Practice English Speaking&Listening with: MY GRAFFITI MASTERPIECE | Kingspray VR (HTC Vive Virtual Reality)

Difficulty: 0



My name is Jacksepticeye

And welcome to Kingspray Graffiti

This is a game that I saw ages ago coming out for VR

It's a spray painting graffiti game for VR

And it looked really, really good and then I forgot all about it.

Until it actually came out.

It's been out for a while, I just haven't played it

But I can actually like, whickywhickywhick

Can I put down another record?

Can I actually, like, DJ?

Gimme, No? Aw fack that woulda been fun

I could've like changed sliders and speeds and everything that woulda been awesome!

Um but ah yes let's play the tutorial

Let's see what the game has to offer 'cuz I'm gonna be bad at this

Now, you all know I am not the best artiste

I have a very unique style

But it's not the best sooo


This is your spray area for this location


got it

Click the middle of the right pad, aim, and release to teleport

ahhhh yes!


It's a squiggle worm!

The harder you press the nozzle the heavier you spray

AAAhhhhh that's fuckin nice!

So you can put down a lil thin layer if you want

Press the top and bottom of the touchpad to change color


Change shade

Woah DUDE!

Press the right edge of the touchpad to open the caps menu

oh god this is crazy!

So I don't know much about graffiti, I don't know much about actual

art with graffiti because it's a lot more than just spray painting a wall

You have different nozzles, different angles, different ways of doing different things

And I don't know that kinda shit sooo

This might be bad, but we'll try it! Erm, select a different cap.

New York fat cap

Oh that's nice!

That's very nice!

Press up on the touchpad to open the paint menu

Oooh man

Oooooooooh maaaan


So can I actually change-oh!

There we go!

There we go! I don't know what I'm making, I'm making a, a squiggle worm

Aim at the cans and drag them with the right trigger

Oooh dude!

So, like, you can change your stuff with this

But then you can actually change it with this as well

That's nice, I was worried about that that I'd have to start the cycle through all of them like this

and it actually has, like, distance to it so

If I'm far away from it I can't do it but the closer you get obviously you can.

That's awesome!

Oh my god I can actually take a picture!!! :0

Right ok, uh, let's do something like

Uh, "N"

N Y, uh, A, let's just do an A

and then

*cachick* oh wait shit!

Aw shit! *cachick

ca, cachick?

cachickachick, how do I actually take it?


I have to press the button like that Aw got it! Ok haha my bad!

Am I done, is that the tutorial over?

Aw shit, ok

This is my music, let's clean our canvas

yes ok it's clean

so let us do

wait where can I change my nozzles? Here

Pink dot standard

Standard, I don't know what I'm making!

Pressure slider

Ok, what should we draw?


I don't know, oh let's draw Sam

We'll draw Sam, that'll be good

Let me get my colors out, Sam will be like this

So let's do

A big green circle


Oh Sam!

We're gonna do it right!

*realization* Oh wait, is this actual copyrighted music, I might actually have to change that


Sam is a big green one

A big green duder

There we go, that's a good start - that's a good start going on there, uuuh

So let's go, I don't know

None of them actually change, like the width

is there a way of doing that

is there a way that i could do that

ooh god, i didnt mean to do that, sorry


oh ok, cause its spray paint (yes jack its spray paint good job)

of course

uhh my bad, ok so

lets do a little like that....


this is gonna be cool!

right, lets get, uhh a blue

umm here ummmm

am i going blue? yeah.

blue, for you

Uhh and let's do this

I'm learning (2x) Th-This is gonna be good

Can I spray from like here?


Ok let's just-let's just do this

Ok (2x)

Alright. I see what you're doing


Then let's get a-

Where's black?

Can I actually get black?

Thi-this'll do

I guess. Then we do-

*Jack laughs*

Isn't that just the coolest?

Uh le-let me do

Wait. How di- how did I do it before? This

Let me do this and let me do a harsh-

Line around

Just so it-it's not like feathered

It's an actual like hard line around Sam

See this is the kind of shit tha-that graffiti artists do

And I-I don-don't know that stuff

So this is actually cool to figure it out.

I can practice here and no one can judge me

Umm...what did I need next?

Oh uh I needed a white

Oh God no. I need like-I need like this



And now we're going-oh wait

Can I change caps? Will that actually help this?

Pink dot. What does that do?

I don't know. Let's test.

Let's test with a different cap, too.

Ok. This is the one I need (2x) We need to go-

Ha ha. Oh my God

I am so super happy with that. (You did an awesome job)

Aw. Shit. Ho do I get rid of that?

I kinda fucked that up.

Let's take a picture of ya, Sam.

Say cheese. (:D)


Did I get it? Yes!

*Jack laughs*

Oh, I'm so happy with that. :D

I want to sign it

Oh wait. There's a bit of-

There's a bit of fuckery going on over here.

Let me get back in.

Get back in and do this

I need to-need to sign it. Um

There we go

Fuck yeah

*Jack giggles*

Oh man, that was fun.

But that's just such a simple little thing,

that was just a little Septiceye.

Aw Jesus.

That was way more fun then it should have been.

Righty (dighty)

Let's clear that off and draw something else


I have an idea on what to draw.

I'm not very inventive when it comes to this stuff.

So apologies on that front

Let's get a very big yellow

And let's go with the standard


yeah (why not?)

Umm let-let's actually

Could I-teleport-yeah let's do this.


Let's get a big yellow going on

Nice (5x)

That'll do.

That'll do veeeery nicely

Ok. We're going for an emoji (not really)

But not just a regular old emoji (okay...)

Not just a stupid, silly, poop type of emoji (real maturity, dude)

We're going for something extra special

Umm right.

Let's do this


And then-ugh I can't remember what the actual thing looks like (nice going Jack)

Like that

And then we need a red

Uhhh maroon. Yes.

Spicy-oOoO spicy pink (tf is spicy pink?)

Super orange

Tag yourself. I'm spicy pink.

And then we do

A little like this

And then it comes down

And a-a little sprinkle of this

Did that work? Did that-does that look cool?

Yeah! (das pretty neat)

It's the fucking watchman logo

Except I don't think its a smiley face that's in that (It does)

I can't remember-I might have to look that up

Ok. It is like that but I-I fucked it up (good job man)

There-well-there's a couple of things I fucked up in the middle of it (yep)

Uh right. Rusty metal no

Expresso yeah

It's supposed to be like this

And these are a bit rounder

But this is suppose to be on that side and it's supposed to actual come across the eye so

Kinda fucked that part up-wait I could fix it

Let me do a little fix-a-roo here

There we go

Just blend over your mistakes

That's a lesson for life

Blend over your mistake

Right. Let's go back to our-rotten fruit melon, no

Ooh Joker pink


And then we go

And then a single piece comes across like that


Yeah. Aw that's fucking much better.

That's what I like to see. Yes! Yes!

Uh can't spray the floor. Shit.

Ok my bad


Nice. I don't know why that popped into my head.

I'm trying to think of simple designs to do because I can't draw. (Same here, dude)


I'm trying to do stuff-

Oh God. I'm trying to so stuff that I can do off the top of my head

I might have to look up something for, uh a little inspiration

Ok, bear with me on this one,

I can't remember it from memory so I'm gonna have to look at my phone every now and then to actually

get it but-

Might look a little something like this

Oh yeah you get what I'm going for?

You see what I'm going for? (nope)

Oh you know what I'm going for. (Still don't.)

There we go. That's the fucking start of something magical baby. (OOOOOH I get it now!)

Ok let-let's just try to draw it from memory

Like that


yeah... some of you know what I'm drawing

ok i didn't leave enough space for his legs, sorry


*Chuckles* Niiice

Draw like that...Do you actually have things around around your eyes? I think you do.

Oh god, this is a wonky-ass one.

And you have some little specks, here and there. is right.


You need a mouth though.


There we go

*laughs* Aw, that's a cute Dickbutt

That's a very cute, little one

Aw, you're supposed to be all white in the background though. So I kinda fucked that up.

Can I layer stuff in this?

That's somethin' I kinda, wanna figure out.

Layering would be cool.

Ah, here we go. Now I actually have black.

Oh, yes.

Lets finish up the lines. This one comes down like this.

And it doesn't connect.

And then we come in here with a butt cheek

And then there's a little thing there and then come around with this butt cheek




Nice (3x)

I don't know what-

Marks he actually has-

On him but whatever. There's one eye.

There's the other eye


Oh God *Laughs*

This is the fucking best

This is so much fun.

Are you done?

I think you're done. YEAH! *Laughs*

Oh, I love it.

Oh, I need a picture for my snaperchatters.

Oh yes. Very nice. Wait, let me get closer.

Let me get closer, DB.

Very good (2x) That one's a keeper

So you can actually go back in and load the stuff that you want.

So I-I could load up Sam again

Or I could load up Dick Butt again

That's actually cool. *Laughs*

I can't remember what Dick Butt's face looks like. I remember everything else.

Um...but the face not so much like there's a bit of-

There's a bit of stuff over here uh...

There we go (2x)

Now you're perfection

*Laughs* Oh fucking memes

That's a bit better. That's a bit more like the Dick Butt we know.

That's my Homer Simpson Dick Butt right there.



That's super fun.

I wanna do that again but I-I wanna get like some suggestion from people in the comments

Nothing too-


Nothing like a T-Rex jumping over a meteor that's flying through space on a shark or anything like that,

Cause that shit's crazy and I can't do that.

You saw me struggle with simple stuff like that but let me know what you want to see me draw next time.

Sam came out really well. Dick Butt came out pretty good as well

I'm kind proud of him. He-he's good. He-he's a very Jack defined Dick Butt.

That's how I draw him not the original meme.

But there's so much potential for crazy stuff in that and it's really well made game

Because actually painting stuff feels like it goes on well there's no-

Jankiness to anything

Like spraying from far away. It actually feels like

The real distance of what it would be like in real life.

Obviously without any of the mess cause if your

Cause if your wall is over there and you spray here the stuff is obviously going to go all over you and-

the wind affect and all that kind of stuff.

But for what it is-really really good

Like I'm-I'm really impressed with that.

The fact that you can be so far away and that's how you-you change certain things

Like the softer brushes are from like far away

There's probably some stuff in it that I'm not gettin'

Like the-

the color wheels and the different caps and what different things do

So I might have to look up or get some tips on how to

Really hone in on the art and be able to do some of the tings that I want

Maybe there's some stuff that's in the controls that I'm not really getting just yet






High fives all around




*Outro music*

*Do do*

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