographer.

CYNTHIA MACEDO: Classical stream enables dancers that are really

serious about becoming a classical dancer and performing

in a true classical company.

It's not a class situation.

It's a coaching situation so that they can develop their skills

of turning and jumping and creating strengths and

performance quality that pertains to a classical dancer.

Successful graduates of this program will have a well-rounded

vocabulary of dance and they will be able to dance many

different genres of dance and it will make them versatile and

strong, athletic and very polished performers.

DEREK SANGSTER: Upon graduation our students go into so many

different avenues of the dance community and the

theatre community and the arts community in general.

I have students that fall into the commercial side of things.

I have students who mentor within the Canada's Ballet Jorgen Company.

What I'm most proud of is that their time here has opened up

their eyes to all the different possibilities that they have.


The Description of Dance Performance Program – George Brown College