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Hello everyone this is adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister

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in Bitcoin and I want to talk about that Caitlyn long was on the show it was an

incredible show so go watch that show right now go watch that show right now

because she was she was talking about the state of Wyoming and how it's

becoming uh a crypto state basically she's heavily involved in getting

legislation passed to make it Bitcoin friendly and she really breaks it down

like she's broken it down in no other place before so read the watch the video

and you will learn a lot about Bitcoin about financialization about Wyoming

about about a lot and it excited me it really did and you Cheyenne Wyoming is

just up the road from Denver I think it's what two hours away or something

like that you could a lot of people and if it gets successful there if this

thing really picks up if this becomes the Bitcoin state of the United States

then people will be flying in the Denver and driving up they'll need rides

there's a there's a job right there for you if you have no crypto skill at all

drive people from the Denver Airport to Wyoming

look I just came up with a job you get all sorts of opportunities here but she

sat on the show something that I really liked Wyoming is America's emerging

market now a lot of people out there a lot of financial gurus are like and I've

even said you can try this you know go to another country go to an emerging

market start a business in an emerging market and it's easier said than done

you got to get a passport you have to get visas you got a hope they don't kick

you out you got a fault it's a lot different it

can be crummy the infrastructure could be horrible I mean go to Mozambique I

mean that's that's not easy Brazil Brazil is an emerging market right no

America has its own amarte virgin markets Wyoming you get in your car you

drive over there during the summer I would recommend it during a summer

because I'm a guy that does not like cold weather at all but why not if

you're uh in college still just getting out of college go to Wyoming this summer

scene with some of this crypto stuff that's going on there try people from

Denver there there's there's opportunity but yeah Wyoming is America's emerging

market I think they should make it their slogan and you can't get any you know

any of those crazy diseases you get in the other countries that dysentery and

all that no why not why not try not let that be your first step of traveling

around the world going to Wyoming see what's what's up there this summer it's

just an idea you will be inspired if you watch her watch the video though

yesterday's video and the funny thing was you know in the chat session I

always read the chat section afterwards and I'm are all sorts of people in the

chat section some people know she's great but there were a few people that

were I mean just because she's worked for like a bank before and she has

financial knowledge people oh she's a shell I mean some of the most

conspiratorial type of comments I've ever read in the chat session and it was

it wasn't just one person and again are people actually paying attention to what

she's saying if you paid attention to a word of what she would say I don't know

how anyone could say she was a banking shill she was she was promoting the

glory of decentralization and controlling your own private key and

cryptocurrency and getting away from the new york-style regulation and getting

away from hypothec Asian and and pretending you have

and artificially inflating the amount of coins that you have she's talking about

sound money I don't know how anyone could have insulted her like they were

insulting but again people just hear they hear one word and we go out for

rats they don't pay attention that listening comprehension it's a loss it's

a lost art it's very sad it's very sad and I've joked about it before but

yesterday it was a prime example of that in the chat anyway just thought I didn't

notice that after I read the Chatham's and who are these guys I mean it again I

understand that some people in the internet or by party seriously are

bipolar so maybe a few of the people that were saying that just have no

control over what they're saying I don't know but yet you have to think

some was just a lack of listening comprehension and they just say oh she

said money she worked for a bank she's bad I mean she was she was brilliant

yesterday it was it was so original she's so original talking about Wyoming

who else is talking about this who else is in motion making a state a crypto

friendly it's just it's impressive and again Carl Swan jr. just sent me some

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alright so let us make that he I think he meant there's the decimal points

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just that's very nice so let's go here's a tweet and again you can follow me on

Twitter tech ball eech be alt it is it's listed down there and again yeah try out

Wyoming this summer especially if you're like in California man it's not far away

especially if you're a Denver you drive up the road or we know one of his high

taxed western states now they're getting the taxes are going up both California

specifically Nevada isn't as friendly as it once was and yeah I know it's it's

a pain for people out east to get out there but whatever if you're young if

you really young if you're in college don't look what's that it's great great

experiment tell me tell me what it's like there I was in Wyoming once I would

see my oming not just I drove through it I was on 80 I was driving the San

Francisco long long long ago long ago it was beautiful all right so this tweet

from Robbie Singh , he says the best revenge is not to be like your enemy and

that is a quote from Marcus Aurelius of back in the day but the best revenge is

not to be like your enemy and I like that you know don't don't worry about

your enemy don't don't you know you totally avoid being fixated on them and

you can be productive all right if you're not if you're just if you're not

seeking revenge if you're just you know you didn't like what they did so what

someone did to you they've somebody wronged you then you don't wrong other

people and you're productive and you're you're a good better person and you're

in motion again your enemies I would assume your enemy is someone who is not

in motion and is someone new who is it who wrongs other people and so you you

want to be the opposite of that and yeah that's a good quote think about it think

about the quote the best revenge is not being like your enemy if you do find

yourself like being jealous of someone we always have all those Lamborghinis I

won all I want a bunch of Lamborghinis you know you don't need that you know

that it's just you're fixated on them you're you're you you want to be

productive you want to do your thing don't don't be jealous again again

someone if someone has a lot of wealth they shouldn't be your end man let again

unless they have they personally wronged you but again you should consider who

your enemy is this quote allows you to think about that too it mean if you know

if you find yourself going in a certain direction that if someone that you

considered your enemy maybe they aren't your enemy maybe they're they're a role

model and you were just jealous for some odd reason think about the quote it's

linked to below all right here is an article speaking about Envy here's an

article I was just informed about this article

it's actually from June and I believe it's a guilt and envy article it's from

is from the Atlantic it is titled the birth of a new American aristocracy

everything okay an asteroid aristocracy I can't pronounce it right

the 9.9% hold most of the wealth in the United States so this article points out

that the top 10% of the people in the USA control most of the wealth okay you

know they own houses etc etc but usually people are just competin complaining

about the 0.1% this person wants you include the next nine point nine percent

and to be in the top 10 percent you your household has to have 1.2 million

dollars in assets now again that's uh you could have a wife it doesn't take

into consideration a lot of things we're getting to end in the second but most

here's some quotes from the article because this guy says he's in this class

and he's guilty about it most important of all we have learned how to pass all

of these advantages down to our children in America today the single best

predictor of whether an individual will be married stay married pursue advanced

education live in a good neighborhood have an extensive social network and

experience good health as if the performance of his his or her parents on

the same metrics is the performance of his or her parents on the same metrics

om what a shock parents with personal responsibility produce similar offspring

oh my god we should feel so bad about that

I mean oh the guilt the shame that someone's parents were personally

responsibility had personal responsibility instilled it in their

children and they ended up the same way and ended up just as a wealthy as them

wow what a shock alright he's any he continues and says we're leaving the 90

percent and their offspring far behind in a cloud of debts and bad life choices

that they somehow can't stop themselves from making

oh wait wait it's not it's not your fault

that other people are making bad decisions that they you say they can't

stop themselves from making think they don't have personal responsibility they

can't stop them what are you saying that you're some kind of godlike figure and

you have to stop them no it's their responsibility to not make

bad decisions it's not your fault the cloud of debts and bad laughs life

choices that they make it's not your fault it's it's not the rich people's

fault is their fault okay it's going to take some okay this

is what he says the solution is again this a long article my way it's going to

take something from each of us meaning the top 10% - it's gonna take its gonna

take something from each of us - and perhaps especially from those who happen

to be the momentarily momentary winners of this cycle in the game we need to

peel our eyes away from the mirror of our own success and think about what we

can do in our everyday lives for the people who aren't our neighbors we

should be fighting for opportunities for other people's children as if the future

of our own children depended on it it probably does so again that's a threat

that you know if we don't take care of their children they're gonna kill our

children I mean this is ludicrous this is this is ludicrous no we they have no

right to become right as murderous hordes of people know that that's not a

because we didn't take care of them they gotta take care of themselves and you

know again the cutoff line at the top 10% is so our birds know it's arbitrary

it's arbitrary but he just wants to say that's the line above okay the top 10%

control most of the wealth in America I mean there's still people in the top 20%

are doing pretty darn well - you think that think he makes he paints a very

dire picture you think the people in the 10% under the top 10% are gonna want to

kill the other top type no they're not jealous they're trying to get up there

and they have an opportunity get it just take some personal responsibility and

you know it's not it's okay and so he goes the merit the meritocratic class

you know based on merit class has mastered the old trick of consolidating

wealth and passing privilege along the expense along at the expense of other

people's children no no there's no trick no they keep working hard and they teach

your children to do the same it's not a trick it's what's good it's what's

become the counterculture for a summer for some reason personal

responsibility is personal responsibility dude it's not some trick

it's it's not with the top tempers I haven't mastered anything isn't a

conspiracy they're just they taking the time to teach your children personal

responsibility empty and still that is a value and to be responsible themselves

so I mean I have this quite these questions ask what percent of the people

out there in the 90 percent have no desire to work at all have no desire to

get married after impregnating people have no desire to use birth control have

noticed and just want to spend eleven dollars when they have ten dollars I

mean that's not my fault I'd love to know the percentage of

Americans who that's one of their qualities because they're not gonna

succeed if they think you want they have no desire to work I mean I I'd say what

40% of Americans have either no desire to work no desire to get married after

impregnating someone they don't or they don't use protection or these are or so

they did one of these things if you don't do these things you're going to

end up in advance this you're not going to end up into ten percent no if you

spend eleven dollars when you have ten dollars if you want fancy things and you

can't afford them if you have no saving ability that's for you to learn and if

you're if you if you're on drugs I mean these are I can't I can't stop you from

doing that's you you stop yourself from doing those things you're stopped from I

mean if it's glorified to be a single mom these days it's good but though

that's not a that's not a way to get to the test how can a single mom get into

the 10% how can a single mom acquire 1.2 million dollars worth of uh if you get

to a net worth of one point it's impossible it's impossible but how

many people have chosen to be that way and think it's totally fun I mean that

and so what if they're not in the top 10% they've made their choices they'd

rather have pleasure have living beyond their means I mean that's their choice

and maybe they're happy that way I don't know I mean again what what's to say

what's to say everyone should be in the 10% top 10 what's it what's what's wrong

with not having 1.2 million dollars in net worth again happen if a guy is a

single guy and he's just living a life he doesn't own a house yet he has

$500,000 I'm like net worth it is that bad

is that bad he's not in the top 10% he's not in this so again this is an article

- well this guy wants everyone to share this guy is obviously a fan of socialism

this guy is he wants to pick a villain he wants to make a villain out of this

top 10% that not everybody even wants to be in and people can be quite successful

if they if they're not in that category again how long did it take some of the

people to get in the top 10% we're talking about mothers and fathers

working each working having the right amount of kids they can afford working

for years and years and years so they can afford advice house paying off their

mortgage then they're you know they're 50 years old and they have 1.2 million

dollars worth of assets I mean is that that took hard work do you make it you

make it seem like it's it's easy ok and like it's a snap of the fingers does

everybody want to do that does everyone abhi want to be part of that machine

there's again so you're picking and picking

you're picking on a class you're saying it's unfair unfair that they have 50% of

the wealth but I mean they these people it didn't it didn't just come to them

overnight you're talking about people who work many many years to get there

and we're talking about so the reason they have 50% of the wealth is because

there's such a large pop part of the population who doesn't want to work at

all who loves getting government checks who has absolutely zero assets and

that's their choice I mean whatever this is real life you give if you feel bad

about it then you know we'll start a charity for people who like to

impregnate people and uh it and not get married there

there's your charity right there see see how many people will contribute to it

good luck so what else do we have oh yes I talked about how many years did

it take and then but ben shapiro said this on his show and i think this is

kind of he didn't this wasn't his reply to that article but one could use it as

a reply to this article that i was just talking about make up false enemies so

you can declare yourself a hero pal matt like button i think that's what the

author was a he was going down that path it seems like it's very that's very

popular in on the western world today you make up some false enemies you say

how evil they are and so you can say you're the hero you're you're against

them you're against the 10% you're against the 20% you're against those big

coin holders that were long-term thinkers they're the enemy I'm the hero

it's such a cop-out it's such a ring yes it you do your thing I'll be in the I'll

be in the Bitcoin overlay man you can say I'm a villain and you can do nothing

you can't take away my wealth all right so let's talk a little bit about

traditional success and look life is changing the world is changing right

because a Bitcoin because the Internet and you can define success any way you

wanted to find it and the traditional success don't get stuck in that paradigm

in doing so there there's some there's some pretty lane steps most people think

they have to take to attain success and this is traditional this is you have to

get a real job with a salary you know every two weeks you get to get a

paycheck every two weeks you got to get the right degree from the right school

you got to write the correct cover letter you got to be able to deal with

HR correctly and say the politically correct things you have to deal with

drama at your workplace you enter office politics you get intra-office bonds you

got it you got it you got to deal with that but why why do you still have to do

that why do we have to do all of those things

I mean you know you don't need a regularly scheduled paycheck anymore you

don't need that that's what the make the world made you think you need but you

don't in this word you don't need that I don't get paid every two weeks I don't

get paid every time again paid every two weeks for so long I haven't had a

regular job oh my god you know I again I've been the

entrepreneurial for quite some time but it's easy it's easier now it's easier

now you get this and there's nothing wrong if you're a young person why not

experiment do some odd jobs here and there try to enjoy your YouTube channel

do you do something internet buy Bitcoin there's work for a consultant than the

internet land in in cryptocurrencies there's so many different ways you can

go and you know it's free time is something that is very valuable in this

world don't spend don't spend that's one of the big things you can do again the

part of traditional paradigm is yeah I gotta spend a lot of money and impress

everybody and then I got a deal with HR at work you know and yeah I don't know

how anyone can have employees I don't know how anyone can deal with HR and

that kind of stuff it seems that's just a nightmare to me because again I've

been independent for quite some time um yeah there's there's lots of different

ways to go in life now do not be pressured to get into all of those

things right college right job right car right degree right cover ladder right

things you have to say it work oh my god and then you and I can all end in a

second you're not prepared for it you know if you're if you train yourself to

to work outside the box to not be dependent on getting a check every two

weeks you'll be stronger for it and if you do choose to go to that field and

then you ever get kicked out of that field you'll be ready to jump back on

the train but again savings it's a lost art not spending like a maniac is also a

lost time all right remember to check me out at steam it right there steam it I

get steam I turn to the big coin it's a very irregular times period so yeah

check me out there bitcoinmeister no steam it in just in the middle of the

day I think it was yesterday know what day it was I just started

thinking to myself thank God thank God I no longer own real estate it is you know

it is such and I know we have some Realtors here and some real estate fans

here you know some people can deal with that stress owning a house is stressful

owning a house I've owned a house I've owned three different properties in my

life and owning Bitcoin is not okay I get real estate you get sometimes you

got a deal with renters inspectors taxes fines insurance lawsuits none of that

with Bitcoin none of that it's it's overrated real real estate is definitely

overrated now again now again if you're what I did

I mean you get a UH if you can get a real cheap house and you got friends and

you rent out different parts of the house to your friends but again then

your friends they don't have to end up your friends that can happen to when

you're dealing with a real estate again it is it is a pain in the butt it is

such a pain in the butt that there was a time when I was naive I guess and I did

sort of liked it there was a wild times back in the day in Reservoir Hill you

can probably read about that somewhere there's some old videos on that channel

in this channel actually there's there were some fun times there but again it

is overrated as you as you start realizing something pit bulls as you

start dealing with housing inspectors and the property taxes it's horrible it

can be horrible but it was I will say this it was a way to not have a

nine-to-five job also again if he again this is I lived in such a rough area of

Baltimore I mean it was part of a project - it was outside the box it was

to get the area better by living him on this on the street you see a big smile

on my face today it was it was I was lucky it didn't you know nothing bad

happened nobody fell off my roof nobody sued me but we had parties on my

roof and stuff now if there was a your glory

the realistic trust me it's not if if you can handle it it takes a certain

type of personality you'd be able to handle it okay when you're dealing now I

haven't thank God I never had to deal with it deal with Section eight renters

that's a whole nother if you're if you're that type of landlord you have to

be a whole nother type of unique beast I mean you it's it's not it's horrible

it must be horrible how can you take it how can you take that having section

eight renters I mean and then they just stop paying it that's I said what the

you know a building is unbelievable all right I've went on a real estate

rant a little bit there but uh yes and again what's wrong rent renting moving

from city to city you have so much freedom like I do I don't need to have a

status symbol of a house I know what it's like to have a house and say and

people think oh you're so people don't say oh this is the coolest house just

call this house we're partying at your house yeah you're you're July 4th

parties legendary but no you don't need that you don't they don't know there you

don't need a status symbol it's sure because it other than July 4th it's a

pain in the butt right all the other days of the year

and yeah it's renting is fine it can be you don't have to pay that the insane

property taxes the fines insurance you gotta you go do the math do the math

whenever your financial decision you make how about that and by the way again

right again I rank Bitcoin the best asset you can have that that's the

bottom line of this that's that's that's the bottom line

all right economic invisibility had a video where he talked and India this is

alternative lifestyles this is budgeting you know being able to save money what

he and this is a serious video he made about living in your car living in your

car he recommends the top five cars to live in and so if you're I mean if

you're young if you're like you're running out of college why not try it

out it seems like fun it's and you know what I if you're 23 years old and might

he probably is a lot of fun it probably is trying to triumph or city to city

live in your car getting in adventures you're not saving money you're not doing

it safe I get I have I have slept in cars before I have slept in cars before

and in rental cars before they're nice I've stuff in the bag rental cars fine

and in a warm a temperature area and you know : and where it got colder at night

- at one point I wouldn't recommend doing that but not not super cold but

again you know there's there's little things you can do there's an again not

not for everyone but again yeah it's not gonna impress some but you're there to

make yourself happy you're not there to impress the whole world and you're gonna

learn a lot about yourself you're gonna learn a lot about the opportunities and

about people and and how to save money if you put yourself in that position you

learn how to save money again here's something that I did a few nights that I

I've slept in cars through the years what you do is you pull into the Hampton

Inn if in the United States at least pull up to the Hampton Inn maybe sleep

in there on sin to their parking lot overnight they don't check

wink wink not that I did that one and now they're not you I've slept in

Hampton in that parking lot before and what you do is uh right around 7:00 a.m.

in the morning they have a shift change so you just walk in you look decent

there they're changing at the front they don't see who's walking in and health

and you just go right to the bathroom you're defecate then that's if you need

the defecate that's how you defecate during these things you go in and it's a

vice basically I had been recently cleaned usually around 7:00 a.m. unless

you take your business in there real quick and Joe that's a little tip for

the people that are thinking about it that are seriously thinking about it he

didn't mention that in his video but I mean that's a real life experience some

real life experience of mine yeah when I was when I saw Mount Rushmore actually I

did I did something like that something like all right so really gone beyond

Bitcoin baby pound that like button and that's probably mostly for guys you know

women I I wouldn't recommend the sleeping in the car birthing because it

is it is a dangerous world out there II knew I I don't know if you could hide it

if they can't see you then you're good but I don't want to recommend it from

one I really don't I don't think it's uh I don't think the safest thing to do but

uh for a guy if you pick a safe area you're good you're good

not again don't do this like in uh you know where I lived in Baltimore City

don't do that don't never do that in like a in a post-industrial city not so

good dumb no no one no one does that no one

no one would do that someone will notice you and it will not be good coming on

all right finally finally finally finally here is a video that I found

it's by a Jewish guy in New York his organ is the organization is called

Jewish task force jtf and he is a conservative guy not now

it's very rare in in the media world that you you encounter a conservative

political airy like a far-right conservative right I'm gonna say I don't

know if this guy's far-right I mean it depends what you think people will be

shocked by this video to tell you the truth I think because most people are

like Jewish people talk about liberal ideas and and when they're speaking he

speaks about Israel and he talks about Amy's very he defends his room very

strongly you'll see and I think a lot of people don't get to see this hardcore

side of a of some Jewish people and you know that it is a diverse group of

people it's it's not just a bunch of people saying oh be my friend I want to

fit in I want to be liberal I mean you can see that with me I'm not I'm not

that way at all but I'm not like this dude either I'm not I'm not exactly like

this guy and he supports the same hoot and he does not represent as a who party

was there in Israel and he's just a guy in America and he has some room

definitely has some religious undertones but a lot of people gonna say this is

wild stuff but why are you share this stuff and why is it's something

different it breaks out of the mold of what you think a Jewish person is if you

if you see this guy and maybe some of you guys has seen this guy on YouTube

before and he is he is in New York so yeah yeah check that out I think some

people will get a kick out of it and the haters are gonna hate it but hey

whatever it's a it's the way some people think and you don't get to hear on that

side the story very often that this guy is talking about so that is a link to

below and again if you're not interested in Israel in Judaism stuff you'll

probably like I don't care about this stuff yeah you shouldn't be alright but

some people do and it was something that I found

interesting all right beside I'm interested in that you know you don't

can you hear a lot of people called Netanyahu he's so he's so right he's so

he's not extreme at all not at all he's lovely as a socialist all right

I added meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister remember to subscribe

this channel as we assure this video check out the links below pound that

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whatever you want to see you bye

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