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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: This NYC Studio Makes Small Space Living Beautiful | Sweet Digs | Refinery29

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Hey, Im Alyssa Coscarelli, and these are my Sweet Digs.

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I hope you brought a snack because I do not cook at all.

I live in a junior one bedroom in the East Village, and I pay $2000 a month in rent.

I dont have laundry, I dont have an elevator, Im on the fourth floor of a walk

up building.

Im really paying for the location, and for the fact that I live alone, and its


I love the East Village, its one of my favorite neighborhoods in all of New York City.

Its packed with culture and restaurants.

Overall it just has a certain New York charm to it.

Here we are in my kitchen area.

Its definitely more of a kitchenette.

But its totally fine because the truth is I do not cook at all, I have not used this

little stove one time, as embarrassing as that is.

I totally survive on take-out, and other little groceries and snacks.

My favorite take-out spot is Sugar Fish.

I order sushi probably, at least once a week.

Since the stove doesnt get much use, I have this drying rack here, that I can place

my dishes on to dry.

And I also have a little trey, just for knick knacks and keys, and I can put my drink down

here if I need to.

So its kinda just a little catch-all area.

Really all thats in my fridge is just some kombucha, some water, wine, and beer, and

I actually keep my cereals in here, weirdly enough.

I like to keep my cereal in the fridge because I dont have a pantry, number one.

And number two I just feel like it better protects against cockroaches and mice, that

Im terrified of.

This fridge takes up so much room, Ive actually considered seeing if my building

management will remove it so that I could downsize to a mini-fridge.

What do you guys think?

Should I toss it?

Should I downsize?

Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Walking over here into my little breakfast nook.

Its just a good little spot to hang out.

Especially since before I had this I was eating all my meals on my couch or my bed.

And thats just not something anyone should probably do on a regular basis.

So here off of the kitchenette area is my bathroom.

So lets go on in.

My favorite thing about the bathroom is the black and white checkered tiles.

I think theyre so old school and adorable.

I like to call this the toilet tunnel.

Its kinda like a funny little hallways leading to the toilet.

But it is good for privacy purposes.

But I do try to warn some tall people, because I have had friends hit their head.

It feels pretty spacious for a New York City bathroom.

My previous bathroom was pretty much the size of a stall.

Its nice to have some space to walk around.

It does the job.

Why dont we check out the living space.

As you can see my living room also doubles as a closet.

I work in fashion, Im an editor, and I knew I always wanted to be in the fashion

industry somehow.

Instead of getting a TV and a TV stand like any normal person would, I decided to use

this wall for a shoe display.

And I love it.

Clearly I have a thing for shoes, and clothes, and jackets.

So thats why I love what I do, because its just is in line with my passions.

I got these shelves at Ikea, and measured them all out myself, put them up myself, and

Im still crossing my fingers that Im not gonna come home one day and find them

all on the ground.

My favorite pair of shoes, they have to be this red leather boot by a brand called By Far.

This particular pair is sold out, I believe, still to this day.

It sucks when people ask me where theyre from because I have to break the news to them

that they cant buy them.

But I kinda love that about them at the same time.

And since its winter I have all my jackets out.

I like that I can see them all.

And I can kinda just grab whichever one I want on my way out the door.

Over here I have my main kinda chill area.

I have my couch.

Its really comfy, it can fit about like two to three people, depending.

Instead of a normal coffee table I found this little side table from CB2.

But I like that it doesnt take up too much space, and I can kinda move it around easily.

In my next apartment, or my dream apartment, I would really like a doorman.

Because I order a lot online, and I get sent a lot of packages, and theyve gotten stolen

from the lobby, theyve gotten opened and rummaged through.

So it would be nice to have someone to be here.

That would be a dream.

If you want to take a peak inside of my closet.

Thats as far as it opens.

This is basically my dresses and skirts closet.

Its hard to sift through, but what I do is keep a few selects kinda hanging in the

front, of stuff that I want to wear soon.

This closet holds a lot, but somehow never enough at the same time.

Above the two closets theres a little cupboard for extra storage.

As you can see its very full.

Honestly, I dont even know what else is back there.

We can wander over into the bedroom now.

Over here is my other closet.

This comes in handy for all my tops and jeans.

Again its kinda tight.

A literal disaster inside the closet, but this system works for me.

I think this needs another cleanup soon, because its getting kinda out of control.

My favorite part about the apartment is definitely my bedroom.

It gets amazing natural light, which is so important to me.

And I now have a queen bed, its an upgrade from my last apartment when I had a twin bed.

It still feels extremely luxurious to me.

I found this headboard at CB2, and I really havent seen anyone else with it.

I find it to be pretty unique and special, and its also the most expensive piece in

my apartment so far.

The bed was $1200, I believe.

Over here I have candles and perfumes, and also some sage, I love sage.

My apartment pet peeve would have to be bad smells or food smells.

So I always have at least one candle burning.

If my apartment was a pop culture icon, it would probably be the Olsen twins.

Its boho, meets vintage, meets modern, and also I think you can see a bit of a fashion

influence in it.

Ive lived in this apartment for about 6 months.

I absolutely love living alone.

I will admit I was a little bit nervous to kinda take the plunge.

And I do miss my roommate, but I really like being able to just decorate the way I want

to decorate, I can make a mess if I want to.

Obviously $2000 a month is a lot of money for someone to spend, and despite so many people

trying to talk me out of it, like my mom and all my best friends, saying, “No just stay

put, just stay with your roommates.”

I really stuck with my guns and went for it, and I dont regret it one bit.

I think its one of the better decisions Ive made in the past few years.

For people that want to move to New York, I would say save up your money, its as

expensive as everyone says it is.

At the same time I would say go with your gut.

If you know New York is where you should be, and where you want to be, then go for it.

No matter what anyone tells you, just make it happen.

Whats something that youve done for yourself, where you really stuck to your guns

despite people trying to talk you out of it.

Let me know in the comments.

Thank you so much for watching my Sweet Digs.

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