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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: We spent $1000 on Cat Toys!!!

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Hey guys this is Karina--

It's Roland from


and today we're going to be opening some more cat toys

for Chibi! Chibi!

Chibi was really excited for this day

and she was just collecting these toys,

put them in the hallway and she was just like,

"I want to open them," and she just could not wait

a second longer so she opened a little bit of this one,

and I think this one might be her favorite

and hopefully it will be one of her favorites

because so far she only likes this mouse.

See, she just loves it.

She's, like, staring at it.

Not really

Not really.

She's not in the mood for playing,

so hopefully she can like something.

She's in the mood for entertaining.

She's in the mood for entertainment, not for playing.


You like this?


Okay, so basically this is just a cat scratcher

and it has like holes in it so you can climb through it,

and think it's pretty cool.

So let's just open this up and see how Chibi reacts to this.

We got some of this cat stuff.

Chibi, Chibi.

Oh, she's going through!

Chibi, how do you like it?

She's scratching! She's scratching it!

Here you go Chibi.

Oh she just wants the mouse.

No, she also likes the scratcher.

She does like the scratcher quite a bit,

but mostly the mouse.

She can lie down on it or lay inside it.

Scratch it all around, you know.

I think it's a pretty good cat toy.

I'd give it, Chibi, what are you gonna to rate it?

What are you gonna rate it, Chibi?

She said 10.


10 out of 10, she said.

Okay, so 10 out of 10.

Let's move on to the next one.

So the next toy we're gonna open up is gonna be up to Chibi,

so Chibi, which one do want to open up next?


Okay, I don't think she wants to pick one,

but I'm gonna pick for her. Let's do this one.

Okay, that one.

Cat fireball.

I think she's gonna really like it

because it's gonna be glowing

and it's a ball and she loves balls.

And she likes chasing things, you know?

Screw that on and Chibi, you got yourself a fireball.

Just don't touch it 'cause it's made out of fire.

Chibi look at it.

Throw it.

Oh, I think she likes it.

Go get it.

You like your new fireball?

I think she really likes it!

Chibi, what would you rate it?

10 out of 10!

I think Chibi rates it a 10 out of 10

and just look at her she's chasing it.

Go on.

She's just in love with that thing!

(cheerful music)

All right, so let's move on to the next one.


Okay, let's do that one.

It's called The Natural Pet.

Don't know what it is.

It's just a box, so I think Chibi's

excited to see what this is.

Whoa! Whoa!

This is just a bunch of mouses.

Look at all these mouses.

I think she's gonna love them all.

Look at this!

Wow, she's such a lucky cat. Whoa!

She's getting so many mice.

Look at this one.

This one is cool.


(toy jingles)

It's a new mouse.

All right let's open them all up

and see how they look like.

This on is just one you can throw.

All right, so this is the one which is on a string.

This one too.

But that one's on a stick.

Chibi, woo!

So Chibi, what would you rate this?

10 out of 10.

All right, 10 out of 10 again.

I think these ones are her favorites

'cause you can just throw them.

And I don't know if she likes these ones

that are on the strings 'cause they're really soft.

Now I think I know which one's gonna to be her favorite.

Which one?

This one.

Chibi, you're not gonna play with this anymore.

We're going to open up the cat grooming arch.

Oh, yes.


Oh, it feels like one of those

things you use to clean things.

All right, now we need to open that bed up.

We put these in here.

Chibi, you like the arch?

Go through it.

Itch yourself with it.

So this box comes with some cat nip,

so we're gonna sprinkle this

on the top so it attracts Chibi.

So maybe she'll like it even more.

No, she just likes her mouses.

Chibi look.


Don't hold Chibi by there.

Chibi, do you like it?

Go through the arch.

And itch yourself!

Oh, she only likes mice.

I don't think Chibi really likes this one

so we're going to go on to the next one.

And I know which it should be.

So this is a wellness center for cats.

This is where they get well when they're sick.

They get better here.

It's basically a hospital for cats.

Chibi, your wellness center.

Are you excited?

She's gonna be a better cat.

So we got the base.

We've got a pillow that we put here.

Put the cushion here.

All right Chibi, this is your wellness center.

Chibi's hiding from the camera.

I don't think she wants to get well.

Come, Chibi. Come, Chibi.

Come to your wellness center where you're gonna get well.

Come over here.

Shake this thing.

You're gonna become well when you shake it.

Do you like rubbing?

What did I say, Chibi?

It looks like she only likes the mice

and she doesn't wanna get well.

So Chibi, what are you gonna give it?



Only one, Chibi?

Yeah, one.

All right, so let's just push this out

of the way and move on to the next one.

(snaps) (claps)

Okay so the next item is gonna be the Peek-a-Prize toy box.

All right, so let's open this

and find out if she likes it.

Oh yeah, I need scissors.



It comes with two balls.

That's good.

So it comes with two balls.

You put them in and she's supposed

to play with them inside the box.

So just put this in, and we're gonna add some more toys

in there to make it more interesting.

Add the fireball and I think that's it.


Wait, wait.

Keep it still.


She's kicking the ball!

All right, come on, Chibi, try to kick it.


Oh, Chibi!

Chibi's makin' moves!

The light's definitely helping Chibi

to find the ball 'cause it's just glowing up.

And she's like, "Ah, I know where the ball is.

"It's over there."

(cheerful music)

Hello Chibi.

So Chibi, how would you rate this?

I think she's gonna give it a five out of 10.

It's okay.

It's not that interesting,

but if you got the right balls, it's good.

So next up, we're gonna use this thing.


We got a bunch of tubes here.

I think we need to put these all together.

The nets?

All right.

Put all these glass nets together.

(cheerful music)

Okay, so we're ready.

Let's see if Chibi likes it.


Chibi, get the ball.

It's not rolling anymore.

Oh, now it's going.


Go Chibi!


Now Chibi stopped.

Now Chibi's going through the arch.

Now get the ball, Chibi, yeah.

So Chibi, what would you rate this?

10 out of 10.

10 out of 10 it is.

All right.

Look at Chibi go!


She's so cute. She's even lying

down and hitting it.

That's when you know she likes it.

So this was a good buy.

Let's move on to the next one.

Chibi, what do you wanna do next?

So the next item we have is the Fun Board.

So Chibi, you're going to have to say goodbye

to this toy 'cause we're gonna move on to the next one.

I know it's super fun, but you can't play with it now.

All right!

So basically there are these little things everywhere.

You put cat treats or cat food in there

and then the Chibi, or the cat, has to get it.

So we just put the food here

and she is not interested.

She doesn't even wanna look at it.


She's more interested in the box, the wooden box.

I think she likes that way better than this.

So Chibi, what would you, what would you rate this?


A zero?


Okay, fine.

Chibi rates this a zero out of 10.

Okay Chibi, if you say so.

So the next item is the cat movie.

This basically just a movie for cats.

I wonder if Chibi's gonna like this movie.

It might not be very interesting.

So we put the movie into the computer

and see if she's gonna like it.

(cat meows)

(ducks quack)

Very interesting.


It's a movie for cats and you're a cat.

(cheerful music)

She didn't even take a look at it.

Chibi doesn't really care.

She doesn't like it at all.

So I'm gonna give this a zero.

Chibi, what would you give it?



I thought you'd give it a zero.

You weren't even looking at it.

All right, let's move on to the next item.

So the next item we're gonna do is

the cat scratcher plus house.

Chibi already liked the first one,

so I think she's gonna like this one a lot.

We got some catnip.

Chibi likes it.

Scratch it, Chibi, scratch.

Chibi, what are you gonna do?

I feel so good all the time.

No, Chibi, not the mouse.

Play with this scratcher.

Chibi, come on.

No, Chibi, not the mouse.

Go in there.


Yeah, that's what I call,

oh, she just checked it out. No, she just--

She just checked it out and went through.


I think she's gonna like it, but maybe later on.

So let's move on to the next item.

Oh yeah.

Which is gonna be the food tree.

Food does grow on trees and it does in real life.

And cat food grows on trees.

So we got a food tree for cats.

(scissor snapping)

Thank you.

So basically we just put these together somehow.

Now we put the food inside.


So we got our food here.

I'm just gonna dump it in.

Lots is camping at the top.

Maybe shake it.

Chibi's eating.

I think she likes the food tree.

And basically she did eat from the bottom,

but when it's all done and she wants her food,

she has to put her paws inside

these holes to get more food, or just shake it.

So basically, it's a new bowl for Chibi,

and it's a fancy one.

Glad she likes this or else it would be a waste of money.

And I think this is pretty cool.

Food tree, I like it.

Cat food grows on trees.

Like chocolate.


Okay, guys let's just move this out of the way.

Sorry, Chibi.

Eat later.

But we're gonna use the last item.

Its called the Mouse Hunt.

Here's the tents.

And-- Ow.

As we have this up now, let's put the toys inside.

We have a blue mouse and the orange ball.

That's it?

All right, put the toys in there.

We can add more of our toys we have.


Put these toys in.


She's just sticking her hand inside.

Look it.

She's looking.


She's reaching.

Guys look, Chibi's playing with it.

Oh, she's sticking her head inside.


Look at those paws.

Oh my god.

And her feet.

You know hip-hop.

And your dance.

So it looks like Chibi really likes the very last toy.

Chibi, what would you rate this?



So Chibi's gonna give this a 10 out of 10.

She's getting all the balls out.

She's really good at this.

So guys, today was the best day ever for Chibi.

She got a thousands of toys

and to our surprise, she liked some of them.


It's not like last time how

she was like "meh, meh, meh."

Give me something better.


So guys, which one do you think

is the winner, winner, chicken dinner?


Maybe Chibi knows.

Let's ask her.

Chibi, which one is the winner?

Which toy is your favorite?

I think she's deciding.

This one?

Is it this one, Chibi?

Chibi, what do you think?

She doesn't know.

Which one do you think is your favorite?

I think she liked the Mouse Hunt.

I think she does like the Mouse Hunt.

She really likes that.

So I guess we got a winner-winner chicken dinner!

It's the Mouse Hunt.

Look at her, she's just laying on top of it.

It can be a bed, it can be a toy.

Chibi, congratulations.

You have picked the winning toy.

You may take the winning toy, and the rest of them.


So guys, we hope you liked this video.

If you did, If you did,

smash that like button, Smash that like button,

and we'll And we'll

see you all next time. See you all next time.

Goodbye! Goodbye!

(upbeat rock music)

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