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Year 2008, after 2 seasons without titles, the Barcelona Board of Directors bet as coach

of the first team by a then inexperienced Pep Guardiola The light boot of the new

culé project would be disappointing, with a defeat on the first day against Numancia,

and a later draw at the Camp Nou in front to Racing Santander. However, Barcelona

it would not take another day to start show all your football, and in the next

day would uncover all his scoring fury winning by 1-6 at Sporting in El Molinón.

From there the Barca chains a streak of 9 consecutive league wins, with audible

thrashed like a 6-1 at Atlético de Madrid, a 5-0 to Almeria, or a 6-0 to Valladolid,

that stood out in the first position of the Championship.

In the Champions League, the Catalan team demonstrates also his good form moment, and he leads

a group formed by Shakhtar Donetsk, Basel and Sporting of Lisbon. The victory before the

Portuguese on the fifth date by a forceful 2-5, ensured the classification of the team

culé for the next phase as first of group. With the duties done in the Champions,

the first Classic of the season will arrive. Barcelona, ​​receives a Real at Camp Nou

Madrid that is 9 points away. The meringues, they would lose their great opportunity

to get ahead on the score in one hand to hand failed by Drenthe. Half the second

half, a grab from Míchel Salgado to Busquets It is indicated as a penalty. But the launch

Eto'o would be stopped by Casillas. The Madrid goalkeeper, offered a fierce

resistance, and Barca was unable to drill your goal However, at 7 minutes for the

final, Puyol's header after a serve of corner, would be taken advantage of by Eto'o

to finish beating Casillas. Already in the Discount time, Messi would leave his signature

with an extraordinary vaseline. The euphoria was unleashed in a Camp Nou, which saw as

his eternal rival was already 12 points away away.

Barça flies in the league, annihilating all its rivals, and establishing again

another spectacular winning streak, nothing less than 10 victories in one go. The

positive results would also follow in the Copa del Rey The azulgrana fall apart

in the second round of Atlético de Madrid, with Leo Messi as the main figure scoring a hat-trick

in the Vicente Calderón. In quarters Barcelona leaves behind his rival citizen, Espanyol,

in an intense tie that was decided for a single goal difference. Precisely

would be Espanyol himself, who would end with the run of 23 undefeated games of the

Blaugrana in the League Championship. The team parrot, would prevail in the Camp Nou for 1-2

with so many of Iván De la Peña, putting So ending a long drought of 27 years without

win in azulgrana fief. After that unexpected defeat, Barça must

face the return to European competition. The Catalan team, visited the stadium

of Gerland to face Olympique de Lyon. At 7 minutes, a goal of absence,

of Juninho Pernambucano, ahead of the team French. The Guardiola set did not

a good game that night, but mediated the second half, a goal from Henry's head

I paved the way to the rooms. The Barcelona then live a crazy game

in the Calderón. The Blaugrana came to have two advantages on the scoreboard, but

Atlético de Madrid, in a great exhibition of Diego Forlán and Kun Agüero, would end

going up the party and inflicting on of Guardiola his second consecutive defeat

in the league. In the middle of this climate of doubts, Barça would find calm eliminating

to Mallorca and qualifying for the final of the Copa del Rey. Pep's men, they would recover

definitely your best version on the turn of the eighths of Champions. The azulgrana,

they would beat Lyon in a first half simply spectacular. At 25 minutes,

Henry receives a pass from Márquez and mark of chut sato. Only 2 minutes later,

again 'Titi' transformed the second with a powerful shot. Barça was giving

an authentic recital, and a Messi slalom , find the wall with Eto'o and write down

cross shot. When it had not yet been fulfilled the first half, Eto'o receives from Henry

and shoot Lloris to sing the room. With the pass sentenced, the French would have

a slight reaction in a header from Makoun after a corner, and with

Juninho's goal after a clever maneuver of Benzema. But Barcelona would end up closing

his exhibition with one last so much achieved by Keita. After the show in Champions,

Barça continued with their party in the League, where I would reap overwhelming victories,

like a 6-0 achieved against Malaga.

The season was beginning to enter its phase decisive, and the Camp Nou receives Bayern

Munich in the first leg of the quarterfinals Champions Barça went to the open grave,

and at 8 minutes Leo Messi inaugurated the marker. Four minutes later, it would be

Eto'o who would score from a cross shot. At 37 minutes, a boarding school from Henry was

finished to goal by Messi. And a minute to rest, Henry takes advantage of a rejection of

Van Bommel after a great play by Messi to beat Butt. In a memorable first part,

Barcelona rolled Bayern and caressed the semifinals. The Catalans go to Munich

with the aim of sealing your classification. At the minute of the resumption Ribery advanced

to the Bavarians. But that goal did not scare to the azulgrana, who would end up killing definitively

the tie with a strong shot from Keita. In the domestic championship, a forceful

victory against Sevilla 4-0, meant the seventh triumph followed. However, in

the next match, Barça does not pass of the draw in Valencia, which makes

reduce your difference with Madrid to 4 points, having to visit the Bernabéu in the next

working day. But before playing with whites, Barça faces its big week with the duel

of Champions semifinals against Chelsea. In the first leg at the Camp Nou, good

performances by Víctor Valdés, and Peter Cech, they prevented the scoreboard from moving,

so eliminator was going to have to decide in London.

In between, the expected duel would come of the Bernabéu. The Madridistas came to

only 4 points, after a spectacular league streak of 17 wins and a draw.

Barça, would have to seek victory If I wanted to sentence the Championship. To the room

of time, a Sergio Ramos center was headed at the bottom of the network by Higuaín. The Barca

I would have a brilliant reaction, and three minutes later he tied by means of Thierry

Henry. Then, Xavi threw a foul, and Puyol of an impeccable testarazo gave him

the return to the marker. Before the break, after a steal of ball from Xavi to Lass, Messi

would beat Casillas down to make the 1-3. After the restart, a header from

Sergio Ramos reactivated the Bernabéu. But on the next play, Xavi left only

Henry, and the Frenchman was hitting a blow definitive. Barça danced on the field,

and another luxury pass Xavi would be completed brilliantly by Messi. In the 83rd minute,

Pique made a great goal, which closed a match to frame. With a historical

2-6 in the fief of his maximum rival, Barça caressed the league title, and left for

I remember a memorable football exhibition. With the Liga in his pocket, Barcelona goes

to Stamford Bridge in one of the heats most controversial and epic in the history of

the Champions. The blues, took advantage in the score at 8 minutes with a tremendous

shoe of Essien. From there, Chelsea his lethal counterattack exploded, and Víctor Valdés

it became vital for his team. After the step by changing rooms, the Catalan goalkeeper would reject

with the foot a dangerous shot of Drogba. The Barça was overcome, and mediated the

second part would stay with one less man for the expulsion of Abidal. In the final line

of the match, the referee did not interpret voluntariness in some hands of Piqué inside the area.

And already in the discount, in the first auction between the three clubs of the azulgrana, Iniesta

knocked down Cech's door with an impressive forehand.

There would still be one last play, in which Ballack would eat the referee after

a shot of the German who hit the arm of Eto'o. Barça was very far from

its best level, but in the last breath, he managed to get his ticket for the final of

Rome. Before that historic appointment, Barcelona

was going to play the first title of the season in the Cup final against Athletic Club

of Bilbao. The Basque team surprised ahead soon on the score in a header

of Toquero. But at half an hour, a great Toure Yayá's personal play tied the

match. In the second half Barça was owner of the meeting, and Messi shot Iraizoz

to complete the comeback. The Athletic wobbled, and Bojan sent him to canvas culminated

with class a lethal counter. The Barcelona, would achieve his fourth goal in a masterful foul

to the squad launched by Xavi. The team Catalan, he managed to raise a Cup that

He had resisted him since 1998, and celebrated his first title of the season. Less than 72

hours later, Barcelona would play his party in Mallorca knowing that it was already

mathematically league champion, thanks to the defeat of Madrid the previous day.

To the culé set, he would be delivered the title of champion in his last game

of the season at the Camp Nou.

Achieved the double in Spain, Barcelona it's only one game away from being the first team

Spanish in getting a triplet. In the end of the Champions League, the Guardiola team

will be measured against the current champion of the competition, Manchester United. The English set

He had a stormy exit, with a Christian Ronaldo in constant threat. But Barcelona

would get into the game in the best way possible, and at 9 minutes Eto'o was mocking

to Vidic and beat Van der Sar. With the goal Barça calmed down, and in the beginning

of the second part Van der Sar disbated a very clear opportunity to Henry. Shortly after

a direct free from Xavi he found the pole strain. It would be the prelude to what

I was about to arrive. In the 70th minute, a tempered center of Xavi was impeccably

Topped by Messi. Cristiano Ronaldo I would have one last chance to try

return United to the game, but the script for the final was already written. The

Barcelona, ​​with another exhibition of good football, was installed in paradise, achieving

The Triple Crown was the first time in its history. After celebrating Liga, Champions and Copa,

Barcelona wanted to continue making history. The culé team disputes the final of the Supercopa

of Spain against Athletic. At the match one way in San Mamés, the Biscayan team

It would be ahead with a goal from De Marcos. But Barcelona would end up coming back thanks

a Xavi goal, and a tremendous right of Pedro that gave the azulgrana half Supercopa.

In the return the Barça would not give option, the Catalans are imposed by a clear 3-0,

and they added their fourth title of the year. The fifth appointment with the story, would take place in Monaco

against Shakhtar Donetsk in the European Super Cup. The great Ukrainian discipline complicated a lot

the azulgrana attack, and the party had to need an extension. There, when

the meeting was already expiring, Pedro was associated with Messi and the canary defined next to the stick

of Pyatov. The team of Guardiola, followed enlarging the legend with his fifth Cup.

Already in the month of December, the Catalans come Abu Dabhi to contest the Club World Cup.

The azulgrana set would overcome in the semifinals to the Mexican Atlante by 3-1, and it was a

Only match to complete the perfect year. FC Barcelona and Estudiantes de la Plata, arrived

to the final of the Club World Championship. The Argentine team, hit at 37 minutes

with a good Boselli header. Students he was champion until minute 89, but Pedro,

authentic talisman for the azulgrana, wearing in the last breath the match to overtime.

In the extra time, Messi would put all his heart in a poisoned center of Alves.

Guardiola's team rendered the world to his feet. The azulgrana, ensured a

site in history, with its sixth title of the year. A 2009, practically unrepeatable.

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