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how to make an equal poloroid photo of melanie martinez

First step: You will have to download 3 apps, VSCO, PicsArt and Photo Layers.

Second step: Search for a png photo by Melanie, a photo with a polaroid photo and another background photo, examples:

Third step: Open PicsArt and follow this brief tutorial:

Click on this purple icon:

choose a background photo

add a Melanie png and arrange it of your preference

save the photo.

After saving the photo, open the VSCO application:

Press that black icon to import your photo

Now, click on the photo and tool icon

Pay attention to these settings, only then will you be able to have the filter right.

After you finish editing, save the photo or take a print of the photo.

After saving the photo to the gallery, enter the photo layers.

Add a photo

after adding the photo, whether you can cut it or not.

Add the edited photo in VSCO and cut it out to be the size sure of the polaroid.

Now save the photo.

This was the result:

What did you think? comment in the comments.

If you post your photo on instagram mark me so I can see the result.

Until the next video.

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