Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Bones - WhatAShame

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i admit i emit negativity cancel out the positive replace it with the enemy

i was hopeless back at 17 till i made a mark i made it hard to not remember me

now i'm cashed instead of tweaking see we drove 35 minutes passed Pinckney for the g

if you don't get it you don't get it you wasn't there when i was feeding cans into the takers

they only acting like they down when its beneficial

what a shame just when u thought it would never change

a couple years later now they all say your name

back back with that i get it you don't understand a thing i don't even get it myself sometimes its hard for me to breathe in

breathe in

air full of shit that i cannot pronounce i don't even know why i'm leaving the house

so i don't so i stay inside

so i stay inside

lock the door throw the key away

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